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The music was so loud she couldn't even hear her own toughts. Sweaty bodies surounded her swaying to the rythm and she could barely focus on the blonde girl basically dry humping her with all the alcohol she drank earlier but doesn't really care. The nameless girl pulls her to an empty corner far from the dancefloor and starts kissing her neck furiously while unbuckling her belt and she feels so good, her hands firm on the blonde's ass, squeezing it and adjusting the girl's legs around her waist. She feels a hand around her erect member, freeing it from her pants in the exact same moment that a loud laugh invades the space and another couple notices them.

"Oops, it's already occupied." The raspy, sexy voice makes her insides twitch and she turns her head in the direction of the owner. A brunette latina girl is stanting a few metres away, and she can't help but let her eyes wander to the girl's tight black dress fitting perfecly her curves before looking directly to dark brown eyes and feeling something inside her just snap, all the drunkness suddenly forgotten by her system.
The brunette keeps looking at her ditectly in the eye for a few seconds with a smirk before taking the hand of a guy she didn't even notice was there and disapearing in a corner.

"That was just rude." The blonde in front of her says and start kissing her neck again, but she just stands there frozen, suddenly embarassed for being in that compromising position in front of that beautiful stranger.

"Come on Brit, just forget it babe."

"I'm n-not in the mood anymore..." She says separating herself from the now pissed off girl, buckles her belt and starts walking away.

"What, well fuck you then!" She barely registers what the girl said while going in the dancefloor's direction, she doesn't know why but hoping to find again chocolate eyes, with no luck. A few minutes later she gave up and was walking to the mini bar's direction when she heard the faint sound of a sirene. No way.

"COPS!" Someone in the crowd yelled, and in a second a massive wave of people started running everywhere including her. Fuck, i didn't bring my car! Brittany thought, police rarely invaded underground parties around this area and she was nearby so she left her car a few blocks away. But there's no way I can get there fast enough. So she ran in the opposite direction of the crowd along with a small group of people and climbed an old ladder to the street in the exact moment that a police car turned in the same street they were. Shit! Just my luck.

Everyone started running like crazy, pushing others and leaving things fall on the pavement, but the car was already tôo close to them and she would certainly get caught if they didn't split.
In the second she saw an small and dark alley she turned left, only to almost be hit by a white BMW that miraculously managed to stop a second before crushing her.
Brittany didn't even think twice before running to the door and getting inside the car.

"What the fuck? Get out!" When she saw the owner of the car she gasped.


"What are you doing, get out of my car!" The latina girl yelled.

"Just fucking go, the cops remember!" Brittany yelled back.

"But- fuck!" The brunette accelerated again and turned to the opposite direction of the police car that probably caught the others, since it was parked a few miles away and scaped the place in no time. They kept an awkward silence for a while, before Brittany started pondering her own luck. The exact person she was looking for just kind of popped in front of her and saved her ass from being arrested again.
She was a little nervous but she decided to at least say something to her.

"So... I'm sorry for getting in your car like that." The latina turned her eyes in her direction for a few seconds as if analysing her, then looked back to the streets.

"You kinda saved me back there, thank you."

"It's not like I wanted to help you, you just got lucky."

"Then thank you for not dumping me in the middle of the road."

"Maybe i'll do it right now." The girl smirked. Brittany just smiled.

"That hole thing in the party was so Need for Speed Most Wanted."

"Need for what?" The latina frowned.

"Need for Speed! You know, the game." Brittany said as if it was obvious. "That was totally awesome."

"Yeah, I guess it was." The girl said with a small smile. Such a dork she tought while glancing at the blonde again.

"You must be a badass girl."

"And why do you think that?" The latina smile grew, enjoying the complement.

"The first of all: you went to that party. Only hardcore stuff happens down there."

"And from what I saw you are pretty familiar with that." Brittany turned a bright shade of red, remembering exacly what made the brunette think that.

"K-kind of. And there's your driving skills. I mean you are pretty hot-good. You're really good." Can't believe i'm losing it in front of this girl, normally I'm fucking
charming. She mentally kicked herself.

The girl only laughed. Cute. The blond spoke again before she even get the chance to respond.

"Oh you can drop me off here please." The blonde said, pointing to a bar next to some small houses. She was secretly expecting to spend more time with her before
asking where she lived, but nodded anyway and stopped the car right in front of the place, noticing a few teenagers sitting in the grass talking to each other and another one playing guitar in front of the house in the left. Does she live here?

"So, I guess that's it..." Brittany said, removing her seatbelt and looking at the latina. "My name is Brittany by the way, I'll see you around." And then unexpectedly she gave the brunette the most beautiful smile she even saw, making her feel warm inside while at the same time that the deep blue eyes seemed to be looking at her soul and filled it with something she couldn't describe. Brittany. The name ecoed in her head but she quickly pushed it aside and nodded.

"Okay." Was the only word her brain managed to produce at the moment. Fucking scumbag brain.

Brittany got out of the car slowly and awkwardly, and started walking in the direction of the group before the latina's brain started to properly function again.

She lowered her car's window.

"Hey!" She yelled and everybody turned to her, making her slightly blush in embarassment.

"Yeah?" Brittany asked and stepped a little closer to the car.

"Santana. Santana Lopez." The brunette blurted out before abruptly accelerating the car and quickly getting out of sight, leaving a confused and kind of exited blonde staring at nothing.

"Nice to meet you, Santana Lopez." She chuckled, not knowing that somewhere inside a white BMW a young latina was doing the same. This weekend was interesting after all.