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Chapter 5: The Holy Gospel.

Room 1025

Seth was slowing waking up from a peaceful dream. As he slowly moved he heard a small moan while caused him to jump out of his bed. He looked at the would be intruder.

"Laura, why are you in my bed? More importantly why are you naked?!" Seth pointed to the naked gray hair girl.

"I thought married couples slept naked together." Laura said as she stretched. Seth covered his eyes.

"Well yes, but we're not married. Please put some clothes on." Laura grabbed Seth arm and put him in a arm bar.

"Laura stop it, let me go." Seth said, but Laura pinned him down even more.

"You know you need to improve on your pinning techniques. If you want I could be your partner." Laura said while blushing a little. Seth was going to prove her wrong.

Seth broke free from the arm bar, which surprised Laura. She was even more surprised when she was pinned by Seth.

"Wow." She had not expected Seth to be able to pin her down. Seth had his hands holding on to Laura's arms while his legs were holding down her legs.

"I'm still a trained member of the BSAA Laura." Seth suddenly heard knocking on the door.

"Seth I'm coming in, It's time for morning practice-" Houki saw Seth pinning down and she lost all reasoning.

"Houki I swear this isn't how it look likes!" The way Seth was holding down Laura was very erotic.

"Houki it's rude to interrupt a married couple." Laura drove the last nail in Seth's coffin with that.

"Seth you need divine punishment!" Houki attacked Seth with her training sword.

Seth moved away from Laura and avoided Houki's attack, but she wouldn't let this go so easily.

Awhile Later.

"Damn, this morning was terrible." Seth said as he was on a train sitting next to Charlotte.

"Seth why did you invite me to come with you?" Charlotte asked.

"Well we have our beach class soon and I know that you don't have a swimsuit so I thought that you should come along." Charlotte looked disappointed.

"Seth you shouldn't play with a maiden' heart." Seth didn't hear her.

"Charles did you said something?" Charlotte got mad.

"I told you to call me Charlotte!"

"Sorry I'm still not used to it." Seth said was he was rubbing the back of his head.

"Baka." Charlotte said was she couldn't believe how thick headed Seth was.

Soon the two got off the train at a station. Charlotte still looked mad.

"Charlotte are you still mad?" Charlotte turned around and held out her hand.

"I'll forgive you if you hold my hand." Charlotte said and Seth took it.

"I don't mind." Seth said to Charlotte which caused her to blush a little as they walked. They failed to notice two figures behind them.

"Ne- Cecilia are they holding hands." Rin said in a dead tone.

"They are." Cecilia replied in a cold tone as well.

"I'm not seeing things then. Alright let's kill him." Rin said as she brought out the arm of her I.S.

"This looks like fun." A voice said behind the two girls. The two looked behind themselves and saw Laura.

"Laura Bodewig. What do you want." Rin said and both of the girls got defensive.

"Relax I have not reason to harm you." Laura said as she left, but Rin and Cecilia stopped her.

"What do you think you're doing?" Cecilia said.

"I'm going to join my wife."

"Wait, isn't the first rule of fighting an unknown opponent is to get information?" Rin said as she didn't want Laura to blow their cover.

"You're right. Very well I'll watch for a little while." Laura joined Cecilia and Rin in spying on Seth and Charlotte.

The two had moved through the mall randomly as neither had any idea where anything was. That changed when they were confronted by a red hair boy.

"Ichika is that you?" The boy said.

"I'm sorry who are you?" Seth replied.

"Ichika it's me Dan gotan. Don't you remembered?"

"I'm sorry, but you're mistaking me for another person. My name is Seth Fairs. I'm an American." Seth said to Dan. Dan seem to have gotten sad.

"I see well sorry for mistaken you, you look exactly like him, minus the eyes and hair." Dan was about to leave.

"Wait. I was wondering if you could show me where the nearest bank is?"

"Oh sure it just up there." Dan pointed to a shop on the second floor.

"Thank you." Seth said as he left with Charlotte. His head was suffering an intense pain and he forgot to bring any pills.

"Seth are you alright?" Charlotte could tell that Seth was in pain.

"I'm fine don't worry about it." Inside Seth's head he kept hearing voices. 'Ichika man lets go to the arcade.' 'Yo. You, me, Rin to the theme park. lets go!'

'Who am I?' Seth thought as he made his way to the bank.

"Welcome." A person at the bank said as they reached the bank. Luckily for them no one was in line so they could walk up right away.

"Hi I like to open a bank account and cash in several checks." Seth asked to the clerk.

"Sure. We'll make the account right after you sign some papers." The clerk handed Seth several sheets and he signed away. The clerk took them back.

"Alright your account is all set up. Now then You said you wanted to cash in some checks." Seth nodded his head.

"Here." Seth handed her several checks and her eyes open up wide.

"This much?"

"No I only want one check In. The others can be out in my account."

"Alright well here." The clerk handed him a large amount of money which surprised Charlotte. "And the rest will be put in your account. Will there be anything else?"

"No that's it."

"Very well. Enjoy your afternoon." Seth and Charlotte left the bank.

