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I poured myself a cup of the bitter coffee. I ran a hand through my sexed up hair. I grabbed the coffee mug and held it close to me. His hands slithered around my waist and he pulled me close against him. He kissed my shoulder and I rubbed my head into his collar bone. I hummed and tried to get closer to him. His bare chest cooled my internal fire. And ignited it as well. He laid gentle kisses along the nape of my neck following the line of my spin until the collar of his shirt I wore stopped him. He hummed in annoyance. I put the cup down on the counter and turned around to face him. He had his eyes half closed and a smirk on his face.

"Look I hate to restrict this, but we need some ground rules." He hummed something, but he wasn't listening, or he was doing a damn good job at looking like he wasn't. "I mean it. Hands off until you sign and accept the terms and conditions." To emphasize I pushed him away gently. He retorted and pulled me forward.

"You know no one ever reads those." He smirked. I decided to press on anyways.

"This is no way going to be public. You even think of making this go public and I will personally stake you. I can't have Amelie finding out, god that would be the last thing we need. It is against regulation to begin with coworkers aren't supposed to get intimate." He played with the hemline of the shirt I wore. "Professionalism is key. Don't do anything that would…tempt…. Either of us." He looked up with a very brief set of cow eyes, but I could see the masked fox lurking beneath. I chewed my bottom lip staring at his own. Mine still somewhat swollen from our late night encounter.

"Are you sure you want to restrict us to that?" His suggestive grin was back and I was almost tempted to say no, but held firm.

"Yes. This is a secret." I tried to emphasize. I was fond of this new side of him. One that wasn't so masked up and stoic. One that she found she could get used to. I reached behind me and grabbed the cup that I had set down. I would have to remind myself to grab some creamer when I went out again. I took a careful sip to not make noise and looked at him through my eye lashes. A red cloud crossed over his eyes and I knew how it looked when I did this.

"I say we start tomorrow." He pouted almost.

"No, I have to go in and categorize all of the bones from the Winchester murders. That should take me," I looked up racking my brain. "About four hours."

"Can't you have an intern do it for you?"

"And have it done half-ass, no, would you let an intern do your paperwork?" He sighed groveling in disagreement. "Eve will probably be there as well so I have to share the space. And the equipment. And with her being a pathologist she would have some fresh ones waiting to be identified and autopsied." I was going to go on, but was silenced by his lips on my forehead.

"One of the many reasons you are Claire." I snorted and put the cup on the counter again. Despite the coffee that now rested in my stomach, noise erupted from my abdomen and he looked down smiling. "I should cook you something to eat." I scoffed thinking of any idea better than that.

"No I'll eat on my way there." As he began to open drawers and doors I scooted over a hair and jumped up onto the counter, narrowly missing the cup of now cooled coffee. I crossed my heels and held onto the edge of the counter with running fingers. The thrumming echoed through the moderately sized kitchen. My legs swung effortlessly as I watched as he would walk to some places and zip to others. He stood in front of me now and looked at me expectantly. I inched my head to the side and gave him a curious look.

"I need you to move." I looked down at the cabinet below me and instead of moving both of my legs to one side I spread them so they framed the handle. His eyes clouded again and he stepped forward using one hand to pull my lower back into him. I could have sworn our lips created sparks. He broke away somehow managing to get the pan and waved it at me. "Breakfast." He gave a sly smirk before adding, "First." I shut the cabinet as I brought my legs back to the crossed ankles and looked down at his shirt admiring the way the fabric flitted across my skin like silk. I ran it through my thumb and forefinger inspecting it as if it was a new specimen of thread count.

"What are you cooking?" I leaned back so the nape of my neck was pressed up against the cupboards. I tried to look, but he waved his hand in my face. I waited, timing his movements and grabbed it. His back was to me and he looked half at me. His hair covered his eyes, but I knew too damn well he could see me just fine. I brought it close to my lips and blew softly in his palm. I could feel the shiver convulsing through him in waves. He wanted to close his hand, but I lay a gently kiss between the ridges of his prints. He looked back at the food as I began to smell burnt toast. I kept his hand firm in my grasp. He moved his other hand to flip whatever was in the pan and I entwined my fingers in his putting his hand down on the counter. I got off the counter and walked up behind him. "Don't burn yourself we can't have you ruining your almost perfect body." He stopped whipping around clearly offended.

"Almost?" His voice pitched at the end. I shrugged looking innocent.

"Well…." I put a finger tentatively to my lips.

"You little tease." He gathered me up in his arms and set me back on the counter I had just jumped off of. He crushed his lips to mine molding them together for optimal perfection. I moaned as his hands caressed my exposed thighs. I could see this going farther for not the thump from just above us. The worst part. There was no room above us.

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