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Chapter 1: Awakening

Somewhere unknown.

Ichika's day wasn't the best today. Well it didn't start like that. Ichika woke up in his house and was getting ready to watch the Mondo Grosso tournament, but all that changed when two men broke into his home. The two men grabbed the boy and knocked him out. Ichika awoke a few hours laters strapped to a table. Ichika tried to move, but it was all futile.

"Boy quit moving, you're going to mess up my experiment." an old man with white lab coat said.

"Who are you? Let me go." Ichika desperately said.

"Sorry boy, I can't do that, now then hold still." The man now grabbed a large looking syringe, Ichika got scared when he saw that the liquid inside the vial was glowing.

As the man got closer, Ichika tried everything he could to get away. The man violently injected Ichika with the syringe and the glowing liquid entered his body.

Before Ichika could even mustered a moan of pain, his body suddenly felt extremely hot as if he was set on fire. Ichika was starting to sweat, but just as soon as the feeling of extreme heat came it left and in its place a feeling of extreme cold came to the two feeling of extreme temperature kept oscillating, Ichika couldn't handle it, but then his body felt like electricity was running through him. His vision was fading away, his heart rate on a heart monitor flat lined. The old man walk up to Ichika lifeless body.

"Shame, I was sure his body would be able to handle it." The old man began to delete files on his computer about the plans he had in store for Ichika. The old man didn't see that Ichika's hair started to turn white.

"BREACHING!" a person yelled. The old man suddenly heard an explosion then five men enter the room, they were armed with assault rifles.

"We have visual on the target, preparing to engage." One of the men said as they all pointed their weapons at the old man.

The old man pushed a button underneath his computer and the ground beneath him opened up and he fell down an escape tunnel.

"Dammit he's getting away. Mikey, Sam you two go after him." A really buff man said.

"Captain Redfield we've got a dead kid on our hands." One of the members of the team said.

"Poor kid." Chris said as he made his way to Ichika. Chris closed Ichika's eyes which were now red. As the team was about to leave they heard the heart monitor beep.

"The kid still alive. Quickly we need to get this kid to a medic." Chris ordered his men to move Ichika body while he worked on getting some transport.

Meanwhile in Japan.

Chifuyu Orimura just busted through a wall in a warehouse by the docks.

"Ichika! Ichika! If you can hear me yell!" Chifuyu yelled, but she got no response. She searched on and on for hours. She started moving into the city, but she still couldn't find Ichika.

Eventually she was forced to give up.

Somewhere In America.

Eventually Ichika made it to the states. It had been three weeks since his kidnapping. He has yet to wake up.

"Okay tell me again why I'm here?" a young blond woman said. She was walking next to Chris.

"You're the only one here that knows Japanese, Natasha." Chris and Natasha Fair now entered Ichika's room.

"So he hasn't woken up at all?" Natasha thought that Ichika looked peaceful while he slept.

"No he hasn't so we don't know anything about this kid. We started doing some blood test to see what that crazy doctor tried to do to him." Chris picked up a clipboard that was at the foot of Ichika's bed. Chris's eyes grew wide.

"What, What is it?" Natasha was hoping it wouldn't be bad.

"This boy can operate an I.S."

"What, it's impossible for a male to use an I.S." Natasha couldn't believe what Chris was saying. She took the clipboard from Chris's hands and began reading the list.

"An SSS-Rank compatible with an I.S. That's nuts, the highest ever was Chifuyu Orimura and she only had a SS-Rank compatible. Just what is this kid." Natasha kept reading through the list.

"He's waking up." Chris helped Ichika get up. Ichika began to look around.

"Where am I." Ichika said in Japanese.

"You're in the United States right now, my friend here found you in Chad, Africa. Kid could you please tell me your name." Natasha answered in Japanese. Ichika tried to remember something, but whenever he did his head began to hurt.

"I don't know. I can't remember anything." Ichika said.

"Dammit." Natasha cursed in English.

"What is it, what did he say?" Chris was hoping for good news.

"The kid's got amnesia."

"You're joking right?"

"I'm afraid not."

"I'm sorry." Ichika said which shocked Natasha.

"Kid why are you being sorry for?"

"I'm being a burden to you two."