"So Charlotte now that everyone is calling you that it isn't special. How about I call you something else. Something just between us."

"Eh? Seriously?"

"How about Char." Charlotte grew a smile on her face.

"I love it." She said which surprised Seth.

"Wow. I didn't expect you to like it that much Char." Charlotte was in lala land and didn't hear what Seth said. Seth turned his head as he felt a killing intent, but when he turned there was nothing there.

"Seth lets go in there." Charlotte pointed to a swimsuit store and grabbed Seth arm.

"Seth which swimsuit looks good on me." Charlotte was currently holding two swimsuit up one was pink the other was orange.

"I think the orange would look better on you."

"I'll go put it on." Charlotte said as she left Seth. Seth was waiting for Charlotte to return when a women spoke to him.

"You male. Get over here and pick out a swimsuit for me." The women said very rudely.

"Why the hell should I?"

"How dare you speak to me like that you worthless male." In the years that the I.S had been introduce, women status I society had gone above men. Some times they would just order any men to do whatever they wanted.

The women snapped her fingers and three really buff men appear.

"Teach this scum a lesson." The women said and the three attack Seth.

Seth ducked down which caused two of the men to hit each other. The third one tried to punch Seth, but he move the punch away and grabbed the man's wrist. Seth swiped kick him then delivered a blow to the man's face with his knee. The man was knocked out.

The other two got up and tried again to attack Seth. One of the men tried to hit Seth with a left hook. Seth stepped back and dodged the punch. He then gave the man a uppercut to the chin which knocked the man out. The final man tried to tackle Seth, but he missed and landed in a pile of clothes.

"You worthless men!" The women said as she now glared at Seth.

"You know, you're in a lot of trouble." Seth said to the women.

"Oh why is that?"

"I happen to be an representative candidate." A face of intense fear took over the woman's face. Assaulting a representative candidate was not the wisest thing to do. Serious jail time could be a possibility.

"Get lost now!" Seth said in a very dark tone and the women ran out of the store.

"Seth what happened?!" Charlotte returned wearing the swimsuit, but she saw several men knocked out in the room and several of the store merchandise was on the floor.

"It was nothing. Wow that swimsuit looks amazing on you." Seth was able to change the subject. Charlotte was happy by Seth appraisal that she forgot about the people around them.

"Oh really then I'll buy it right away." Charlotte left so she could buy the suit. In this time frame a store clerk talked to Seth.

"Here I'll pay for all the broken merchandise." Seth said as he was about to hand several bill over.

"That's not why I'm here. I'm here to thank you for giving that stuck up bitch what she deserves. I wished I brought a camera so I could have caught the look on her face." The store clerk left as Charlotte returned.

"Seth who was that?"

"It's nothing."

As the two were leaving the store they were met by two teachers. Chifuyu and Maya.

"Orimura-sensei, Yamada-sensei you're out here to buy swimsuits as well?" Charlotte asked the two.

"Yep, its nice to see that you two are on a date." Maya said and they both turned red.

"We're not on a date!" They both said. Maya and Chifuyu began to laugh.

"Whatever you say. Seth come with me I need your help for something." Chifuyu said and Seth did as she said.

"Alright I need yo-, What the hell happen here?" Chifuyu saw several men on the floor.

"Don't ask. Anyway you said you need me to do something." Seth had no idea of what she could need help in.

"Seth I'll be blunt with you. I want you to pick me out a swimsuit."


"For one you're the only male, secondly I know that Natasha has no sense of fashion and that you're the one who picks out all her outfits." Seth cursed at his sister.

"Fine I'll do it." Seth started to take a good look at Chifuyu's body which caused her to cover up with her hands.

"Where do you think you're looking?" Chifuyu said.

"Well how the hell I'm I supposed to pick out a good swimsuit if I don't know what will complement your body?" After a while Seth picked out the perfect swimsuit for her. It was a black one.

"There you go sensei, now I have to go." As Seth was leaving he was stopped by Maya.

"Wait! Could you pick out mine as well?"


"Us as well." Cecilia said as she, Rin, and Laura appeared.

"You guys?" Seth had a bad feeling that more thing like this was coming.

A few days later.

"Alright you guys can play for awhile, but be careful. And don't forget to be back in time for dinner." Maya said as she let the students enjoy the beach.

"Ne~ Fairs-kun would you like to play with us?" A Honne asked Seth.

"Sure why not." As he was about to move someone jumped on his back.

"Wow, I can see for miles." Rin said as she climbed onto Seth neck.

"Rin what are you doing?"

"Wow that looks like fun." A girl said.

"Fairs me next." Another girl said. They heard someone clearing their throat loudly. It came from Cecilia.

"Seth I hope you remembered the promised you made to me on the bus here." Cecilia was now laying on a towel and the top part of her bikini was off. She had a bottle of suntan lotion next to her.

"Now then Seth-san I'm counting on you."

"Cecilia what are you trying to make Seth do?" Rin said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"As you can see, I'm having him put suntan lotion on me. Seth, breaking a promise with a lady is not something a gentleman would do."

