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Lost & Found Chapter Six: Test Drive For New Eyes

[Minutes From Training Ground Seven]

Naruto felt elated as he seemingly floated over the buildings of Konoha's market district. He didn't know how better things would be with his new eyes. It was even better than the first time he tried on a new set of eyes.

He laughed as he picked up the speed and he became even more of a blur to others. It was nice to see he no longer got tunnel vision, one of the perks of these new eyes no doubt. It'll make it easier for him to go full speed now.

'These new eyes are even better than the Sharingan and Byakugan put together.' the blonde praised in his mind as the tree line entered his sights.

"Better than them individually, but not together… close though. I did do a great job though." Yoko said accepting the praise with a giggle.

Naruto nodded and cleared the first half dozen of trees. He landed on a branch and searched for Kaede with his new eyes. It didn't take long, which caused him to smirk widely. He immediately wondered what her reaction would be to his new eyes.

He looked at the setting sun and nodded in silent recognition. He hopped in his neighbor's direction and within seconds landed on the log to her left. "About time you got here. I was wondering if you wo-" she trailed off as she turned her head to look at the blonde. "Ooh, nice. You changed just for me?" Kaede cooed before Naruto rolled his eyes.

That made Kaede do a double take, before she grabbed Naruto's head and brought him closer. "What's up with your eyes? I don't remember them being this light." she asked before Naruto's head turned to smoke and he drifted back a few feet.

Naruto smiled and opened his eyes wider. "You like?" Naruto said as Kaede put her hands on her hips.

She narrowed her eyes and took a single step closer. "I'm not sure yet." she answered.

Naruto widened his smile, seeing the way Kaede was looking at his eyes. He knew she liked them, she didn't even have to deny it. "How about we get this fight going? I want to see what you're finally made of." Naruto said taking a stance.

The blonde's words knocked the new Jonin from her thoughts. She took out two kunai and held them in a reverse grip. "Blood and bones, like everyone else…. Well except you, since you're made of smoke." she winked as the blonde groaned.

"I'm not made of smoke, I can turn into smoke." he complained before charging the woman.

Kaede shrugged with a smile on her face. "Ehh, potato, tomato." she said before back peddling before hopping onto a tree, throwing both of her kunai in the process.

Naruto inwardly groaned again as he jumped out of the way. He extended his arms and three shuriken appeared on each side of him. He acted fast and grabbed all six of them between the fingers of each hand and threw them at the chocolate haired woman.

She dropped down from the branch and heard each of the shuriken hit not a second later. As soon as her feet touched the ground she weaved through a series of seals. "Katon: Pirobui." (Pyro Buoy) she muttered before exhaling little balls of fire the floated in the three feet from the ground.

There was two dozen in total and most were under Naruto's position. 'Ooh, that's interesting.' the blonde thought as he began descending. He formed a series of his own seals and held his breath. 'Futon: Daitoppa.' (Great Breakthrough) Releasing that technique straight down, caused the blonde to be suspended in midair. It also caused the balls of fire to explode outwards.

Kaede shielded her face from the airborne embers and used chakra to stay in her position from the strong wind. The blonde landed on the ground and removed Ivory from her holster. "I see someone went with fire. I thought I told you to try water?" Naruto asked while she removed her arms from in front of her face.

"Sorry about that, fire just chose me first." she said before coating her feet in electricity. "Lets see how fast you are now." she said before vanishing from Naruto's sight.

The blonde's eyes widened at her speed. He knew she was fast, but seeing her moving like this really cemented that fact. Not a second later, his body was in smoke, scattered in different directions.

He quickly thinned out as Kaede stood in the middle of the field, her senses on full blast. A full minute went by before Naruto stealthily reformed in the trees. 'Lets see if she can handle this.' Naruto thought before forming the Ram seal.

Instantly shurikens erupted into the clearing from all sides. The new Jonin acted quick and quickly began evading the projectiles, but as soon as they hit the ground they caused a small explosions. She continued to dodge the, now exploding, projectiles and quickly darted through the trees.

Naruto smirked as his clones dispelled and he turned into smoke and followed his neighbor.

Kaede narrowed her eyes as she still couldn't sense Naruto. "Where could he be?" she muttered knowing he was able to effortlessly turn into sightless smoke.

