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Killer Instinct Chapter One: The Escape

{October Eleventh - Unknown Location}

The previous day had a dark origin for the entire village of Konohagakure no Sato. But more so for a certain sever year old blonde child. Yesterday was the day of his birth and he absolutely dreaded the 'gifts' he receives from the villagers. This year was the third time.

After the first encounter he woke up in a ditch filled with dirt and trash, mixed with his own blood. Last year, he woke up in a hospital bed with IVs in his arm. At first he was rather glad of the outcome, until he noticed that it was water entering his bloodstream, instead of medicine.

If you ask him personally, of the two, he appreciated the first. Because at least he knew exactly who his enemies were and who his friends weren't.

Since this was the third time, this got him wondering just what he would wake up to. The problem was he wasn't waking at all. Before he panicked he realized that he was neither conscious nor unconscious, but in between.

There was one more thing of note: water, and a lot of it. It was surrounding him entirely. When he realized he was submerged in the liquid he jolted upright and out of the water.

He went into a coughing fit and begun dry heaving, confusing him immensely. Moments later he stood to his feet and looked down. It was then that he noticed he seemed to be standing atop the water's surface.

"How the heck?" the seven year old muttered in fearful surprise. He bent down and reached his hand into the water, only to immediately hit the ground.

Now he really was starting to freak out, since he was submerged in the water not even a minute ago.

He rose back to hiss full, short, height and checked his surroundings. He found himself in a large sewer with dozens of dull red pipes lining the walls. There was only one bright blue pipe stuck amongst the other pipes.

The young blonde didn't know what to make out of it so he continued to look around. It wasn't long before he noticed a dull red hue down the wet cavern. Obviously his young curious mind got the better of him and he took a step forward.

That's when he started thinking about his condition. He checked his person and realized he didn't have a spot on him. He was back in his clean green shirt and black shorts. And even his sandals were back on his feet.

Again, surprise filled his face. Because last he checked, his shirt had been ripped off and one of his shoes were lost somewhere in the marketplace. "I don't know exactly where I am, but I'm just glad I'm not half naked." he said resuming his short stride towards the red light at the end of the tunnel.

Because of his harsh upbringing, courtesy of the villagers severe treatment towards him. He had been forced to raise himself without proper guardianship.

He was saved from losing his sanity thanks to the men and women residing in the Red Light District. They were the ones who taught him how to survive, not directly of course. He learned by watching.

He learned how to pick pockets, without getting caught. It wasn't only pockets he learned to steal from. He's robbed stores for clothes and even swiped a few fruits from their stands. Doing it in broad daylight was near suicide, but he needed sustenance. Stealing after the sun went down was the best for the young blonde.

He even learned how to widen his senses, involuntarily because he got picked a few times himself. Still the patrons of the Red Light District were better parents than his ever were… if only he knew who they were.

He had absolutely no problems with it. Though, deep down, he always wished to know who his parents were and where the hell they were. It was getting obvious the Hokage wasn't going to be speaking to him about it.

"There's nothing I can do to make the old man tell me." the young blonde murmured.

"That's what I've told you before." a powerful voice echoed off the walls all around him.

Naruto's eyes quickly widened to the size of dinner plates and he whirled around, expecting someone to be standing behind him. He released a small sigh of relief when he found nobody behind him. "Who's there?" he asked with a small hint of fear in his voice.

He began to back up, keeping his destination in mind. "Check behind you again." the voice spoke again, prompting the young boy to quickly spin.

He was fooled as the only thing behind was air. "You liar, there's nothing behind me!" Naruto yelled, his fear replaced with frustrated anger.

"How about now?" the blonde heard again, only this time it was accompanied with a hand resting on his shoulder, which began sizzling for some reason.

Terror flashed in the young cerulean eyes, before anger filled them again. He turned, swiping at the figure. "Who the hell are you and why are you in here?" Naruto questioned sneering at the tall man, who only seemed to be looking at his smoking hand.

"Didn't you forget to ask, 'Where am I?' little boy?" the man asked with a chuckle, turning his gaze to the boy.

"Fuck you. Just answer my questions." Naruto seethed through his clenched teeth, not paying attention to the crimson eyes.

