Okay since I have secret sources telling me that this needs to be a little bit of gruesome, shocking, and weird (no they are not the voices in my head) I can do just that.


I felt my stomach churn as I surveyed the whole scene. The car, despite being in the sun for god knows how long, was drenched in blood. It dripped off the ceiling and covered the windows. The once black interior glistened with the plasma. Myrnin wrinkled his nose to the other side and gave a disgusted look. The car reeked of iron and decomposition. I looked at my hands and listened as my kit made its way to my side. The uniform gave one look and hurried to the other side of our car. I could hear the gagging from beneath the merciless sun. I grabbed the pack and began to riffle through it. I saw I had gloves, but as I looked from car to my box I wished I had packed a hazmat suit. I tossed a set over the car to Myrnin and he caught them easily. I threw my own on and wished I had packed some better clothes. I stood up and braved myself to open the door. As I pulled the handle blood continued to ooze from the handle. I felt the marshmallows decide to make guest reappearance. I bit back the bile and grabbed a swab. There was no way this was one person's blood. There was too much. The car wasn't small either.

"What do you smell?" I grabbed a mask and held it to my face. It only barely helped with the smell.

"Eight." He said over the roof of the car. Eight people. "Human." Eight human people's blood covered this car. I looked inside and instantly a swarm of flies raced to meet me. I groaned and was glad I didn't have the flu.

"Don't open the door." I warned him before he tried to look through the window. I could barely make out the shadow of his figure. Where the sun beat down the blood was caked onto the interior. Where the shadows receded the blood was congealed and stuck like glue to the seats and floorboard. I began to swab everything. I was running out of vials by the time I had cleared the first seat. Blood dripped like syrup out of the ignition and I pulled back running out into the middle of the street. I was glad no one came to Morganville. I stood staring out at the vast desert trying to gain my bearings again. I took a few deep breaths before returning to the car. I continued my search with a stoic face. I shut off my nose, mind, and heart as I proceeded with my work. I ran out of vials and waved my hand over to the tow truck. I shut the door carefully as the man in the car pulled up in front and stepped out to put the car on the line.

"I need to open the door ma'am." I shook my head.

"Do what you can without having to get anywhere near the inside of that car." He looked at me wearily, but obliged. There was an ear splitting screech from the brakes as he tried to get it on the bed. I covered my ears and bore through it. It reminded me of the noise he would probably make if he looked inside. I felt instantly bad for Myrnin. With his bat hearing I didn't doubt he would be in pain. As I looked back at him he had a grimace and blood dripped out of his ears. I wanted to comfort him, but I probably was pushing it too far with the blood specks that covered me and my hands. Finally it stopped and he began to drive off. I walked over to the imprint that the car left. I walked over and for the second time that day I was shocked beyond compare. He walked over as well and growled. There was the blood outline from the car. And the stark cutout of a body in the gravel side road.


I shook my way through the front door. He had on hand on my lower back the other holding my own. I coughed for what seemed like the millionth time and it wracked my whole body. I stopped to catch my breath and he did as well to make sure I was alright. I shook him off, but he kept a firm hand on mine. He grabbed the suit case from my other hand and skirted it behind him. I leaned into his arm as we continued to walk. He left me on the couch in the family room and I noticed the rather large black screen that now occupied the space on the wall. I lay down as I listened to him begin to move stuff around in the room above me. I noticed the black remote sitting on the coffee table and wondered briefly if he ever put a coffee cup on that coffee table. I turned on the TV and the remote felt heavy in my hand. I ate a few more marshmallows and pushed back the scene from earlier today out of my mind. I began to surf through the channels. I came across old reruns of Law and Order: SVU and put the remote back on the table and listened to the drone of the cops. Before too long he came back down whispering fiercely into his phone and hung up before he sat down on the couch. I didn't take my eyes off the screen. He picked up my feet and set them on his cool lap. I curled my toes at the change in temperature while my feet struggled between the line of hot and cold.

"I thought we were trying to get away from the dark and gruesome." I shrugged. The pillows moved in response.

"At least this is fiction besides it's hardly as gruesome as Bones." If he were a human this would be the moment when he took a deep breath in exasperation.