"No sweetie you're not." Natasha hugged Ichika which surprised him.


"Kid I can tell that you have a kind heart and would never do anything to cause anyone any harm." Ichika began to cry in her arms. After awhile he finally calmed down.

"So what are we going to do with him." Natasha asked Chris.

"Natasha I want you to translate what I'm about to say." Natasha nodded her head and Chris began to speak.

"Kid would you like to join the BSAA?" Natasha translated exactly what Chris said without thinking.

"Wait, you're kidding?" Natasha couldn't believe that Chris would suggest such an idea.

"No I'm serious."

"I want to join you guys." Ichika said which shocked Natasha.

"Kid are you serious, this isn't like some after school club. It's very dangerous work."

"I understand this and I can tell that it will be hard, but I still want to join you guys." Ichika sounded very determine. Chris could tell what he was saying by the way Ichika sounded like.

"See he's just like you Natasha."

"Yeah except I was sixteen when I joined, which is the legal age for anyone to join any fraction of the armed forces of the U.S."

"Don't worry I'm gonna talk to the guys upstairs, but I'll asked one more time are you sure kid?" Natasha translated for him again and Ichika nodded his head to show that he was serious.

"Hey we should give him a name. It doesn't feel right to call him kid all the time." Chris suggested.

"I know the perfect name, Seth it was my grandfather's name." Natasha asked if Ichika would like that name. Ichika nodded his head.

"So its settle his name will be Seth Fairs, here I'll get started on the paperwork."

"Wait, why is his last name the same as mine?" Natasha had a bad feeling about this.

"That easy, it's because you're going to be the one taking care of him." Chris bolted out of the door.

"WAIT CHRIS!" Natasha saw that he was long gone. She sat down next to Ichika, or Seth in this case.

"Well my house is big enough and I get paid a lot, maybe it will be fine if I take him in." "Hey Seth would it be fine with we lived together?" She didn't want to force him into anything.

"Hai, Onee-chan!" Ichika said with a cheerful smile. Natasha face turned a bright shade of red.

"That's dangerous." Natasha thought as she regain her composure.

Soon Natasha left the hospital with her new little brother.

A Week Later BSAA H.Q.

Chris was able to get Ichika into the BSAA after the higher-ups learn that he could pilot an I.S. Chris and Natasha would be in charge of his training, but they now had a problem. They didn't have a spare I.S. unit or any spare I.S. cores. All current unites that the United States were already assigned to pilots.

Luckily for them one of Chris's men during their raid on that wack doctor, had found what appeared to be an I.S. unit, but it was missing a I.S. core. The tech guys at the BSAA had done a full scan on the machine and nothing seemed out-of-order.

"Are you sure this is going to work Chris?" Natasha thought that this whole idea was nuts. There was no way this would work.

"I'm pretty sure it will work. Hey the worst that could happen is that nothing at all will happen." Chris said. Natasha believed him. Natasha told Ichika to step in the I.S.

The machine seemed like a normal default I.S. Ichika stepped inside of the machine and it suddenly it turned into a some sort of black goo and wrapped itself around Ichika.

"SETH!" both Chris and Natasha yelled as they moved to try to help Ichika.


Ichika open his eyes and everywhere he looked was white.

"Where am I?" Ichika thought as he tried to look around for anything.

"Do you wish for power?" a female voice said.

"Who's there?"

"Do you wish for power?" The voice asked once more.

Ichika thought for a few moments then answered "yes."

"Why do you want power?"

"To protect those who are dear to me."

"I see, then the contract is complete I will change to your needs when the time comes my master." The voice said as Ichika returned to his world.

Back with BSAA.

"SETH!" members of the BSAA rushed to try and help Ichika out of whatever it was that was attacking him.

Suddenly they were pushed back by a force. They then were hit by a blinding bright light. They were forced to closed their eyes. When they open their eyes, they saw that Ichika was in a I.S. This I.S. was black. It had a red visor and Ichika chin was visible. It had wings made from red energy. (It looks like Black Ace from Megaman star force 3.)

"Seth are you alright?" Natasha didn't want anything to happen to Ichika. In her haste she spoke in English.

