Title: Lena kitty
Author: DBZVelena
Disclaimer: Story mine, kitty mine, names and stuff not, don't sue me!

Note: This is what happens when I read about neko-pills.



Why didn't mommy wake up?

I tried to get her to move by pushing my head against her, but she just lay there.
I kept calling, screaming for her to wake up.


But little as I was it sounded like a high squeak kind of meow.

Then these huge big hands picked me up, and covered me in something black and warm.
It wasn't my mom, but somehow it felt safe.
For a lil wile I was quiet. But then I realized that I was hungry, so...


~~ @ ~~ @ ~~

Duo walked back in to the kitchen holding some thing small curled up in the hem of his shirt.
Then suddenly, Meooooooooowwwwww.
A high squeaking sound from the lil kitten tucked in his shirt.

"Duo what in the world is making that sound?" Quatre asked wile entering the kitchen of their safehouse.
Right now only Duo Trowa and Quatre were there, Heero and Wufei would be back at a later time.
"Its an orphan, Just like me." Duo replied, holding the black and white kitten up for Quatre to see.
"How do ya know its an orphan, the mother could come back for it." Quatre replied,
wile looking at the kittens lil blue eyes.
"Not unless she comes back from the dead. I found it in the backyard, next to its mother. prob starved to death."
Duo looked at the lil kitten. "I'm going to take care of you now, us orphans should stick together."
His answer was another long Meooooowwwwwww.

~~ @ ~~ @ ~~

After meowing to the world that I was hungry. I heard Human voices, sure I had heard them before but not that close.
I crawled deeper in to the black void that surrounded me. But then that big hand got me again. Holding me up as if I was
his kitten, Not moms. It scared me, I was hanging and it was so high. I was afraid he'd drop me.
Then big blue eyes stared in to mine. Where that human eyes? They looked funny, not at all like moms eyes.
Then I was turned towards the one that was holding me up by my neck. Big violet eyes stared at me,
but some how they didn't scare me. Then I remembered that I was hungry, so.. Meoooooooooowwwwwwww
This time it got the desired result. Apparently Humans are slow with understanding. But I liked the milk I got
not like moms milk, but it would do. Happily I filled my tummy fast with the milk, cus ya never know with humans.
They might decided that they wanted the milk back. And I had been hungry for a wile, I didn't want to be hungry again.
The Violet eyed Human stayed with me wile I licked up the milk. Watching my every move. I knew I should have been
worried about that, but something about him put me at ease. When I was done licking my milk, I stretched.
Then that hand came for me again, but this time it went over my head and back all the way to the tip of my tail.
I purred in delight. Purrrrrrrrrrrr, then some brown hairy thing fell on the thing I was currently lying on.
I remembered mom telling me that mice were hairy and brown. This must be a mouse, I'll make mom proud and catch it.
So I made ready and pounced on top of the hairy thing. It made a run for it across the table, I ran after it.
Gotta catch it, gotta make mom proud.

~~ @ ~~ @ ~~

Duo chuckled. "You must be hungry lil kitty. I think we have some milk, you like that? milk?" Duo poured some
milk on a saucer. and placed it on the table next to the kitten. Then he sat down and watched the skinny lil thing
lick up the milk as if it was starved. //prob was starving too, that mother cat looked like it been dead for a wile now//
When the kitten was done, Duo reached forward gently not to startle the lil thing. And started petting it,
the result was a soft purring sound. Wile reaching forward Duo's braid fell on the table. And immediately the lil
kitten pounced it. Chuckling, Duo let the end of his braid race over the table, kitten in hot pursuit. //Hmm, you
need a name, can't keep calling ya lil kitten. what to call ya.... Ow I know, I'll call ya Relena,
that will have Heero on edge when ever I call ya.// Duo laughed softly. "So kitty, what do ya think of the name Relena?"
The kitten ignored him, and kept playing with the end of his braid. "Relena it is then, and Lena for short." Duo chuckled,
he couldn't wait to introduce lil kitty Relena to Heero. //I wonder what his reaction will be.//
Trowa walked in to the kitchen. "You know ya can't keep it Duo."
Duo looked up from playing with Relena. "Who said so? You don't think I can take care of a lil kitten? is that it?
Well I'll tell ya what, I'm going to keep Relena, and I'm going to take good care of her."
Trowa raised an eyebrow over the explosive reaction from Duo. "I wasn't referring to that you couldn't do it Duo,
I was referring to the fact that we're on the move all the time. There simply is no room for a pet.
Besides You don't even know if its a girl or a boy. And why on earth did ya call it Relena?"
Duo glared at Trowa, then turned his attention back to Relena. Who was happily chewing on the tuft end of his braid.
"First of all, I know we are on the move all the time, that doesn't mean I can't have a pet, just makes it a bit difficult.
Second of all It doesn't matter if its a boy or a girl I decided on the name cus I think its funny,
and Relena does sound like a wining cat when she's screaming Heero's name. Besides if you know so much about cats,
why don't ya tell me if its a boy or a girl?"
Trowa grabbed Relena by her neck, and held her up. Relena made a squeak, then started hissing at Trowa.
Wile it tried to use her claws to give Trowa a reason to let go. "Its a girl." Came Trowa's reply,
after putting Relena back on the table.

~~ @ ~~ @ ~~

Wile I was playing with the mouse, another human came in. Only this human had a big fat mouse on his face,
which covered half his face. Why the human let the mouse there was beyond me, so I chose to ignore it.
Mean wile my violet eyed human was upset about something, I could tell cus of the sound of his voice
had changed from soothing to almost screaming. Suddenly the human with the mouse on his face picked me up and held me close.
One big green eye stared at me, wile the fat mouse seemed to mock me by staying just beyond my reach.
"Take that and that, and that and that and that." I hissed at the ugly fat mouse. But I could not reach that far.
Thankfully the green eyed Human with the fat mouse on his face put me back down. I tried to swipe at the hand,
but it was to fast for me. Then my attention was drawn back towards the brown mouse from before.
It wiggled like it was taunting me. So I pounced it again. And I kept playing with it till I got tired. I yawned.
So Violet eyes, are you going to bring me back to mommy now? I have played with you and the brown mouse all morning.
Mom will be getting worried If I'm not back soon. I meowed at the Violet eyed Human.
But apparently he only understood my yawn. So Humans are not only slow, but stupid too? Figures,
only a Human would let a mouse sit on their face. Violet eyes picked me up and took me with him curled
up in that black stuff from earlier I fell asleep. I hope mom won't be to worried was the last thing I
thought before falling asleep.