"I'm hurt. I cant believe you don't remember me." the man said holding his chest, for dramatic reasons.

The man was tall, looking about six feet, three inches. Short and wild red hair adorned his head, with a few bangs covering his red slitted eyes. He wore a simple red tunic over a long sleeved black shirt. His camouflage styled, red and black, pants were taped at the ankles. Lastly, his black boots ended his attire.

"Perhaps, this will refresh that dull memory of yours." he said smirking, as he rose his hand and snapped his fingers. The sound echoed off the walls, causing all the pipes in front of him to brighten instantly.

The new light cast a shadow behind the man. It revealed a new figure, a much larger figure. The shadow resembled a large roaring fox with nine equally large tails.

Recognition flashed through Naruto's ocean blue eyes. "You're the fox. So I'm in my mind." Naruto said looking around again. "Wow, what a dreary place. Not what I remember last time I was in here." Naruto murmured, his anger dissipating for the time being.

The newly revealed Kyuubi nodded. "Yes, you were only four. Your first beating."

"You don't need to continue. I already know what happened… I was there." Naruto said walking down the tunnel.

The two soon walked into a humongous room with a cage taking an entire side of side room. The blonde looked behind him, to see the apparition of the Kyuubi vanish, with thin traces of smoke returning to the cage.

"I'm not surprised you returned. It was only a matter of time." a deeper, more demonic voice said from behind the bars. The face of the Nine Tails appeared from the shadows, a large toothy grin splitting its face. The fox itself was easily the size of the Hokage Mountain, if not bigger. The beast's tails were twice the length of its body, and thicker than its head. Each of the nine tails swayed randomly behind the beast, their movements nearly hypnotizing.

Naruto narrowed his seven year old eyes at the malicious kitsune. "Why am I here?" he simply asked.

The question made the fox grin even larger, each of the fox's sharp fangs on display. The sight intimidated the blonde a bit, but he didn't let it show. "Don't act like you don't already know." the fox said letting his statement hang in the air for a while. After a while he growled in annoyance, "Don't you think its time for somebody to finally stop being stubborn. Let me tell you the truth of your heritage, because we both know the Hokage is never going to reveal such delicate information." the kitsune said closing its mouth to appear more friendly towards the blonde.

The young blonde looked down at his feet as he thought about the fox's word. It was true, three years ago he learned of the fox's existence inside of him. Naturally it wasn't from the old man's mouth.

After the first attack, he appeared in his mindscape and met the fox. Except the last time, his mind looked more like a forest filled with fruit and animals. The first words out of the fox's mouth was that he knew the secret the Hokage was keeping from him.

At first the blonde was confused. Because why was there a giant fox in his mind, where he retreated into to escape from the pain his physical body was receiving. Fortunately, Naruto wasn't a dumb child. He quickly put things together and learned this fox was the same fox, responsible for destroying the village, four years prior. It was also responsible for cursing him with being the center of the hater in the village, despite his young age.

He didn't want to trust the fox and swiftly declined its offer, wanting to give the old man a chance. Obviously the old man had remained tight lipped, even to this day.

His only course of action was the fox, who if he thought about it, has been with him his entire life. Voluntarily or not, it was there, providing him with medical assistance. "Do you really know who my parents are, or are you lying to my face to gain more of my trust?" Naruto questioned with narrowed eyes, his gaze now on the large kitsune.

He knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, the old man was never going reveal such a guarded secret. So, the fox really was his only source of truth.

The Kyuubi's chuckles filled the room, before it became roaring laughter. "Pretty insightful, for one so young. Sadly that is not my intent, well at least not through lies." the fox said truthfully.

He looked at the fox with different eyes. They were the same color, but they were no longer the eyes a child should possess. "Before you tell me about my parents, what's your name?" he asked shocking the Tailed Beast.

The large grin lessened as he wasn't expecting the question. 'This is a big surprise. He's the first to ever ask my name.' the fox smirked. 'Actually he's the only one I've talked to since my series of sealings.' the fox thought again. "You truly are different. Its Kurama… my real name is Kurama." he said softly before he began telling the blonde what he wanted to tell him years ago.