"I'm fine." Ichika responded in english. Both Chris and Natasha couldn't believe it.

"Huh? You're speaking English Seth?"

"I am?" Ichika didn't even realise that he was speaking in another language.

"What the hell is going on, a minute ago you didn't know what the hell I was say and now you speak perfect english?" Chris was absolutely stunned by these turn of events.

"Sir you need to see this data we're getting from the I.S." one of the tech guys said. Chris and Natasha both walked over to the computer and were shocked to see how many different weapons Ichika's I.S. already had.

"This kid could start world war three with this." Chris jokingly said, but he was probably right. Ichika I.S. had A LOT of firepower. They had learned how Ichika was able to speak english. The I.S. had a translator program installed on it.

"So does the I.S. have a name?" Chris asked one of the techs, but Ichika answered him first.

"Blaze, that's its name. That's what it's telling me."

"Huh, I.S. unit Blaze. I like the sound of that."

Time skip five years.

Ichika had been training with Natasha with his I.S. The scientists that were recording data from Ichika's I.S. were stunned to find that It had evolve with Ichika. It was currently the United State's only third generation I.S. The U.S. was trying to find out how this I.S. had advance so much and so fast.

It was now night. Because they couldn't figure out when Ichika birthday was, they just decided that the day that Chris found him.

They knew that he was at least 15. Natasha was able to stop any testing the BSAA wanted to do on Ichika, but she knew that when he turned 16 there was no way that she could stop them any more. She had to do something.

"Hello?" A woman on the phone said.

"Chifuyu-san it's Natasha."

"Natasha it's been awhile."

"It has, I know this is going to sound weird, but I need a big favor."

"Oh what kind of favor."

"I need you to get my little brother into I.S. academy." Chifuyu didn't say anything for a while. Then she spoke.

"Ok why would you want him to go to a school for I.S. when men can't use an I.S.?"

"Look, he can use an I.S. I can't tell you anymore then that. It's classified. Please they are going to do some sort of testing on him. I'll think of a way to stop I just need some time." Chifuyu didn't say anything.


"Alright. Man this is going to take a lot of paper work."

"Thank you." She sounded truly happy.

"Yeah, yeah." With that Chifuyu hung up.

A Couple of weeks later a package arrived. Natasha now open it and now headed into Ichika room.

"What's up?" Ichika was reading a book.

"Hey Seth how's your Japanese."

"Perfect, why?" Natasha tossed Ichika an I.S. uniform.

"What's this?"

"Your I.S. academy uniform. You're going to leave on Saturday."


"Look its this or you become a test subject. Seth please do it for me." She started to give him some puppy eyes.

"Fine. I'll go just stop with that look."

"Yea!" Natasha now hugged Ichika and he started to blush.

A few days later. I.S. academy.

"Alright act cool." Ichika was trying to get into I.S. undetected. He knew after today the media would be on him like stink on a skunk. Luckily it was 4:30 A.M. local time so most of the girls were asleep.

Ichika was looking for any school staff members. Luckily he did. It was a woman who was about in her twenties.

"Excuse me miss." The woman turned around and revealed herself to be Chifuyu Orimura. She started looking at Seth. Something inside of her was yelling that she was looking at her brother.

"No he looks like him, but Ichika's dead." The German government had told her that they found a body that would most likely belong to her brother. Her brother had died to her knowledge. She was depressed for the first few years after failing to protect the last family member she had, and had come to terms that he was gone.

"Is something wrong?" Ichika saw the troubled look on her face.

"No nothing at all. You're Natasha's little brother right?" Ichika nodded his head.

"Well I would show you to your room, but class will begin in a few hours so there's no point in that." She began to tell him all the rules about the school. Their talk lasted for a couple of hours until it was time for homeroom.

"This is difficult." Ichika thought as he was being stared at by all the girls in the classroom.

"I know that this school would be all girls, but dammit this pressure is going to kill me." The most intense look he was getting was from Houki who was in the same row. Ichika was too lost in his thought to notice that he was called.

"Seth? Seth Fairs please answer." Ichika was surprised to hear his name called.

"H-Hai!" Ichika jumped out of his seat. The other girls started to laugh at his actions.

"Sorry did I scare you?" Maya looked like she was about to cry.

