So this is a story in response to KaileyMcLean15's request for a Invader ZIM family fic. I saw her post on FanFiction and I'm like, 'Hey! I'm fairly decently okay at writing family junk! I should give it a try!' So here it is girly! I hope you enjoy this possibly detestable literary composition I call, Their Pride.

A few notes to keep in mind. In this fic Irkens are naturally born so they do not have PAKs. Picture them as you would reading any of my other Invader ZIM stories. Such as, water doesn't burn them, Irkens have emotions and feelings, they don't have any human bodily functions, (except for burping. Cuz that's funny.), the Tallests don't have those deformed bodies, (If anything, they have good-looking muscular bodies from being in the military.) etc.

And with that splendid little annotation. Let's begin this horrid atrocity of an adventure story. (I'm kidding. I don't do requests half-assed. I did my best.)

So I truly do hope you like it, Kailey!

The wail of a newborn smeet woke her from her slumber. Five nights. It's been five nights she went without a decent eight hours of sleep. That was the part of the many joys of being a parent. She just wished she had her husband by her to help out. But nooo. As tallest he was obligated to do a different sort of duty besides just raising a smeet. He was thousands of miles away checking on invaders and overall just being the leader if the Irken Empire along with his twin brother.

The woman kicked her blankets off her body and stood up from her large bed. Groggily walking down the hall of the palace they lived in on their home planet, Irk, she made her way to her son's room. She yawned when she came to his door and opened it. Peaking inside to see the outline of a crib on the opposite side of the dark room.

She looked down in love of her smeet as she picked him up and cradled him in her strong arms. His crying ceased as he felt himself in the protection of his mother's embrace. His bright magenta eyes opened, piercing the darkness of the room. She smiled. Her light blue eyes and his father's dark red eyes made their son's eyes a vivid mauve color.

"Hi, darling, I'm here. Mommy's here." The woman spoke. Her voice gentle and deep alto. She caressed the smeet's face with her index finger. The boy chortled adorably, grabbing at her finger with his tiny hands. "Young one, you are the pride of the Empire." She nuzzled her face into the smeet's. "My little ZIM."

One Month Later

She held her smeet in her arms tightly. This was going to be hard for her, but she had no choice. War was too dangerous for a smeet and she had a duty to attend to. There was no telling when or if she'd come back. She was the head general of the Irken military. It was her job to work with her soldiers at the war zone and front lines. But the smeet's father. He was always safe. He had to be. He was the tallest. The Tallests always are protected by the armada and guards. Even though the Massive travels to all the planets conquered, ZIM would still be safer with them than with her.

ZIM's mother gazed down at him in love. She didn't want to let him go just yet. Curse the Irken enemy for declaring war! Curse them for forcing mother and child apart.

"General Hyacinth, smeet ZIM's cruiser awaits." Her soft blue eyes looked up to her advisor, whom she entrusted the wellbeing of ZIM with. He held out his arms to receive the smeet.

"Protect him with your life, Magglioh." The advisor nodded. Hyacinth tilted her head and planted a delicate kiss upon her precious smeet's head. "Be good for daddy, young one. I hope to see you soon enough."

"Don't worry, mistress. I would never let you down." Magglioh took ZIM from her arms. "He's in good hands, milady." With that, the slightly shorter Irken bowed in respect and boarded the voot cruiser. Hyacinth could only watch as her smeet was whisked away to travel amongst the stars until he reached his father. The woman prayed under her breath.

"Oh Red, raise him well."

Short prologue, I know. The second chapter should be more than five-thousand words though. I promise.

I'll upload by the weekend hopefully.