30th June 1916

Dear King Prat,

You'll be pleased to hear my uniform is still muddy and despite regulations I've managed to make myself another neckerchief (although it is the same green as the uniform…). I can imagine if you were here you'd have won the war by now, it's already been going 2 years and they say tomorrow's battle is the 'last push' that will take us all the way to Berlin!

Despite what you say I'm not that much of an idiot, I know it's not going to work; it hasn't all the other times, why now? You'll laugh when you hear that we have to walk in neat rows towards the enemy. Remember when you used to charge into battle on your horse? And I'd be right beside you? We always won when it was us together, Arthur and Merlin against the world.

If there was ever a time for you rise and become King again, I can't think of a better time. I'm scared Arthur, I may be immortal but it still hurts to get shot and it's still scary to walk out into no-man's land. I can imagine you right here telling me to 'stop being such a girl' and it made me laugh (Prat!) but I need you, we need you, it's been so many years and you were supposed to rise again when needed, isn't this the time?! Thousands are dying Arthur! Some of them are only children who shouldn't be here in the first place! Why haven't you come back and put a stop to this? You always hated unnecessary slaughter and carnage, so why let it happen now?

I hope when you go rise again someday you'll read over these letters and laugh, calling me a coward, fool, dollophead...

But for now I need to go and sleep as we're going over-the-top tomorrow, so wake up soon Arthur and please make it all stop,

Forever your servant,


Well, this is my first fic ever, what do you all think? OOC? Nicely written? Poorly written? Should I write more? Thank you for reading anyway ^^