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Killer Instinct Chapter Seven: Important Extraction

{Seven Months Later}

Naruto, along with Neji and Yugito, were dashing through the ravine in some unnamed country. He looked behind him to see a team of angry Taki shinobi heading towards them at high speeds. He sucked in his teeth and continued running.

"How is it that we were spotted? I had my Byakugan on to its fullest capabilities. There wasn't a single signature around us for a good hundred and twenty meters." Neji said looking over at the male blonde.

"Not to mention the fact that each of our individual signatures were completely masked. They were smaller than the amount an ordinary animal has. And on top of that, we were using the Meisaigakure no Jutsu. (Hiding With Camouflage Technique) We really shouldn't have been detected. I blame the Hyuga, I never failed a mission until he came into the picture." Yugito said shooting a glare at the white eyed Genin.

Neji mentally bristled at the statement and looked over at Yugito. "It's so easy to blame me for your shortcomings. We were most likely detected because of your enormous chakra signature." he shot back, reverting back to using his stoic tone.

Yugito growled in anger and prepared to continued the back and forth argument before Naruto yelled in annoyance. "AHH! Shut up, I cant think with you two bickering like children." he said shooting both of them a glare with crimson eyes.

See as how they stopped talking and focused solely on running, he turned his head to determine if the gap between them and their pursuers has changed. Glad that it hasn't, he turned his head back to Yugito. "Yugito, we're not failing this mission, so there's entirely no reason in blaming Neji. Is that understood?" he asked her with an authoritative tone.

She scoffed and turned her head. "Sure, whatever." she said causing Naruto to growl, not pleased with her answer. "I understand." she added making Naruto turn his head to Neji.

"And Neji, Yugito knows full well how to conceal her chakra. There's absolutely no way that was the cause of this little mishap of ours. Even if she wasn't, I had a kitsune powered illusion around our position, further concealing our signatures. I even went as far as to keep it so that whenever a bird entered our perimeter, it's signature would remain, and that took a lot of concentration due to the seven birds around us." Naruto said with a sigh as they jumped from the ravine and turned to head back.

Neji grunted and narrowed his eyes. "You're right. Taki shinobi are naturally paranoid because the entrance to their village is really a well guarded secret. Let's just chalk this up to luck on their side." he said looking over at the male blonde.

"At least we know we were really close to their village. That was an error on their part." Yugito added as they made up.

Naruto nodded. "We're not failing this mission. We're going to find and extract our target. Our Intel isn't wrong, she's still in the village." Naruto said looking back to see their sensei appearing in front of the group and firing a series of water jets, making them scatter. "Sensei's alive." he smiled, making the others join him in the expression.

Darui caught up to them, seemingly out of breath. "You guys are fast." he said with a grin on his tan skin. It was always weird to see the normally dark skinned male, henged with tan skin.

The male blonde smirked at the man. "Just what I'd expect from the Yondaime's right hand man." he said giving the man a thumbs up.

"I cant believe I'm saying this, but boy am I glad to see you." Yugito said letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Last time we saw you, you were in the middle of a half a dozen of Takigakure's Jonin level guards." Neji said completely impossible for him to contain his joy.

"It was harder than you would believe." Darui said before Naruto scoffed.

"Please sensei, you don't have to act humble in front of us. Learn how to brag." the kitsune container said, inciting laughter from the other Genin.

"I'm serious. Two of them were the nukenin from our own village, the Iron and Coal Brothers." Darui said making Naruto shoot his sensei a surprised look.

"Really?" he asked before looking at Yugito. "Didn't we decide those wannabes were going to be our first targets after we become Chunin?" he asked making Yugito nod and give Darui a mild glare.

"You just sniped our targets sensei… I don't think I'm glad you survived." she said turning her head back to the front, making everyone chuckle. "Why is it that we're not already Chunin again?"

Naruto sighed and looked at his blonde counterpart. "I already told you. I want showcase the fact that I'm apart of Kumo's ranks and happy about it. I'm sure Neji wants to do the same thing." Naruto said looking at Neji.

Neji looked at the male blonde. "I do, but to do it in their own village? I'm not sure about that." he said with an unsure face.

Naruto was surprised. "But you told me three months that it was a good ending to a revenge story." he said looking at the older boy.

"Yeah, while the exams were in Iwa." Neji retorted.

Naruto looked at the Hyuga like he was crazy. "If there's a village that hates me more than Konoha, its Iwa. It doesn't matter if I'm apart of a different village, I'm still Minato's son."

Neji's response was shifted when he activated his Byakugan to check if their pursuers were still behind them. "Our pursuers are back and gaining." he said making Naruto growl.

Naruto turned around and skid to a stop. "That's it, I'm tired of running."

"Finally! I've been waiting to hear those words ever since you first ran." Kurama said making Naruto a little angrier.

'Sensei told us to retreat, ditch our tails and hightail it back to camp. I wasn't about to do that.' Naruto thought before Yugito and Neji appeared on his left and right, respectfully.

"You're not about to have fun without me. Matatabi is itching for some action." Yugito grinned as her nails turned into claws.

"What she said… except I don't have a Biju." Neji said as the group of two dozen of Takigakure's shinobi dropped down around them.

"Finally you've given up this little chase of yours. Now we can extract information about who you are, what you want, and who you're working for." one of the pursuers said as Darui landed in front of his team.

"Who we are… well that's easy." Neji said as his Byakugan pulsed to life.

"And what we want?" Naruto said as his eyes shone amber. "You're bound to guess that." Naruto said knowing that everyone knew about the Kyuubi leaving Konoha for Kumo. That became knowledge about one week after his latest trip to Konoha. What they still didn't know was that his eyes could change to amber, so he was safe from them finding out who they were working for.

"A Hyuga? They must be from Konoha. How else could you explain his presence?" a different man asked. It also seemed they didn't make the four Hyuga's defection public knowledge. Probably cause they want to continue to appear as the strongest of the five major hidden villages… which was no longer true.

Darui smirked at their speculations and barked at his team. "Get to work team." he said as they split into four groups.


Naruto looked at his six opponents. Immediately he gauged their strength and determined that half of them were at Jonin level. "Three Jonin, three Chunin. Rate of survival… 95%." Naruto droned before they rushed him. "I like those odds… though that five percent is inaccurate." Naruto said before dashing forward as well.

He weaved through the first Jonin and slid under the second. When he rose he spun, while unsealing his scythe. Instantly two of the Chunin were decapitated by the surprise appearance.

"Be cautious comrades, he's no ordinary Genin." one of the Jonins said as he unsheathed a sword, while another removed a pair of Sais from his belt.

Naruto smirked at the comment and his amber eyes grew darker. "You have no idea." he said as he molded some chakra through his scythe and started spinning it in the air.