"Fine." We sat in silence for a little while longer.

"Who was that on the phone?" My eyes were still glued to the screen watching the detectives bicker between themselves.

"Amelie." He dropped that conversation off with a cold tone. I left it as is.

"Do you have to go in?" I felt the strain of his muscles as he shook his head yes. "I'll be fine." I finally looked at him. He was looking at me with that look caught between worry and agreement.

"I know you'll be, but that's not what I'm worried about." He said softly.

"What is it that you are worried about?" I nibbled on the white Jet Puff I pulled out of my hoodie.

"I'm worried about leaving you. You're sick, you just had a run in with a scene from Alfred Hitchcock himself, and this guy is still on the loose. Iron only wards off ghosts." I nibbled a little bit longer before replying.

"I'll be fine." He scowled at me proclamation. We stared at each other for a long while before his face softened momentarily. "I'll have a weapon nearby, so that way incase mister Oogie Boogie comes by I can show him my friend Louis." He smirked, but it wasn't there long enough to be hardly noticed. I sat up with a great effort and moved over to him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders as I buried myself into his side.

"Promise me you'll be okay." I was getting irritated that he thought I couldn't handle myself.

"I'll be fine." I began to feel like a broken record player. "Promise." He relaxed, but only slightly. He kissed the top of my head. He let me go and with one last shared look he left. I took a deep breath and ate another marshmallow. I got up and looked around for some sort of weapon. I didn't expect to find any until I remembered the silver tipped bat upstairs. I looked up the long flight and shivered. My gut didn't agree with me on this one. I told it to suck it up and I began the long trek up the hallway. I managed to get to the top and heaved as I made my way to his room. I looked around and saw it was leaning against the nightstand. I grabbed it and nearly fell over. If I couldn't hit them properly at least dropping it on them was an option. My weakened arms dragged the slugger back to the first floor and I fell on the couch with a sigh. I set the bat on the ground in front of me and curled up with the blanket that was strewn across the top. I lay watching TV until my eyelids captured each other and dreams filled my mind instead.


I drive into the underground parking lot and whip into my parking space. My mind can't help but wander to the woman currently watching TV on my couch. It itches to get back to her. I see the tow truck idling in the garage as I pass by the expansion outlet. Amelie sits with Eve and Oliver. Horror is written all over the young ME's face. Amelie and Oliver hold their blank stares. I walk up and stuff my hands in my pocket.

"How far out of town was this?" Amelie asks.

"Hardly a mile." I see Eve shiver and think of Claire.

"Where's Claire?" Oliver taunted me, but I ignored his question completely.

"The samples are on their way to the lab, correct?" I looked over at Eve. She shakes herself out of her stupor and nods.

"Yes." She turns around unable to bare the sight of the blood for much longer and I hear the soft ding of the elevator.

"I researched the perp they were hunting down. Apparently, he drains his victims like pigs and keeps their blood. It explains how he could have so much of it in the car." I thought back to the scant scent of the car out in the unforgiving Texas sun. "They have been looking for him for three years. Over that course of time he's been accused of fifteen murders." Oliver whistled.

"Someone's been busy." He gave me a sideways glance. I growled without looking at him. The car bounced softly on the garage as it was released from the cables. A few stray drops of blood dripped onto the floor, but the driver was already racing out of the garage. We listened as he zipped out and into the sanctity of the sunlight. We focused again on the car.

"How did we lose sight of him inside the town lines?" I began to walk over.

"He isn't from Morganville, so he didn't have anything we could use to find him with." I nodded and circle around the car. A few uniforms began to file in and stare apprehensively at the vehicle.

"Any evidence on either body?" They both shook their heads. I growled and punched the structure beam closest to me. It cracked and a dent about the size of a grapefruit was left when I shook my hand out from the crumbs of the building. Amelie looked at me with her hands on her hips as if to say was-that-really-necessary? Oliver rolled his eyes, but I ignore him. I spotted Michael among the mix of people. He looked worried for his friend. I gave him a hard look that said talk later. He nodded and blended back into the crowd. Amelie began to assign the uniforms to jobs. I walked back to where they were standing. "Anything else?" Amelie nodded.

