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To say she was focused would be an understatement.

Each turn of the wheel was meticulously calculated, every little push on the breakers had the perfect amount of pressure on it but Brittany was failing to know the right time to use the damn hand brake.

"Damn it!" She cursed as the car made successfully the turn to the left, but hit the pile of tires that where aligned behind the curve as an obstacle in case the car slipped too much (as predicted). She stopped the vehicle and punched the wheel.

"Fuck! I can't get it right!"

"That's enough! Come over!" Rachel yelled on the megaphone yards away from her. The petit brunette was sitting comfortably in a chair next to the tire shop, drinking a cocktail and getting notes on the blonde's progress through the day.

When Brittany asked her for help, she was surprised, really flattered and totally willing. She isn't like… the Drift Queen but she knew all the mathematics of it, and finally the girl was admitting her talent. In the same moment she asked Finn Hudson a favor (unlike the blonde, she was quite a social person and had some influences), which was to let her use his dad's ranch for a few days.

Of course he agreed, as long as she replaced everything she uses. He knew she and Brittany would use the place to drift around, since Rachel's dad's had one their own but without a tire shop in it. He promised to keep it a secret.

Brittany parked the Evolution next to Rachel and got out, frustrated and with her arms burning in pain from practicing so much.

"I'll have to use more tires." She spoke sitting next to the brunette, who snorted.

"Britt these tires are really expensive ones even for you, and you already used too much."

" But I have to win, I have to get a kiss from Santana. This is my chance Rach." Brittany sighed in defeat, ignoring her friend mentioning her money. The girl offered her a small ice pack and she accepted, putting it in one of her shoulders.

"Would you prefer Santana kissing you because she wanted to or because she had to?" There was only silence after that. When Rachel thought she wouldn't get an answer Brittany whispered looking into her brown orbs.

"She saw me Rachel."

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked, confused. Brittany rolled her eyes.

"She saw it. And she didn't think I was a freak, she and Quinn Fabray caught me doing it with Puckerman's mom in their kitchen." The small brunette gasped dramatically, putting one of her hands in her chest.

"No way!"

The girls kept talking about everything that happened in the previous weeks, while drinking cocktails and veggie burgers. Brittany knew that she wasn't fully ready for tomorrow's race, but Rachel's words stuck in the deep of her mind and she asked herself if it was really worth it to win Santana's kiss like this.

Santana watched herself in the mirror for the fifth time in 30 minutes. She fixed her dark waves of hair again, and applied her lipgloss all over again because she was so nervous she ended up licking it all off.

Her black dress (which was not too fancy, so Brittany wouldn't think she tried too hard) fitted perfectly to her body, making her look even more smoking. The latina spent the last days planning this event, the perfect clothes, the perfect and sexiest hair and make-up.

Because if I'm going to be a hot, mysterious illegal racer I have to look my best. She thought. She got all dressed up to make all the other racers mouth , not because of Brittany. Not at all. Not even a little.

She even searched about drift on google and watched Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift to improve her knowledge, ignoring Quinn's questions about why she was so suddenly interested in it. It seems her best friend was on her PMS lately so she has been avoiding her as much as possible.

She took a deep breath at the sound of her phone ringing, signalizing Brittany was waiting for her in front of the mansion.

That's it.

She got her purse from the bed and put on her jimmy choo shoes and went to the front gate. When security opened the gates, she stepped out and instantly gasped at the car in front of it.

The Evolution was obviously made to drift, and it was freaking pink.

Santana laughed as she approached it.

Brittany opened the driver's door and got out.

"Ready for the most awesome night ever?" The blonde asked and when she noticed what Santana was wearing her eyes widened and her heart beat faster. Fuck she looks hoooooot!

The latina girl noticed the taller girl's reaction and smirked.

"I didn't think a badass and all Joan Jett girl like you had a car like this." She joked.

"Uh-" Brittany mumbled, still speechless and shamelessly checking Santana out. The brunette's eyes wandered to the blonde's body, she looked really good in her leather jacket and white dress. She became curious as how the girl managed to hide her extra appendage so perfectly with her dress practically glued to her body.

"Come on, enough with the eye-sex let's go we have a race to win!" The voice of the one and only Rachel Berry could be heard coming from inside the vehicle. Both girls blushed furiously and Santana hushed to the passenger side.

"Santana Lopez. We haven't officially met yet. My name is Rachel Barbra Berry, it is a pleasure to meet you." Rachel spoke politely from the backseat. "Brittany told me you are new to this, so I'll let go in the front. It's always more thrilling." Santana only nodded, not really paying attention to Brittany's annoying friend. Instead, she observed the car and chuckled at the dvd player above the air conditioning on the middle.

It was playing some music video with silly cats and a dupstep song.

"Seatbelts on, let's do this!" Brittany beamed and smiled brightly to the two passengers, turning up the volume of the music and leaving for the race.

They took a really long time to get to the mountains even with Brittany sometimes going over the speed limit. Then they saw a few other cars running around the area showing off and small groups of people on the sides of the road.

"Isn't the police going to get suspicious? I mean it's obvious something illegal is happening here." Santana asked, curious as she observed everything of this new world Brittany and Rachel seemed to live in.

"That's why we are so far away from the city and only invited people can come, only the ones we trust. But I must say me and Rach here smoked a lot of cops already, you're safe with us miss Lopez." The blonde spoke smugly. Santana snorted.