Naruto stood on a branch about one hundred meters away from Kaede. He had to give her props, she sure could move fast. He activated his nameless eyes and locked on to her signature. It was suppressed but he could still see her body.

When he activated that feature of his eyes, everything became black and white and she became bright red. He smirked at that and his white bandages slowly turned into smoke. 'Lets cut her speed down.' he thought with a mental sigh of relief, before she began moving around, keeping her head on a swivel.

Naruto stood to his feet and headed back into the clearing, fully intending on cutting her off.

By the time he got there, she had just arrived. "Hello Kaede-chan, fancy meeting you here." he said before she continued at her speed and moved to punch him.

By this time, the blonde had gained a bit accustomed at her speed and was able to defend better than the Jonin expected.

After the twelfth blocked strike Kaede jumped back in thought. "I think there's a tiny detail I seemed to overlook." she said crossing her arms under her bosom.

Naruto smirked as his silvery, blue, eyes became darker because he wasn't facing the moonlight. "Sorry Kaede-chan, some things are meant to be secret." he said before raising his fist and closing it tightly.

Only then did Kaede realize that the bandages that always seemed to be wrapped around the blonde's arms, weren't there anymore. It was rather easy to learn just where they went. The feeling around both of her calves confirmed everything, as they bound her calves together.

It was lucky she wasn't on the move, or else she would've easily fell on the ground. She rose her brow at his words, while simultaneously taking out a kunai. "So if I win this spar, you have to tell me who trained you."

Now it was Naruto's turn to raise a brow. "You're a Jonin and you don't know? How I thought Hiruzen would have told all the higher ups in the village by now." Naruto said since he thought she was talking about something else… more along the lines of his eyes.

Kaede threw the kunai down at the bandages but, found that the projectile went straight through smoke. "Wow, this is completely cheating." she said playfully glaring at the blonde.

While she was glaring at the blonde, she didn't notice the shifting of motion around her calves. The bandages separated and only wrapped around one, individual calf before slightly glowing.

Naruto smiled as the job was done. "Sorry Kaede-chan. I fixed everything, so you don't have to worry anymore." Naruto said as Kaede rose an eyebrow and looked down.

She saw that they had separated and wrapped around each of her ankles. Though she felt different, more heavy. She looked at Naruto, slowly, at look of annoyance, on her face as she realized what he did. "These bandages of yours are lined with gravity seals aren't they? That would explain why you were able to block my attacks earlier." she said trying to take a step forward.

Her leg muscles weren't used to physical weight being placed on them, only the electrical current of her chakra. "I bet you aren't used to that." Naruto said with a smile as he removed Ebony from her holster. Just think of this as training. How fast can you move, before you get cut?" he said quickly running forward.

A surge of electrical chakra erupted from around Kaede's calves, before she jumped back, at Chunin speed. Naruto smirked as he easily followed her. With no weight around his arms, his swings were much greater. Though, Kaede, showed surprising flexibility and bent her body backwards as Ebony harmlessly flowed above her.

She would have tried to do a back flip and kick Naruto in the crotch or something, but she knew he would have blocked with his, now, superior speed.

She stood upright and quickly pulled out a kunai to block the blonde's rebound attack. The blonde didn't let up as he quickly clenched his free fist and swung straight for her face.

The chocolate haired Jonin quickly tilted her head and lowered it as Naruto tried to motioned to hit her in the ear. "Quickly reflexes, more than I expected really." Naruto said with a smirk as he pulled his fist back.

Kaede smiled as she strained against his onyx knife. "Of course, I've conditioned my upper body to react quickly. Gotta protect those vital organs." she said as she saw Naruto's smirk deepen.

"Well, lets see if you can move fast enough to protect this." he said throwing his fist towards the base of her throat.

He wasn't disappointed when her own free arm snatched up and grabbed his hand. "My arms are apart of my upper body." she said as she peered into his eyes and found the silver and blue mixture. "Why do your eyes keep changing?" she asked before noticing Naruto tense. Immediately she knew something was about to happen and prepared to jump back from the coming danger.

Time slowed as Naruto jumped slightly in the air. He planted his feet onto Kaede's stomach and pushed with all his strength. It was also at that moment that Kaede released his wrist and her body was flying backwards a second later. Time returned to normal as Naruto quickly took Ivory from her holster and threw her at Kaede while he spun and righted himself before landing on his feet.