"No it my fault, I was too lost in my thoughts. So why did you call me?"

"We're introducing ourself. We're now on F."

"I see, well then my name is Seth Fairs. I'm the only male currently able to use a I.S. I'm also the representative candidate of the BSAA. This is all I can tell you, the rest is classified." This got a lot of people wondering who this guy was.

"Okay then to the next student." Maya said. During the roll call Chifuyu entered the room. The girls immediately started shrinking

"KYAAA—! It's Chifuyu-sama, it's the real Chifuyu-sama herself!"

"I've always been your biggest fan!"

"I came to this school from North Kyushu because I admired you, onee-sama!"

"I came all the way from Southern Hokkaido!"

"I'm so happy to be taught by Chifuyu-sama!"

"I'll gladly die for Chifuyu-sama!"

Chifuyu couldn't believe how the girls were acting. She had to put a stop to it.

"Urusai!" Chifuyu yelled. Everyone shut their mouths when they heard her.

"I swear they give me all the crazy ones. I will be drilling into you how to I.S. operate an for the first six months, After that we will be doing combat training drill. Do I make my self clear." The entire class said yes.

"Good then we'll now begin the class." Chifuyu started to teach a lesson with Maya.

Ichika was board out of his mind now. Chifuyu was teaching something that Ichika already knew by heart. Natasha during these five years, had taught Ichika everything their was to know about an I.S. Maya saw a weird look on Seth face.

"Seth-kun is something wrong. Do you understand the lesson?"

"I already learned this."

"Is that so." Chifuyu said. "Then would you like to teach this lesson." She was hoping he would sit down. Instead Ichika got up and began to teach the class.

"So does anyone have any questions?" He said was he saw everyone taking notes after his lecture that shocked both Maya and Chifuyu. He did know this subject by heart.

"Alright take a seat you've proven that you know this. Just don't sleep in class." Chifuyu knew that he was tired from the 20 hour flight plus the jet lag and to top it all off he was being taught something he knew by heart. Somehow Ichika stayed awake.

It was now the break after third hour. Ichika was now getting ready for the next class when he was confronted by Houki.

"How can I help you?" Ichika said.

"Can we talk on the roof?" Houki asked. Ichika did as she asked.


"So why did you call me out here?" Ichika asked.

"Ichika why are you using the name Seth? Why did you dye your hair and what happen to your eyes?" She was talking about his white hair and his red eyes.

"This is my natural hair color. Look, I don't know this Ichika kid. You're mistaking me with someone else." Ichika said as he began to leave.

"Wait!" Ichika didn't listen to her and returned to class.

"Dammit my head's hurting." Ichika pulled out a bottle of pills. These were for his head when he would get a headache. He began to feel better after he took one.

Room 1025.

Class ended a long ago. It was now night-time. Ichika wasted no time in getting to his room.

"Here it is room 2025." Ichika entered the room he could hear someone showering. "Oh crap."

"Is someone there. Ah you must be my roommate, sorry for coming like this." Houki stepped out of the shower room. She was wrapped in a towel.

"I'm Shinonono Houki, I'll be in your care." She opened her eyes and saw a blushing Seth covering his eyes.

"Ichika! What the hell are you doing here?!" Houki immediately grabbed a wooden sword.

"Woah wait I can explain." Houki didn't listen she attacked Ichika.

Ichika partially summoned his I.S. so that he would use his energy blade to protect himself. The energy blade grew from Ichika's wrist and when Houki's wooden sword touched Ichika's blade. It was cut clean through.

"The hell is your problem. That could have hurt me." Houki was surprised by his words. She realized that he could have been really hurt.

"I-I'm sorry." Houki said sheepishly.

"Here go get dressed, I'll wait outside." Ichika left the room.

After a couple of minutes Houki let him back in.

"Okay so we're roommates so we should get along right."

"How can you say that? A boy and a girl shouldn't share the same room after the age of 7." Houki was blushing pretty badly.

"But we don't have a choice. I could take weeks for a new room to open up. So we'll have to deal with it. So we should get a long."

"I guess so Ichika."



"My name is Seth not Ichika."

"Sorry you just look a lot like an old friend of mine." Something came to Ichika's mind.