Instantly the area began increasing in temperature. Sensing dread, one of the Jonin threw one of his Sais at Naruto. They watched in shock, as it hastily melted due to the extremely heat surrounding Naruto.

The blonde smirked and continued spinning his scythe. "Welcome to Hell boys." he said before slamming the end of his scythe against the ground. Instantly the ground became aflame and begun to crack. The flames quickly died off, leaving the ground dead and the cracks showed lava slowly bubbling to the top.

The opposition turned their heads, horrified at their locations. Everywhere they turned, they saw the same thing. Charred grounds and a few geysers of lava erupting at different intervals. "This must be a Genjutsu, there's no way he could drag us down to Hell." one of the Jonin seethed through his teeth as he put his fingers in the ram seal.

Naruto watched him silently with a smirk on his lips. "Not a Genjutsu buddy. You're here… with me." he said smirking darkly. "And you're going to die down here." he said before his Souba appeared in his hands.

He took a step forward, causing the only remaining Chunin to hesitantly take a step back. "You fool, don't let this brat intimidate you. If we kill him, we'll be able to return topside." one of the Jonins berated the man.

"Believe that if you want to." Naruto said appearing in front of the Jonin and swinging his weapon. It was barely blocked, but the blonde quickly acted and kicked him in the stomach. "But it wont change the fact that you're still down here." he said swinging his arm in an arc, behind him, roasting the Chunin that was about to counter attack. "You're all water affinity shinobi down in a place that has no water. How screwed are you?" he said after seeing a man begin a sequence of seals.

"Who said I was trying to do a water technique. Katon: Endan." (Fireball) the man said before breathing out a human sized fireball.

Naruto grinned and stabbed his blade in the ground. He put his arms forward and when the fireball approached his fingertips, he ripped his arms apart. The fireball was effectively split in two harmlessly passed around the blonde. He smirked before his danger sense went off.

He ripped his souba from the ground and rose it in time to block the downward strike from the airborne Jonin. He leaned his head back enough to dodge the attack from the man with the single sai. Still his danger sense was up and he quickly substituted for a pile of molten rock.

He reappeared to find that the rock was stabbed by a kunai from the Sai wielding Jonin. "I figured it out!" everyone heard as Naruto turned to the voice, next to his scythe. "We're in a Genjutsu alright, with this scythe constantly in our system." he begun before removing the scythe from the floor. Instantly everything began changing back to normal, though the Chunins remained deceased. "We were in an environmental Genjutsu." the only Jonin to use Ninjutsu explained.

Naruto clapped his hands and smiled. "Congratulations, you've learned of the true purpose of me leaving my scythe." Naruto said stretching his hand, causing the scythe to get resealed despite the distance between the two. "That still doesn't change the outcome of this battle." he said before moving at blinding speeds and appearing on the man's right. "Your weak spot." he muttered while thrusting his sword under the man's armpit and continued until he punctured his lungs.

He clenched his hands around the handle of his sword and jumped back. He watched as two sais punctured the dead Jonin. The blonde laughed and he quickly became blended into the environment.

The two Jonins went back to back and began looking around for any distortions in the area. "He killed our sensor, how are we supposed to find him now?" the Sai user asked with panic in his hushed voice.

"Don't panic, he's not as skilled as the Nidaime Tsuchikage was with this technique. Just concentrate and keep on your guard."

Naruto stood on one of the trees, perched as he kept his eye on his last two opponents. 'Hmm, this fight as went on long enough. Even Neji is nearly finished with those two Chunins of his. Yugito is down to one last Jonin, and Darui is already finished.' Naruto thought sealing his souba and removing two kunai from his pouch.

"Naruto, use a bit of my chakra. Not enough for the people in Takigakure could feel, but just enough for Chomei could sense. Each of the Biju are connected and could easily sense another Biju. Perhaps if the container of Chomei really plans to leave, we can have her come to us." Kurama suggested as Naruto thought about it.

'That's a great idea, why didn't you suggest this in the beginning.' Naruto thought with a mental glare.

"If I gave you the answer to everything, you wouldn't learn anything." Kurama simply responded.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders and pulsed Kurama's chakra in the smallest burst he could manage. Unfortunately his small pulse of chakra was still sensed by the people in the immediate vicinity. "That demonic chakra. It came from the kid, the kid is the container of the nine tailed fox. Kumo's behind this! Tell the leader quick!" the sword wielding Jonin told the sai wielding Jonin.

Naruto used the youki coursing through his veins to instantly appear in front of the pair of Jonins. He shoved his kunai into their sides, knowing he hit their kidneys. He removed his hands and jumped back from their surprised bodies.

When he returned to his previous location, the tags wrapped around the handles of the kunai exploded. 'Why is it that when someone strong, fights someone even stronger, they seem weaker than a Genin?' Naruto asked the demonic kitsune inside him.

"Don't complain about your growth. It was beyond complicated to get you to where you are now." Kurama said making Naruto scoff.

'No it wasn't. I'm the best student anyone could ever have, I suck up knowledge like a sponge.' the blonde retorted before he dropped from his position and jogged back to his team.

"Took you long enough Naruto." Darui said seeing his last student appear in his line of sight.

"Sorry about that, some of those guys were smarter than I gave em credit for. But Kurama did give me an idea on how to complete the mission without entering the village." Naruto said crossing his arms.

"Is that why you released a minute pulse of youki moments ago?" Yugito asked, having sensed the other blonde's ping. Biju and, to an extension, their containers could sense other Biju's pings from a total of ten miles. If they were close enough to the village, then there's no doubt Chomei and her container would've sensed it.

"This plan will save us from having to infiltrate, but it will also leave the container alone. We wouldn't be there to provide her a safe extraction." Neji said after Naruto nodded.

"That would be the case, but this Biju is special remember?" Darui spoke up, making the other containers smirk.

"Did you already forget that Chomei, is the only Tailed Beast with the gift of flight. I have no doubt that flight was the first thing Fu wanted to learn." Yugito said putting her hands on her hips. "She could just fly out of the village." she added.

"The only problem we should really have now, is whether or not she wants to join our village." Naruto said with a thoughtful look on his face.

Time went by quickly, before the team realized, the sun was going down.

"I don't like this, she should have been here by now. Where could she be?" Darui asked standing to his feet.

The team had went to another, safer location and sent another ping, two pings in fact. One from Naruto and one from Yugito, each twenty seconds apart.

"Maybe she's already left the village before we even thought of liberating her." Yugito thought out loud.

Naruto shook his head and crossed his legs and arms. "Again, our Intel states she's still in the village. Though a lot could change in a week." Naruto spoke slowly with a bad feeling nagging at that back of his mind.

"Perhaps, we'll need to infiltrate after all." Neji said with his Byakugan on, watching their surroundings.

Darui watched his team with a small smile. Each of them were smart enough to do missions on their own, sometimes he felt that he wasn't really needed. These past seven months have been great though. Training them was becoming pointless, as they were already strong as he was.

