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Lost & Found Chapter One: The Return

[Konoha Forest]

The forest was a large place that covered most of Fire Country. If you didn't know your way around the dense area, then it would be easy for you to get lost in the vast space it occupies.

Naturally shinobi ranked Chunin and up had excellent knowledge of said forest, from their experience in traveling through it so many times.

The point I'm trying to make is that, the percentage of Konoha's Elite ANBU getting lost was absolute zero. Currently the four man squad were doing another routine rescue sweep, in search of their village's lost blonde Jinchuriki.

This had been their, and many others, job for the past five years. Personally, they only get the 'shift' two nights every two months, or so. It all depended if they were on a mission or not.

Fortune must have been watching over them tonight, because after five long years they found him stumbling his way into their line of sight.

This surprised them immensely, because they had given up all hope of finding the young boy. Said blonde was now ten years old and was covered in dirt.

"We found him, we finally found him and he's actually alive." the elite with the frog mask said, filled with joy.

"I know." the female, wearing the cat mask, agreed. "Now Hokage-sama can rest easy knowing the boy is safe." she added with a sigh.

The leader of the group narrowed his eyes at the walking blonde below them. "Wait, something's wrong with him." the snake masked leader said.

"I noticed that as well. The boy is clearly injured." the last squad member, Hawk, informed with an inward grimace.

Below the group of four was the source of their concerns. Said blonde was limping, and simultaneously holding his right, dislocated, shoulder. His name was Naruto Uzumaki, the container of the Kyuubi no Yoko and the bane of more than fifty five percent of the villagers.

He had lightly tanned skin and three whisker marks lining each cheek. His blonde hair was barely visible under all the mud and dried blood that covered it.

His clothing consisted of a ragged white shirt. The shirt itself couldn't even be called a shirt. Its condition allowed it to barely cling onto the child's useless arm.

His arms were wrapped with white tape. The tape covered both of the boy's arm, entirely, from the fingers all the way to the shoulder. Unfortunately some of the tape had cuts through them and were dyed red with blood.

If you were to look closely enough you would be able to see the faint cuts that marked his lightly tanned skin.

His black pants were in relatively good shape. Some of its material was sliced open, but an average tailor would have no problem repairing the piece of garment.

His feet were bare. He must have been walking for some time because his feet had calluses lining the outside of his soles.

He checked behind him, most likely checking that he was safe. Someone must have been chasing him for sometime, because there seemed to be fear in his young eyes. Well, whoever it was seemed to have lost interest, because no one was behind him. He breathed a sigh of relief before he took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for what he was about to do.

The squad narrowed their eyes at the blonde, not sure what was about to happen.

The sound of grinding bones was drowned out by the blonde's scream, which resonated throughout the forest. The piercing scream woke the sleeping animals and caused them to scramble in fear.

Naruto wobbled on his feet before he dropped to his knees and then, fully, to the floor. It was clear from his unmoving body that he was out cold from the shock.

Cat looked on with obvious womanly worries. Even though she was worried about the blonde, she kept her composure strictly professional. "What do you think happened to him?" she asked not able to keep from wincing from the piercing scream.

"It doesn't matter, we have to take him to the village, preferably to the hospital." Snake said after he and the others landed on the ground.


Thirty minutes later the team escorted the unconscious blonde into the village.

The old Hokage sighed in depression as he signed another document and stamped it with the Hokage seal. It was a regular mission request from some farmer that needed a team to escort him back to his lodgings. The house was located at the edge of the country, near River Country. Just the fact that point B was near a country that they had a rocky relationship with, made him label the mission as a B-rank.

His muscles tensed as he sensed chakra entering the room, via body flicker. He raised his head and relaxed when he noticed it was two members of the squad he sent on the rescue sweep, not even an hour ago.

"Why is it that you've returned so soon?" the wrinkled Sandaime questioned returning his gaze back to the late night paperwork.

