I'll Carry the Weight of the World With You

Summary: She was willing to offer him her own shoulder to help him carry the pressure of life. She was going to bring the fun life loving man back, even if he was lost and alone. She will succeed.

"Let's go outside and walk around," Ino offered as they sat on the bed with their back against the headboard.

Naruto frowned a little at that suggestion, but looked to her when he felt fingers entangling his. She smiled at him and he looked away. He wasn't sure if going out now was okay or not. He didn't want to see the disappointment in the villagers' eyes. He was used to anger, but disappointment was a new thing. Many villagers already accepted him, but to see the recognition for him turn sour was giving him more anxiety.

"It's 3 a.m. Naruto," Ino reminded him as she tightened her fingers, "… we'll just walk early before anyone is up and around and go from there, okay?"

She could see the worry in his eyes as he glanced at her before looking toward their entangled fingers. She leaned forward and placed a kiss on his bare shoulder.

"Please Naruto?" she mumbled against his skin before pulling away to aim her large eyes at him, "… please?"

She saw a small blush swept across his cheeks as he continued to look at her. She likes that look on him.

"I will love you forever," she admitted batting her eyes before laughing aloud.

"W… what?" he manage to say watching the way her lips curl up and the way she tilts her head forward from her laughter.

"You just want me to repeat myself," she pouted though her eyes were still laughing, "… you're so mean Naruto."

"It's just…" he paused and looked away finding his uncertainty of what she had said.

"Come on," Ino removed her fingers from him as she got off the bed, "… let's go Naruto."

His lips curved down slightly, but he followed. He wanted their fingers entangled again.


The air was cool and the darkness was almost inviting to the two blondes walking. He was lost in his own thoughts and she was enjoying the scenery around her. Though it was dark and she could only make out shapes, she lived in Konoha long enough to know what was what and where they were just by the smell and curves of the streets.

"Hey Naruto," Ino spoke up knowing he would be listening, "… are you afraid?"

"No," she heard him and she continued walking beside him.

"The world," she paused, "… it's full of pain and happiness," she grabbed his hand, "… but it doesn't mean one should go about it alone."

She felt his hand squeeze hers and she stopped walking.

"If I tell you I would go with you, would you accept me?" Ino questioned feeling his warmth near her.

"I already do," his voice was soft.

"Okay," she returned that softness and continued walking.

They found themselves above the Hokage monument where Naruto comes from time to time to think, before he closed himself from the world. They sat down side by side before Ino lay down. She looked up at the stars and she closed her eyes with a smile.

The sky and I are not alone, she let out a breath settling her tension to relax.

"I…" she heard him start, but then pause.

She turned to him to see him still sitting. All she could really see was his back, but she didn't need to see his face to see him confused about something.

"What is it Naruto?" she questioned softly as she sat up.

"I think…" she saw a frown grace his face as his eyebrows furrowed.

She waited for him to continue, but he seemed to be frustrated about something. She placed her hand on his shoulder comfortingly to see him glance to her. His eyes were glazed with tear and she couldn't help the worry look on her face. She grabbed his face and pulled it closer to her face to observe the reason for his tears. She searched his eyes before letting go of his face and was about to do her hand sign, but he grabbed her fingers and smiled.

"I think it's time," he laughed quietly, "… I need to be Hokage."

Her eyes widen as a smile caught her lips. She grabbed him into a hug and he hugged back.

He realized sitting up on the monument that he needed to be the Hokage. He needed to help and prove to everyone that he was capable of following his father. He was capable of being a great and kind ruler. He didn't realize that he needed to relax his mind, body, and heart. He needed to let go of every little problem the world has because there are bigger problems to care about. He found himself exhaling a large breath of air as he cuddled closer into the crook of her neck.

It was really thanks to her for pushing him to be himself without rush. It was thanks to her that he realized he was something more than what people thought of him. It was thanks to her that he found himself.

"Thank you," he confessed, "… thank you."

She pulled back and smiled.

"Thank you," he whispered into the night air and caught her lips.