Yugito was always a fierce kunoichi, always using her agility and natural evasiveness to solve her problems. Because of her growing skillfulness with her Biju's chakra, she's becoming on of the strongest in the village. Without Matatabi's help, she was still strong, high chakra control, top notch Taijutsu, same went for Ninjutsu. She didn't like relying on Genjutsu, but she could still adept at using illusionary techniques.

Neji, as the newest member of the group, is quickly adaptable. As a Hyuga, his chakra control was perfect, and his intelligence was top notch. He didn't have a Biju's power to rely on in drastic times, but his Byakugan made up for it. He didn't have a lot of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, but his Taijutsu, again, made up for it. Now that he was finally able to put his full potential to good use, he was rapidly becoming what the Main House feared… a better Hyuga.

Naruto, he came to the village already fully capable of taking care of himself. He's one of the most, all around ninjas ever seen. Having a Tailed Beast as a sensei since an early age has molded Naruto into such. Nin, Tai, Gen, Intelligence, Stamina, Chakra Control, Speed, Strength, Fuin… give him some odd years and he could be wearing the Raikage's hat and cloak. Not to mention the village loves him. Though it was great training Naruto how to properly use that Souba of his. Along with his own Tailed Beast, they were able to bypass their problem and the blonde was quickly becoming strong in using Kurama's chakra… now being proficient with six tails of the first version.

Darui was knocked from his reverie by Yugito lightly punching him in the arm. "Come on sensei, lead the way." she said making the man smile. But still, given their intelligence, they grew to following his orders.

"Right." he said nodding. "Let's go complete this mission team." he said before his team nodded and they ran off toward Takigakure.

{Takigakure - Prison Cell}

Takigakure's prison wasn't any different then any other prison in the Elemental Nations. Simple chakra seal and a cell was enough to keep them inside.

But they established cell specially for only one person in the whole village. Fu was held in her maximum security cell. A steel cage, in the middle of the village's largest waterfall. She was wearing a mask over nose and mouth, to keep her from drowning. Said mask, drew from her very large supply of chakra to keep oxygen circulating in her lungs. The rest of her chakra was sealed to prevent her from escaping. Her legs were chained together, and her left arm was held in front of her, and attached to the chains connecting to her legs. Her right arm received the same treatment, behind her.

A harness, connecting to a pulley system, kept her suspended in the waterfall, to prevent her from succumbing to the effects of gravity. Also because of the pressure of the waterfall, she was being even more punished.

Further, she had something in her seal that prevented her from moving when activated. It was a paralytic seal merged with the seal used to contain the seven tailed beetle. She's tried to override its effect with Chomei's chakra once, and the effect was chaotic.

Two more seals activated, first a gravity seal was activated, multiplying the gravity by five. Luckily for her, when she disobeyed she wasn't near water, or else she would have easily drowned. And the second seal caused a lot of volts to surge through her system, making her hate her healing powers. After that moment, she never disobeyed ever again, and just kept her contempt to herself.

But she's been thinking of a way to counter the seals placed on her, and escaping from the village. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't even close to being novice at seals, and Chomei never bothered with the subject.

But in the recent months she made a new friend. A man who seemed extremely trustworthy. He didn't seem like a threat at first glance, because of his glasses, but Fu knew better. Nothing was said, but she knew something was off about him.

She learned that the man was a spy and that's it. That's all Taki's Interrogation squad got out of him, before his body caught on fire.

The delegates of Takigakure, quickly went over their secrets. As a hidden village, they had a lot of things to guard, so they started with the most important things. In time they got on the subject of their resident Jinchuriki.

The deduced that since, the two have been seen with each other on more than one occasion, she could have been the target.

She was immediately incapacitated and detained. That was a good week ago. Hours ago, they deemed she wasn't a flight risk and sent to have her released. But a situation happened near the village, and they didn't see it as a coincidence.

Instead of releasing her, she was fed and once again imprisoned.

She could barely sense things while inside the waterfall. But the container Biju pings were sensible to her. Though, she had no idea what they meant, having never met another Jinchuriki before.

She couldn't ask Chomei why she sensed chakra that she shouldn't be sensing since their mental connection was cut, since the sealing.

There was one thing that her imprisonment cemented though. She was definitely leaving this village. She didn't even want to live anymore. Living only seemed to hurt and her body only knew pain.

The moment she was released she was going to sneak out of the village and run far away, where they couldn't find her. Maybe to one of the islands surrounding Mizu no Kuni.

All she needed to do was wait for her opportunity to spring out of the prison she was in. Waiting… always seemed like the hard part for her.

{Two Miles From Takigakure's Entrance}

Naruto stood against a tree with his arms crossed and a inquisitive look on his face. "I'm a great sensor, but I cant seem to be able to lock onto our target's chakra signature, or my Informant. I really don't like this at all." Naruto muttered while biting his thumb in deep thought.

"Is there a chance that our goal has been compromised and both of them were killed?" Neji asked with his Byakugan on high. His ocular abilities were good, but seeing two miles and further into the village was impossible, even for him. But like the rest of his team, his sensing abilities extended past his sight, but only just a few more meters.

"Not a chance. Specs is easily the best liar in the Hunting business. That innocent front of his makes it even more devious to his target. There's even a rumor saying that he even walked a target back to the guild. No one knows how, but he's that good. I highly doubt he's dead, he always thinks four steps ahead." Naruto muttered, oddly feeling like Omoi at that moment.

"I wish I had a camera right now. You look so much like Omoi right now, it's not even funny." Yugito said with a small chuckle, despite what she said.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at looked over at Yugito. "You know what Yugito… whatever." he muttered not all to happy about the mild glare she gave him, almost daring him to say something. "We need to get closer so our eyes could plan out our route to and from our target."

Neji nodded and they ran forward, keeping their movements stealthy and their signatures undetectable. "Lets do this right now." Yugito commented before looking at Neji. "Neji, how's our perimeter?" she asked as the veins around Neji's eyes pulsed with every breath he took.

"We're coming up on three of Taki's elite guard. Follow me." he said before the team slanted to the right, out of the way of the patrolling shinobi.

After a few minutes, Neji spoke again. "We're coming up on the village. Within minutes we'll be directly above it."

After a few seconds he motioned for everyone to stop and they immediately followed the order. Everyone widened their senses and understood why they were still.

"Seems they upped the security since I've been here." Darui said with a inaudible whistle, clearly impressed.

"They've never been successfully invaded before. I guess we should've expected this." Naruto said with a similar inaudible whistle.

"Shouldn't we just force our way in there and take our target?" Yugito asked, becoming a little frustrated with their persistence in not letting them do their mission without a hitch.

Darui laid a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. "If we do that, there's a big chance we'll start another World War."

"World War you say?" Kurama perked up from his nap.

