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Charlie's POV.

Written from when Bella and Edward are away on their honeymoon.

**warning some daddy kink ahead**

Jeez, I'm so bored! I flick through the hundreds of different channels on the TV. I sigh and switch it off as there are no sport channels. There's not even a fishing program on the public broadcasting channel. I grab the keys for my car that Bill and Harry dropped off for me. My plan was to drive around and get acquainted with the town, but somehow I ended up outside of Diamond Doll's Kitty Cave. I park the car and walk into the club.

"Hey Charlie." I look towards the woman that speaks to me.

"Good evening, Rose."

She smirks at me before handing me some slushy looking drink.

"You want a private dance?"

I look to her and gulp. I'm not sure if that's something I should do or even get from my daughter's friends.

Rose chuckles. "You're fine. Take a seat, and I will get one of the girls to serve you. If you change your mind, or see someone you like—let me know."

I nod at her and walk way to one of the tables near the stage.

I watch each of the girls dance and fuck! I forgot how hot twenty something year old girls looked.

"Hey handsome, do you want another drink?"

I turn my gaze to the girl and look her up and down. I gulp again as Mr. Shaft begins to twitch in my pants. All I can do is nod slowly. She walks away from me shaking her ass. I tilt my head a little to see if I can see any more of her ass as she stands at the bar.

The girl walks back to me, placing the drink on the table. "I am up next, but after my stage dance how about I give you a little lap dance?" Again all I can do is nod, and watch as she disappears toward the stage.

"Next up on the main stage tonight at the Kitty Cave is one of our favorite Diamond Dolls—let's give her a warm welcome, the hot and sexy Kandy Kane."

I watch as she moves around on the stage. Her eyes seem to be locked with mine. Anytime she has to look away, it isn't long before she is back to looking my way. In the many different strip clubs I have been to, this is the first time I have ever had a reaction like this to one of the strippers. I can hear the other guys cheering her on as she removes her clothes, but the fact that she's looking my way makes me feel like this dance is for me. Once her dance is over, she disappears behind the curtain. It only takes a short time for her to be walking my way.

"Follow me, Handsome. I'll show where we can go." She leads me to a small room off the main part of the club. She pushes me a little and I sit in the middle of a rather nice leather sofa. Her hands go to her neck, releasing the tie on the wrap she is wearing, and then starts to dance in front of me. She is topless, and only wearing a short little pink skirt. She grabs a chair, pulling it across from me and sits on it. Leaning forward, she scratches her nails lightly across the thighs of my jean covered legs.

Leaning back in the chair, she arches her back and spreads her legs open. I can see her bare uncovered pussy. I watch her trail her hands up her legs. Moving one hand up her body faster, she slides it up her side. As her left hand makes purchase with her own breasts, her right cups her pussy. My eyes stay locked on her hands, back and forth I glance between the two. She moans out as she thrusts two fingers inside herself, and I can hear the moisture coming from her thrusts. She peels the pasties from her nipples, and I can't hold in the moan that bubbles up my chest.

She stands and walks over to me and sits down on my lap facing me. I gulp as she grins at me, and I thrust Mr. Shaft against her causing her grin to fade into a lust filled face. I pull her right hand to my lips, sucking her digits into my mouth. In mere seconds her hands are threading through my hair and her mouth is on mine. She tastes like pure ambrosia, everywhere I've tasted so far. I crave more, but I know I need to stop this before it goes too far.

"You're real fucking sexy baby, and damn good at this. Does your daddy know this is how you make a living?" I ask, but instantly see hurt and sadness flash through her eyes before she smiles at me.

"I don't have a daddy." Her hands go around my neck and she pulls my hair a little and leans in to speak in my ear. "Will you be my daddy?"

I look at her grabbing her hips, fuck I don't think I have ever been turned on this much—ever. I nod my head at her. "So Baby Girl, why don't you tell Daddy your name."

I watch her swallow and see that she is getting turned on. I begin rubbing her ass cheeks, and I dip down enough to suck one of her nipples into my mouth.

"My—name is Kandy ..."

I raise my eyebrows at her, giving her a stern look, and she stops fidgeting.

"Lauren—my name is Lauren."

I smile at her, beginning to move my hips in line with hers.

Lauren's head flops forward a little and I know by the moan coming out of her that she's close. I run my left hand up her back to her hair.

I pull her head back a little and whisper in her ear. "Baby Girl, do you want Daddy to make you cum?"

Lauren looks me in the eye briefly, before closing her eyes and nodding her head.

"You have to answer Daddy, if you want to cum."

