Title: Lena Kitty
Author: DBZVelena
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This is the last part of this series. Ok now I'm done, I just had to tie up one last lose end concerning our Wufei.



And man wearing a Preventer jacket is rushing through the street. Something small in his arms.
Its raining, but the man ignores it. His burden is more important than getting wet right now.
He rushes in to the medical section of the Preventer building. Totally ignoring all the surprised looks he gets.
"I demand to see a doctor NOW!!"
The man uttering those words is nobody less but top Preventer Chang Wufei. In his arms a lil kitten, white with
a black tail and a black patch on his head.
Doctor Sally Po enters the hall, seeing Wufei ready to explode against the pore intern that was there.
"Wufei what's wrong?"
Wufei turns towards the familiar voice.
"Its Nataku, he's hurt. He followed me out of the apartment and got hit by a car. This place is the closest medical facility
I could think off."
Sally then notices the lil kitten in Wufei's arms.
"Come with me, I will take a look. Its not really my field, but I'll do my best ok Wufei?"
Wufei nods, and Sally notices that some of the strain in Wufei's shoulders eases.
//So he's not totally a stick up his ass after all. I always wondered why he's always so closed off.//
Sally leads Wufei and his precious burden in to an examination room. There Sally motion's Wufei to carefully place
the kitten on the examining table.
"He has to survive. Duo will kill me if anything happens to Nataku."
Sally bends over and starts examining the small kitten.
Wufei sighs and sits down on a chair.
"Yes, Nataku is one of Relena's son's. And Duo made me promise to take good care of Nataku. Since Duo couldn't keep
all the kittens at their home. Some had to go or the house would not recover. The five kittens had a tendency to
fight a lot. So I volunteered to take care of Nataku for Duo. That way Duo would be certain the kitten would have a good home.
Sally smiled wile she listened to the lil kittens heartbeat and lungs.
"Wasn't your Gundam called Nataku too?" Sally asked to keep Wufei's mind off worrying about the lil kitten.
"No it was Altron. But I called it Nataku after the Chinese Hero of justice. Duo thought the kitten reminded him of me,
so he named the kitten Nataku. After I talked him out of calling it Wufei-neko."
Wufei smiled at that memory. It had been the day that Duo and Heero had returned from their honeymoon. And Duo had been
so happy to see them all, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Lena kitty And the kittens. Duo had been squealing with delight.
The kittens at the time had been so tiny and Duo had to refrain him self from picking them up.
Trowa had told them to leave them be for another week. Something about maternal instincts.
Wufei hadn't really paying attention.
Sally looked up at Wufei. //Lost in memory I bet.//
"Wufei you don't have to worry about Nataku, he's just shaken up. Nothing is broken as far as I can determine.
But he might have a concussion. I suggest to take him home and keep him arm. If he's not out of his daze in a lil wile
you should get a vet to look at him. If he does wake up make sure he eats, and watch if he throws up or not.
When my shift is over I will come by to check on you ok?"
Wufei nodded and got up. Wrapping the kitten up in the towel he had used to keep him warm.
Sally watched as Wufei, now a lot more at ease and no longer ready to explode held the kitten close.
//He looks so handsome when he's off guard like that. Might be worth to try and get to know him better.
Who knows, might be the start of something...//
And Sally guided Wufei out, again promising to come by later that day.

~~ Owari ~~

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