'They cant hear you, you know.' Naruto thought with a inaudible groan.

"So what, if a war is started then maybe I'll finally have some fun." Kurama growled with uncharacteristic giddiness, Naruto was able to detect.

'Maybe later.' Naruto said before he opened his eyes and looked straight at Yugito, who was looking straight at him.

"Kurama wants to start a war?" she asked with a blank stare.

"Yup. Matatabi?" Naruto replied.

"Yup." she muttered with a shake of her head.

Neji and Darui couldn't help but chuckle from the sidelines, to which both the blondes shot them glares. "Lets just get to work." Naruto muttered. "I'll summon a few hundred clones and transform them to look like bandits. I want you guys to slip through, whatever entrance they use." Naruto said before Darui nodded and they split up, leaving the blonde there.

Naruto waited a few minutes, not able to sense his own teammates, he guessed they were already in position before he made the sign. One by one, clones began popping into existence. He was able to mask their signatures with a kitsune powered illusion. Within a minute he was able to make one hundred clones, currently transformed into bandits. He made one more to act as his second in command, before he released the seal.

"Is this too much Hana-san?" he the blonde asked a crimson haired woman.

The woman had shoulder length hair with violet eyes. The woman was wearing a simple blue jacket, too small to completely cover her own ample breasts. Other than the jacket, she was wearing tight black pants. A single golden flower rested in her hair and a black bandanna was wrapped around her neck. "Not at all captain." she replied as Naruto changed his attire and hair, as well as expanded in height.

Now, changed from his full bodysuit, Naruto was wearing a simple crimson cloak he left flowing open. His pants were black and his hair was black. He rid his face of the whisker marks and added a scar going down his left eye. A large, triangular, captain's hat was on his head, with a single eagle's feather in it. After all bandits are simply land pirates.

Naruto looked at his other clones, turned bandits, many of them looking mean looking. "Listen up everybody. We'll now be called The Phantoms. It'll make it more believable when you're dispelling out there. Now our goal is to cause havoc, so don't disappoint your captain or I'll feed you to Kurama." Naruto said as many of them shuddered for a while.

"You heard the cap, get out there and fuck shit up!" Hana yelled before everyone started charging forward, yelling their name.

That quickly gained the attention of every shinobi nearby, who charged forward as well, meeting the opposition in the middle.

Naruto and Hana calmly walked forward, as every dispelled clone entered her, making her more denser. "Sorry cap, these grunts cant handle a thing." she complained with a cross of her arms.

Naruto shook his head. "Don't worry about it Hana, though perhaps we should even the playing field?" he said with a smirk as if he was born in his role.

Her left hand drifted to her waistline, where a seal was located. She pressed her finger against it and a weapon was unsealed. A golden Scimitar was quickly in her hands as she smirked as well. "I thought you'd never ask." she said before charging forward.

Naruto looked forward with a small shake of his head. "I think I got Karui's personality down to well." he muttered before unsealing his own, onyx, Scimitar and raising it in the air. "THE PHANTOMS SHALL HAVE BLOOD TONIGHT!" he yelled before joining his cloned subordinates.

{Taki Entrance}

Darui watched his student's distraction plan with a nod of his head. "Alright Naruto's doing his part. Lets head into the village." the tan skinned man said before they dashed towards the nearest entrance, henged as the enemy.

"What the hell is happening out there?" the Chunin guardian said before Yugito spoke with gasps of air.

"No idea, a bunch of bandits are attacking the guards above us. They keep puffing out of existence, but more keep popping back. It's never ending." she huffed out as the man widened his eyes.

"I've never heard of anything like that." he said before Darui stepped forward.

"We're heading inside to gather reinforcements. We need all the help for this surprisingly strong force." he said as the man nodded in agreement.

After they set off, Yugito cleared her throat. "Not it." she said as Neji quickly followed suit.

"Are you serious?" the sensei muttered as the transformed Yugito smiled.

"Well you did offer sensei. If you don't, everyone will find it suspicious we're running away from a fight." she said with a look in the opposite direction.

Darui shook his head softly. "We weren't even supposed to do it this way." he muttered before looking over at Yugito. He sighed and they split off.

After watching him go, Yugito turned to Neji. "Where's the target's house at?"

Neji shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know!" he said before activating his Byakugan, while Yugito cloaked it in a Genjutsu. "She's in that waterfall. I think it's a prison." he said deactivating his Dojutsu.

Yugito bristled at the fact and hissed in anger. "Those bastards." she seethed out before approaching a trio of guards.

"What do you guys want? Why aren't topside fighting those weird bandits?" the man said, proving that word traveled really fast in this village… or proving that he was a sensor ninja and could easily sense all the fighting happening above ground.

"We need our secret weapon." Neji said quickly, since Yugito was a little mad at the moment. There was no telling what she would say if allowed to speak freely.

"I'm not allowed to authorize that. If you want Fu free to fight, you'll have to ask the council for permission." he said before an explosion shook the high roof of the mountain they were under.

"We don't have time for that. Those things outside are monstrous. We need a monster of our own." Yugito seethed out, not wanting to use that word, but while henged as she was she couldn't be picky with words.

"Hmph. Not my problem." he said before squinting his eyes. "Say, who are you two? I haven't seen you around here before." he asked before Neji narrowed his eyes.

"We just came back from a difficult mission, that took us weeks to complete. I cant believe you're acting the way you are, baka." Neji said as the man bristled. "Look even you're going to release her, or we are. If we wait, we might get invaded by these phantoms." Neji said making the silent man on the side, spit out a glob of spit and give him the eye.


Naruto watched his subordinates fighting with a stern look on his face. He watched as every so often a clone would be dispelled, before he created another to replace him, keeping the numbers at an even one hundred. This also showed him how each of the Taki nin fought, so he could deal with them, if the time came.

His eyes darted to the side to see a kunai with an explosive tag attached to it, coming his way. He substituted himself with a dead Taki nin and smirked at the man. "Pretty smart of you to come to me."

The man shot his hand in the air, in a small cheer. "I knew I would be right." he muttered, praising himself. The transformed shinobi smiled at that before the man looked at him with a serious face. "I knew you were the leader of this constant onslaught of your clones. And the way they're being summoned, makes them shadow clones. Only ninja with immense chakra capacities can summon this many."

"I know." Naruto said with a grin. "I'm gifted. So very, very gifted. So gifted in fact, that I was quickly looked upon as a threat. So I left and started this group." Naruto told the man before rose his fist and eased into a offensive stance. "Now as leader, I think it's finally time for me to join the fray." he said with a crooked smirk, that made the man narrow his eyes and drop into a stance.

Naruto dashed forward at surprising speeds and threw a right hook. The Chunin barely blocked the attack, but the force cracked his left forearm. He stifled a scream before he was uppercutted by the leader of the Phantoms.