The leader of the squad dropped to a single knee before speaking. "Apologies Hokage-sama, but the mission is no longer necessary." he said prompting the old man to snap his head back up, anger clear in his eyes.

"What the hell do you mean, 'no longer necessary'? You have five seconds to rephrase yourself." the old man said with pure anger dripping from his voice.

It was at that moment that the leader of the ANBU squad tensed in fear as the Hokage's KI flooded his nervous system. He resisted the urge to drop to his knees and gasp for air, with sheer willpower.

"What he wanted to say, was that we found Naruto-kun." Frog spoke up, prompting the elder to release the KI in a quick heartbeat.

"That's who the others took to the hospital?" the Sandaime asked, having sensed them not too long ago. "If that's the case, what are we still doing here?" he said standing to his feet.

His gaze returned back to Snake, his eyes apologetic for his rash behavior. "No need to apologize Hokage-sama. It was my fault, I worded his return wrong."

Sarutobi smiled softly as his visage steeled itself before the trio used the Shunshin to quickly travel to the hospital.


When the Hokage and company arrived at the hospital, he had to refrain himself from cringing at Naruto's state, as he was being carted off to a vacant room.

He waited for thirty, anxious, minutes as they worked on the blonde. He got the green light to enter by the doctor that worked on the blonde.

He looked at the boy and, again couldn't refrain from cringing at Naruto's state. The boy looked like a mummy, with the amount of gauze wrapped around his upper body. "Was the damage really that extensive?" the old man questioned.

The male doctor shook his head. "Not at all, the only serious damages on his person was his right shoulder and left ankle. Luckily the shoulder was only dislocated and not broken. We took a look at it and found the area was heavily bruised with a few cuts on and around it." he said looking at the sheet held by his clipboard. "His ankle was in the same condition as his shoulder, only minus the cuts."

Sarutobi looked over the boy's body with aged eyes. His eyes narrowed when he noticed some qualities that many shinobi shared.

Judging from his face only, his muscle quality was higher than most children his age, and even some of the younger ninjas in his charge. It was the same with his chakra capacity, but that wasn't a surprise considering what was sealed inside. "Eagle, I need you to get Inoichi and bring him here." he ordered without lifting his eyes from Naruto's frame.

Eagle nodded his head and swiftly left the room in a leafless body flicker. The other ANBU knew they were longer needed, visually, so they vanished from sight, yet remained in the room.

"I noticed while he was being carted off that he had both of his arms bandaged already. Was he already treated before coming here?" Hiruzen said, finally lifting his head and looking at the doctor.

The man shook his head, "No, there were cuts along the tape as well. It must have been in place before he was attacked." the doctor said glancing at the clipboard. "When we removed the tape, we found nothing under them except faint traces of red lines. Its obvious he was attacked with some sort of manmade weapon, most likely a sword or knife." he added, already knowing what the Hokage was going to ask.

It was at that time that his ANBU returned, Inoichi in tow. The tall, pale blonde haired, man half asleep. It wasn't surprising since it was almost two in the morning. He was wearing a simple white shirt with simple blue sweat pants. His pupil-less green eyes were half lidded, further showing his exhausted state.

"Great, Inoichi, you're here. Sorry for waking you, but I need your mind walking expertise. Naruto's been gone for five years, I want to know what he's been through." the Sandaime informed the Yamanaka clan head, not at all concerned about invading Naruto's personal space.

"Uhh, don't you think walking into the mind of a Jinchuriki is beyond suicide?" Inoichi asked, not up for the mission at all.

The Hokage looked at the man in such a way that it immediately woke the man up and replaced the exhaustion with fear. "What I meant to say was, I'll get right to it Hokage-sama." the man said walking up to Naruto and placing his hand atop his head. His grave was already dug, now it was up to the Kyuubi if he was going to be buried inside.

[Inside Naruto's Mind]

The Yamanaka found himself in a jungle-like area. His hand was resting against the hard bark of an oak tree. He pushed off, already on edge as further ahead was where he would likely meet his end.