Kaede was surprised as the knife hastily flew by her arm, slightly cutting into it, before thudding against the tree behind her. Her body hit the thick trunk moments after it did. "Whoo, you were definitely trained by someone really strong. And for a long time too. I think it should have been you to be taking that Jonin exam." she said as Naruto's eyes returned to normal.

He smiled as he jumped closer to Kaede. "Thank you for bracing for kick. If you hadn't already been preparing to jump back, I would have felt bad if I had hurt you." he said extending his arms, as the bandages turned to smoke and quickly wrapped around his arms and reformed as bandages.

"You still hadn't answered my question. Do you have another bloodline I don't know about?" she said looking at the blonde with a pout, while he removed Ivory from the trunk of the tree and holstered her.

The blonde rolled his eyes at her pout. Even with their time apart, the blonde hadn't forgotten about her use of the pout technique. "I don't know why you're pouting. You know that only works about fifty percent of the time." Naruto said before looking away as he scratched his cheek. "But, if you must know, it's a gift given to me by Yoko. She gave it to me while I was taking my nap, so I was surprised myself." Naruto said as Kaede tilted her head.

The Jonin smiled and stood to her feet. "That's awesome. You think Yoko could do that to my eyes too?" she asked as Naruto shook his head.

"Sorry, Kaede-chan, but I don't think I would forgive myself if you were rid of your beautiful chocolate brown eyes." he said as she chuckled and patted him on the head.

"Well it was worth a try. But look at how you've grown, I guess I wont be learning your secret from your mouth. Well on my way to Hokage, I'm sure he'll tell me everything he knows about you." she said giggling before vanishing in a body flicker.

Naruto groaned as he shook his head. He really should have made a deal that she couldn't go to the old man. Plus he knew Kaede enough to know that after the surprise, she'll realize that it didn't really change anything. They were still friends and that was the most important thing.

Naruto caught on to his train of thought and nearly slapped himself. "Wow, this place really has changed you." Yoko said before Naruto blinked for a while.

Naruto chuckled a bit at her statement. 'Only a little bit. Every small change was necessary, for the completion of the goal. You know this more than anyone.' Naruto thought before his internal clock told him it was 7:35.

"You picking Ino up at eight o'clock, which gives you twenty five minutes of free time." Yoko informed the blonde causing him to nod his head.

The blonde nodded before some faint rustling was heard to the blonde's left. The Genin acted as if he hadn't heard, but he did activate his fused eyes and mentally shook his head. He canceled his eyes as he continued walking in a casual manner.

He dug into his pouch and silently took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He removed a cigarette and placed it between his lips. He lit it and took a long drag before exhaling the smoke towards the ground.

He smiled as he pocketed the pack and lighter and took another drag. "I love these little sticks of patience." he said looking at it before yells of surprise was heard. He exhaled with a smile and walked in the direction.

Within seconds he was crouching in front of Konohamaru, the Sandaime's grandson. He had met the boy about a month ago while he was training with Ebony and Ivory. "What do you want brat?" he asked while smothering the tip of the cigarette against the nearby tree.

Konohamaru chuckled nervously while a long gray snake was wrapped around his body. You would think, because it's body was releasing small wisps of smoke, that the young boy would be able to break free of it. Obviously you would be wrong as it was a snake born from Naruto's own chakra and made solid, thanks to the special properties of his smoke. It took the blonde a good two months before he was able to make it that way and he was proud of it.

"Didn't you learn your lesson the last time you tried to eavesdrop?" the blonde asked as he slowly formed half a ram seal with his left hand.

The young eight year old quickly shook his head in the negative, causing the blonde to smirk and pat his spiky brown hair. "That's what I thought." Naruto said standing to his feet, but keeping his smoking snake around the body. "Stop trying to spy on me. And go to sleep, it's way past your bed time." he added as the snake dispelled and Naruto vanished along with it.

Only then did Konohamaru stand to his feet. "I don't care what you say. I'll get stronger than you Naruto-nii-san!" the boy yelled as Naruto shook his head from the tree branch above the boy, before leaving for real.


Naruto killed about eight minutes simply thinking of the situation he was presented with at the Hokage Tower.

