Chapter 1: The Mission

It started out as a basic covert mission. Batman had assigned the team to retrieve information about some strange radio signals the watchtower had been receving from warehouse 16A in D.C.

The team sat in their bioship zooming towards their destination. "Everyone, change into your camo mode. We're here." Robin said,con firming the destination on this wrist computer. His teammates instantly did as they were told. Artemis, Kid Flash and Aqualad pressed special buttons on their suits and they changed to black. Miss Martain turned invisible, while Superboy did overheard him saying to Meghan yesterday that it "Wasn't his style."

Robin didn't need camo. He had been training in stealth since he was nine. "Okay everyone. Superboy and Aqualad, stay here in the bioship until I signal you that the sensors and alarms are disabled. Artemis and KF, go around back and take out the guards. Miss M and I will hack into the main database." well, more like robin would. He smirked.

Everyone nodded and swiftly hopped out of the bioship and into the shadows. Robin sprinted to the corridor, taking out the two guards by the door all without a sound. He took the USB andbegan hacking into the system. "Robin, wait up!" Miss M shouted at him telepathically. "you were right behind me, right?" robin repied, continuing to hack with ease. "okay the sensors are disabled. Move in!"

Robin laughed his signature laugh as he melted into the shadows, his team following. Batman had been suspicious about this facility for some time now. Robin tought, as he somersalted off the back of one gaurd while throwing bird-a-rangs at another. There has to be some villan behind this, but who? The boy wonder scanned through all the bad guys he knew, wondering who it could be. He finally knocked out the last guard.

"what are we to do next, Robin?" Aqualad asked, snapping robin back into focus. He pulled up his wrist computer, fingers flying quickly across the keys. "The control room should be this way." He motioned everyone to the narrow hallway on the right. The dark knight's partner had just pulled his lock pick out of his glove when he instantly noticed something was off. A purple and red box with a clown on the front was on the ground.

"eveyone! Don't breathe! There's gas from -" But it was too late. The invisible gass robin knew all too well had made its way into all of the team member's lungs. His last thoughts as he was passing out were, joker.

Everyone slowly opened their eyes and shook their head, remembering what had happened. Robin had his utility belt, gloves and hidden knife gone. He was tied with rope along with Artemis, who had her bow and quiver taken. The others all had inhibitor collars on, each tied to a crude metal chair. "w-what's going on?" asked wally. Before anyone could reply, someone stepped out into the dim light in front of them.

"Wakey-wakey! It's time to get up, kiddos!" A man in a purple suit, green hair, and white skin said.

Everyone's breath caught at seeing the joker. How could they get kidnapped, on such a simple mission? And by the joker? This was bad. Very bad. The team was suprised to hear their "little brother" bravely speak first.

"What's the deal, Joker?" Robin asked, ice laced into the words.

The Joker paused, as if considering his answer. "Well, boy blunder, i just wanted to welcome you and your team to the, what is it, kiddo justice league, by playing a nice game." he held up a large black gym bag, that the team eyed warily.

"And just what kind of game would that be?" robin replied, his voice still confident and steely. Never let the villan know they're scaring you, never show you're weak. Something batman had said.

"well, one of you, you get to choose, gets to spend some quality time with mista J! And the others will get a dose of my new gas. It will completely erase your memory of that person, and you'll be off on your merry way." the joker cackled like... Well, the joker.

The team turned frightenedly to Robin. He knew the most about the joker, after all. "We have to choose which one of us the Joker will torture." robin said flatly, turning towards his teammates. Everyone stared on shock. "T-torture?" Meghan stuttered, beginning to shake. Conner gave a comforting look ro his girlfriend. "I'll do it. I'm krptonian, he can't do anything to me." Superboy groweled. Robin shook his head. "Joker's got kryptonite. Besides, With that inhibitor collar, you're as good as human." Aqualad took a deep breath. "Then I will. I am atlantian. I can heal quickly and am strong. "you have a collar too, kald'ur." Robin said. "without your powers, you could die."

The team looked shocked at robin. They had'nt expected this to be a death sentance. "Stop, none of you have to sacrifice yourselves. I love you guys. I dont want anything to happen to any of you. I-im sorry."

Before anyone could stop him, robin said, "Ill do it."