"I did give her my word." Seth gave up and submitted to Cecilia's will. He rubbed the suntan lotion in his hands so that it would warm up. After he covered her back he asked her. "There it done."

"Wait, but what about the rest of my body."

"The rest?"

"Yes. The back of my thighs and my butt." Seth was about to turn a bright red when Rin took the bottle from his hands and began to rub Cecilia down.

"Wait Rin! That tickles! Knock it off!" Cecilia got up to stop Rin, but she forgot that she hadn't tied the top part of her bikini on.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!" Cecilia screamed as she punch Seth, who's face was red.

A little later.

"Ow my face." Seth face had a bruise on it, but it soon healed.

"Hey Seth, race you to the buoys." Rin said as she got a head start.

"That not fair." Seth said as he raced to catch up. To Rin. As the two were trying to reach the buoy, One of Rin's legs cramped up.

"My leg!" Rin yelled as she tried to stay afloat, but she couldn't. She began to sink and started to black out.

Rin felt a warm feeling on her lips and she soon felt air entering her body. She now saw that Seth was carrying her. They soon reached the shore and both of them were breathing heavily.

"You're alright?" Seth said in between his breaths. Rin nodded her head.

"I'm fine, thanks for saving me."

"Rin I think you'll need to go back to the inn." Cecilia said as she got closer to Rin.

"Eh? I'm fine."

"No you need your rest. Takatsuki-san could you help me get Rin to the inn."

"I understand." Takatsuki said as she and Cecilia picked up Rin.

"Seth save me!" Rin yelled as she was being carried away.

"Well she should be fine if she can yell like that." Soon Charlotte appear near him.

"Char what's-. What the hell, a mummy?" Seth saw a person near Charlotte who was covered in towel.

"Come on Laura. Didn't you want to show Seth your swimsuit."

"But I?" Shyness was clearly in Laura's voice. Charlotte removed the towels covering the young girl. Seth was surprised at how she looked.

"You can laugh if you want." Laura said as she was clearly embarrassed.

"Why would I laugh? You look really cute." Seth which caused Laura to blush.

"Me? Cute?" Laura's mind was fried at Seth comments.

"Hey Fairs-kun let's play ball." A girl said. Seth saw that there were three of them.

"Hey Char, Laura, you guys want to play ball?"

"Sure 3v3." Char said as she moved into her place. She had to move Laura into her spot.

"Get ready." A girl said as she launched the ball.

Seth returned the ball to the other side. Another girl returned it and it was headed towards Charlotte.


"I got it." Charlotte said as she returned the ball. A girl on the other side returned the ball back to Seth's side and this time it was headed to Laura.

"Laura." Seth said, but she didn't answer him. A second later Laura was hit in the head by the ball.

"Laura what happen? Why didn't you move?" Charlotte said as she checked on the girl.

"He called me cute. He called me cute." Laura melted repeating these words.

"Laura were you still embarrassed?" Charlotte asked Laura who ran towards the sea.

"What happen to her?" Seth was clueless about why Laura acted the way she did.

"Well you guys seem to be having fun. We're gonna join ya." A voice said. The group turned and saw Chifuyu and Maya in their swimsuits. Charlotte notice the look on Seth face.

"Great Orimura-sensei is a rival."

"Yeah she gonna be a tough opponent."

"Seth, you're misunderstanding me." Seth didn't hear Charlotte as he went to hit the ball that Chifuyu severed.

Awhile later.

They were now eating dinner at the inn which was Sushi. Seth was a little concern when it came to eating anything raw, but he liked the way it taste.

"Wow this is good." Seth didn't know what the green stuff on his plate was so he eat it in one bit.

"Holy sweet mother of...!" Seth yelled as his nose was on fire.

"Seth did you just eat the wasabi in one bit?" Charlotte handed him a glass of tea. He drank it immediately.

"Thanks." Seth nose finally calmed down. He notice Cecilia was having trouble sit on the mat.

"Cecilia we could move to a table if you want."

"No I'm fine. This pain is nothing compared to what I had to do In order to get this spot."

"What?" Cecilia had mumbled the last part to herself.


"I could feed you if you want." Cecilia immediately handed him her chopsticks. Seth was about to pick up a piece when Cecilia spoke.

"Seth-san could you put a little wasabi on it." Seth picked up a tiny bit of the accursed green stuff. He fed Cecilia which caused an uproar.

"Cecilia that's no fair."

"Seth feed us as well." The group was creating a large amount of noise. Someone had to stop it.

"Everyone Shut Up! Seth stop making such an uproar." Chifuyu had enough of the noise.

"Hai! Sorry Cecilia could you finish the rest yourself." Seth handed back her chopsticks and Cecilia began to pout.

"Here come to my room later I'll make it up to you."

Cecilia blushed a little at Seth's words.

"You don't mean?" Cecilia allowed her mind to go wild.

After dinner Cecilia prepared herself. She was teased by several of her roommates when they saw the kind of underwear she was wearing. Cecilia brushed it off me head to Seth room.

