OUT-TAKE Number ONE: Taken from when Charlie and Jacob returned from Chicago.

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Jane's POV

My phone rings, I pick it up still reading my book.


"Hello Jane?" I look away from my book hearing Charlie Swan's voice on the other side.

"Hey Chewy."

I hear Charlie groan as I say his old nickname. "Jane, my name is Charles, my nickname is Charlie."

I hold back my chuckle. "Oh but I like calling you Chewy."

"Move on Jane, I—kind of need your help."

I let out a sigh. "Chewy, what did you do?"

I hear him mutter and grumble away.


"I kind of arranged for Bella to get married and she ran away."

I sigh rubbing my head, as Charlie keeps speaking.

"That's not the worst of it. The guy, Jacob, who is Bill's boy, he—well he called her a lot of name and threatened to have half the tribe fu—have sex with her."

I can hear the anger and fear in Charlie's voice and that's what is going to stop me from slapping the shit out of him when I get there.

"Chewy, I'll make it for dinner, and make sure it's something nice." I hang up and pack a bag.

I have been here in the hell whole of Forks for twenty-four hours. Charlie filled me in on what went down with Bella, and I severed him a little punishment of his own.

Jacob has called Charlie over forty times, but I have told Charlie that he can't respond to anything he says or does. I told him to just tally it all and I will add it to the boy's punishment.

I look at my cell as it buzzes and see that it's a text from Charlie, so I open it.

Jane—it wasn't me! Jacob's outside the station, after getting knocked out. Edward, the guy Bella's with, came to tell me that he asked Bella to marry him. Jacob came in and mouthed off again, and even challenged him to a fight. Edward walked away, but Jacob followed and Edward hit him, when he said he had guys lined up to have sex with Bella. He said she'd have her legs in the air for a long time. I'm going to watch my daughter get married. Call me to tell me how things are going. Charlie.

I roll my eyes—the fucker found a way around my no hitting Jacob rule. I text Charlie back, and tell him to have a good time. I get in my car to pick Jacob up and take him to the house I have set up for his lessons.

It takes five hours to get there and I am just pulling up when Jacob beings to wake up. I look to the house and see Katie wave at me from the upstairs window. She holds up eight fingers telling me she need more time to get ready. I love Katie's ability to change herself convincingly into an older woman.


Jacob POV.

Fuck I feel as if I was hit by a wrecking ball—stupid old fucker. What the fuck was his hand made of?

As my eyes focus, I see that I am in a car, with some chick in the front seat.

"Hey Sugar, where are you taking me?"

The chick whips her head around and gives me a disgusted look.

She parks the car and gets out. "Come on Jabba, time for you to see your new home and meet your new wife."

I look at her if she lost it.

"Bella's here?"

The chick shakes her head at me gives me a grin. I get out of the car, because she's got this sexy look on her face and shows me a little of her leg. I follow her in the house and I am surprised because it is really dirty. But—fuck it; she said I had a wife.

"So where is Bella—I can't wait to fuck her?"

The chick shakes her head again.

"Why would you want Bella as your wife?"

I grin at her. "She's sexy and after all the shit she's let fly out of her mouth at me—I can't wait to fuck her mouth," I say, giving my cock a garb.

The chick smirks at me. "Well, the wife I've got lined up for you has some experience with kink. I know she loves giving blow jobs, and I hear she has really great suction skills to boot."

I grin at her. "Tell me more."

The chick returns my smile. "She has a great figure. She's has beautiful, long blond hair, it doesn't look as old as what she appears to be. She really knows how to run a tight ship, and loves rules and a tidy home."

I bounce a little on my feet, because she talking about my ideal woman here.

I look at the chick and see that she fits much of the description she just gave me. "So are you my wife?" I ask as I lick my lips, but the chick shakes her head.

"Katie, come and meet your new husband," the chick yells at the top of her voice.

"What's all the shouting about?"

I turn toward the new voice and watch the door waiting for my new hot wife to walk through. As the door opens an older—much older woman walks through the door.

"Jane, you're here. Does that mean my young man is here too?"

The chick I now know is Jane, points to me and the old lady looks my way.

"Oh—my, my. Look what you brought me," the old lady licks her lips and shows me her gummy smile as she walks toward me.

"You are a fine looking boy," she says and I feel her tap my ass.

"Oh, I can't wait to taste you boy—it's been a long time."

Oh fuck that, there is no way some old birds lip are touching my cock. I feel her hand at the button of my pants.

"Katie, maybe we should trim him first—you know what these guys are like."

The old lady who I now know is Katie let out a sigh and nods her head.

I don't know how, but I end up on this table. I'm not sure how they got my pants off, but right now Jane is pulling off my tightie-whities.

"Oh my god, holy shit," the Jane chick yells out and slaps the side of the table by my leg while laughing. I'm starting to feel pissed off, knowing that she's laughing at me.

"Jane, what's all the yelli ... oh well that is so disappointing. Is that like a world record of some kind or something?"

I go to move my hands to cover my cock, but find that they've been tied down.

"We should measure it and see how small it is. Jane, go get one of the rulers."

I feel my face pale as they keep saying I am small, there's no way I'm small.

"Katie, do you have a ruler small enough?"

Katie shrugs her shoulders.

"Hey I'm not small, it's just—I'm scared." Yeah that's it.

Jane and Katie look at me, giving me a little nod and smile.

"Sure, that's the reason," Jane says before rolling her eyes.

Fuck I never knew how much being waxed free of hair was, but I think they made it hurt more than normal deliberately.


I groan hearing Katie call my name. "This is your uninform."

I look at her as she hands me heels and a female chambermaid outfit.