Naruto smirked and hastily grabbed the man's shirt and brought him in for a devastating head butt. The man stumbled backwards before Naruto threw a punch into the man's stomach.

His danger sense went off making him body flicker to safety. He reappeared to see a woman with two daggers in her hand. "Dochi, are you alright?" she asked with a worried tone as she glared at Naruto.

Dochi groaned, still holding his stomach. "I'm fine, just a little surprised. Be careful Zuki-chan, he's stronger than he seems." he said as he worked on getting more air in his lungs.

Naruto looked at them before forming a cross seal. Twenty bandits were created and joined the main fighting group. "They needed to come back." he said with a smile.

"Did you forget how these clones work?" Kurama asked causing the blonde to mentally raise a brow.

'I know what I'm doing Kurama. I'm using these shadow clones so that when I get the memory, I know when to make another. This much mental traffic is as much as I can handle. It's not like their forces will increase.' he thought before weaving through hand seals. 'Katon: Kaen Nami.' (Flame Wave) he thought as he inhaled fire chakra into his lungs.

He blew out a stream of fire that somehow bounced off the ground. The ever increasing amount of flames grew to a size of twelve feet high and six feet wide.

The other ninja grew surprised at such a technique and Zuki quickly grabbled Dochi and jumped out of the way. While they were in the air, time seemed to slow down. They two looked to their right with surprise on their face, because the bandit leader was already meeting them halfway.

A knife made out of flames was being held in Naruto's grasp as he quickly soared through the air. He swung the weapon and appeared on the other side of the duo.

When he landed he turned his head. The two landed in a crumpled heap that caused Naruto to smirk. The woman was missing her left arm, right at the shoulder. Unfortunately that was the arm she was using to carry her friend, so he was hurt even further… also missing his right arm.

He smiled wide before he laughed. "That was fun. Most fun I've had in years. I'll let you two live, and who knows…" he said as he eyed their arms not to far away from them. "Maybe your healers can stitch you back together. With a technique like your most infamous shinobi stole, I'm sure they'll come up with a way." he said before turning back to the big fight, as they finally let out their screams.

He immediately noticed the increase of enemies and inwardly groaned. 'I knew that was going to come back and bite me in the butt.' he thought while Kurama laughed in his head.

He sucked in his teeth and unsealed a Scimitar like Hana, which was really his. He liked collecting good weapons, so what.

He ran forward at high speeds, while creating fifty bandits. It would've been way better if they were actually allowed to kill them. Only mild injuries were allowed though,. He had a feeling, this incident would incite a war. It was in the back of his head, but he had the feeling.

{Rescue Duo}

Yugito and Neji finally convinced the Chunin to abandon the rules and release Fu, so she could fight alongside her comrades.

"I still don't know why I'm doing this. I could get put in jail for this." the young man said, with a trembling voice at the thought of being imprisoned.

"The council will understand that we need Fu now more than ever." Yugito said with a glare at the back of the man's head. Within minutes they arrived at the contraption used to bring Fu from the falls.

Yugito simmered at the sight of her sister's prison. Neji's hand on her shoulder, just barely made her realize why she needed to be calm at the moment.

Ten guards stood between them and Fu, with one of them stepping forward, a woman. "What do you think you're doing here? Go back down to the entrance and guard it like you're ordered to."

The Chunin looked at the Jonin guards with a frightened look. "But ma'am, the situation topside is out of control. These two have seen it firsthand. We really need our Jinchuriki to end things."

One of the male Jonin eyed the two Kumo nin in disguise before he clenched his teeth. "You're a fool to allow these two up here. I've never seen their faces in this village before." the man yelled in anger. Everyone knew that Taki Jonins were allowed to study the village's ninja roster. And if a Jonin couldn't put a name to a face, then they weren't part of the village.

Fortunately for the intruders, they were already in the motion of throwing pellets at them. The pellets exploded in a cloud of both paralysis gas and knock out gas. No matter how much the Jonin wanted to leap from the cloud of gas, they couldn't move a muscle. They covered their noses and mouths while they coughed, before they begun feeling drowsy. Within no time, they dropped to the floor, knocked out, for what could be two or three hours.

Within seconds the cloud thinned out and all the Jonins were on the floor. Neji had acted even faster and quickly disabled the Chunin with a few strikes at his chakra points.

"That was close." Yugito sighed out while looking at the sleeping bodies of the Jonins. "Though we cant let them live, they've seen our faces." she added while Neji nodded.

"Our fake faces, but I was thinking the same thing." the Hyuga said before he went to each enemy shinobi and slit their throats. No point in exploding their hearts with a Juken strike.

"You wont get away with this, you intruders. You can kill me, but we'll have our revenge." the disabled Chunin clamored before Yugito slit his throat.

"Lets get her out of that thing." Yugito said as she and Neji walked to the pulley system and began pulling the Jinchuriki from the falls.

What the two saw was a cage slowly moving their way towards them. As the Nanabi container inched her way closer to Yugito, she grew more and more angry at the village hidden in the waterfall.

Out of all the Jinchuriki she and her village knew about, Chomei's container was the only one being treated like this. Every other container was free… to an extent. The Ichibi, according to Naruto, was a troubled child, but had the potential to gain control of his powers. But he was not imprisoned in a cage. The Sanbi, was the kage of his village, proving that their kind can be great. The Yonbi and Gobi, were Jonins inside Iwa, and pretty respected. She didn't know about the Rokubi's situation. And the Hachibi and Kyuubi, were great shinobi in Kumo, along with her, the Nibi.

Before she knew it, the cage was set down and Neji tried to pick the pocket. As soon as his equipment touched the lock, he was shocked. "I could have told you the thing was booby trapped." the two heard Fu, who sounded exhausted.

Neji scuffed as Yugito stepped forward, her claws extending. "I'll take care of this." she said before chakra coated her clawed hand. She swung her claw and tore through the metal of the lock. The steel door swung open and Neji stepped inside, his Byakugan on, keeping in eye all around them.

"I'll handle her chains, you explain the situation to your contained sister." Neji said.

Yugito shrugged and crossed her arms. "Simply, we're extracting you from this damn village." she said while Neji broke the chain attached to her right arm.

"That's quite a simple plan." Fu responded while Neji came around into her line of sight. She eyed his features as he broke the chain to her left arm. She rubbed her arms, alternating between the left and the right, soothing their aching pain.

"It is a simple plan, though it took us months to prepare for. Which reminds me, what happened to Naruto's Informant." Yugito asked while Fu stiffened.

Neji crouched in front of her and broke her leg chains. He rose his head and looked at her. "He's dead isn't he?" he said making Fu look at him.

She blushed behind her mask, before her hands removed it. She turned her head to nod at Yugito instead. "Though, that's not the biggest problem." she said as Neji walked towards his teammate.

"What do you mean?" Yugito asked with a confused expression.

