Chapter 15


JJ and Emily had spoken a lot over the past few days after Emily had written the letter, Emily seemed happier as though a weight had been lifted from her, she had begun to joke around more with Morgan and they both were teasing Reid more.

"So when you going to go on maternity leave?" Morgan asked as he passed her the can of ginger ale "Not sure I was just thinking of carrying on till you know" she paused as she felt the hand hit the back of her head "Or when my wife makes me" she half laughed as she rubbed the back of her head before looking at JJ

"The paper work has already been put in for you to take leave as of next week," JJ said firmly causing Emily to frown. "But" JJ cut her off "I don't want you in the field your due in five weeks you can't even fly Em, and with what was said at the last appointment there is no way in hell I will allow you to work." Emily nodded "Thank you" she said as JJ kept her hand on Emily's shoulder.

"What happened at the appointment?" Morgan asked as him and Reid walked over to her "Just if I don't slow down these little ones will be here early and that's the last thing we want" Emily said as she looked at JJ.

"The birth of a baby, less than 37 week's gestational age. Though the cause of preterm birth is in many situations elusive and unknown; many factors appear to be associated with the development of preterm birth, making the reduction of preterm birth a challenging proposition. Premature birth is defined as either the same as preterm birth or the birth of a baby before the developing organs are mature enough to allow normal postnatal survival. Premature infants are at greater risk for short and long-term complications, including disabilities and impediments in growth and mental development. Significant progress has been made in the care of premature infants, but not in reducing the prevalence of preterm birth. Preterm birth is among the top causes of death in infants worldwide"

"REID" JJ shouted as he continued to ramble about premature birth, Emily stood slightly as she walked out of the doors leaving JJ and Morgan glaring at him. "You need to learn when to keep quite kid" Morgan growled.

"JJ I'm" JJ raised her hand slightly "I know Reid its fine just keep the facts away from her please, we already had a scare the other day" JJ admitted before making her way out the bullpen to find Emily.

JJ walked into the toilets knowing that Emily would be there, she could hear the wrenching coming out of the stall as she walked in locking the door behind her "Em" JJ said softly as she opened the door finding Emily on the floor her head lulling against the bowl,

JJ pulled her hair back "You okay sweetie" JJ said softly "Breakfast didn't stay down" Emily said as she leaned into her wife. "Jen I don't care if they come early. I care if they are alright, does that make sense, but this" "How's your blood pressure?" JJ asked, "I guess a little high" she admitted as JJ flushed the toilet helping Emily to her feet.

"Em, I am the same they could be here tomorrow and that would be great as long as they are okay that is all that matters but we both know they need to stay protected inside you for a little longer, you will be fine our babies will be fine, and if Reid doesn't keep his mouth closed I will buy him a zip for it" JJ teased causing Emily to laugh slightly.

They both made their way back into the bullpen as Reid looked at Emily sheepishly "Sorry Emily" he said softly "you wouldn't be you, if you didn't Reid" Emily smiled softly as she sat back down. "Do you think you three can now get some work done? I need those reports by the lunchtime," JJ said as she closed her door.

"So is everything getting better between you two?" Morgan asked once JJ's door was closed. "Much better, I am starting to feel like my old self" she smiled "We have noticed Emily, I am glad you two are doing okay I was worried there for a while" he said honestly.

"We have talked a lot and I finally opened up about what happened and if I am truthful it has made things a lot easier since then." Morgan smiled "Nightmares?" he asked "A few, though they are getting a lot less so we are both getting a lot more rest" she smiled at him.

"I think the fear I have had inside of me is also slowly disappearing" she smiled, as Reid spoke up "Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger—if we didn't feel it, we couldn't protect ourselves from legitimate threats. However, often we fear situations that are far from life-or-death, and thus hang back for no good reason. Traumas or bad experiences can trigger a fear response within us that is hard to quell. But you also have to remember Emily you survived it and the fear is your bodies way of dealing with what you have been through" he said softly as Emily sighed

"I know you mean well Reid but trust me when I say there is a lot more to it than what you have seen" her voice wavered as she spoke quietly "Reid fancy making Prentiss one of them herbal teas?" Morgan asked as he walked over to her "You okay princess" "Yes I'm fine I know he means well just" she shook her head slightly as Reid returned with the much welcomed tea "Thanks Reid" Emily said softly as they all set back to their paperwork

Emily had been staring at the file for the past half an hour rubbing her stomach as the pain emanated though her back again "Prentiss? You okay there?" Morgan asked as he watched her carefully, "Yeah just my back is sore" she said with a sigh.

"Why don't you go and see if JJ will allow you to lay on her sofa for a bit, unless she is using it" he joked as Emily was already sending JJ a text 'Jen any chance I can come in your office an lay down my back is killing me x' "Already asking Derek" she said with a slight smile just as JJ came out of her office and a beeline for Emily's desk.

JJ took one look at her and shook her head "Emily how long you had this pain for now?" Emily frowned slightly "about half an hour" JJ nodded as she helped her up. As Emily stood up the wave of dizziness washed over her as, she stumbled slightly causing Morgan to rush to her side. "Whoa Prentiss, you okay" he said as he and JJ steadied her "Just need to lay down" she mumbled as her body began to slump in their arms.

Morgan helped JJ get Emily back onto the chair, before deciding it may be better for her to be on the floor, Reid had jumped at the phone hitting 911 and asking them to hurry, JJ was shaking as she tried to get Emily to respond "Em, wake up baby please"

Morgan looked at his partner and then at JJ who had gone pale "JJ she will be okay" he said softly as Hotch's voice sounded through the now very quiet bullpen. "What's going on and where is Prentiss?" he asked as he looked at his three agents.

JJ shook her head not answering as she knelt back down next to Emily whispering in her ear "baby wake up please" as she tried to keep the tears at bay, "Well?" he asked again as Rossi stepped out.

"Prentiss collapsed" Reid piped up since the other two had not spoken "WHAT!" Rossi half shouted as the two older agents rushed down into the bullpen.

"What on earth happened" Rossi asked Morgan "She had back pain I told her to go lay down in JJ's office and well" He looked at his partner on the floor "She didn't make it up there"

"Have you called for an ambulance?" Hotch asked as he pulled his phone out "They are on their way, I am going to meet them downstairs" Reid said as he headed towards the doors.

JJ stayed at her side holding her hand as she looked up at the team "I can't lose her" she said as tears started to fall from her eyes. "JJ help is on the way just keep talking to her," Rossi said as calmly as he could as he moved to make a phone call

"Garcia I need you ring Sarah and Karen and get her to meet us at the hospital, Emily has collapsed, I need to ring her Mother" before he hung up Garcia's voice caught his attention "What's... what happened?" she said her voice wavering slightly as she looked at the security feed "I don't know just please ring Sarah" he said as he disconnected the phone call.

"HOTCH!" JJ screamed as Emily started to convulse on the floor "Where are the damn medics" Hotch muttered as he knelt down beside them both "JJ try and stay calm" he said as he placed his jacket under her head stopping it from banging on the floor.