Jake flew on his Banshee up to Iknayama. It was time. Time to choose. Time to choose a woman.

Jake landed in a cave near to where the women gathered. It was too dangerous to go much closer. Jake turned to face his Banshee.

"It is time for you to choose a woman." Said the Banshee. "You must go to the cliff where the women are."

Jake left the cave and walked along narrow edge until he reached the main part of the cliff side. The Banshee followed him.

"You must choose your woman and she will choose you." Whispered the Banshee.

"How will I know if she chooses me?" Asked Jake.

"She will try to nag you."

Jake advanced further onto the midst of the women. Some just stood there chatting, oblivious to his existence. Many were speaking or texting on the phone, while others gazed into mirrors and applied make-up. All ignored him.

When jake tried approaching a female, she would either tut loudly and storm off or would pretend to stick her fingers down her throat as if she wanted to vomit. After a few minutes of constant rejection, Jake began to think he would not find a woman. He began to think he had wasted his time. He considered going back home to watch some sport or perhaps play a video game.

Then suddenly, a Na'vi female stood directly in front of him with a stern expression on her face and her hands folded across her chest.

"That one is called Neytiri, Jake." Said the Banshee. "She must be the one. Quick Jake. Make your move."

"Hi, my name is Jake." Said Jake nervously. "It's lovely to meet you."

"You are like a child. Making noise. Don't know what to do." Scolded Neytiri. "Like a baby. You can't learn. You can't see. No one can can teach you to see."

"Gee, thanks." Replied Jake, demotivated by the negative response.

Suddenly, Neytiri slapped Jake across the face.

"Damn it! What was that for?" Exclaimed Jake holding his cheek.

"Don't thank. Don't thank for this." Nagged Neytiri wagging her finger at him. "This is sad. Very sad. Go away. I never want to see you again. You'll never be be one of the people!"

"OK, this one is nagging me." Said Jake. "I think I've found her."

"Make the bond, Jake!" Cried out the Banshee urgently. "You must argue with her. The first domestic dispute seals the bond."

Jake folded his arms and squared up to the woman in front of him.

"OK. Let's quarrel."