She kissed back.


There was a knock on her door and she had to put her magazine down along with her cup of tea. Walking over, she opened the door and smiled.

"Well, if it isn't the Hokage gracing me with his presence," Ino mocked a bow jokingly, "… it is such an honor Hokage sama."

"Ino," he laughed, "… can I come in?"

"How rude of me," Ino grinned stepping to the side and closed the door after he walked in, "… anything to drink?"

"No," Naruto smiled at her and she shrugged.

She went back to sitting on the couch and he followed. She continued her read in her magazine, but stopped when he didn't speak.

"Is there something wrong?" Ino questioned giving him her full attention as she closed the magazine and puts it on top of the coffee table.

He didn't say anything.

"Is the work too hard? Are the elders pushing you? Is someone making fun of you? Tell me Naruto cause you know I would make them want to kill themselves after I mess with their mind," Ino spoke watching Naruto carefully.

"No, everything is alright," he sighed looking at the magazine before facing her once more.

"It's been a couple of months, so maybe it's still a little new to you," Ino reasoned and Naruto smiled.

"I miss you," he admitted as their eyes locked.

Ino, caught off guard, had her eyes widen and a small blush crept over her face. A smile soon took the place of her surprised as she laughed softly.

"Wow, I just got a confession from the almighty powerful Hokage," she feigned fainting, "… I think I'm in heaven."

"I'm serious Ino," Naruto's tone made her quickly shook off the joke to stare at him, "… I… I want you to be my secretary."

"I have the flower shop, I work at the hospital, and I'm a kunoichi Naruto," Ino furrowed her brows, "… I don't think I can add another thing onto my plate."

Naruto blinked and looked away. He quickly offered her a smile as he stood.

"I'll head out then," he said quietly as he headed to the door.

"Naruto," he paused and turned around to face her, "… I miss you too."

His smile got just a little bit brighter.

Her day was a bit better.


She was watching in amusement as he rubs his temples.

"Here, let me help you," she stood up and walked to the side of the desk. Placing her fingers at his temples, she eased her healing chakra through the tips to his head. He let out a relieved sigh and she couldn't help smiling.

"Thanks," he sighed as she removed her fingers.

"Stressful, huh?" she questioned knowingly as she leaned against the side of the desk.

"Yeah," he frowned at her, "… why did I want to be Hokage again?"

She laughed and shook her head as she stood up straight.

"You wanted to bring peace to Konoha," she said with a smile before she tapped her chin confused, "… or something like that."

"Whatever," he sighed again before watching the blonde female walk over to the large window in the room.

"You must have plenty of clouds and stars now," Ino smiled seeing the clouds float by, "… am I right?"

He blinked in what she said before his eyes softened. He stood up and walked over the window as well.

"There are clouds and stars, they were always there," he spoke up, "… some were brighter than others, but there was always one that stood out more than even those," he turned to face her to see her smiling, "… it seems to dulled out all others."

She laughed and he grabbed her shoulders to pull her closer. His lips touched hers and she closed her eyes.

"I miss you," he confessed when they pulled apart.

"I'm not going to be your secretary Naruto," she laughed softly.

"I know," he shook his head with a smile as his hands slid down her arms to wrap around her hands, "… be my girlfriend?"

She blinked and blinked before she nodded.

"Okay," she said softly with a smile.

"Thank you," he laughed with relief before reaching for her lips.

"No," she shook her head gently, "… thank you Naruto," she reached for his lips, "… thank you."

Lips on lips. Skin against skin. Heart against heart.

She succeeded.

You can hold onto me, baby I'll never leave. If you take my hand, I won't let go until you tell me when. Until then, you can hold onto me.

Author's Note:

This is the end! How do you like it? I always had this in mind and I know War changes people. So instead of a Naruto who accepted his role and all that, I felt like a person would get tired and probably angry from such pressure. I also think Ino would be more considerate and understanding- she went through a whole lot of minds- and I love NaruIno anyways so this happened. Hope you enjoyed the short read! Until another story,

Love, kiwi4me

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