Ichika had a sudden flashback. He saw a little girl and a little boy practicing in a dojo. "Ichika you can do better than that!" As fast as the memory came it left. It went by so fast that he couldn't get a good look at the girl.

Ichika put his hand on his head.

"Hey are you alright?" Houki saw that he was in pain.

"I'm fine, I just get a lot of headaches." Ichika pulled out a the same bottle of pills and took one pill. His headache disappeared.

"You sure you alright?"

"Yes, now then we should set up some rules."

"Good idea. Here's about the shower. My time will be from 7 to 8, your time will be 8 to 9."

"That's a little late. Why is yours so late."

"I have kendo practice."

"Don't they have showers there." Ichika had known from several sport clubs in his old school that the sports club had showers.

"They do, but I don't feel right if it isn't my shower."

"In other words you're shy. I guess it's fine. Wait does the bathroom have a toilet."

"No." Houki said.

"This is bad, very bad." Ichika was able to avoid a mental meltdown. They began to settle out the other rules for the room. When it came time to sleep both were surprised then they felt easy sleeping next to each other.

The next morning.

Ichika and Houki left the room to go eat breakfast. Ichika had grabbed a breakfast that was three times the size of a normal breakfast.

"That's a lot of food." Houki didn't think that he could finish it.

"It actually pretty small compared to what I'm use to." Ichika began to eat the food at a steady pace.

"Wow Fairs-san you eat a lot of food." A girl said.

"Well he's a guy so he eats a lot." Another girl said.

"Yeah, but this much?"

"Trust me I need a lot of energy." Ichika said.

After Ichika eat his food the girls around them began to introduce themselves. Ichika was able to remember most of the names.

"Why the hell are you eating so slow?!" Chifuyu yelled as she told the students to hurry up. No one dared to eat slow. They hurried to finish their food.


Several hours had passed and the students began to get ready for the next class.

Ichika was getting his books ready when he was approached by a blond girl. The blond girl stood there and did nothing.

"Is there something you want?" Ichika said.

"Do you not know who I am?" The girl said.

"No sorry." The girl scoffed.

"Well you should be honored to be able talk to Cecilia Alcott. I'm sure you've heard of me."

"No I haven't." Ichika bluntly said.

"I'm the representative candidate of England."

"I see, good for you." Ichika went back to getting his stuff ready.

"Hey don't ignore me." Cecilia got mad.

"What do you want?" Before she could say anything the bell rung.

"Everyone in your seats I'm starting class right now!" Chifuyu ordered and anyone who wasn't in their spot, rushed to their seat.

Some time passes on.

"Alright now that the lesson is out-of-the-way. This class is going to need a class representative. Any volunteers?" Chifuyu said. A girl suddenly spoke.

"I nominate Fairs-kun."

"I do to." Several girls said the same thing.

"Yeah get Fair-kun to do it. Wait...I'm Fairs-kun" Before he could speak Cecilia spoke.

"I can not stand for this. I will not allow this, this Ape to be the one leading this class."

"Ape! What the hell is your problem?!" Ichika yelled to her.

"It's no wonder why no one likes Americans. You're all rude."

"What did you just say?" Ichika sounded pissed. He spoke in English.

"I'm sorry did I hit a soft spot." Cecilia began to speak in English as well.

"Well at least we so full of ourselves that we have our heads up our ass."

"At least England doesn't start wars with random countries and drag others with them."

"Enough talk." Ichika said.

"I agree lets finish this in a duel. Sensei I request a duel." Cecilia asked Chifuyu.

"Well do you both have a personal I.S.?" Both of them said yes.

"I see then I will allow it. It will be on Monday."

"So how much of a handicap do you want?" Ichika said. The girls in the class began to laugh.

"You think you'll beat me." Cecilia began an Ojou-sama laugh.

"Seth-kun, even if you have your I.S. there no way a man would beat a woman." One of the girls said.

"Fine we'll see."

Several students during the week said that they would help Ichika, but he refused them. He said that he already was training with someone else.

A week later.

It was the day of the match and Ichika was currently in a hanger. He was waiting for the okay to launch.

Inside of a computer room Houki, Chifuyu, and Maya were watching from here.