The blonde immediately noticed a lot of Jonins were hanging around the area. It was obvious the security had been increased. And the unseen security seemed to be even more bulked. At the top of the top were four ANBU, visible and making a smaller version of the barrier surrounding Konoha.

He nearly cursed at that little detail. Inside the building were two large scrolls. It was obvious one of them were a decoy as it was filled with chakra, the other was underneath the building in a backup safe. Inside the safe were five hidden ANBU.

'Damn.' the blonde thought, noticing the room seem to be sealed tight, with only one way inside… the vault door.

Just at that moment he noticed that one of the ANBU, on the outside of the vault, opened it to let air enter the room. He smirked as that was his way in.

He canceled his eyes and stood to his feet. He was already on the Yamanaka's rooftop half a kilometer away from the Tower. The Byakugan was really an amazing Dojutsu and the enhanced version was even more so. There was no doubt that if the Uchiha clan had been entirely eradicated, Orochimaru would be resorting to the eyes of a Hyuga.

They didn't have the copying prowess the Sharingan had become famous for, but they were useful in their own way.

Naruto leapt off the roof and turned around when he landed. He knocked on the door, and it was immediately opened by Inoichi. "About time you decided to knock on the door. I was one minute away from kicking you off my roof." he said, agitated for the sole reason that Naruto was simply on his roof.

The young blonde chuckled as he bowed in apology. "Sorry Inoichi-san. I was waiting for it to be exactly eight, before knocking on the door to get Ino. We're going out to dinner tonight, since both of us became Genin recently." Naruto said as Inoichi smiled widely.

"That's alright with me boy. Although, I still don't fully approve of you two, I cant do anything because of you-know-who." he said pointing his thumb behind him.

At that moment someone cleared their throat behind the older blonde. You would think it would be his wife, Iori, standing behind him. But it was Ino herself, her arms crossed under her budding breasts and tapping her foot in annoyance at her father. The young Genin was wearing a purple dress that went to her knees. It had thick straps that went over her shoulders and flowed outward the lower it went. It had three buttons at the top and only one of them were buttoned, leaving the top two unbuttoned.

"If you're finished Tou-san, I would like to go to dinner before we miss our reservations." she said as Naruto rose a brow.

"Reservations? You did all that?" he asked as Inoichi turned and buttoned the two.

"You know I'm not letting you leave this house dressing like that." he said as Ino glared at him, but did nothing.

"Yeah, I knew you weren't. I know all about your naptimes." she said with a smirk as Naruto groaned and lowered his head.

'Does everybody know about that?' he asked in embarrassment as Yoko giggled, but said nothing.

"You take naps in the middle of the afternoon?" Inoichi asked as Naruto snapped his head up. "Is that why you cant make our sessions anymore?" he asked as Naruto chuckled and took out a small scroll about chakra.

Ino and the book switched places in an instant as Naruto wrapped a hand around her waist. "I'm taking Ino, bye." he quickly said before a whirlwind of leaves surrounded them and they disappeared.

[Fifty Feet Away]

The blonde duo appeared with Naruto smiling at Ino's surprised face. "How do you know a technique I see my sensei use?" she said with a raised eye.

Naruto chuckled and took her hand in his. "It's a D-ranked high speed technique, anybody could learn it. It was easy too, it literally took me five minutes to learn it… seven to master." he said flashing a wide smile in Ino's direction.

The platinum blonde rolled her eyes and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress. "You never did tell me how I looked?" she said flashing him a smile while putting a hand in her pony-tailed hair.

The male blonde looked at her for a few seconds before smiling. "So where are we eating?" he asked as Ino bristled at the questioned and glared at him. He chuckled and prevented Ino from hitting him. "I'm kidding, you look beautiful… as always." he said before kissing her on her cheek.

That made Ino blush slightly as she barely willed her feet to move forward. She smiled and leaned her head against Naruto's shoulder. "We're going to The Snippin' Crab. The best seafood bar Konoha has to offer." she answered with a smile.

Naruto smiled as he knew exactly where that place was. 'It's perfect that we're going there. It would prove to be the best alibi for me ever.' he thought as a stream of smoke left his back and merged into the air.

He leaned his head into Ino's as everyone who they passed, cooed at the cute couple.