Seth had to have his own room. So it was locked. Cecilia called out his name and he let her in.

A couple of minutes a couple of the girls gather around Seth's door. The girls began to listen in.

"Seth...not so hard." Cecilia said softly.

"Don't worry it will feel good soon." Seth said. The girls began to hear several soft moans coming from Cecilia. The girls had leaned in too closely and knocked the sliding door over. They looked up and saw Seth giving Cecilia a message.

"Why did you break the door?" Seth said to the girls.

"Seth what are you doing to Cecilia?!" The girls yelled.

"A back rub."

"Back rub." The girls sounded dumbfounded.

"Yeah it feels amazing." Cecilia said as she got up.

"Seth it isn't fair if you do it only to Cecilia." Charlotte said.

"Yeah do it to us as well." Houki said adding to Charlotte.

"Alright I understand. So who's up first?" The girls began to argue over who would go first. Eventually it was settle out and Seth began to go to work.

A Few Hours Later.

The girls had returned to their rooms and now it was late at night, around 3AM. Seth wasn't able to sleep. He had a bad feeling about something. Suddenly Seth received a message. He open it and a video message appeared.

"Seth we got some bad news. A prototype I.S went out of control. The BSAA is doing a joint operation and it will be led by this man." Chris said as he pointed to an older male who had a cigar in his mouth.

"Seth Fairs, my name is General Shepherd. For now you're being reassigned to my task force. You're first mission is to subdue or destroy a rogue I.S. Do I make myself clear."

"Sir yes Sir."

"Good Seth. I expect a lot from you."

"What's the name of the target?"

"It's name is the [Silver gospel]. It's currently an unmanned, but be warn. Its a prototype that was based on [B.L.A.Z.E.]'s data."

"Does it have all my weaponry."

"No it has none of your firearms or missiles, but it has your beam weaponry, energy blades, and your elemental shift."

"So its not gonna be an easy shell to crack."

"Correct son, Now then here's all the data on the I.S." Shepherd said and a data package appeared on Seth screen.

"Let me guess you want me to sneak out without anyone noticing."

"Of course kid."

"I better get a raise for this." Seth said as he moved to sneak out of the inn.

The Next Day.

Cecilia was currently looking for Seth as was most of the whole first year class. She happen to come upon a pair of rabbit ears sticking out of the ground.

"What on earth is this?" Cecilia said as she got closer to the ears. She saw a sign that said 'For Houki' on them. She called Houki over who happen to be nearby her. When Houki saw the ears she wanted to leave, but Cecilia made her pick it up.

They started to hear what sounded like something falling. When they looked up they saw something headed for them. They both moved out of the way and began to hear someone laughing a lot.

"Haha you fell for it Houki-chan." The person said as she popped out of the carrot missile thing. The carrot opened and Tabane Shinonono stepped out.

"Onee-chan." Houki annoying said.

"Wait she's the genius Shinonono Tabane?" Cecilia asked.

"Yup I'm the one and only Shinonono Tabane." Tabane said as she made bunny ears and acted very hyper.

"Houki-chan, I'll talk with you later. For now I need to find Chi-chan." Tabane pulled out a pair of mechanical bunny ears and disappeared, leaving a confused Houki and Cecilia.

A couple of hours have past and Chifuyu had called up the personal I.S users and Houki.

"Now then girls, you're probably wondering why I called you here." Chifuyu said as the five girls were sitting on the floor.

"We've received a message from the Israeli government. An I.S has gone berserk. We need you to stop it."

"Ma'am why isn't Seth here and why is Houki here? She doesn't have a personal I.S." Cecilia said which caused other to wonder why Houki was in the room.

"As for Seth we're still looking. As for Shinonono, her sister has a present for her." This surprised the girls in the room.

"Follow me." Chifuyu said as she led them to the beach. They were met by Tabane.

"Hi hi, Chi-chan I missed you so much!" Tabane tried to hug Chifuyu, but she stopped her.

"Just get to work dammit!"

"How mean Chi-chan. Well here, I'll start." Suddenly something came falling from the sky. Everyone moved away and when the dust cleared they saw a red I.S.

"Behold my greatest invention yet. The [Akatsubaki], the worlds first 4th generation I.S." The girls were stunned.

"A 4th generation. Most countries are still developing prototype 3rd generation." Rin said. The girls were waiting to see what this machine could do.

"Houki-chan, please step in so I can make the final adjustments." Tabane said and her little sister stepped inside [Akatsubaki]. Tabane pulled up a hologram keyboard and began to type like a demon. The others were amazed at the speed she was typing at.

"There all done. Try it out Houki-chan." Houki did what her older sister wanted and flew up. The group was surprised at how fast the [Akatsubaki] accelerated in the air.

"So this is a 4th generation machine."

"Houki-chan it's time to test the weapons. [Akatsubaki] has two weapons [Amatsuki] and [Karaware]. I'll send you the data." A message appeared on Houki's screen. She brought out [Amatsuki] and [Karaware]. Houki slashed at the sky and launched several energy shots from the blades.