Fu rose her hands to the zipper of her soaked jumpsuit and pulled it down to her stomach. Yugito was getting weirded out before Fu exposed her left B-cup breast. "This." she simply said before Yugito quickly covered Neji's eyes. On the breast was a tribal tattoo in the form of four, insect-like, wings. Around the wings were a looping design, encompassing the wings.

Fu chuckled as she ran a hand through her drenched, mint green hair. "I don't know why you're doing that, when he can see through your hands." the girl said surprising the two.

"How'd you know that?" Yugito said removing her hand from Neji's face, spotting some blood leaving his nose. "Control your hormones stupid." she said stuffing a napkin in his nose Yugito crossed her arms as Fu chuckled lightly.

"Even with Chomei sealed, I still exuberate a cloud of dust, undetectable to the naked eye. That dust is special because it cancels out any Genjutsu that enters it, so only I can see through it." She said with a smile. "So I know he's a Hyuga and can easily see through clothes, mine and yours." she said as Yugito covered her chest and hit Neji upside his head.

"Stop doing that!" the Hyuga yelled in annoyance.

"NO!" Yugito yelled before she hit him again.

Fu cleared her throat forcing the two to stop their fighting. "Can we get back on topic? I'm not sure if you noticed, but we're still deep in the village. So if you're serious about getting me out of here, then you need to pay attention." she said before Yugito rubbed her shoulder, working on reopening her Tenketsu around the joint.

"Sorry about that. What are we looking at, other than your nipple and the seal containing Chomei?" Yugito asked as Fu sighed.

"Don't you noticed the added seals in and around the original seal?" she asked in exasperation.

Yugito blinked a few times before sighing. "Sorry, I'm not very good at Fuinjutsu. Never was and never will be." she said before a light bulb shined in her head. "But Naruto is excelling at the topic. Him and Kurama even cracked their own seal, allowing him to use more of Kurama's power." Yugito bragged about her blonde counterpart. She was proud at his growth in that area, as he was always useful to have around.

Fu widened her orange eyes in surprise. "The Kyuubi Jinchuriki is here? The strongest being to walk the lands."

Yugito lightly coughed as she turned her head. "Well yeah, but I don't know about that." she said making Fu confused. "Don't get me wrong, Naruto's strong. But in terms of controlling his Jinchuriki's power, I'll have to give the title of strongest to the crazy eight."

Fu widened her eyes and zipped her jumpsuit. "Wait, you guys are from Kumo?" she said before Yugito and Neji shushed her. "You want the whole village to find out and start a war?" they said in unison.

Fu thought about it for a while. "Maybe." she said causing the others to shake their head.

"Well as much as I agree with you, that's going to have to wait." Yugito said spitting on the corpse of one of the dead Taki nins. "Now what's with your seal?" Yugito asked crossing her arms.

"A paralytic seal is inside Chomei's seal. That seal connects to two more seals that just aren't pretty. On top of that, both mine and Chomei's chakras are sealed and you killed some of the only people that knew how to unseal them. Great." she said sarcastically while the duo acted sheepishly. "Well lets have you escort me topside, so one of the Jonin up their can handle my chakra." she said before they quickly ran from the prison.


Naruto gritted his teeth as things became rather difficult to fight these people and not kill them out rightly. "Just do it Naruto. If you receive a reprimand from the higher ups about it, just say the situation required exigent actions. You needed to keep up appearances as the leader of a bandit group that doesn't quit, to insure the completion of the mission. Say it like that and I'm sure they'll get off your back." Kurama explained as Naruto was quickly reduced to only twenty clones, not counting Hana, who was doing rather well, only because she didn't care.

Naruto immediately realized why she was so ruthless. She was filled with his Killer Instinct and it was clouding her mind to what was important… not causing a war.

"I'm not sure you realize that, you're not wearing anything that would indicate you're from Kumo. There's nothing you can do, that'll give away which village you're apart of… other than me. Everyone knows the Kyuubi went to Kumo, but nobody knows you're my container. So this is your chance to really cut loose and be the killer I've always wanted you to be." Kurama said making Naruto absorb his words.

Within moments, Naruto's annoyance turned into a smirk. 'You're right. After all I am your student.' Naruto thought as his amber eyes grew darker. He snapped his fingers and all his clones, including Hana, dispelled. He felt his chakra return to him and he sighed at the completeness. "Good news boys. I'm the last one." he said making each and every shinobi around him become completely cautious.

"What is he doing?" a Chunin male asked.

"Is he preparing to retreat?" a Jonin female asked.

"I don't like the look in his eyes?" a Jonin male asked.

"I don't know, he's still kind of cute." a Chunin female stated.

"Would you stop being you for one second? This is serious!" a Jonin male yelled in annoyance.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist around his Scimitar. He took a deep breath and dashed forward.

Immediately kunai, shuriken, and even various Ninjutsu techniques headed to met him halfway. He watched the techniques and jumped over everything heading towards him.

In the air, he wasn't surprised to see a few techniques heading his way already. He sliced through the stream of water and formed a half ram seal with his free hand.

Seeing him still heading their way, the shinobi on the ground, formed a layer of earthen spikes. Naruto narrowed his eyes and covered his foot with a thick layer of chakra, before he landed on one of the spikes. He didn't rest there as he promptly pushed off into the large group.

Everyone grew surprised that he easily adjusted to the environment. He swung his sword and released an arc of fire that seared through a dozen people. He landed in the middle of the flames and quickly jumped into the path of a short man.

Soon his foot was in the man's face. The man flew through the air, into a few others. Everyone started to spread out to prevent that from happening again. Naruto covered his legs in electricity and began speeding through the enemies.

All of that happened in the span of a few seconds, before the Taki nin began fighting back.

Naruto's weapon was blocked by a staff, causing him to grit his teeth. Danger crossed his mind, before he was swept from under his feet. He fell on his back and immediately saw a sword heading for his head. He thrust his hand forward, unleashing a wave of wind. The hard wind deflected the weapon. Naruto quickly clapped his hands, creating a shockwave, the pushed people away from him. He reached for his weapon and flipped to his feet.

After that he charged his chakra, kicking up a screen of dust. When it cleared he was nowhere in sight.

Everyone was surprised at his disappearance. "Sensors, search for his signature." one of the Jonin ordered as a few dozen people put their fingers in the ram seal and channeled their chakra.

They didn't have to wait long before people began screaming in pain. A huge tornado was created in the middle of a group, though it was only ten feet tall.

"Raiton: Gian." Naruto shouted before a surge of electricity tore through a few Chunin.

"REINFORCEMENTS HAVE ARRIVED!" a Jonin yelled as even more shinobi came into view.

