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Chapter: 27

"Hello. Do you need help Miss …?"

I turn to look at the person who just spoke.

"I was told to ask for Mr. Whitlock and Mr. Cullen?"

The guy smiles and points to the left of the club. "See the guy with all the girls around him in the grey suit?"

I nod my head and grimace. "That is Mr. Whitlock, and Mr. Cullen is the one sitting beside him with the stack of papers in his hand."

I thank him, remove my trench coat, and make my way over to the group of people. I walk around the table, feeling a lot of eyes on me. I try to stop my body from showing any fear. I hope I am not shaking.

Get it together, Bella! These guys are your meal ticket. Remember: confidence, shoulders back, tighten up those butt muscles, suck in the flat tummy, and thrust out the twins.

A/N: Tomorrow we meet Mr. Cullen and Mr. Whitlock, how do you think Bella will do?