The small stream of smoke materialized itself on the roof. It was a small boy with gray hair. He had a simple black shirt with dark gray shorts. His eyes were black and his skin was pale.

One look at the boy and everyone would think he was the most innocent boy in the area. Except for the twisted smirk on his lips. That was the most alien feature on the seven year old looking boy.

He rose his hands and quickly swept them over his head as a black hood materialized over his head. "Time to go to work." he said before simply becoming sightless.

He flew through the air, it being a little difficult as he found himself going against the air current. It took him half an hour before he reached a roof around the large red tower. He was panting lightly at the energy it took to simply get there. He looked around and smiled when he noticed the smoking Jonin, Asuma.

The smoke he was exhaling would bring him just enough energy to complete the mission. The pale boy jumped into the nearest alley and made his way into the streets. He lost the hood and donned a confused look.

Asuma noticed him immediately and rose his eyebrows. "Hello little boy, where do you think you're going?" he asked as the young clone continued to look around in confusion.

After a while he looked at Asuma. "Do you know where my mommy went? She said she was going to talk to her friend about getting us a place to sleep. I don't want to sleep outside anymore." the clone said as he noticed the Jonin had blew out a stream of smoke in the other direction.

The clone mentally smiled as he had one of his hands, stealthily collecting the smoke.

Asuma looked on in worry as he frowned. "I didn't see a woman come over here. Do you know your mommy's name and I'll put out a search for her?" the man asked as the clone shook his head.

The clone frowned as he held his head with a single hand, the other being a stub. "I don't remember. This one time, momma looked at me with red eyes." he said as Asuma looked at the stub. "That's when this happened." the clone said noticing the man's eyes on his stub. I had a wood hand, but she took it and told me we needed to eat."

The story was getting to the Jonin who was becoming angry at the actions of the boy's mother. All he needed to hear was the part about the red eyes and he immediately began thinking of the Uchiha clan.

"Hey, Akimichi-san, can you get roster book of the Uchiha Clan, I want to see if this kid could point out his mother for me?" Asuma said turning to address the large male.

The large, black haired, man walked up to the son of the Sandaime. "What kid?" he asked as Asuma turned back to see that the boy was gone. "He was just here." he stated in surprise.

The man scoffed and folded his arms. "Sure there was. A kid talking about his Uchiha mother." he said sarcastically. "We both know the clan was wiped out some time ago. No survivors, save for Sasuke-san." he added before turning and returning back to his post.

Asuma narrowed his eyes as he looked at the spot the boy was only moments ago. He dropped his cigarette and smothered it before turning and walking towards the Tower, a feeling in the pit of his stomach telling him something was going to happen.

[Vault Corridor]

The pale clone perched himself on the roof, keeping his appearance transparent to their eyes. His skills in infiltration were unprecedented and everyone in sound knew it. It was why he was given this mission in the first place.

The clone's smirked dropped when he noticed another ANBU leaving the room. He cursed, realizing he had to wait for the next time it was opened. He needed to move to a dark corner, closer to the door. That way, he could quickly execute his plan.

He moved two feet every five minutes. His miniscule use of chakra for his smoke form might trigger the senses of the ANBU. He counted at least two directly under him and two more at the mouth of the entrance on the other side of the vault.

When he reached the door after twenty five minutes he looked back to see two people walking down the corridor. It was Asuma and his father. "Thank you son for pointing that out to me. I didn't realize I had the real scroll with me until you came and asked me to check on it." the old man said as his son carried the scroll beside him.

"I just had a feeling father. Though, it took forever for you to determine that I was actually your son, instead of a thief in disguise. I'm actually kind of hurt." the man said feigning hurt in his eyes as the two reached the door.

Hiruzen smiled and chuckled. "Cant be too careful son. Especially since the scroll was almost taken rather recently." he said before an ANBU appeared beside him. He nodded and the masked man began turning the giant wheel lock.

In the shadows, the clone watched in caution. It was faint, but the small traces coming from the scroll, definitely told that it was the decoy. Again he thanked Yoko for the new eyes before he narrowed them. The possibility of this being a ruse, them knowing that he was here preparing to steal the scroll, was undeniable.

They entered the room, closing the door for two minutes. No doubt, informing the ANBU of the situation, before the door was opened… from the inside. The clone thought it was impossible, until the dimming seal on the inside of the door completely faded from view told him how.

