Day 26, post 10. Last chapter of the night.

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Chapter: 131

Rose and some of the other girls start laughing as Angela looks around at them before diving at me.

"You bitch! You're gonna regret the day you walked in here!" she screeches.

I feel her pull my hair, so I start hitting her back. It's doesn't take long before both of us are rolling about on the floor fighting.

I feel someone's arms wrap around me, pulling me off the bitch.

"You're dead, you hear me you whore? You're gone—fired—good bye! Be sure to take your trashy big fat fucking piece of shit friend of yours with you!"

A/N: Something tells me that Angela just yelled out her last delusional statement, and did it in front of all the bosses. Bella sure doesn't take things laying down does she?