{Reality - Dirtied Ditch}

Naruto awoke to find himself shirtless, shoeless, and an additional assortment of cuts and bruises covering his body. His blue eyes were darker, the same as when he was in the mindscape with the fox.

Said fox had just revealed so much information that he left as soon as he was finished. He didn't have any questions, as the answers were given to him.

He let out a dark chuckle when he noticed the sun was replacing the moon. "I should have known. Nobody wants to help the demon, especially not the leader of the bunch." Naruto muttered. "Even when I'm the son of the late Yondaime Hokage." he added softly.

When that information was told in the beginning, he had to admit he was starting to really hate his old man. But in the end, he had to give the man his respect. He saved a bunch of worthless villages, but gave his son power beyond his own imagination… a fair trade if you ask Naruto.

He struggled to stand to his feet, grateful Kurama was nearly finished with healing his wounds. He noticed he was near the edge of the village so he leaned against a tree, to keep his weak knees from falling beneath him.

'Those bastards really hurt my legs. I guess they didn't want me running anymore." he thought feeling the telltale signs of healing tissue regenerating under his skin.

He stood against the tree for what was easily an hour. Just standing there, with nothing but his thoughts. It was obvious to him that nothing good would come out of staying in the village. He didn't have to put up with this any longer.

Some civilians living near the edge of the village emerged from their houses to see him standing against the tree. One of the men smirked at the sight. "I bet he knows his place now. We've finally broke him."

Another man walked up to the first with a smirk of his own. "He stayed right where we left him, like a good little demon."

The first man's wife sneered at the demon. "I don't like the way its looking at us." she said making the others smirk in agreement.

"Lets have some fun then." the two man said together, menacingly walking towards the young blonde. The wife was just a few feet behind them, following with the same malice in her stride.

Naruto watched them coming closer to him. 'What the fuck did I do this time? I'm tired of taking their beatings without defending myself. Its time for me to fight back.' Naruto thought pushing off the tree.

He didn't really know how to fight, but he's had a peculiar feeling year after year that he's ignored.

What the young blonde didn't know was, that feeling was something called Killer Instinct. It was similar to Killer Intent, except he was born with the natural impulses. It was ingrained into his DNA, having Kurama inside of him, only increased that desire a hundredfold. How he ignored that feeling showed that his strength of will was overwhelming.

The way that it worked, was it simply allowed him to see weak points in his opponents that will result in a kill. It was only useful for ones without the experience and couldn't see the openings themselves. Simply it just made killing seem like a simple thing. There's no remorse afterwards that most others feel.

What I'm trying to say was that it provided you with a strong analytical gaze.

At that time the three approaching attackers were now ten feet away from the blonde. Naruto chose that time to hold his head and hiss in pain.

The three civilians recoiled in slight surprise. But that was a mistake on their part as Naruto smirked.

He broke in a quick dash and jumped to punch one of the men in the crotch. He used the following surprise to kick the second man in the side of his left knee, knowing that from his slight limp that it was a weak point. He used all his might, the sound of a snap was music to his ears before he was forced to dodge a wild strike from the first man.

While he was ducked, the blonde scooped a pile of dirt before throwing it in a wide arc, successfully blinding only two of them. He used the distraction to throw his clenched fist into the woman's stomach.

She doubled over in time for him to uppercut her in the chin. He swiftly turned his body and delivered a swift kick to the neck of the man with the broken knee. Though he didn't have enough power to completely snap the man's fat neck, he did send him into unconsciousness.

He then turned his attention to the man that he hit in the crotch. He rose to his feet and swung another punch at the blonde.

Naruto easily dodged it, and the next one, and the final one, all the while the man was yelling his frustrations. Naruto narrowed his eyes and swiftly jabbed the man in the throat, having to jump slightly in the air. That forced the man to stifle his voice as he began coughing, taking a knee in the process.

Naruto smirked as he used the knee as a leverage to jump a bit higher so he could knee the man in the nose, pushing the cartilage into the man's brain, effectively killing him.

Naruto's eyes flashed back to blue as he gazed at the heap of bodies and the crowd of villagers that heard the man's yelling.

His eyes widened before he turned tail and sprinted through the village, the crowd of villagers in pursuit.


