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Montparnasse and Cosette spent the following week spying on Eponine and Marius. They noticed that Eponine never left the apartment (I scared her into staying inside, Montparnasse thought). They also noticed that every night, they were assuming it was while Eponine was sleeping, Marius would leave and go down to the Cafe Musain, where he would sit in a chair and cry as he sang about the failed revolution and his dead friends. While Montparnasse laughed at that, Cosette actually felt bad for Marius ("All of his friends are dead," Cosette had said. "'Cept for Eponine." Montparnasse had replied. "That will change soon." she had said deviously.) With that, they started to plot their revenge on Eponine; they devised a plan.

Their plan was simple: they would wait until Marius left for the Cafe Musain and then they'd go up to the apartment and knock on the door. Eponine would answer and Montparnasse would knock her out, then they'd take her. Then they could get their revenge.


"Eponine look at me." Marius begged her. Eponine shook her head, she had her face buried in her hands and she refused to look at him. "Please?" She shook her head again, she was trembling. "'Ponine, it was just a dream. Now look at me."

"You shouldn't have to see me cry so much..." she mumbled.

"I still think you're the most beautiful girl in the world." he told her. She shook her head. "But you're my lovely fiancee." Eponine moved her face awya from her hand and looked at him. Her face was tear-stained.

"They're getting worse." she whispered. She was talking about her nightmares.

"They aren't real." he murmured.

"I know... they just seem like they are... they're so awful!" a few more tears fell from her eyes. "And they're the type of dreams where you can't move... In them, I can't do anything! But it's not me that he hurts... it's you..."

"Don't worry, he's locked up."

"What if he escapes?"

"He won't"

"But what if he does?"

"Then I'll protect you... and Javert will go after him." he said. Eponine laughed slightly.

"Oh the horror..." she joked.

"Maybe Javert will eat his soul."

"Or just tell him that what he's doing is 'highly illegal'."


That night, when Eponine was sleeping, Marius left the apartment and walked to the Cafe Musain. Cosette and Montparnasse went up to the apartment and knocked. A sleepy Eponine opened the door and was about to scream, but Cosette covered her mouth.

"'Ello there Eponine." Montparnasse growled. He hit her hard in her head. Eponine dropped to the ground. He picked her up and then looked at Cosette. "Let's go now." he said. Cosette nodded in agreement. They brought Eponine to an abandoned apartment building. This was where Montparnasse had been hiding out since he escaped from jail. He tied her to a chair. He looked at Cosette. "I'll be back." he said. Then he left.


"Here they talked of revolution... here it was they it the flame... here they sang about tomorrow and tomorrow never came." Marius sang softly, tears falling from his eyes. He was alone in the Cafe Musain. "From the table in the corner... they could see a world reborn and they rose with voices ringing... and I can hear them now, the very words that they had sung became their last communion!"

"Aw how sweet!" Montparnasse said with a smirk as he walked into the Cafe. Marius turned to face him.

"You!" Marius hissed.

"Yes, me."

"You're supposed to be in jail!"

"Yeah, what about it?" Montparnasse said. He took a couple of steps toward Marius. "'Ey pretty boy, guess wha'? I got yer girl." he told him with a laugh. Marius lunged at him, pinning him to the ground by his neck.

"What did you do to Eponine!?" he hissed.

"She's with yer li'l blonde thing."


"Yeah. Li'l bit wants some revenge."

"Where is she?" Marius growled, pushing harder on Montparnasse's throat. Montparnasse laughed. He shoved Marius off of him easily.

"You can join 'er!" Montparnasse shoved Marius to the ground and then slammed Marius' head against it hard. Marius blacked out. Montparnasse picked him up and carried him out of the Cafe. Little did he know, he was being watched by someone who, after being released from the hospital, was on his way to the Cafe. Montparnasse brought Marius to the abandoned apartment, followed by the mysterious stranger. But the man did not follow Montparnasse inside, he ran off to get help from the law because he knew that Montparnasse could probably over power him in his weak state.

Montparnasse tied Marius to a chair next to Eponine, who was starting to come to. Eponine opened her eyes and looked around the room. She looked at Cosette and then at Montparnasse and then at Marius. She screamed when she saw the trickle of blood coming from an open gash on his head. She tried to get out of the roped that she was tied up with. She looked at Montparnasse.

"What did you do to him!?" she screamed. She looked back at Marius. "Oh Marius... oh Marius, Marius, Marius..." she whispered. "Don't you dare hurt him!" she shouted at Montparnasse and Cosette.

"Oh I'm not going to hurt him." Cosette told her malevolently. Eponine glared at Cosette.

"Why are you doing this?" Eponine asked her.

"Because he was mine! I love him and he loved me! But you..." Cosette walked over to her, "You made him think overwise! You tricked him into thinking that he loves you!" Cosette exclaimed as she slapped Eponine across her face. Eponine winced. Cosette pulled out a straight razor from her pocket. Eponine tried again to escape. Cosette pressed the razor blade against Eponine's face. She slashed her face with the razor. Eponine let out a cry of pain. Cosette slashed the other side of her face. Eponine cried out again. Marius started to wake. He opened his eyes and looked at Eponine.

"Eponine!" Then he looked at Cosette. "Are you insane!? Let her go, she hasn't done anything to you!"

"Yes she has! She tricked you into thinking that you love her!"

"Cosette, I do love her."

"You just think that. You love me, remember?" she said as she pressed the razor against Eponine's throat.

"You're a psychotic bitch, Cosette!" Marius exclaimed as Cosette started to push the razor into Eponine's throat, but she stopped upon hearing Marius' words. She turned to look at him, wide eyed.

"What did you just call me?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"Ignore tha'" Montparnasse said as he went over to Eponine. He kissed her neck.

"Get away from her!" Marius shouted. Montparnasse tipped Eponine's head back and kissed her full on the mouth. Eponine tried to fight him off, but she couldn't really do anything. "Leave her alone!" he struggled against the rope that bound him to the chair.

"Yes, leave the girl alone." drawled Inspector Javert as he walked into the apartment with the man. Marius and Eponine both looked at the man in complete surprise. Both of them struggled for words.

"But... how is this... but you're..." Marius stuttered

"You... but how... you're dead!" Eponine exclaimed.

"Am I now? It certainly doesn't feel that way." the man replied.

"Now is not the time for this." Javert said stiffly. He pointed his pistol at Montparnasse. Montparnasse lunged at Javert, so Javert shot him. Right in the heart. "That is the end of that." he said as Montparnasse dropped dead to the ground. Cosette screamed. Javert pointed the pistol at her. "Drop the razor blade." he told her. Cosette did as she was told and dropped the razor.

"Please d-don't shoot me..." she begged him. Javert walked over to her and grabbed her.

"You will be going to jail." he informed her. Cosette was shaking. The man went and untied Eponine and Marius. Marius hugged the man.

"Enjolras, I can't believe you're alive!" he exclaimed.

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