He narrowed his eyes when he saw a wooden geta inside the vault, before it was closed. The two Sarutobi shared small talk as they left, carrying a large scroll. A scroll with no chakra inside of it. Again he cursed himself for being so deep in enemy territory without being able to use just a little bit more chakra. He needed his eyes activated to check everything happening around him.

So, literally, for the next ten minutes he sent tiny amounts of chakra to his eyes. He did it once every three minutes and was thankful when, after they were activated, nobody reacted. He looked inside and saw that Jiraiya was inside with an oxygen tank. That wasn't the only thing though, he was also sitting with the Forbidden Scroll in his lap, waiting for him.

He was still though. His eyes were closed and some kind of chakra seemed to be seeping through the walls and into his body. It was intriguing for the blonde to be seeing this, as it was never seen before.

The clone mentally growled as he realized the predicament he was further put into. Suddenly the man's eyes snapped open, revealing horizontal pupils and thick markings under his eyes. His nose grew a bit and warts appeared on them. Then he began to speak. 'I still cant perfect this technique. How am I supposed to parade myself around the ladies with this giant nose?' the man said before wiping tears away from his sleeve.

The clone narrowed his eyes when he realized nobody was coming to open the door. Wasting his time and making it closer to when the original Naruto would be finished with his date, thus losing his alibi. They were conspiring against him, like… the clone widened his eyes. Did they know about his smoke mutation? It was possible since the original used it to spar with Kaede and subdue Konohamaru.

He cursed in his mind as he realized that he had to finish before the date was finished… hopefully, Naruto chose to walk through the village where lots of people could see him.

The clone steeled his gaze and looked for a possible opening the original might have missed. He nearly cheered when he noticed a senbon sized hole was in the far back of the vault near the floor. Then he began to think that maybe it was made there purposely.

He took the chance and slipped through the roof. He spent the next five minutes navigating through the maze like interior of the wall. Before he reached went through hole he thought about something. There had to be a reason the sage's eyes were different with that technique of his.

Orochimaru didn't know a thing about this transformation… and if he did he never hinted at it. If there was one thing he knew, it was the Sannin were a clever bunch, whether they were good, bad, or traumatized.

He was proved right when, he immediately heard words when he slithered through the hole. "It took you long enough to find that entrance, Naruto." came the voice of the toad sage.

The clone didn't say a word. Maybe if he didn't move, the Sannin would think he was mistaken.

Not even five seconds later, did Jiraiya turn his head to look right in the clone's direction. "You're after this scroll aren't you Naruto." again his name was used without any honorific. It was weird, coming from the man's mouth. "It's okay, you can show yourself. I know about your ability and that chakra is no doubt yours, even if its in the form of a real clone now." he said as the clone remained in a sightless cloud of smoke.

"Fine stay in that mutated form, given to you by Orochimaru. I guess he was able to give you something unlike anything ever heard of." Jiraiya said turning his head back to the front of the bright room. "I know you're confused how I put things together with only hours between our first meeting. It was pretty easy when you collect enough information and look at it from your perspective." Jiraiya said causing the clone to raise an eyebrow as he slowly drifted around the room, awaiting the time when the entire room was covered in his chakra cloud. It became very clear that the chakra in the room was undetectable to the outside occupants, or else they would have been in here.

"It all started two years ago when you appear on the outskirts of the village, beaten and bloodied. One could easily see that entire scenario as being staged, with your allegiance with Orochimaru now free to the ANBU, Jonins and Chunins of the village. You could have been sent here for the sole purpose of blending in, in an attempt to steal the scroll and defect from the village after it was complete. Though, that wouldn't explain anything, seeing the skill you have with that technique of yours. So lets throw that out the window." Jiraiya said leaning into hand in thought.

The clone stayed silent as he continued circulating around the room, easily filling half of the room. If what the man said was true, then he shouldn't act until his chakra was easily filling the room.

"There's also another scenario I've considered." Jiraiya started once again, fully aware of the clone's spreading motion. "I've also considered that you could have attempted and barely escaped one of Orochimaru's lair and made your way here, but suffered for the treason, thus your state when you were found. Your behavior after that day could be attributed to survival. Staying in the one place the snake wouldn't return to. You couldn't change how you were raised immediately so it was slow for you to adapt back to being a happy boy with the damaged past. When we met earlier, you were filled with so much hatred, I feared you would run back to Orochimaru and talked to my sensei again. I didn't share any of my suspicions with him, since I'm sure he feels the same way deep down, but I learned of the near theft of this scroll here." Jiraiya said lightly patting the scroll as the clone's chakra fully filled the room.

