Hey all! I finally got around to rereading this story and updating it. The story line is the same with less errors and what not. It was actually rewarding to go back and read this story. It was my very first fanfic and I found myself loving it all over again. I hope it can be my motivation to finishing the stories I still have and play around with the things in my head. Maybe you guys can read this again too! Or if there are new people then that is also awesome I love you guys and I appreciate you all.

Bella's Pov


Moving to Forks with Charlie was a big move. I never really expected to be in this kind of situation and I am honestly ok with it. Phil is a little too protective and my mom is too submissive. So this move is a good thing, change is always good right? I mean this is a good idea? Well I have no choice. The call has been made and my bags have been packed. I swear this better be what I want.

Chapter One: New Town

Charlie is coming to pick me up from the airport. I went through security which seemed to take forever and I got my luggage. I saw Charlie all excited. When I got to him we hugged for two minutes at the most. Charlie isn't the emotional type so the greeting was short and we headed to the car.

"Hey Bells! Gosh I have missed you so much. My baby girl shouldn't stay away for so long."

"Yeah hey Dad, I kind of need some air your death grip gets tighter with old age."

"Haha funny Bells. Well let's get you home and unpacked. There is a surprise waiting for you at home."

I love Charlie; he is so different and doesn't make things awkward like most adults. Even though he is my dad, I have to say living with him is like living with a best friend and I excited about it.

"So you glad to be with the old man or are you glad to be with your old man?"

"Uhh none of the above."

"What? Really? I mean I can be fun and I can get down with the kids. Whatever you want to do Bells I am totally up for it. I am just glad you even wanted to stay with me."

"Dad calm down of course I am happy to spend time with you. You have to stop second guessing your coolness; it is a total let down."

"Phew, I was worried I was going to lose you already."

"You have no worries Dad; I promise it is going to be me and you for a while."

I hope this decision to come to the little quiet town of Forks was a good idea. I want to experience life to the fullest. Being a junior gives me no time to climb up the social latter and being the new girl is going to make it a little difficult or maybe easy. I have always heard little towns are the wildest maybe the right person in Forks can spark the flame and make this a wild party town for me. It might sound foolish but I want someone to sweep me off my feet, right to a private bedroom where magical things happen, where someone can taste my rainbow. I just want life here to be different then Phoenix. There I was barely known by the student body just another one of Ana's groupies but here no one knows me yet, I am determined to be different than what I used to be.

"Well Bells, we are here!"

"Good job on changing up the place. It is looking nice." I said sarcastically

"I am loving the sarcasm Bells, just love it. Your room is up the stairs to the left. Get yourself all settled in and I will make dinner."

"Make dinner?" I asked with a raised brow

"Okay, okay guilty as charged, order dinner." He replied

I got settled in and walked downstairs to the kitchen to eat and there stood a hot, nicely tanned skin boy with gorgeous long hair and a pearly white smile and he looked so familiar.

"Hey Bella, do you remember me, Jacob Black?" He asked

"Uhh yeah Jake I do remember you. How have you been?" I asked, his voice is sexy. Pull it together Bella you're not a nervous idiot so stop acting like one.

"Good, it is nice to see you. I remember we use to play together when our parents hung out." Hmm, I want to play with you right now, I thought to myself.

"Oh yeah, being a kid is fun."

"Well how you doing Jake? This is your surprise Bells, I wanted you to at least have one friend in our sleepy town of Forks." Charlie said inviting himself into the conversation.

"I am doing good Charlie thanks for asking." Jacob replied. Oh my, he swung his hair, if I could just run my fingers through it I would be a happy camper.

"Bells, Bella, Beelllaa!" Charlie was yelling to get my attention

"Huh what? Oh yeah, sorry I was just thinking this is such a nice surprise thank you Dad."

"Uh well I have to go maybe we can talk later here is my number." He said and I gave him my phone and he gave me his.

"Alright bye you two." He said smiling and walking out.

"Tell Billy I said hey and I will be down there this weekend." Charlie yelled out behind him

Wow! Jake went from an awkward little boy to a sexy mother fucker in like no time. I swear to Bob if Charlie was not right there I would have jumped on him so quick. I am such a horny little thing sometimes.