"Houki-chan I've got question have you seen Seth's I.S. I know he's been using one of the arenas to train in, but look at this." Maya brought up a video. It showed something moving very fast, most likely an I.S. Wherever the I.S. went the Area around
it got blurred.

"No he asked me not to look." Houki wanted to see it, but because of her situation with Ichika, she didn't want to lose his trust.

"Well what do we know about it?" Chifuyu also grew interested in this mysterious I.S.

"All we know is its name."

"What about the Core I.D. number?"

"That the weird thing. I can't find that."

"What?" Chifuyu got Seth on a video message. "Seth tell me why your I.S. core is unregistered."

"Oh that because it the first one that Shinonono Tabane didn't create." Ichika lied, but the three inside the computer room believe him. The girl's eyes in the room grew wide.

"The Americans can make their own I.S. cores."

"Well we can't mass produce them yet." He was hoping they would by this lie and they did.

"Seth. Cecilia just entered the arena, you're all clear to launch." Maya said

Ichika took in a deep breath suddenly he was surrounded by a Black light. When the light disappeared, Ichika was in his I.S.

Ichika took off in his I.S. and met Cecilia in the arena. She was surprised to see Ichika's I.S. and how menacing is looked with its red wings. Everyone in the stadium was shocked to Ichika's I.S.

Cecilia wasted no time in trying to find out any data on Ichika's I.S. When she search for any data, the only thing that came up was its name. "Blaze?"

"Sorry you won't find any information on this I.S." Ichika said. "Last chance, give up now or else." Ichika now began to collect data on Cecilia blue tears. He was surprised at how little weaponry it was armed with. Of course it was a long-range sniper
type and other I.S. aren't already armed for war.

"Sorry, but you'll be the one who will be begging to quit."

"We'll see." Suddenly a warning sign appeared on Ichika's Visor. 'Enemy I.S. has entered firing mode.'

Cecilia began to open fire on Ichika. Ichika avoided the laser blast with ease. She kept on firing, but Ichika kept avoiding all her attacks. Cecilia now send out her bits to attack Ichika. Some of the bits landed a few attacks on Ichika. When Cecilia
checked to see how much damage she did to him, She was shocked to find out that he only lost two points.

"What gives." Ichika saw that she was distracted. Ichika called his six bits that were in his wings, to attack Cecilia. Unlike Cecilia's bits, he's could attack with him thinking.

Ihika now closed the distance between him and Cecilia. She now notice him when she was about to order her bits to attack, they were all destroyed at the same time by Ichika's bits. Ichika then unleashed a 20 Noise missiles. When the missiles landed a
hit it would cause Cecilia I.S. to bug out.

"Dammit." She said as she once again aimed her Blue Pierce, but Ichika was too close now. He move her Sniper barrel to the left with his left hand and his right hand was starting glowing red.

Ichika touched Cecilia with his right hand and her energy points started to fall.

"Energy Drain!" Ichika yelled as he began to steal Cecilia energy. Ichika drained all, but one of energy from Cecilia. She fell on the floor. The two now looked at each other.

"Well aren't you going to finish me off." Cecilia could tell when she was beaten.

"I submit." Ichika said which shocked the stadium.

"EHHHH!" The girls yelled.

"The winner is Cecilia Alcott." The announcer said.

"Seth why are you surrendering to me? I've lost this fight." Cecilia couldn't believe what was happening.

"Well I never wanted to be the class representative and you do, so its only natural if I give up." Ichika put out his hand and Cecilia took it. As they got up Cecilia discovered that she had a bruise on her hip.


"Did I hurt you?" Ichika sounded really worried.

"It nothing Seth." She tried to pass it off as nothing, but a minor cut. Ichika could already tell that she was lying.

"Here, hold still." Ichika left hand started to glow white. He put his hand over Cecilia wound and it began to heal.

"Thats amazing!" Cecilia didn't think such a power was possible.

"It's nothing." Ichika said as he left and returned to the hanger. He was confronted by an angry roommate.

"How the hell could you surrender?!" Houki yelled at him.

"I didn't want to be the class representative."

"But to give up when coming that close."