"It doesn't take a genius to realize who was responsible with Mizuki's death when it became apparent that he wouldn't be able to escape. It doesn't take a genius to realize who knows the inner workings of the Yamanaka clan's mind abilities, seeing as how you had sessions but he was unable to enter your mind to really learn anything, what with the Kyuubi in there and everything." Jiraiya began to break everything down, scaring the clone with how analytical he was. It was the main reason he didn't want to cross any of the Sannin.

Growling was echoed throughout the room as the clone grew angered with the man. At the first chance, this man really needed to die. He was entirely too dangerous to the boss and his plans whilst alive.

The air in front of Jiraiya grew darker before the boy's appearance became visible. He was wrapped in a dark grey cloak and he removed the hood in a similar fashion to when he created it… only in reverse. His eyes were activated, not surprised when the man's heart retained it's steady rhythm.

"I've been to your apartment." he said cutting the clone off. The boy growled again, lot liking that that just happened. "Truly a peace of art. If it wasn't for the secondary seal on the inside keeping everyone out, I would have been able to enter solely on the blood seal." he said causing the pale clone to narrow it's eyes.

He remembered when the man rammed his arm into the boss's throat and blood was ejected because of the action. "It doesn't matter how much blood you have of my boss, once it's out of the body, the chakra is drained from it after a full hour." he said with an innocently soft voice, not uncommon with children his apparent age.

Jiraiya smiled at the boy and nodded. "Also with the fact that I would also need the Kyuubi's chakra to get into the house. With just that little detail, nobody would be able to get into his house. That must have been when this change occurred." he said indicating the clone's silvery-blue eyes. "No doubt it was derived from the Byakugan eyes you were suspected of implanting into your sockets some time ago. How they became like that, I have no idea." he said causing the clone to growl once more.

"I know what you're doing Jiraiya of the Sannin. You're stalling for time, but you and I both know that it's no longer necessary." the clone said smirking as he vanished from sight and the room in a split second.

As the clone was leaving, he kept his eye on Jiraiya who remained seated, the scroll no longer in his lap. Turning foreign objects to smoke was an easy matter, but doing it under someone's nose required finesse. It was better to start from the inside out and leave as soon as it was finished. Though, the fact that Jiraiya wasn't surprised by it, made the clone more cautious the more he nonchalantly began exiting the vault.

He floated in the air, above the Hokage Tower, having made it out of ground. The scroll was in smoke particles at the moment, but something told him to keep it that way… forever.

The clone's torso materialized and he kept the bottom half a swirling mass of light gray smoke. He looked at the smoked scroll particles and growled when he realized what was wrong with it. A distance seal, mixed with an exploding formula, further mixed with vanishing ink. All of that told him of the sheer skill the white haired Sannin had with seals, so the further he got away from Jiraiya, more ink would disappear and form the exploding formula. And when it was fully formed another few feet would ignite it and it was explode.

The clone had to give the man his props, it was genius. And if he hadn't broke it down into smoke it would have, no doubt, exploded… either in his hands or in Vivi's stomach.

Which meant the real scroll was in the Hokage's possession. Maybe it had always been in his possession.

He looked at the small smoke cloud in deep thought. If he could find the exact distance needed for it to be ready for explosion, then maybe he, the boss, could find a way to use it in a mission.

He kept it circling around his body and fully turned into smoke, before blending with the air.

He slithered into the office to see Sarutobi talking with Jiraiya and Kakashi. Hiruzen's face was blank as he listened to Jiraiya's report. The Sannin's eyes had returned to normal and his facial features were more akin to one that was frustrated, not in the blonde but in himself.

Kakashi listened on with a blank look as well, like Jiraiya, he had seen enough of Naruto's behavior and skills to deduce what the man had said. It made the most sense, the blonde was simply trying to survive and if was still in contact with the snake Sannin then it was out of his control. "Orochimaru may be sadistic, but even he has a weakness." Hiruzen said causing the two high level shinobi look to the higher level shinobi in interest.

