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Chapter 20 (3 Months Later):

Everything in Storybrooke had, for the most part, calmed down since what happened to David. Cora had become "good", Henry was spending time with both Regina and Emma, and Emma and Neal's relationship had become far better than it ever was.

Emma hurried down the stairs of her apartment building. She had to go meet her parents at Granny's then meet Neal at the pier.

Granny's was busy with the lunchtime crowd as Emma squeezed her way through to where her parent's were seated and plopped herself on the bench.

"Hey," she said, out of breath.

"I'm glad you could come." Mary Margaret said, Emma could hear her nervous tone and felt her heart sink.

"Of course… Is everything alright?" Emma asked looking between Mary Margaret and David.

"Everything is fine, we just have something we need to talk to you about." David said slowly.

"Okay" Emma hesitated.

"Well… Um… How do you feel about being a sister?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Are you?" Emma asked May Margaret nodded biting her lip.

"Almost three months" She said pausing when she saw Emma's shocked expression. "You're upset." Mary Margaret frowned.

"It's just a little... Bizarre, I mean there's a bit of an age difference... But I am happy for you" Emma smiled.

"I was hoping you would be." Mary Margaret said clapping her hands together.

"Do you know the due date?" Emma asked.

"December 31"

"A New Year's baby" Emma smiled. As happy as she was she couldn't help but be jealous, no matter how much she loved Henry she would give anything for a second chance at being a mother.

"It's going to be a boy," David said finally.

"I don't want to know with this one." Mary Margaret said glaring at him.

"I still am saying it's going to be a boy." David smirked.

"He said the same thing about you." Mary Margaret said rolling her eyes.

"Not my fault you kept it from me." He retorted.

"Well, I'm pretty sure I'm a girl" Emma said looking down at her chest. Mary Margaret laughed.

"Can you stay and have lunch?" She asked.

"As much as I would love to stay I need to meet Neal in ten minutes." Emma said looking up at the clock.

"Of course, go" Mary Margaret said as they all stood up. Emma hugged David then Mary Margaret, congratulating them one last time before she left.


Neal paced at the docks waiting for Emma, hands shoved in his pockets, playing with the small ring reminding him of what he would be doing.

Emma smiled at him when she stepped out of the car and hurried towards him.

"You're happy," He smiled after they had exchanged a kiss.

"Yeah, my mom just told me she's pregnant." Emma smiled as he took her hand and they started walking.

"Wow, but not a surprise." He smiled. "I wonder what that would be like."

"What?" Emma asked watching her step as they made their way to the beach.

"Having someone I love tell me I was going to be a parent." Neal said without thinking. Emma paused dropping his hand.

"I was in jail Neal, and I didn't..."

"Wait, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"It sounded like you did." Emma said crossing her arms.

"I didn't, but you would tell me right?" He asked Emma rolled her eyes at him walking ahead. "Wouldn't you?"

"Of course I would Neal," She said looking at him.

"I love you," He said with puppy dog eyes, leaning his forehead against hers.

"I love you too" She smiled.

"Do you remember how I always promised to take you to the beach when we moved to Tallahassee?" He asked after they had walked a little while longer.

"How could I forget, why do you ask?"

"Is this good enough?" He asked looking around. Emma stepped in front of him making him stop.

"Neal, it wasn't ever about the beach. It was about getting to have you in my life and just be happy."

"So, this is good enough?" He asked looking down at her.

"Yes," Emma smiled.

"Good, because I have an important question to ask you." He said, getting down on one knee. "Emma Swan, will you marry me?" As he pulled out the ring, Emma stared at him in complete shock. She had never been a big crier, but she felt the tears coming.

"Of course I will," she said, happily holding out her hand to let him slip the ring on. She bent down cupping his face in her hands, kissing him hard on the lips.

"Can I stand up now, or do I have to get all wet." He asked when she pulled away, noticing the waves brushing up against his leg.

"Yeah, sorry." She said shaking her head.

"I take it you like it?" He smiled as he stood up.

"I love it Neal, but I love you more." She said smiling as she wrapped her arms around him.

"There's something else, here" He handed her the ring box. "Look in the bottom." She opened it and lifted the bottom out, pulling out a key.

"We got the house?" She asked getting excited.

"Yeah, my dad and Belle helped so we could get it." He smiled as she kissed him again.

"We have our own place?" Emma asked.

"Yes we do." Neal said spinning Emma around. Emma smiled sheepishly.

"Can we go see it?" Emma asked as he set her back down.

"Of course we can." He smiled taking her hand.


The house was perfect for the three of them, it was small and nothing extravagant. It was a white picket fenced home with red brick siding and a stone walkway up the front. It was a three bedroom the one and a half bath. Emma smiled happily as they walked up the path and Neal unlocked the front door. The last time she had been in here the only furnishing's in the whole house were kitchen appliances and a table. But to her surprise all of their furniture had been brought in already.

"You thought of everything didn't you?" Emma asked walking around their new living room.

"I hope so, your parents let me have a lot of the things they weren't going to need anymore and I got some things from my father's shop. Come look at our bedroom." He said grabbing her hand and pulling her up stairs.

The room was the bigger of the three and next to the bathroom. Seated just below the far window was their bed, a Gepetto creation, and across the room was the dresser and old wooden wardrobe since there was no official closet.

"Look above our bed" Neal said from his position at the door.

Just above their bed hung their dream catcher on the window. Emma turned to Neal smiling widely.

"It's our dream catcher," she said as he took her hands in his.

"I thought you might like having it here." Neal smiled.

"I still can't believe you kept it after all these years." Emma said looking over at the window again.

"Never had a bad dream since." Neal smirked, Emma laughed pressing herself against him.

"How about we test our bed?" Emma whispered. Neal smiled lifting Emma up onto his waist as she wrapped her legs around him. Emma kissed him hard on the lips resting her forehead against his before he dropped her on the bed. "Wait, Henry. We have to pick him up from school." Emma said pushing him off.


Henry ran out from the school when he saw Emma and Neal standing by the car.

"Did you say yes?" Henry asked when he reached them.

"Wait, he knew?" Emma asked looking at Neal.

"Are you mad at me?" Neal asked.

"No... Yes... I mean, Henry I did say yes" She smiled as he ran up and gave her a hug.

"See mom? You do get your happy ending." Henry said looking up at her. Emma smiled down at him.

He was right, Emma realized to herself. She got him and she got Neal. She couldn't be happier with her life now. After all these years of struggle and heartbreak, Emma would finally have her happily ever after. All she had to do was hold on.