Lauren begins to try and move her hips more, and I place my other arm around her stopping her movement. "Answer me, Baby Girl."

"Yes, please Daddy, make me cum please."

I smile at her and thrust a few times. Moving my hand from her hair to her slick pussy, I grind into her as I pinch her wet clit. "Come for Daddy, Baby Girl."

I feel Lauren shake and she falls against my chest. I wrap my arms around her, but continue to grind Mr. Shaft against her. My own climax is on the cusp of release, and with one more hard thrust against her, I suck her neck into my mouth. As my breathing slows, I rub her back. She leans back slightly, and I can see she's looking a little worried.

"Are you okay?" She nods her head at me.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks, Handsome," she says with a wink at me, but I know that she's still worried. She moves off my lap and walks away from me. I watch as she gets dressed, and she still looks worried.

"I have to finish my shift waiting tables now," she says before she leaves the small room we were in. I compose myself in the small bathroom attached to the room and make my way back to my table.

The rest of the night goes by and I try to see Lauren again, but she stays clear of me. At closing time I drive away, but don't seem to drive far from the club. I turn and go back and sit in the parking lot for a bit. There is really something about Lauren. That was the first time in seven years I have had an orgasm that was not self-induced. I sigh and go to start my car again, as Lauren starts to walk past me.

I jump out of the car and call her name. "Lauren, can I give you a lift somewhere?"

She looks at me, shaking her head.

I move toward her. "Please, it's not safe for a young girl to be out walking on her own. I have a daughter and if I found out she was walking home from work late at night after drilling it in to her about the dangers—I would kill her myself."

Lauren laughs a little shaking her head. "I don't even know your name."

I smile at her and put out my hand. "Charlie."

Lauren smiles and shakes my hand. "Well Charlie, I've never done that before ... um what we did earlier. There is just ..."

I tilt my head and raise my eyebrows at her.

"No, I've done THAT before. What I mean is—I've never had an orgasm while I gave a lap dance at the club before."

I nod at her, knowing now that the worry was over her thinking I thought less of her.

"That makes a first for two of us. I've never cum while having a lap dance before either. Please Lauren, would you join me for a bite to eat?" Lauren looks at me.

"That is all I am asking. I'm new here, so maybe you know somewhere that is open. I would say get some takeout and come over to the place I am staying at, but I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

Lauren walks over to me with a small smile on her face. "I have no idea why I am doing this. I should know better than to trust a guy I just met, but there's something about you Charlie, that makes me know that you wouldn't hurt me. With that said, the place you're staying and takeout sound great."

I smile, opening the car door for her and she gets in.

It doesn't take us too long before we are eating a late supper. The whole time we've been together, we have talked. I know so much about her and she knows about how the only woman that I have ever been with was Renee. I told her how she died eight years ago and it was like a year before that when we last made love. She in turn told me about the men she's been with. I heard about her failed relationships and even the current sort of one she has now. He is more of a fuck buddy of sorts who she sees for one week a year and Skype's with once a month. She wanted more from him, but she knows that it isn't going anywhere.

"So, what's your daughter's name?"

I look at her in shock, and then worry that she might freak out that my daughter is her friend. "Bella," I say quietly.

Lauren looks at me as her eyes widen. "I'm gonna kill you, Rose Cullen," she says.

I look at her in confusion, and then she slaps me hard across my face. "Hey, what was that for?" I yell and Lauren glares at me.

"How could you sell her off to that pig?" As Lauren goes to smack me again I catch her hand in mine.

"Look here, Baby Girl, I didn't know. I know I fucked up big time, and I will make it up to her."

Lauren snorts. "How can you make that up to her?" Lauren stands up and grabs her jacket and heads to the front door. I move quickly, laying my hand on the door, and stand in front of her.

"Move out the way."

I shake my head at her. "I am planning on talking to Bella when she gets back. I will do everything and anything to make it up to her."

Lauren huffs, but shakes her head at me.

"Why has this upset you so much?"

Lauren glares at me. "She's my friend. I saw how upset she was, and has been because of that stupid choice of yours."

Lauren's voice is a little shaky and I know that what she said is true, but I have a feeling there's more than what she just said.

"That's not all, Baby Girl, is it?" Lauren looks at me then away.

"Move, I want to go home."

I shake my head at her. "You're afraid of what you feel, aren't you?"

"Ah, tell me what it is exactly that I feel, Charlie?"

"You feel this," I say before pulling her in and kissing her. Lauren kisses me back, before pulling away and slapping me again.

"Would you stop hitti ..."

