1st November 1611

Dear Clotpole,

You'll never guess what I've been up to!

I've just been performing for the King, I'm one Shakespeare's acting troupe now. The play was great (no I wasn't playing the fool, Fool!) I was Prospero.

Ironic I know.

I have to pretend not to have magic, so I can act the part… of someone with magic.

I can hear you laughing now as if you were next to me. The Tempest really is a great play Arthur but some parts bring back painful memories.

Do you remember that time for your birthday when you had acrobats and jugglers and jesters to entertain you? You pretended not to like it but I know you enjoyed all the attention (Oh don't think I never noticed you Prat) so I acted my best as if you were watching. King James has brown hair but if the light hit it right I could pretend it was blond see? And his silvery blue doublet I could pretend was your armour and it was almost like I was back playing the fool for Queen Annis.

Do you remember that Arthur?

I miss those days. I miss laughing by your side and spilling wine on you (it's your fault for embarrassing me!)

I know there's no great crisis.

I know there's peace right now.

I know you're going to rise when the country is in need of you.

But don't you see? It's been so long now, I'm so tired Arthur, I've lived through so much. I'm so lonely, there's no one left for me. There is no Gaius to scold me for staying up too late; no Gwen give me flowers and ask how I am; no knights joke with and no You to look after me.

Can't you just rise again for me? I don't want to be alone anymore, I want friends who can know me and laugh with me and stay with me.

I want to go home Dollophead! I want to go back to Camelot! All this, the acting and fake laughing is only something to get me through the day, to postpone the nights which are full of dreams of by-gone days. I dream of returning to those days where knights fought for honour and a just King sat on the throne defending his people instead of letting his kingdom suffer to appease another.

I'm tired of this life Arthur, if you will not rise to meet me, surely you'll allow me to fall to you?


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