Chapter Twenty

USS Resolution

Ten Minutes Later

Captain Darien Parker sat behind his desk in the ready room in shocked silence. He had only recently finished speaking with SG-1 regarding the upcoming talks with Lord Yu. Their information on how to deal with the Goa'uld System Lord had been interesting and would be very helpful. According to SG-1 Yu would try to immediately establish himself in what he believed to be a dominant position in the negotiations something that Darien had heard about before. The Cardassians were just the same even when at a disadvantage politically and militarily the Cardassians always tried to set themselves up in a dominant position in any diplomatic negotiations. He remembered that Admiral Jellico had once commented that dealing with the Cardassians was like dealing with a pack of wolves – you had to establish yourself in the dominant position or they would walk all over you. The Goa'uld seemed to be the same way – though the teeth on their warships were nowhere near as sharp as those on a Cardassian warship.

After finishing talking to SG-1 Darien had come to the ready room to do some of his mountain of paperwork before he went off duty. He had been reading through a report from Lieutenant Barrett on the performance of the modifications to the warp engines that allowed them to travel through hyperspace when Commander Urlet and Lieutenant Commander Beech had come to see him. There revelation that some SGC personnel had stolen some technology from one of the fighters left behind at Tollana had shocked him to the core.

"Are you sure about this," he asked.

"Yes sir I am afraid so," Urlet replied. "Much as we might not want to believe it some of the SGC personnel have stolen some of our technology and taken it back to Earth with them. I hate to think what they will do with it."

"So do I," Darien admitted remembering that despite going out into space through the Stargates the Humans of this time were just like the Humans of his own worlds twenty first century still fighting with each other for petty infantile reasons. They had yet to grow up. In there own universe it had taken two more major wars the Eugenics War and the following Third World War before they as a people had begun to grow up. A process aided by the Vulcans after first contact in 2063. The way that they kept the existence of the Stargate secret from there own people and the other nations on Earth was proof that they still had much maturing to do. Even if they couldn't understand the technology they'd stolen they probably wouldn't hesitate to use it and probably get themselves killed. If they inadvertently caused the power cell on the stolen phaser to overload for one it would not only blow them up but the building they were in as well and cause heavy casualties in any innocents near by. They had to recover the stolen equipment for everybody's sakes.

"The question is why would they take our technology," Beech asked.

"It could be any number of reasons. They might want to use it on there own enemies on Earth," Darien pointed out. "They could also want it to use against the Goa'uld. After all they have had ample opportunity to see that our weapons are vastly superior to those of the Goa'uld."

"Both scenarios are very real possibilities," Commander Urlet agreed. "But whatever the reason for the theft is we have to get that technology back as soon as possible. But the problem is we cannot leave orbit of this planet until after the discussions with Lord Yu have taken place."

"Good point."

"So what are we going to do," Beech asked.

Leaning back in his chair Darien thought about it for a few moments. He was still having difficulty believing that someone among the SGC would steal technology from them for any reason. For twenty first century Humans the SGC personnel he'd met were not that bad. Yes they were arrogant, somewhat judgemental and needlessly aggressive but he'd seen maturity in some of them as well. Especially Daniel Jackson. With his intelligence, compassion and essentially passive nature he could have easily been born in the twenty-forth century. He found it difficult to believe that SGC personnel went around routinely stealing technology from more advanced civilisations. Though there was a possibility that the ones responsible were in a minority. And with the right tools that would be all it would take to cause trouble.

"Okay here's what we will do," he said at last. "I suspect that those who have stolen our technology are probably in a minority among the SGC personnel so we will give them a chance to deal with it themselves. Mr Beech bring our guests to me immediately."

"Aye sir. If you will excuse me I will go and get them." Darien nodded and Beech turned and left the ready room.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea sir," Urlet asked. "While I agree that the thieves are probably in a minority among the SGC personnel. The others probably know and turn a – I believe your people call it a blind eye to what's going on."