"It's good." Houki was happy at how well suited the I.S. was to her.

"Alright Houki-chan, try and hit this." Tabane summoned a [S.A.M]. It fired all it's missiles. Houki slashed a energy slash at the missiles destroying them.

"Wow I even surprised myself." Tabane said as Houki came down.

"Good. Now that Shinonono has her own I.S we can begin our operation. The [Silver Gospel] is currently able to travel at a speed of Mach 2. I had planned for Fairs to join her, but because we can't find him another other person will travel with Shinonono. Tabane can you currently show us the [Silver Gospel] location with one of your spy satellite?" Chifuyu asked her old friend.

"Sure Chi-chan." Tabane brought up a video feed and when it connected the other were shocked at what was on the screen.

"Why am I not surprised." Chifuyu said. They saw that Seth currently fighting with the [Silver Gospel].

"Ma'am allow me to go with Houki." All the other girls said.

"I will decide who will go with Shinonono. Alcott I understand that [Blue Tears] has a speed package."

"Yes it does."

"How long until it can be installed."

"Um...About 2 hours."

"Dammit! Shinonono you may have to go alone."

"Houki-chan I'm gonna activate the fold-out armor." Tabane said and the armor around [Akatsubaki] began to open. There was several red glow parts around her armor.

"There now then keeping up with the [Silver Gospel] should be no problem."

"Thank you. I'm taking off." Houki now head towards Seth.

A few hours earlier.

It was almost four in the morning. Seth had been flying towards the [Silver Gospel], but it moved at a insane speed. As he kept flying he soon found the [Silver Gospel].

"I have visual of the target." Seth said over the com-link. .

"You have permission to engage. I'm authorizing the use of level four equipment." Shepherd ordered on of the tech guys near him to unlock the restriction on [B.L.A.Z.E.].

'Level 4 authorized.' A voice said. Seth thought that it would be best if hit hard and fast. He created a blue sphere in his hands. He fired a blue energy beam at the [Silver Gospel]. It was a direct hit. The [Silver Gospel] recovered from the sneak attack and entered its assault mode. It located Seth and labeled him as high level target.

The [Silver Gospel] charged at Seth with red energy in its hands. Seth pulled out red energy blades as well. The two clashed their blades clashed in the air.

Seth created distance between him and the [Silver Gospel]. He started firing a barrage of missiles and bullets from his miniguns. The [Silver Gospel] created a barrier to protect itself.

"That wasn't in the data." Seth read all the weapons that the [Silver Gospel] had on the way here. The barrier wasn't listed. Suddenly the [Silver Gospel] armor changed to a yellow color and created a yellow sparking sphere. It launched the yellow sphere at Seth who sliced it in half, but that was what the [Silver Gospel] wanted. Electricity surged through Seth body. The [Silver Gospel] color scheme turned back to normal.

"What the hell?" Seth knew that such a move wasn't even in [B.L.A.Z.E.]'s arsenal. The [Silver Gospel], must have made itself.

"Seth be warn the longer you fight this thing, the stronger it becomes. It has a program like [B.L.A.Z.E] to create weaponry to the situation." Shepherd warned Seth.

Seth now evaded a energy beam that was fired from the [Silver Gospel]. He pulled out his SMGs and got closer to the [Silver Gospel]. As the [Silver Gospel] was distracted by his constant barrage it didn't notice that Seth right hand was turning red. Seth made contact with the [Silver Gospel] and began to drain its points. The [Silver Gospel] pulled out its energy blades and tried to stab Seth. Seth avoided most of the jabs, but he was forced to let go and move away.

"Dammit! That's not gonna work twice in a row." Seth knew that a plan like that would work only once. The [Silver Gospel] now attempted to slash again at Seth. He moved away from the [Silver Gospel] and began yet another bombardment of missiles and bullets, but the [Silver Gospel] kept avoiding the attack. Seth had depleted his missiles and a timer showed up. He would have to wait five minutes for the missiles to restock.

The [Silver Gospel] created a blue sphere in its hands Seth did the same as well. The two unleashed their beams that clashed and entered a power struggle. The two beams kept on fight for dominance over one another. The beams tied in terms of power and cancel each other out.

Seth notice that his energy levels were low. The thing that had surprise Seth the most, was the fact that the [Silver Gospel] had such a large energy reserve or that it was so energy efficient.

Seth now engaged again in a clash of blades, but this time he was able to land a small hit on the [Silver Gospel]. But something happen. Seth saw a small amount of blood coming from the [Silver Gospel].

"Shepherd I thought you said it was unmanned?" Seth said over the radio.

"Seth avoid combat with the [Silver Gospel] until we figure out the situation." Seth followed Shepherd's orders. He was avoiding the [Silver Gospel] and soon Shepherd returned.

"Seth, apparently there was a test pilot inside the [Silver Gospel] during its activation, but she was knocked out cold when it went out of control." Suddenly a terrible feeling overcame Seth.

"Who was the pilot?"

"I'll send you the profile data of the pilot." When Seth opened the file, he was shocked. It was his sister.

