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Chapter 7: Five Years Later

Five years later.

Dick Grayson sat on his bed, sighing as he ran the tips of his fingers over the raised scars across his chest. The 19-year-old smirked as he realized a few he had just gotten hours ago during patrol. As his fingers continued over the crimson scars, suddenly his breath caught, his expression growing much more somber.

"It's already been five years..." He breathed, shaking his head and walking to the mirror. The jagged, dark crimson writing glared back at him. A permanent reminder of the past, of what the sick clown had done to him. He would never forget that day.

He had survived, but only barely. Bruce stayed up for days straight, warching him to make sure he would recover. Sometimes Dick thought that it scarred Bruce more than him. Ever since then, Batman had pulled him closer under his shadow, never allowing Dick to patrol alone again. That's why he left to Bludhaven and became Nightwing, after all.

That wasn't even the worst part. He had to painstakingly wait in bed to heal as Bruce worked on a cure for his friends' memory loss. They did come and visit him, but they weren't his friends. They didn't have the memories with Robin since day one. He could tell they felt sad, but none of them really knew him.

Three weeks. That's how long it took for Bats to find the cure. And by then, nothing would be the same. They all came to visit him a second time, but for the first time as his true friends. They were startled to see their brave teammate so weak. And he did this for them. Miss Martian had apologized about a million times, claiming the whole thing was her fault. Robin, of courae, denied it. Kaldur told him how brave he was for saving the team, and joped he got well soon. Superboy had been angry at the whole ordeal, swearing he would tear Joker limb-by-limb for what they did to his little brother. Artemis confessed she was scared, and couldn't believe what he did, risking his life for them. Wally dropped the cookies he had brought to Robin as soon as he saw the state he was in, and just hugged Robin.

He still had nightmares about that day. The face of the Joker, the glint of a crowbar, and lots of blood... His blood. No one would ever understand what he had gone through. He had literally been to hell and back. No one would know the pain he went through, the struggling through (what he thought at the time) the last minutes of life. No one realized that their fearless leader was nothing more than an emotional wreck underneath.

He sighed and pulled the blue and black kevlar over his head and pressing a mask to his face. He pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind. Never Again would he let the clown haunt his nightmares and almost kill him.

Never Again.

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