"Perhaps. Which is why I'm not going to give them an indefinite amount of time to retrieve and return the stolen technology on there own. The talks with Lord Yu shouldn't last more than a day or two. We'll give them a week to retrieve our technology on their own."

"And if they haven't at the end of that time?"

"Then we will take this ship to Earth and retrieve the technology ourselves. I seriously doubt that they would have the ability to hide the technology from our sensors. And commander if we have to go and retrieve the tech ourselves then we might well have to consider terminating all contact with the SGC."

"That seems to be fair. What about Dr Gardner and Dr Jackson?"

"They can remain here for now," Darien replied. "If we do have to terminate contact with the SGC then we'll drop them off on Earth."


"Dismissed commander." Urlet nodded then turned and left the room. Darien stood up from his chair and went to his ready room replicator. He needed some coffee.

It was a very bemused SG-1 who were led into the ready room by Lieutenant Commander Beech a few minutes later. As soon as they entered the ready room Colonel Jack O'Neill knew that something was wrong, very wrong.

"You asked to see us," he asked.

"Yes colonel I did. I have bad news I am afraid," Darien replied calmly. "Some of your people on Tollana have stolen technology from us." Jack stared at Darien in disbelief for a moment and then internally he groaned. He could guess what had happened. Should have realised they'd get up to there old tricks at the first opportunity, he thought.

"What!" Samantha Carter exclaimed. "We wouldn't do…" Her voice trailed off as she too realised what had happened.

"What is it?" Darien asked.

"No one in the SGC would steal your technology Darien," Daniel replied. "But there is one group who might still have agents among the SGC who wouldn't hesitate to steal from you if they though they needed to. They've done it before."

"What is this group?"

"NID," Jack O'Neill replied angrily.

"And what is the NID?"

"The National Intelligence Directorate," Daniel replied. "There a department of the US government. Technically the NID is a civilian operation but there are a large number of military personnel involved with them. Especially in field operations and the higher command levels. They know about the Stargate and regularly criticise Stargate Command."


"Because we won't steal technology from others," Jack replied. "If someone says no to us we might not like it but we will abide by it. The NID however will not take no for an answer. They believe that we should do whatever is necessary to protect Earth from the Goa'uld. And that includes stealing from our allies. What they've done on Tollana is exactly their style."

"Are you saying that your government cannot control its own people."

"The president might not know. NID regularly goes behind his back. But we can never prove it."

"Then you will have to teach this NID agency a lesson Colonel," Darien replied. "I want you to go back to Earth and retrieve our technology. Daniel you can remain here with Sarah. Councillor Dalara will need a few more days with her." Daniel nodded.

"What will you do in the meantime," Teal'c asked.

"I will meet with Lord Yu as planned," Darien replied. "Colonel O'Neill I cannot emphasise how dangerous the technology the NID have stolen is. You must retrieve it."

"I cannot guarantee success," Jack replied. "But we will try."

"That is all can ask. But colonel know this my patience is not infinite. If you cannot retrieve our technology then we will come and retrieve it and all contact between the two of us will be terminated." Jack flinched as he heard that though he had been half expecting it. At the same time the reason for it annoyed him to no end. With their sheer technological strength the crew of the Resolution could be a powerful ally of Earth – but now once again the behaviour of the NID was jeopardising Earth's relations with others.

"How long do we have?"

"You have one week beginning tomorrow morning. Commander Beech will escort those of you who are going back to Earth to the transporter room. We will beam you down to the planet near the Stargate so you can go back to Earth. We retrieved your equipment from the Goa'uld when we rescued you earlier so you can go through without hindrance. Any questions?" SG-1 shook their heads the stakes had been made perfectly clear. "Good. You can go."

Commander Beech led SG-1 out of the ready room, for a moment Daniel hung back and looked for a moment like he was going to say something then he also left the room and went to look for Sarah.

Alone once again in his ready room Darien sighed – he hated having to give SG-1 an ultimatum but he really had no choice the stolen technology had to be recovered one way or another. Sighing again he looked back at his mountain of paperwork and picked up the next pad.