notes: This is my first time writing in a fandom other than Naruto, I'm really excited about this omg. ENJOY :)

"What are you doing here?" Shizuo said, grinding his teeth together.

Izaya Orihara was standing a couple of yards away from him, grinning. There was the always-present look in his eyes, like he wanted to dissect everyone he laid eyes on, and the rain dripped off his hair and clothes. He hadn't bothered to cover himself with his hood.

"Why else would I be here, Shizu-chan," he said, skipping forward a little, then going in reverse, "but to see you."

Shizuo's hand twitched; he wasn't sure if it was to slug the grinning man in front of him, or do something else. Like, place them all over the little flea's body and push him down and have his way with him until he—

"What are you thinking about Shizu-chan?" asked Izaya. "Are you thinking about me?" The shorter man peered up at him, as if the rain made his vision blurry. "You are, aren't you? I can tell because you have that dark look in your eyes—the one you always get when you look at me." Izaya's grin widened, when Shizuo gave a little twitch. "I'm thinking about you too, it's okay, Shizu-chan. I'm thinking about you, and the rain, and humans."

Shizuo let out an exasperated breath. "Shut up, Izaya."

Izaya ignored him, skipping forward again; this time even closer. He didn't back up, like before. "I love the rain, Shizu-chan. Almost as much as I love humans." Closer, closer, and closer he moved, till they were only an inch away from each other and Shizuo could feel his breath. "And almost as much-"

Shizuo brought his mouth down viciously, on the self proclaimed "god," before he could say anymore. Their mouths twisted together; Izaya's hands wrapped around his neck, nails digging into the skin there; Shizuo's arms went around the other man's back and tightened his grip because he needed to be closer and closer and closer.

When everything was over, when they had pressed close enough that it wasn't possible to be any closer, Izaya separated from him and whispered silkily into his ear.

"Let's do this again sometime, Shizu-chan."