Speaking of further ahead, it looked as if it was swallowed in smoke. Inoichi could barely see where he was going. "Hello!? Anyone in here!?" he asked already knowing that his presence was sensed as soon as he entered the area. There was no use in hiding that he was here.

"Hello? Who's there!?" a replied was yelled back.

His fatherly instincts kicked in, because the voice sounded young and feminine, just like his own daughter.

He ran, deeper into the foggy area. He could now here sobbing and picked up his pace, now running in a sprint.

He skid to a stop as he entered a clear area. What entered his sights was that of a crimson haired teenager wearing a skimpy outfit. Said outfit consisted of a black bra with red flames, which covered a nice full pair of C-cup breast. For bottoms, she was wearing a pair of spandex styled booty shorts. A silver belt was wrapped, loosely, around her waist. Around her neck was a white and red, fluffy looking, scarf.

Light pink spandex socks hiked up her legs. They only left two inches of actual skin visible, for her lower body. She wore white boots with the same red flames flaring on the bottom of the soles.

Her crimson hair was really long for someone her age. It was fixed into a really long ponytail, held together by two long golden pins, that crisscrossed each other. She wore a cracked skull accessory in her hair and her amber eyes looked innocently at the grown man.

She wore black gloves, with several gold studs surrounding her thick wrists. Also the left was quite longer, reaching the middle of her left bicep. Her beautiful amber eyes darkened into a crimson color before she vanished from her spot, disappearing into the surrounding smoke.

This happened in a span of five seconds, not even enough time for Inoichi to say anything. "Looks like there's another idiot strutting in here like he owns the place. I let the first one live, I wont make the same mistake again." she said, her voice echoing throughout the area.

"Wait, I come in peace!" Inoichi quickly yelled. "I only came in here to see Naruto-kun." he added showing that he didn't have any ill will towards the young Jinchuriki.

Moments passed by in silence. The fact that he wasn't dead yet, proved that it was a good thing. That fact ended as Inoichi's ponytail suddenly exploded, simply coming undone. The man tensed, not sure if he should run or stay still.

A loud sigh echoed through the smoke, "That was a warning. Leave now, or the next one goes in your neck." the voice said again, a strong hint of annoyance in her voice.

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, the Yamanaka clan head immediately followed the order. He knew the girl was the Kyuubi, guarding his mind from invaders. The question that plagued his mind though was, where was Naruto?

A full minute came and went before the smoke in the air swirled for a while before converging into one spot. Moments later Naruto's body was formed. "How much did you get?" the redhead asked leaping from her perch on a thick tree branch, before walking towards Naruto. A crimson light flickered out of sight before she reached the blonde.

"Enough." Naruto replied cracking his neck. "Thanks for distracting him, otherwise he would have caught on to what I was doing." Naruto said flashing her a wide smile.

She giggled and wrapped her lithe arms around his neck. "Anytime Naruto-kun." she said hugging his head into her bosom.

Naruto groaned before a thought crossed his mind. "Anyway Yoko, what are you wearing? You look like you're heading to the beach." Naruto breathlessly said while trying to pull himself from her grip.

Yoko pouted before releasing him, making him fall on his butt. She put her hands on her hips. "You don't like what I'm wearing. Just wait until you get older, then you'll want to see more of me." she said pushing her breasts together with her arms, while bending at the waist.

Color made itself visible on Naruto's cheeks as he turned his head from the view and stood to his feet. "What else could you show me, that I haven't already seen?" he asked holding his hand up already knowing what she was going to say. She giggled before he continued speaking. "Let's just see what's new about the village." the young blonde said walking to a tree that dematerialized into a swirling mass of energy.

Yoko giggling grew as she latched her arms around Naruto's left bicep. Naruto's face resembled a tomato while he walked through.


Inoichi released his hand from Naruto's head as if it was on fire. He stumbled backwards and breathed the largest sigh of relief in mankind. "I knew it was dangerous in there. But what was that feeling in the back of my mind." Inoichi thought out loud, while checking his ponytail.