"What could that be? I've been tracking him for more than a decade and I cant seem to think of one." Jiraiya said crossing his arms.

"That's it. His sadistic behavior is his weakness. With the way he makes his subordinates follow him out of fear, it'll make it far more easier to turn them. Only Kami knows if that's happening with Naruto-kun at this very moment." Hiruzen said as the other two nodded in agreement.

At that moment the clone quit listening and drifted to where he knew the real scroll was. His eyes were still activated so it was easy to find it. He worked fast and it was turned into smoke and he kept that particular smoke cloud away from the booby trapped smoke. 'Yeah, this is the end of this little mission.' the clone thought before rising out of the building… once again approaching the little barrier and spending the next minute and a half passing through it.

He smiled and allowed the wind to carry him to where he knew the original was at.

[Training Ground Seven]

The blonde duo had traveled to the training ground to relax by the memorial stone. They were there for at least twenty minutes after they had wandered around the village for a while.

By this time, Naruto was glad he had sent the clone to do that scroll mission. It wouldn't make him think of an excuse to do the mission, now he can spend more time in her company.

He was leaning against a tree with his legs crossed, with Ino between his legs and her back to him. His arms were wrapped around her waist as his head rested on her shoulder. "You know…" Ino started simply getting a grunt out of her blonde companion. "It's times like this that make me forget that I'm a kunoichi." she said leaning into his touch.

"Yeah?" Naruto simply questioned, too into the feel of her body to concentrate on her words.

"Yeah." she said slightly turning her head to kiss his cheek. "There's no missions to do. No kind of training to go through. Just you, me, and the moon." she said looking up at the crescent shaped moon.

This made the blonde male chuckle. "What's so funny?" she asked turning her head to look at him.

Naruto opened his eyes to look into hers. "You make it sound like you've been a kunoichi for a long time." he said while Ino continued looking at his eyes.

"I still cant get over the fact that your eyes grew lighter. I miss the darker blue you once had." she said pouting a bit, causing Naruto to blink a few times.

"Sorry Ino, but once I figure out what happened to them, you'll be the first one to know." he said puckering his lips for a kiss.

The pupil-less Yamanaka looked at the Uzumaki's lips in thought. She knew that he would tell her when he wanted, but that didn't mean that she was a patient girl. Though now that they were a couple, delving into his mind would indefinitely do more damage than intended.

She smiled at him and kissed him on the lips. Naruto returned the kiss and squeezed her a bit. He opened his eyes when he sensed his clone returning to his back. He also felt control over the two scrolls and mentally nodded when the memories of the clone entered his mind.

The real forbidden scroll melded into his right arm while the fake scroll split into two separate clouds and melded into each individual foot. "What was that?" Ino asked, breaking the kiss, after feeling a breeze go through her dress.

The male blonde feigned a confused look. "What was what?" he asked as Ino looked at her moving dressing, still feeling the breeze.

She sighed in realization when it was simply a breeze blowing through the forest. She looked back at the whiskered blonde and shook her head. "Nothing." she said resuming their kiss.

Naruto smiled into the kiss, while his eyes turned silvery-blue underneath his lids. Just like he sensed half an hour earlier, Hinata was still watching him from about three hundred meters away.

From the looks of things, she was fidgeting with her shuriken holster, most likely finding this annoying in her eyes.

Naruto thought back to that morning when she threatened to tell Ino about Yoko. Something he's been thinking about the entire time they were together this night. If he showed her and Yoko was being Yoko, then she might get angry at him for having such a sexy girl in his mind. But if Yoko was in her demonic form, she might become afraid of him and actively begin avoiding him.

Like every time he began to think about that, Ino quickly picked up on his feelings. "Okay, what is with you tonight?" she asked, breaking the kiss and holding his chin.

Naruto opened his eyes, deactivating his eyes in the process. "What do you mean?" he asked covering her hand with his, but not moving it.

Ino pursed her lips. "This entire night, I've noticed you've been retreating into yourself. Don't you like spending time with me?" she pouted, letting go of his chin, but Naruto continued to hold onto her hand.

This was it. Does he tell her about his container and brace for one of his deepest fears? Or does he lie to her face and make things worse for when she inevitably discovers everything about him?

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