Naruto panted in exhaustion as he leaned against a tree for the second time that morning. "You're welcome kit." Naruto heard in his mind.

The blonde nearly screamed in surprise, luckily he was too fatigued to perform the action. 'Kurama?' Naruto asked breathlessly. 'What happened back there? Was that you?' he asked after catching a small breath.

It took a minute before Kurama answered. "I'm sorry Naruto, I would love to take credit for what just happened, but that was all you. You actually made me proud with your ferocity." Kurama said instructing Naruto that he had to keep on the move. "Arent you glad I'm giving you enough chakra to keep your legs from snapping from under you?" he asked with a chuckle.

Naruto ignored the question and huffed for more air. The throb in his legs were becoming more apparent the longer he stood there.

Now that he was outside the village, he was going to be hunted, as soon as the news got to the Hokage. "You need to get going. Its about to rain and the sun is against you right now." Kurama said urging the blonde to resume running.

{Hokage's Office}

Hiruzen stood to his feet, his eyes widened in shock and sorrow. His saddened surprise was quickly replaced with annoyance and anger.

The blonde would always run and hide in the Red Light District after causing trouble. He wished it was that simple this time. He was not offered that luxury. This time the boy actually killed someone and fled from the village.

He got the news about the runaway five minutes ago, from an unnamed Chunin. Already the search was against him, the approaching rain saw to that. "Damn." he muttered walking to his window, clenching his fist. "Inuzukas and Aburames will be useless in this approaching weather. Contact ten Hyuga Jonin and thirty-nine Chunin." The Sandaime ordered his hidden ANBU agents.

From what he understood, the blonde was already injured. He wouldn't be getting far, so his ANBU weren't all that necessary.

{Back With The Blonde}

The young blonde ran for thirty minutes before the first drop of rain pulled him from his concentration. Now aware of how long he's been running, his body roared at him to halt his actions.

Suddenly the fox began talking again. "Kit, give me control of your body. There's a den of mine in the area. If I can get you there quickly, you can rest easily. You don't have to worry about being followed, the rain will wash away your scent." Kurama ordered.

Naruto had no choice but to relinquish control of his body. When he did that, he felt as if he was watching himself in third person.

He noticed the changes to his face. His eyes turned red, with his pupil elongating, vertically. The marks on his cheeks grew darker. His canines, jutted from his mouth, just a bit. His hair quickly thickened and grew bushier.

Honestly he didn't like the feeling, of being outside of his own body. He looked cool though and he noticed he was moving faster than when he was in control. Thankfully he didn't have to experience the feeling any longer because Kurama stopped at a small hill near a large pond. He did some hand seals and a seal array appeared and glowed hot red, before the earth was pulled apart in a makeshift door.

Control was returned to him and he stepped through the door. He felt and heard it closing behind him.

After the makeshift door closed, fire erupted in the room, illuminating the area. What was revealed was something that confused Naruto. It was just a big space with a large bay of hay in the middle. "I don't even care." he said dropping onto the unbelievably comfortable hate. He wasn't on it for even a minute before he was sleep.

It wasn't long before he appeared back in his mindscape. This time he woke up directly in the large cage with Kurama. "While your body sleeps, you'll be pulled in here to learn basic knowledge. You would surely be exempt from such an education if you were to stay in the village." he said manifesting himself in his human form so he could better instruct the blonde.

Naruto nodded, fully understanding the situation he was in. "What about out there? What will I be learning?" he questioned.

"Out there… your training will be more physical. We'll also work on your controlling your chakra, so you could learn ninja techniques. You're going to need a lot of chakra control training, because with me in here, its going to be a nightmare." he said with a deep chuckle.

Naruto didn't know enough about chakra control to see the humor in that statement. "So you're going to be teaching me techniques!? I remember spying on some ninja and saw them do awesome things! Will I be able to do the same things!?" he yelled showing his excitement as he bounced on te balls of his feet.

Kurama let out another laugh. "When I'm done with you, you'll be bale to do that and then some. Right now we should focus on what you need the most knowledge in right now… survival." the kitsune said as he began telling Naruto what he needed to do in order to survive.

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