"Not every battle is meant to be won." With that Ichika left the hangar after deactivating his I.S.

That Night.

Cecilia was currently in her bath. She was remembering today's events.

"Seth Fairs, what an odd man." Seth was different then all the other men she had met before. Cecilia would want to learn more about him.

Meanwhile in the school both Maya and Chifuyu were looking over the video footage of Blaze.

They watched several scene over and over.

"This I.S. is defying the law of physic, just what the hell is this machine?" Chifuyu would launch a small investigation on this machine and on its pilot.

"Ichika are you really dead?"

The Next Day.

"Congratulation Seth-kun!" The girls all said as they popes some streamers.

"Ok why am I the representative of the class? I surrendered yesterday." Ichika was waiting for an answer.

"Well I thought it be best if you were the representative. I mean I basically lost yesterday." Cecilia said.

"Yeah you kick Cecilia ass yesterday." A girl yelled. Cecilia began glare violently at the girl who just said that. The girls were now starting to

"Boy aren't you popular." Houki said with a small amount of annoyance in her voice.

"Hello Seth. I'm with the school paper. I was wonder if I could get a picture of you and Cecilia for the paper?" A girl who had a camera said.

"I'm fine with it how about you Cecilia."

"Can I get a copy of the picture?" Cecilia asked the paper girl.

"Of course." The newspaper girl said. The two got themselves ready for the picture.

"Ok say cheese." Just before the picture was taken, all the girls around Ichika and Cecilia jumped into the picture.

"Why are you people in the picture?!" Cecilia yelled.

"Sorry we can't let you get a head start just yet." One of the girls said. Others started agreeing with her.

"This is going to be a long day." Ichika could already feel the headache coming.

End of Chapter.



Energy Blades: These blades are made of pure energy and can cut clean through most metals. There is one on each arm. The blades deadliest ability is that they are able to go through an opponent ultimate defense and Kill the enemy pilot.

Six Assault/Defense Bits: These bits can create a shield and are able to fire lasers. They can also cut through heavy layers of metal with an energy blade that appeared on them.

Two Pistols: These two pistols act as B.L.A.Z.E.'s side arms. They can enter full auto, burst, or single fire mode. They can use live ammo or energy rounds. Max fire rate 700 RPM.

Two Sub-machine guns: These are close-quarters type weaponry. They can fire live ammo or energy rounds. Max fire rate 980 RPM.

Assault Rifle: This is mid to long-range weapon. It can be put in single, burst, or full auto mode. It can fire live ammo or energy rounds. Max fire rate 650 RPM.

Sniper Rifle: This is a long-range Weapon that can hit targets up to two miles away. Uses Energy ammo only.

Noise Missiles: There are a maximum of 60 missiles on Seth's I.S. There are several variation of the missiles such as Ice, Plasma, and H.E. The standard missile will cause any electronics to bug out as a side effect from the Noise.

Energy Beam: This is B.L.A.Z.E. most universal weapon. The standard form of the attack is formed by the user creating a sphere of energy with his two hands close together. This attack can easily destroy Heavy armor. It can deplete an enemy I.S. energy shield points in a matter of seconds.

Dillon Mini Gun: Blaze has been fitted with two miniguns on the pilots arms. They can only fire Energy bullets. Their RPM is around 3200 bullet a minute. Mostly an anti-personnel weapon.


Enhance Strength: Even when the I.S. isn't active the user will receive three times his own strength.

Energy Drain: This skill is unique because it steals an enemy's energy and then is converted into Seth/Ichika own energy.

Data Materialization: This allows a user to create matter out of data. This is how Seth/Ichika's Noise Missiles are restocked.

Automatic Repairs: B.L.A.Z.E is automatically repaired over time. Even if the unit is destroyed it will be fully repaired in one week.

Healing: B.L.A.Z.E. is able to heal its operator, even if he is mortally wounded.



Vision: Blaze visor allows its operator to see in several different visions. Like Thermal, Night, X-Ray, Echo, and several others.


Blaze is known as the changing I.S. due to it having several Transformation. Such as several Elemental Transformations.

Author Note: Hello and I hoped you like this story. I know Ichika may seem overpowered now, but I assure you it's for a good reason. Till next time.