"I'm changing priority to capture only. Seth do what you must." Seth was about to engage the [Silver Gospel] again when suddenly a video popped up on Seth's visor. It was Chifuyu and she looked pissed.

"Seth explain why the hell did you leave the inn." Chifuyu said in a very dark tone.

"I'll explain later." Seth said as he was focusing on avoiding an energy beam that the [Silver Gospel] shot.

"Fine when you get back you'll explain everything, but for now I've sent Shinonono to help aid you."

"What?! Send her back immediately!" Seth shouted over the radio.

"Why, what wrong?"

"The [Silver Gospel] is currently armed with too dangerous weaponry. She could be killed easily."

"Seth there's no way for a person to die in a I.S." Seth sent her the data on [B.L.A.Z.E.]'s energy blades.

"It can break through the I.S ultimate defense."

"Yes that why Houki needs to leave. It's far too dangerous for her to fight." When Seth said this Houki opened a com-link to Seth.

"Then we'll fight this together. I refuse to leave unless you come with me."

"Houki leave. I can't allow you to get hurt."

"It's the same for me Seth. Now I'm only a few seconds away." Seth could see something red to his side. It was moving fast. Houki entered the air space and launch a slash from her two swords towards the [Silver Gospel].

The [Silver Gospel] now identified the [Akatsubaki] as a high level threat and turned it focus to Houki. Houki clashed her swords against the [Silver Gospel] energy blades. Seth was surprised when her blades didn't break on contact with the energy blades.

"Ik-kun did you expect my swords to break so easily, how mean." Tabane said as she opened a com-link to Seth. When Seth saw her face he got a massive headache, but he ignored the pain so he could keep fighting with the [Silver Gospel].

Houki and Seth had been pushing the [Silver Gospel] to its limit, but that all changed when it began to fire bombardment of energy shots. Seth created a barrier to protect him and Houki, but as the clouds cleared they saw an fishing ship on the ocean.

"What the-, Shepherd I thought you made this place a no travel zone?"

"We did. It's most likely a illegal fishing ship."

"Dammit, Houki you go and defend that ship until it get a safe distance away from here."

"Why if they're here when they're not supposed to be then they should deserve whatever happens to them."

"Houki! We have a duty to protect them! It doesn't matter who or what they have done! We protect civilians at all cost! Don't let your new power corrupt you!" Seth yelled with anger in his voice. Houki was shocked not by Seth words, but at the way she acted.

"GO NOW!" Seth yelled and Houki traveled to protect the ship.

Several more minutes have passed. The ship was reported as it left the battle zone. Houki was returning to Seth who was fighting the [Silver Gospel], but the [Silver Gospel] created a large flash blinding Seth and started heading towards Houki. When Seth regain his vision he saw that Houki was about to be stabbed my the [Silver Gospel].

"Trans-Am!" [B.L.A.Z.E.] began to glow a bright red and now traveled at an insane speed. Seth was able to force the [Silver Gospel]'s blade to just graze Houki's left arm. Seth now slashed at the wings of the [Silver Gospel] and cut them off, but when he did several wings of light took their place. [B.L.A.Z.E.] and the [Silver Gospel] were now tied in terms of speed. As [B.L.A.Z.E.] and the [Silver Gospel] were slashing their blades, [B.L.A.Z.E.] powered down back to its normal form.

"Crap!" Seth saw that he had only five points of energy remaining. Houki rushed to help Seth, but she was too slow. The [Silver Gospel] extended it wings light and wrapped around Seth. It drained the remaining points from [B.L.A.Z.E.] away. The [Silver Gospel] then stabbed Seth through the chest where his heart was. When the [Silver Gospel] finally let Seth go, his body started falling to the sea.

Houki watched as Seth lifeless body fell to the ground. "SETH!" Houki rushed to try and grab Seth, but the [Silver Gospel] got in her way.

"Shinonono return to the base now!" Chifuyu yelled to Houki.

"But Seth is-"

"He's already dead. I can't afford to lose a second student." Chifuyu sounded so cold when she spoke as if she didn't care if Seth was would ignore the order at least until she had Seth's body.


Seth had opened his eyes and all round him he saw clouds. He saw several beings that were covered by light.

"Where am I?"

"Ichika Orimura, or would you prefer us to call you Seth Fairs." A voice said.


"I see that you do not understand the current situation. You have died." Another voice said.


"Child we offer you a deal. If you follow our will we will return you back to the realm of man, give you a fraction of our power, and return your memories." This time a woman's voice said.

"My memories."

"Yes the ones you lost years ago child. Be warned this is a long path. You may lose ones close to you and lose a part of yourself. Will you still except?" Another man's voice said.

"I accept the terms of your contract." Seth said. Soon several spheres of light appeared around Seth and entered his body. Seth vision was blinded by a bright light.

With Houki.

Seth opened his eyes and saw he was underwater. Something popped up in his HUD.