"We'll see about that."

Once they got off the car, Rachel introduced the latina girl to some of the people drinking and playing around (most of the guys kept staring at Santana's tits) while Brittany paid the dealer of the race.

"Ready to lose Pierce?" Sebastian Smythe stood next to the dealer, drinking a Heineken and involving his arm around a girl that was with him.

Damn, she's hot. Brittany thought as she eyed the beauty, especially her pouty lips. She had chestnut hair and really nice boobs.

"Not today." She smirked to him, shaking hands with him, and then slowly with the girl.

"This is Alexis, Alexis this is Brittany. She's from Holland too." Smythe spoke. Brittany raised a curious eyebrow.

"is dat zo?" (Is that so?) Alexis chuckled seductively.

"Heet. dat zo is, weet je dat hij homo is gelijk?" (Yeah. So you do know he's gay right?) Brittany narrowed her eyes, her smirk growing. The girl laughed and playfully shoved the blonde's arm.

"Tuurlijk ik doe!" (Sure I do!)

"Hey Brittany." Santana said, showing up behind the blonde girl with her arms crossed and looking straight at Alexis with a back the fuck off look. She didn't know why, but when she saw this girl obviously leering at Brittany she had to interfere.

She wasn't jealous, she just thinks the girl is a slut. And even if she was, she figured it would be okay because she and Britts are kind of friends and you can be jealous of them.

Yeah that's totally it.

"Hey Santana, are you having fun? This is Alexis and Sebastian, guys this is Santana-"

"RACERS, NOW IS THE TIME. TONIGHT'S DRIFT-A-THON HAS OFFICIALY STARTED!" The dealer yelled at the middle of the road, catching everyone's attention.

"FOR THE FIRST RACE: SEBASTIAN SMYTHE! ETHAN BLACK! ALEXIS KNAPP! MIKE CHANG! BRITTANY PIERCE!" Everyone cheered and clapped as he announced the racers.

"Let's go A." The boy said. "Good luck Pierce, you're gonna need it!" Sebastian challenged as he walked to his black supra. Alexis winked at her and turned around, walking with a special shake of her hips which Brittany couldn't help but follow with her eyes.


"Ouch! Why did you do that!" The taller girl asked, rubbing her now sore arm and pouting.

"Because you deserve it! Now let's go I have a bet to win!" Santana snapped, and walked to their car seeming really pissed.

Was she jealous? She asked herself while following her.

This is it. Brittany thought, focused on the girl walking to the middle of the road with the flag on her hands. She took a deep breath, and squeezed the steering wheel with her both hands trying to keep them from shaking.

Santana was looking at her, nervous but dare she say: happy. She felt this was the only place she wanted to be. Before Brittany was in her life, it was all about boring parties, fake friends and money. But not here, not inside this car with the blonde and Rachel.

Feeling brave, she held Brittany's hand and put it on the gearshift. That seemed to calm the girl and they shared a shy smile.

"Thanks." The tall girl whispered, before looking ahead.


The girl dropped the flag and a second later all of the cars accelerated, burning the tires and making smoke fill the road. Rachel yelled go, go, go! While Santana squeaked.

You could only see blurs on the road and hear the sound of the loud music playing inside the vehicle. Brittany turned the driving wheel to hit the first curve, after pushing the hand brake lever and the car slipped making them pass through it successfully and even outpacing the rest.

"THAT WAS FUCKING DOPE!" Santana yelled, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Unknown to them, Rachel was in the backseat recording every moment with her phone.

The following curves were more open, making Brittany have the lead but with Sebastian close behind. Outside, the people watched and streamed the whole race with their phones on skype.

"COME ON HE'S CLOSE! HE'S GONNA PASS!" The latina girl was on fire, screaming and jumping on her seat through the hole thing, making Brittany even more willing to win for her.

"NOT TODAY!" Brittany yelled back, hitting the pedal until the end and turning the steering wheel to the left and right several times blocking the way.

"Britt the last curve is too tight! You're too fast you're not gonna make it!" Rachel warned, in panic and pointing ahead. Brittany hit the break, making Sebastian go straight ahead and take the first place.

He was too fast and didn't have enough time to make the curve correctly, crashing the back of the car on the iron bars on the side of the road. That was Brittany's chance.

Fuck this is it!

She pushed the hand brake all the way turned the car's tires to the opposite side of the curve and for the first time it went smoothly, without slipping too much and passing through Sebastian's Supra without any contact.

Santana rolled her window down right on time and showed her middle finger to him, laughing so hard her dimples were now visible.

They crossed the final line in first place, with Mike behind them, Alexis on third and Ethan didn't even make it to the second curve. After stopping the car Brittany was so happy she took off her seatbelt and turned to Santana to hug her but was surprised by the girl's hands on her face and Santana's lips crushing on hers.

It was official. She was in fucking heaven.

Santana's pouty lips moved in perfect synch with hers, strong, hot and so delicious it made Brittany's eyes roll to the back of her head and moan. She couldn't think in anything else but Santana, her taste and her smell and her hands holding her in place.

The latina didn't know why she felt like kissing the blonde, she just did.

She let herself go and was loving it, this moment Brittany was different than anything else she had experienced. Like this girl just took her to a free, wild place where Santana was meant to be all along. She didn't know yet, but that place was inside Brittany's heart.

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