The Sandaime's eyes widened at Inoichi's retreat. "What the hell happened in there?"

The older blonde held his head. It felt like somebody was stomping on his skull. After a while he finally looked at the Hokage. He told the man what happened while in the boy's mindscape.

It was a short story, but it had such a large meaning. "That's an interesting story. I'm truly sorry for making you go in there." Hiruzen apologized before glancing towards the doctor, before snapping his head back to Inoichi. "Wait, the Kyuubi's a female!?" he yelled after the shocking information fully sunk in.

Inoichi nodded his head, still surprised himself. "I'm still reeling from that surprise myself." he said.

The Sandaime returned his gaze back to the doctor. "Is there anything else I should know?" he asked lifting the tip of his hat from over his eyes.

The man shook his head, again looking at his clipboard. "Nothing to warrant any action. Most of his wounds were partially healed by the time we got to them. The seal keeping his tenant from escaping was fully intact and the calluses covering the bottom of his feet were removed." he said smiling as he looked back at the Hokage.

The Sandaime nodded before looking back to Inoichi. "I would ask you to return for more information, but it's obvious the Kyuubi's protecting Naruto-kun while he's in this state. Thank you for your help, you can return to bed now." he said giving a short bow in thanks.

Inoichi bowed in return. "Anytime Hokage-sama." the Yamanaka clan head lied before walking out the room.

"I estimate a full recovery in a few hours time. The only thing I needed to do was provide him with a comfortable place to rest." the doctor replied to the Hokage's unasked question. The old man thanked the doctor before the man left the Hokage alone with the young blonde.

The Hokage placed a hand atop the blonde's head, brushing a stray bang from in front of his eyes with his thumb. "Oh, Naruto-kun, where have you been?" he said softly as he thought about when he got the news that the blonde had disappeared.


Hiruzen sighed wearily as he continued to work on his paperwork for the night. The stacks had grown rather high when he returned from spending time with Naruto. It was the young blonde's fifth birthday so he treated the boy to a bowl of ramen. He chuckled to himself when one bowl turned into five bowls. That boy fell in love with the exquisite taste of Ichiraku's ramen.

"I already know what his monthly stipends are going to be spent on." the Hokage softly said remembering how Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage last week. He had fired the woman in charge, but knew it was going to happen again. So he found the boy an apartment he could live in.

It was small with a single bed and bath, but he didn't really need a lot of space as he was living alone.

His train of thought was interrupted as faint yells echoed throughout the village. He instantly shot up and stared out the window of his office. He looked in the direction of Naruto's apartment, knowing that's where the noise was coming from. "I should have seen this coming." he muttered as he body flickered over there.

By the time he got there he was surprised to see a crowd formed outside of the apartment complex. "Its empty, the demon's not inside." a gruff looking man said while walking out of the apartment, eyes widened as he noticed the Hokage standing on a building across them.

Though, having heard the words, Hiruzen only paid attention to a one, 'empty.' That was impossible, he had just dropped the blonde off thirty minutes ago. How could he not be in there?

The Hokage quickly passed the man and entered the apartment. It was barely furnished, only containing a small cot in the corner of the room, and a small dresser near it. The cot looked untouched, so Naruto must've not even touched it when he got home.

He quickly scanned the kitchen, finding nothing that would give him a clue. He didn't need to go to the room in the back, since it was completely empty. "Where the hell is Naruto?" he thought out loud.

Not a single clue was left in the apartment, not even a sliver of any remaining chakra. It was completely empty, dead inside. Rage filled his heart as he came to the conclusion that he was kidnapped. "ANBU!" he yelled.

Instantly four ANBU members were in front of him, bowed on one knee. "Find him!" he yelled again, as they quickly disappeared.

Though yelling had calmed him down a little, he was still peeved that someone would abduct the boy he thought of as a grandchild.

[End Flashback]

Hiruzen shed a single tear as he thanked Kami that the boy has been returned to him.

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