'[Heaven Wrath] program initialized.' Suddenly Seth's energy points were returning. Suddenly [B.L.A.Z.E.]'s armor changed white, the green lines on [B.L.A.Z.E.] turned yellow and the wings on [B.L.A.Z.E.] were replaced by two angelic yellow wings of light.

As Houki was trying to fight the [Silver Gospel] she couldn't keep up. The [Silver Gospel] was about to stab Houki when a sphere of light got between Houki and the [Silver Gospel]. The energy blade that the [Silver Gospel] had shattered.

Houki saw a bright white light appear from the water. It was so bright that she had to cover her eyes. Something exploded out of the water. When she regained her vision, Houki saw Seth in his new form.

"Seth you're alive!" Houki words surprised everyone.

"Seth how the hell are you alive?! [B.L.A.Z.E.] said that your heart stopped." Shepherd said over the radio.

"Seth!" Cecilia, Laura, Charlotte, and Rin yelled in joy as they wiped the tears off of their face.

"I'll explain later, but for now we still have a mission to complete. Right Houki?" Seth said to Houki as he turned to her. The way Seth said sound as if he is seeing a long lost friend for the first time.


The [Silver Gospel] now scanned [B.L.A.Z.E.] again while its in its [Heaven's Wrath] form. 'Error not able to scan enemy I.S.'. It placed [B.L.A.Z.E.] as too dangerous to engage. It would attempted to escape.

Seth saw that it was a runaway. He created ten spheres of light that surrounded the [Silver Gospel]. The ten spheres of light launched golden chains that restricted the [Silver Gospel] movements. Seth began to create a sphere of light in his hands.

"Light of the saint!" Seth yelled as he unleashed the beam of light. The [Silver Gospel] points were depleted and it deactivated. Seth picked up Natasha.

"Mission accomplished." Seth said as he reported.

"Good work Seth. Return to-"

"Dammit there are several hostiles inbound." Seth said as [B.L.A.Z.E.] reported several I.S closing in on them.

"Houki take Natasha and head back." Seth handed Natasha to Houki.

"Wait what about you?"

"I'll deal with these guys. Just go."

"I'm not gonna lose you again. Seth you either come with me or we fight together."

"Houki please I need you to watch my older sister. Don't worry I promised to be right behind you."


"Houki Please."

"Fine, but if you die I won't forgive you." Houki left the Seth with Natasha in her arms.

Soon enough six enemy I.S. showed up. Seth was shocked at what they were. They were replicas of [B.L.A.Z.E.].

"What are these things." Seth scanned them and had the same armaments as the [Silver Gospel].

"Seth what are you seeing?" Chris asked as he didn't like the way Seth spoke.

"Look for yourselves." Seth transmitted his camera feed and the people in the command center were shocked. Shepherd's cigar fell out of his mouth.

"Seth we are naming this target as a [S.T.A.R.S.] unit. Try and capture one of the pilots."

"I can't, these things are unmanned."

"How can you tell Seth?"

"When [B.L.A.Z.E.] is in this form I can see a person's soul."


"I will explain later, but for now I'll take care of these guys." The six enemy [S.T.A.R.S.] units surrounded [B.L.A.Z.E.]. The six [S.T.A.R.S.] units created a blue sphere in their hands. As they unleashed their beams, Seth created six spheres of light. The spheres intercepted the beams and blocked the attack.

Seth saw a weapon appeared on his screen. It was a white scythe with a golden blade. It's name was [Soul Blade].

Seth summoned the [Soul Blade]. He launched himself at the closest [S.T.A.R.S.] unit near him. He slashed at the [S.T.A.R.S.], but nothing happen. Suddenly the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit deactivated and fell to the ocean. The other [S.T.A.R.S.] units tried to do the same, but they met the same fate. As Seth slashed at them several black spheres appeared in his hands. He grabbed one of the [S.T.A.R.S.] units and he found a logo on them which surprised him.

"I think I know who made these things." It was what appeared to be an umbrella with a red and white color scheme.

"Umbrella." Chris said as he slammed the table with his fist.

"Seth grab one of the units and take it with you. We'll come and pick it up along with Natasha." Shepherd said which did Seth did. As he was traveling back to the inn where the students were staying at, [B.L.A.Z.E.] returned to normal. Seth knew that he had a bigger issue on his shoulders. He remembered who he truly was. He remembered him being Ichika Orimura.

A Little Bit Later.

"Unauthorized use of an I.S., Leaving the inn, and hiding the fact the [B.L.A.Z.E.] had such dangerous weaponry. Seth Fairs you're in a lot of trouble." Chifuyu said as she had began to scold him.

"Fairs I demand you connect me to your superior officer." Chifuyu wanted to give someone a piece of her mind. Seth did as Chifuyu demanded. Seth pulled up a hologram from his black bracelet. Soon a connection opened.

"Seth what's up." Chris said as he answer Seth's call.

"Hello my name is Chifuyu Orimura, I'm Seth's homeroom teacher. We have a lot to talk about." Chifuyu said in English. A sweat drop formed on Chris's face.

"This isn't gonna be good."