Naruto looked at them with a twitch of his eye. They had no idea how tired he was from being in their country. He knew hidden villages had a lot of ninja ready to fight should they ever be invaded, but this was ridiculous. He was only one person, but if the Sandaime could handle ten thousand shinobi alone, then he could handle just as much… 'Definitely.' he assured himself as he swung the blood from his Scimitar.

"What the hell are you doing free! Nobody authorized your release!" somebody shouted quite loudly.

"What do you think I'm doing! I'm here to save your hides! Now unseal my chakra so I can go back to my cell for the rest of my two days!" an annoyed voice responded.

Naruto rose an eyebrow. "Is that your last hope I hear?" he asked in his gruff bandit voice.

"You have no idea buddy. You must not realize that we're the only minor village to have a Jinchuriki of our own. And you're about to become very acquainted with her." he said with a smirk as everyone immediately sensed the unsealed power of Fu and Chomei's chakra.

Naruto smirked. "Her, huh? Well, if I didn't know any better, I would think you were pimping her out to me." he said as the man blushed in anger.

"Why you!" the man muttered as Naruto chuckled.

"Go ahead and bring the Jinchuriki to me. I'll show you there's more to me than meets the eye." he said just as a young girl was seen in the sky, two wings rapidly flapping behind her.

Naruto looked at her and they both shared a smile. It seems she knew who he was, just as much as he knew who she was. When she landed on the ground, they immediately shared eye contact, with Fu pulling him into her mindscape.

{Fu's Mindscape}

With what to expect from a being that could fly, much of the scape was suited for the pleasures of the sky.

Though Naruto still appeared on the very top of a tree, surprising him and nearly causing him to fall off. If it wasn't for his training, he would have. He looked at his hands and noticed they were smaller, so it was safe to say his appearance was back to normal.

He looked into the distance to see Fu again, approaching by air. He smirked as Kurama made a comment about her loving to make an entrance like that.

She landed on a different tree only about a few meters away. "What's your situation Fu? If I'm not mistaken, before coming here, you were wearing a prison jumpsuit." Naruto said noticing that what she was wearing was definitely not a jumpsuit.

She was wearing a short and sleeveless white shirt that left her midriff uncovered. She had fishnet armor underneath, that only extended an inch or two further. On her arms were white armlets with Taki's headband on her right bicep. She was also wearing a short white, apron like skirt, with fishnet shorts underneath. Wrapped around her torso and hanging behind her was a long red, cylinder object. Also, of note, her mint green hair seemed shinier, an orange clip was on the right side of her hair, and her orange eyes seemed brighter. Immediately he could tell she was happier than she's ever been at this very moment than she's been for a long time.

"The only way I can see that happening is with your chakra sealed… but there's more to that is there?" Naruto added with his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed.

She nodded and lifted her shirt, causing Naruto to blush but not avert his gaze. He looked closer and noticed the workings of a seal. He tilted his head a bit in thought, before jumping over to her tree to get a closer look.

"This is a paralysis seal layered over Chomei's seal." Naruto muttered as he narrowed his eyes and looked around it. "These seem separate… and yet connected to the paralysis seal. This right here is the formula to a gravity seal and this… this looks really really painful for you." Naruto said with a grimace on his face, before more flapping was heard.

Both the containers turned their head to see Chomei approaching the duo. "So boy, can you or can you not vanquish the seals that plague my container?" the seven tailed… or six winged and one tailed, Biju asked the blonde.

Naruto smirked and waved off the question like it wasn't needed. "I can handle this. It's child's play." he said smiling. "What I don't know is, if I can remove the seal in here and it takes effect in the real world. Is that possible Kurama?" Naruto asked.

"If we can find the root of the seal while in the scape, then it should be more than possible." Kurama answered, his voice projecting around the area.

"And now all we need is to find where the source of the seal is." Naruto said before it was Fu's turn to smirk.

"You don't have to worry about that, I know exactly where it's at. Just follow me." she said dropping her shirt and jumping off the tree, her wings flapping rapidly.

"Wait!" the blonde exclaimed as Fu hovered in the air.

"What is it?" she asked with a confusion expression.

"Do you know what happened to Specs?" the preteen asked further confusing the Nanabi Jinchuriki.

"Who?" she asked with a tilted head.

"Specs. The man with the glasses. My man on the inside." he said before recognition reached her face.

"Oh, you mean Gin Shita." she said before her face grew somber. "I'm sorry about your friend Naruto, but he's dead." she said as shock crossed Naruto's features.

Naruto blinked a few times, his fingers feeling numb. Gin was a dear friend of his. Those two were the closest in age than any other hunter. He felt like a big brother to him, even when Gin was a bit of a smart ass. That's when something occurred to the blonde. "Wait, how did he die?" he asked as Fu hovered there with a thoughtful look.

"I wasn't there to see it for myself, but word is he was set on fire." she said still thinking. "I remember one of the guards telling me it happened spontaneously and his body turned to ash in a matter of moments." she said before noticing Naruto's wide smile. "Why're smiling?" she asked before the blonde's grin seemed to grow wider.

"Even without words, he's still lying." Naruto clapped a few times. "That deserves a round of applause." he muttered to himself while he clapped.

"What's wrong with you? You're friend burned to… death." she said slowly before she realized that he was somehow still alive. "How, how is he still alive?" she questioned before Naruto smirked.

"The man deserves his secrets." the whiskered blonde said while smiling. "Now come on, lets get to that seal." he said as Fu reluctantly agreed. She wanted to know how Gin survived, but she guessed that she would have to ask the man herself… that is, if she ever saw him again.

She shrugged her shoulders and flew off, with Naruto following behind. It didn't take long before Naruto had to be carried by Fu, over a river of lava. She struggled a bit, but Naruto didn't pay it any mind.

The blonde didn't question the inner workings of her mindscape because he's was filled with thunderstorms, volcanoes, and several other natural disasters. He really had one calm place and that's where he meditates.

A few minutes later they appeared at a large mountain, surrounded by dozens of thunderstorms. Though, weirdly, the storms seemed closer to the ground than they were supposed to be. All of that seemed to surrounded by a large glass case, with a long rod at the very top of it. Also what the blonde noticed, was that lightning seemed to be wildly bouncing around the container.

"That's the embodiment of all three of the seals?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. "Looks like a great place to train." the blonde muttered with a devious look. 'Hey Kurama, is it possible to make this in the real world?'

"Not a chance Naruto." Kurama responded with a chuckle, knowing his container all too well.

The whiskered blonde muttered a curse and pouted. He was like that for a while, before Fu tapped him on the wiggled him in the air. "Well are you going to fix it? Just because you're short, doesn't mean you're not heavy." Fu exclaimed struggling to stay afloat with the blonde in hand… err hands.

"Oh right sorry." Naruto said chuckling nervously. "Just get me close to it and I'll handle the rest." he said before she quickly took him to the structure.