"What? No way!" I shake my head at them.

"Well since you have no clothing aside from that little towel, I guess it's a good thing you're," she stops, holds up her pinkie finger and wiggles it at me, "a small boy. You could always clean this house naked."

I look at her wide eyed. I think it's time I got out of here. "Believe me boy, there is no leaving here—I've taken harder, faster, and sexier boys than you out—I'm sure you would be easy to catch. I'm sure your dad has talked about the plain Jane, who turns into Jane the pain. Nice to meet you," she says extending her hand to me. Fuck, I am so dead! She's right, my father has told me about her—I am so screwed.

I have been here for two fucking weeks. I can't even fart without asking if I can first. My days now consist of getting up early. I have to get dressed in what they refer to as my dress clothes. I have to put on stupid makeup just so I can make breakfast. Just before it's ready, Katie and Jane will come down and we eat, and they will look at the paper. Once we are done, they leave me to do the dishes and of course there isn't a fucking dish washer in sight.

Around 8:30 in the morning ten of the worse noise making, pain in the ass, children arrive. Jane and Katie leave to do God knows what, and I have to look after and feed these kids. Of course they expect me to do all this, plus clean the house in fucking heels no less. The kids get pick up at different times—but there's still no sitting down for me. As soon as the last kid is out the door I need to make dinner and make sure all the mess the kids made is clean. How the hell they make so much mess—I will never know.

When Katie and Jane get back they tell me what they did, and I have to rub there feet, run their baths, and again clean the dishes after dinner. Every night Katie is trying to get in to my pants. At the end of the day I fall into bed, knowing that I need to do it all over again the next day. Each and every time I moan about my daily duties, they bring out the stupid fucking hand book I gave Bella. Fuck!

As the next two weeks pass, I start to feel things I never felt before. One of them is guilt over how I treated my friend's wives and spoke about some of the women in the tribe. I never realized just how much they do on a daily basis. It must suck to do all that and at the end of the day not have someone—well your other half to talk to—they must be really lonely.

Those thoughts just lead to me feeling even guiltier about what I said to and did to Bella. I used to think Seth was a fool, but now I see that he's the smartest in the tribe. Seth saw that the tribe had to move on and updated their old ways.

"Miss Jane, may I go to the bathroom?" Jane looks at me and nods her head.

"Hey there Cutie-pie, I can't wait to get you into bed and fuck you. I think I will photograph it and show the pictures to the bridge group. They're all a little upset I haven't given them any yet, but I promised to share if you were any good."

I sigh as I go into the bathroom. I can't say jack shit about what she says to me because I said worse about what I was going to do to Bella. I even said it in front of her dad and that guy Jane told me she married.

I do my business and head back out. "Jacob, can you come here please?"

I walk towards Jane.

"I think you're ready."

I look at her and frown. "For what, Miss Jane?"

I watch her smile at me. "For your training, you'll be starting your gentlemen's classes. There was no point in giving them if you have not walked a mile in the other person's shoes."

I not sure what going on, but anything will be better than this.

"Katie, thank you for all your help, and I'll call when I need you."

Katie smiles, and the starts to pull at the side of her face. I start to feel sick until I notice that it's a mask that she's pulling off.

"I will be waiting Jane. Jacob good luck and keep in mind everything that happened over this past month and you'll do great."

My jaw drops open as I look at Katie, who is clearly only in her twenties—and really good looking. As she takes the guards out of her mouth I see that she has all her own teeth.

I look back to Jane, as Katie leaves, in astonishment.

"Here are your own clothes. Be sure to get some rest, your classes start tomorrow at ten. I'll cook you breakfast, as a reward for getting to this stage."

The weeks go by and I find myself not only relearning manners that my own mother tried to instill into me as a young boy, but I also find myself wanting to do well.

It has been a total of four months, but today I return home to the reservation. Miss Jane is driving and we are both admiring the scenery. I get to the house and see there is a large gathering. "What is this about, Miss Jane?"

"This, Jacob, is your graduation party," she says.

I see many of my old friends, but I notice Emily's here, without Sam. After saying hello to a bunch of people, I ask her where Sam is and find out that he is currently enrolled into the same classes I just graduated from. I'm not seriously shocked by this knowledge since he and I were the two worse of the old school rules. After helping clean up and almost everyone is gone, I take a walk along the beach.

"Hi Jacob, I am glad to see that you're home, Billy missed you."

I turn shocked to see Leah Clearwater sitting on the huge drift wood tree. "Miss Leah, I am sorry I did not realize that you were there. Thank you, it is nice to be home," I reply.

"So did you really learn something, while you were away?"

I swallow, knowing how many times I had offended and hurt her in school saying nasty hateful things to her because she was simply the weaker sex. I move over to where she is sitting and I drop to my knees in front of her. "Leah Clearwater, with all that I am—I can never apologize enough for the infractions against you which I have laid. I can only promise to you that I would never, ever, do or say those nasty vulgar things again." I bow my head, in shame. I know how awful I have been.

I jump slightly in shock, when her small, delicate hand trails down the side of my face. "Jacob," she says lightly.

I look up and I see tears and I instantly feel my heart drop to the ground. "Please don't cry, Leah. I've never wanted to hurt you—you are and have always been special to me. I am very sorry I meant every word I—"

Her fingers cover my lips stopping my words from falling. "I have waited for a long time for you to notice me Jacob Black. You are finally a worthy man of my affections. Someday very soon, you will need to speak to my father and ask him if you may court me." With that she stands and walks up the beach toward her home. One day I will ask her to be my wife, for now I have a lot to prove, not only to her but to myself.

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