"Now then would you care to explain why my student took part of a secret mission that almost ended his life?" Chifuyu said with anger clearly in her voice.

"I didn't want Seth to be part of it, but general Shepherd demanded that Seth was to engage the [Silver Gospel]. I tried to plead with him, but he wouldn't change his mind."

"But why wouldn't he contact the school first like the Israeli government did?"

"You know how it would look like if any country lost control of one of their I.S. unit. Shepherd is too full of pride."

"Still that doesn't change the fact that Seth was critically injured in this mission."

"That why Shepherd wanted Seth. We don't know how, but [B.L.A.Z.E.] gives Seth a regeneration ability. As long as the wounds aren't deadly, he'll live."

"I see when you put it that way Seth would be the most logical person to send in, but as his teacher I will not allow him to join another mission while the school year is going on."

"I understand miss Orimura. Actually I wanted thank you. I don't like the idea of sending a child into a battle zone. I leave him in your care." Chris said as he cut the line between him and Seth.

"Seth you are not to join any mission that you are giving while the school year is in place. I'll think about what should I do for your punishment, but for now you are dismissed." Seth bowed as he left the room. It was late, dinner had already passed. Seth knew that the other girls would be mad at him so he decided not to return to his room. He wondered off into the forest.

"Dammit." Seth said as he punched a tree. When he awoke under the water, everything came back to him. He remembered the promises with Rin and Houki. He also remembered the fact that he was Chifuyu's little brother and that he was the reason for her forfeiting the tournament.

"Why the hell I'm I so dense?" Seth slammed his fist again on the poor tree yet again.

"You need to stop hurting the poor tree." A voice said which startled Seth. He looked around, but found no one.

"Who's there?" Seth kept looking around, but he couldn't see anyone.

"Me, my silly master." The voice said.

"Where are you?"

"On your wrist." Seth looked to his wrist and made the connection.


"Well that's the name you humans gave me so if you want to call me that, then feel free to do so." Blaze said.

"What the hell is going on? How the hell are you able to speak with me?" Nothing like this had happen to Seth within the five years that Seth had [B.L.A.Z.E.]. So what changed.

"I've always tried to speak with you, but your heart blocked out my voice. Anyway we have a very important matter to discuss."

"What would that be." Seth didn't like the sound of blaze's voice.

"Seth it wasn't random luck that you met me. You were chosen a harsh destiny. Your fate is to fight and retrieve the holy and demonic relics."


"Great, so how many are out there?"

"20 in total."

"I understand so when do we start."

"I believe you have a break coming up soon we'll start then." Blaze stated.

The next day.

It was the next day. Seth was about to enter a the bus when someone tapped his shoulder. He turned around and saw Natasha. She asked if they could speak in private so Seth left with her. The other girls were wondering who this women was and decided to follow them.

"So what did you want to talk about sis." Seth said suddenly Natasha hugged Seth.

"Seth I'm so sorry!" Natasha said as tears fell from her face.

"Sis why are you crying?" Seth was surprised by her actions.

"Seth I killed you I-"

"You did no such thing. Look the I.S was out of control. You couldn't help it and I haven't blamed you did I." Natasha was surprised by Seth words.

"Seth I-"

"Sis I love you and I know you would never do anything to hurt me. So don't cry please." Seth smiled as he looked her in the eyes. Natasha could see that he was worried, but she could tell that something else was bothering him.

"Why am I so lucky to have such a great little brother." Natasha said as she let go of Seth and let him return to the bus.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell her that you regained your memories." Blaze asked Seth.

"It's for the best. It's better if my old self stays dead." Seth said as he rejoined the group and entered the bus.

End of chapter.

Author Note: Well finally done with the cannon part of this Fanfiction. The next few chapters will be original and I hope you guys will stay with me. P.S This isn't gonna be some holy war thing. The 19 other items will be things from different Video Games/Anime Series. I've already planned out several series such as the Elder scrolls, Dead Space, HALO, ect. If you would like to see a video game or anime in this story feel free to message me. Till Next Time.

Heaven's Wrath: [B.L.A.Z.E.]'s final form. With this form Seth gains power that can only be rivaled by another armor like [B.L.A.Z.E.] There are several conditions that need to be met for Heaven's Wrath to activate. The first is that Seth must be fighting another Supernatural Armor. Seth is granted a aid in power by several Archangels such as

Gabriel: [Scutum Fidei.] A Holy shield that can not be broken.

Barachiel: [Holy Blessings.] Green Rose petals appear that increases the ability for other I.S. around [B.L.A.Z.E.] and restores their energy points.

Jehudiel: [Guilt.] A energy whip that will double the target's weight.

Phanuel: [Divine sight] [B.L.A.Z.E.]'s visor changes to a yellow color, it allow it's operator to see everything. No matter the condition.

Azrael: [Soul Blade] A scythe that is able to tear the soul from a person body or a I.S core from an I.S.

Michael: [Lance of Longinus] A Spear that can not be stopped. It will always hit it's target. (It looks like the one from Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Ramiel: [Sword of Zerker.] A large blade made of pure lightning.