Lauren cuts me off by leaping into my arms. I stumble backwards and my back hits the door. I turn us around, pushing Lauren against the door.

"Fuck, Baby Girl, I want you. Will you let Daddy have you?" Lauren tightens her legs around me and nods desperately. I move us quickly towards Alice's old bedroom. Moving through the door, I push her up against the wall. Reaching down I pull her legs off my sides. "These feet have to be on the floor for a minute Baby Girl, so I can remove these clothes."

I go back to kissing her mouth and trailing my lips down her neck. With little nips and licks, I remove every last thread of cloth covering her body. Once she is standing before me, and I am kneeling on the floor from removing the last of her clothing, I smile up at her. "Daddy can't wait to taste this little honey pot."

Moving her left leg over my shoulder, I grasp her ass and pull her pussy to my mouth. Within minutes, my baby girl shatters in my arms as her juices run down my chin and neck.

I pick her up and move her to the bed. Gently laying her down, I remove my clothes and move to her side. Kissing her lightly, I whisper words of how I intend to make her feel the way she does now all night long. When she starts to focus more on me and is able to respond more, I lightly start touching her body. Using gentle strokes across her skin I make her moan and relax, and then a light pinch to her nipple or clit makes her pant.

Before long she is straddling my lap and smiling down at me looking so cute and innocent. "Daddy wants you to slide that wet pussy down Mr. Shaft. Do you want to fuck your daddy with that hot little twat?"

"Yes Daddy, I want that so much."

I grab a condom from the bedside table and roll it down my length. I watch in awe as she leans up and positions herself over me. As she slowly slides down, I know that I can never let this woman get away—she makes me feel whole again.

Over the next several days, I watch her dance, bring her home, and bed her all night long. We have shared plenty of nights of kinky and vanilla sex, but one thing is certain, I'm not giving her up anytime soon.

I'd have to say that Bella catching her screaming out "Daddy, make me cream!" was a little difficult to get over. After I made my baby girl cream, we both faced the music from Bella and Edward together. That was a talk I will remember forever.

Lauren point of view

I can't believe that I am married with three kids. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this would be my life. I didn't have a good start in life, but unlike some, I was happy with what I had. There were so many children and young adults that had no family or home, and I was one of them. I may not have had a family, but I have always had great friends—who have become my family.

One of the reasons I loved working for Edward was that he made sure all of us girls were looked after, and in turn we looked after each other. When Bella joined us we could all see that he was falling in love with her, but I could see the same scared-of-love in his eyes that I had. He overcame it and married Bella.

Edward and Bella got married and went on their honeymoon. This guy came to the club and as soon as I saw him, I felt my panties get wet. He was and is my dream man. When I gave him a lap dance, he had me call him daddy, something I am very into. I came so hard, and I wanted him badly.

He took me home to his apartment and I found out he was Bella's dad, I knew I had seen him before, but couldn't figure out where. I have a really bad memory when it comes to names and faces.

The first few months were hard. Charlie showed me so much love it scared me, but he didn't let me go and refused to let me run away.

Then Bella had walked into the room when we were having some daddy and baby girl time. I was mortified. I chuckle now when I remember that she simply said 'wrong door' and walked back out closing the door behind her.

We found her in the kitchen washing her eyes with water while Edward was chuckling at her. We sat and talked it through; and Bella got a little enjoyment from pointing out that he was fifteen years older than me. I didn't hide my laugh when Edward threatened Charlie, saying that he better not hurt me. But what surprised me was when Bella threatened Charlie as well, saying that I was her friend and he better treat me right.

Everything after that fell into place. I became pregnant with our first child, and then we had the twins. I love being a mom and a wife. Charlie and I still enjoy some daddy time together when the kids are being watched elsewhere.

Bella and I have become even better friends than we were before. She still calls me Lauren, however Edward and Emmett have taken to calling me mom when we are out. They even call Charlie dad. I have had some weird looks from people that pass us by, but I don't mind. Charlie keeps telling them that he will get them back, but it hasn't happened so far. As much as I love Charlie, successfully playing pranks is not his strong suit.

Growing up, I figured I would be lucky if I was able to find a man to love, but now I have found so much more. I have a man who I love, and he loves me back. I have a wonderful best friend, who is also my step daughter. I have a wonderful son-in-law who is also the man who made me learn to trust the good in men. I have children and grandchildren, and, most of all, I can now say I have a family of my own.

"Hey Baby girl, Vicky and Tia just called, the kids are all fine and looking forward to the weekend away."

I look over to my wonderful husband and smile knowing that this weekend is going to be full of love, lust, and some daddy time.

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