"I need you to find out where this guy could be hiding, if he used cash or visa, what his MO is, what blood type he is, what size shoe, if he prefers boxers or briefs I don't care just find out whom the hell this guy is. We have enough blood spilt in this town. We don't need a human riling up more." She focused back on the car leaving me to go to work. I darted up the stairs feeling impatient for the elevator and shot into my office. I pulled up my laptop and an image of Claire smiled up at me. I softened and began to find out everything about this fucker.


I woke up stretching and cold. The blanket had managed to fall to the floor and leave me shivering. Someone screamed and I jumped to alertness. I looked over at the TV and scowled. Damn horror movie marathon. I flipped through the channels and found something a little less heart attack prone. I got up feeling a little better and began to make my way to the kitchen. There was noise upstairs and I looked up the flight of steps. I quietly stepped back and slid the bat out from under the couch. I held it in a batter's stance as I carefully made my way to the first step. I knocked on the wall and stomped my feet. Something moved in the shadows and I tensed. My grip on the bat made my hands hurt. There was the sound of footsteps on the stairs and my heart rammed against my ribcage. A dark figure began to descend at a rapid pace down the stairs. I screamed as it got closer and waited for the perfect time. I swung and felt the bat connect with the figure. There was an inhuman crack as the figure's head met Mr. Slugger. I saw blood glisten on the silver plate and arms reach out at me. I screamed again and swung lower. I felt another connection and the figure dropped to their knees. It sat there for a long time taking its breath. I pulled out my phone and speed dialed Myrnin. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end as the figure stood up. I screamed once he picked up and dropped the phone. I could hear him on the other end. I swung the bat again, but I only hit air. The figure grabbed the bat and ripped it out of my grasp. I gasped as my achy muscles responded to the force and I pitched forward. His arms were around me and I tried to break free. His grasp was too tight and he turned me around so my back was against his chest. Blood dripped on my arm from the wound on his head. I froze.

"Don't fight. I know you think it was a coincidence that I chose this house to place that officer, but it wasn't." He used his hand to push my hair back out of my face. I tensed even more. "You really are adorable when you sleep. Claire." He chuckled in my ear and I took my chance. I elbowed him in the side and he loosened his grip. I stepped harshly on the top of his foot and he howled in pain. He bent down in agony. I was released and snapped my elbow on the back of his neck. He crumpled to the ground and I swung my leg back using the juncture between my ankle and my shin to hit him dead on in the groin. He passed out from pain and I jumped over him to grab the bat. I sat in the batter's stance until I saw out of the corner of my eye the door bursting open and four men running in guns blazing. My man in the front of course. He shot forward and grabbed me taking me away from him. I still had the bat in my hands despite being in his arms. The officers cuffed the unconscious man and dragged him outside. He tried to remove the bat from my grip, but I wouldn't let him. It wasn't until my weakened body broke into a fit of coughing that I let it go. He held me while I practically died. Finally I stopped and took huge gulps of air. I hadn't realized I was shaking badly until he tried to calm me by kissing the top of my head.

"Shh. Claire you're alright now. Shh." He tried to reassure me. I buried myself into his chest and took deep breaths. "Remind me to never scare you with a Louisville Slugger in the house." He chuckled and I coughed out a laugh.

"You could have been faster." I said without any real venom.

"Back up was a little slow." I pulled back and smirked.

"Aren't you glad I agreed to move in?" He scoffed.

"And what miss the opportunity of being stolen from," He thought about it for a minute. "Yea kinda." He leaned in and put his forehead on mine. I closed my eyes and sighed as his cool skin collided with my feverish forehead. I leaned in and closed the distance in a needy kiss. I broke away, but kept my face close to his.

"I didn't even get to watch Judge Judy." We both laughed quietly.

How was that for your share of shocking gruesome and weird? Also don't forget about Mercy (see what I did there) she's still here and hardly finished. Oh and that end part was inspired by none other than a great horror flick one I am dying to see (god is someone writing this down this is great stuff) it's called Evil Dead well the scene isn't from the movie, but I felt in the mood to make something scary to go with the blood so who wants to come with me to see it just tell me in the REVIEW box below it won't hurt as much as Claire with a slugger I promise