He was dropped directly in front of it and walked up to it. He narrowed his eyes and pressed his hand against it. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Minutes passed by with nothing happening. After ten minutes Naruto's eyes snapped open. "There you are." he muttered before the entire structure began glowing, lightning and all. After that, everything began shattering like glass.

After everything was cleared Naruto nodded at his handiwork. He turned to Fu and nodded his head. "Show me again." he said as she lifted her shirt again. The looping design around the wings and some of the design in the wings seemed to be melting away before entirely disintegrating. Naruto had a blush on his face as he simply stared with a goofy smile on his face.

Fu's expression went completely blank as she lowered her shirt. "Wow, thank you so very much… bye." she droned out, before Naruto was forcibly kicked from her mindscape.

Fu crossed her arms and Chomei dropped down, where the structure once was. "Hmm, cute kid."

Fu shrugged her shoulders and began walking to the Biju. "Yeah sure, but not as cute as that Hyuga though." she said as she too began leaving the mindscape.


They returned from their minds with not three seconds passing. Naruto kept his smirk and crossed his arms in a relaxed way. "So this is your Jinchuriki?" Naruto asked before he began shaking in a very noticeable way. He upped his inner fire to make himself sweat and his knees didn't want to remain still.

"You didn't tell me she would be this strong." he said looking at the man he was talking to previously, his fearful façade working like a charm.

Ever Taki shinobi began smirking at the man's sudden change. Fu stepped forward causing Naruto to step back. "What's wrong mister? Do I scare you?" Fu said perfectly following the act.

"Oh she's good to follow along without needing to be told." Kurama commented making Naruto mentally applaud his contained sister.

"Not even a little bit." Naruto said trying to prevent his voice from cracking. "You don't scare me at all." he said before from the cross seal and making two hundred clones.

Yugito, Neji and Darui knew the reappearance of the clones meant it was Naruto's version of a signal. It was time to leave this country. All three of them stealthily left the area, knowing Naruto would be alright guiding Fu back to their rendezvous point.

After that Fu made a few hand seals, while repeatedly blinking her eyes, hoping Naruto caught on. "Hiden: Rinpungakure no Jutsu." (Hiding in Scale Powder Technique) she said before releasing a large quantity of powder that, surprisingly, shined with such blinding intensity.

Unfortunately Naruto didn't see her blinking eyes because of the amount of clones and thus was blinded by it. The sensory overload also caused the clones to dispel.

After the light died down, Fu noticed Naruto was alone, covering his eyes in surprise. "What the hell happened!? I told you to cover your eyes!" she yelled as Naruto screamed and continued covering his eyes in surprise.

"You didn't say a thing!" the blonde exclaimed with his eyes tightly shut behind his hands.

"I did, I blinked. How dumb can you be to not understand that I was going to attack your eyes!" she screamed now in Naruto's face.

Naruto growled and removed his hands from his face. "I didn't see no blinking!" Naruto yelled, as he and Fu butted heads.

"Well you really cant see now!" she yelled back with a tick mark on her forehead.

Meanwhile everyone else was also blinded, but could easily hear the yelling. They quickly realized that they were somehow working together. "Hey, those two are working together! We have to stop them somehow!" they yelled loud enough to gain the two Jinchurikis attention.

Naruto groaned. "Uh-oh, we need to go. How long until I get my eye sight back?" he asked while Fu thought.

"Well I used a lot of chakra so we can get away safely, but somebody ruined that plan." she said with her hands on her hips.

"We're still following that plan! Lets go, we're going this way." Naruto said pointing south.

"But the others went that way." she said uselessly pointing the other way.

"So lets go that way." Naruto said as Fu shook her head.

"A giant group of shinobi are in our way." she said grabbing Naruto's shoulders, and shaking him a bit.

"Then, we're going this way." he said grabbing Fu's hand and running straight at the group.

"Naruto stop the shinobi!" she yelled before Naruto skid to a stop.

"Fly us over!" the blonde yelled before Fu groaned.

"But you're heavy." she said despondently.

"It's either that or kill everyone." Naruto offered as Fu thought about it.

"Ooh, I pick that one. Can we do that?" Fu asked as Naruto shook his head.

"As much as I would like to do that as well, our mission is near complete. But if we happen to kill a few in our escape, we might be able to get away with it." Naruto said before Fu hooked her hands under his arms and they took off in the air.

"Lets just go." Chomei said as two more wings sprouted behind Fu. It didn't take Naruto long to realize Fu gave control to Chomei to help in their escape.

Soon the duo was flying through the air with Naruto using the Meisaigakure no Jutsu to help the from being further seen.

Fifteen minutes later they were far enough from Taki that they couldn't even sense the large group of shinobi any longer. Also Naruto's sight began returning. "Wow, Chomei, you're faster than I could even imagine." Naruto said, also choosing that moment to end his transformation.

"Thanks, but I still have two more wings I can use. And plus, in my large body, I'm not all that fast. Being that big really slows you down." Chomei said as the others came into sight. "Alright Naruto, thank you for saving my container. This is where we part ways for now." she said before two wings vanished and control was returned to Fu.

"Damn it Naruto! You're a heavy boy!" she said fluttering her wings as fast as she can.

"Just let me g-AHH!" Naruto yelled in surprise as he was quickly released. 'This is gonna hurt. This is gonna hurt. This is gonna hurt.' Naruto continued to repeat in his mind as he coated his entire body in chakra in hopes of softening the crash.

He landed on a tree branch, but it quickly snapped from underneath him and he continued this until he hit the floor. He stuck the landing with the force of the landing sending tremors up his legs. "Piece of cake." he groaned out, before dropping to his hands and knees.

"What the hell was that?! You didn't have to drop him like that!" Yugito yelled with a glare.

"But he told me to." Fu said, her wings not flapping as fast now as she dropped her altitude, but staying in the air in case something happens.

Yugito lost her glare and looked at Naruto. "You told her to drop you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, yeah. But I phrased my words wrong. I should have said let me down, and not go." he said as Kurama worked on repairing the fractures in his leg bones.

"You're gonna need to stay off your feet for half an hour, while I fix you." Kurama said in a, not so enthusiastic tone.

"Look, Kurama said I need to stay off my feet. I have a few fractures from the fall. How long until we reach the boat?" he asked as Darui stepped forward and picked him up bridal style.

"Two hours at our earlier pace." Neji answered while glancing at the broken tree. "If they happen to come this way, they'll know which way we're going." Neji said causing Naruto to groan.

"Seal the entire tree then. We'll use it for lumber or something. We just need to hurry up back to the village. I'm hungry." Naruto said causing Neji to chuckle softly.

"Of course you do." he said causing Naruto to glare at him.

Darui chuckled as well before the guys took off. Yugito and Fu looked on in confusion, maybe it was a guy thing. They shrugged and they set off towards this country's docks. Anxious to get home and tell the Raikage the good news.

They were bringing home another Jinchuriki.

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