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Harry Judd remembered the night they met as if it had happened yesterday. His girlfriend of the past three months had recently broken up with him, so the guys had decided they were going to take him out to the pubs so he could back into the swing of things.

They arrived at the usual place about twenty minutes later than they had planned, so the place was already jumping. But, as Danny Jones was well known in the pub area, he got them in no problem.

"Ay," Danny cried, returning to the table the band members had commandeered for the course of the night, a pitcher of beer in one hand, four glasses in the other, "there's a bird checking you out, mate!"

Seeing as Harry was the only one currently at the table, he knew Danny had been talking to him.

"Two o'clock, by the bar," Danny added, shouting so as to be heard over the crowd in the pub.

Harry looked up just as the unnatural blonde started making her way towards them. Danny quickly poured himself and Harry a beer, and then was gone before Harry was able to even respond. And then, the girl was at the table quicker than Harry would have imagined with the crowd as thick as it was.

"Hey," she said, smiling. "I saw you from across the bar, and thought to myself, 'I must say hi to that bloke'. So here I am. I'm Kensie."

She had a beautiful smile, Harry noted. After taking a sip of his beer, he opened his mouth to speak. "Harry," he replied, a smile forming on his lips. "Did you want a drink?" he added, offering to pour her some of the beer that sat on the table between them.

I might have been a bit of an awkward start, what with Harry having been a bit broken hearted, but they soon hit it off. He forgot all about his previous girlfriend, all thoughts being focused on his new girlfriend, the girl he promised after a month of the two dating he would marry someday.

And just like that, a little more than four months after having met Kensie, Harry proposed, and three months later, they were in Fiji, relaxing on their honeymoon. The rest of the guys, while happy for the couple's whirlwind romance, couldn't help but think it was all happening a bit fast – Harry had only known Kensie a little more than seven months, and now they were married?

By the end of their first year together – married or otherwise – Kensie and Harry were expecting their first child – the first of anyone in the band – and everything changed.

"I don't think this is the life a child should be forced to grow up in," Kensie told Harry for what felt like the hundredth time in the past twenty minutes, but was really a week. "Neither of us had to grow up in the spotlight like our child will undoubtedly be forced to do, so we won't know how to properly protect him – her… the baby! – from all of it." She'd been on this point since she had found out she was pregnant – the point that she thought Harry should leave the band.

He had been able to hold his ground firm that he wasn't going to leave the band, no matter how much he loved Kensie and their yet-unborn child, and they would figure out a way to make it work. But with how she was now in tears and how sure she was that she didn't want her – their – baby to have to grow up in the public eye, he was seriously considering it.

"Give me some time, Kens, this is a big decision," he replied, kissing her cheek, and then left the house.

Four months later, Harry announced his departure to the rest of the band. They were shocked and surprised, to say the least. When Dougie Poynter got over the initial shock of what Harry had just told them, he got angry.

"All this for some… some – some bird you a little more than a year ago?" Dougie shouted. "I thought better of you!" With that said, he ran from the room, tears threatening to spill from his eyes and slammed the backdoor, make the sound reverberate throughout the rest of the house.

"I'm really sorry about all this," Harry said to Danny and Tom Fletcher in Dougie's wake. "Look, we've – I've – been thinking about this for a while now. I don't think it's the best idea to raise a baby in the public eye. And I want to be there to watch my child grow up." He stood, and then went on, "I love this band, and I love touring, but we've been doing this for a long time now, and I think it's time I grow up. I'm sorry if I've hurt you – that was never my intent – but I need to do this for my family, for me." With that, he walked to the front door and out.

A couple weeks later, the band's consequential end was announced to the public. The papers weren't ever properly told as to why McFly broke up, but speculations were made around two major topics: Harry Judd's relationship with Kensie; and Dougie Poynter's quickly growing publicly aware anger towards Harry Judd. All in all, the papers suspected that it was something to do with Harry, they just weren't certain of what it was.

About three months after the band's announcement, the papers were finally calming back down on the matter. And Harry and his wife had – very privately – their child, a son, Connor. As Harry held his newborn son, he tried not to think of everything he had given up to get to that point in his life. He especially tried not to think of the band, especially not Dougie.

Soon after baby Connor was born, the small family moved out of the city, to a place near where Harry had grown up, to begin their quiet, peaceful, private life as a new family.