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Chapter 6: The Battle for Britain

A Few Days later.

It was a couple of days after the events of the [Silver Gospel] incident. Within these several days, several events happen. Cecilia was called back to London. Seth was currently on summer break. The B.S.A.A had launch a full investigation on both the reason why the [Silver Gospel] went haywire and discover the origins of the new [S.T.A.R.S.] units. Seth had handed the I.S cores that he recovered from the [S.T.A.R.S.] units. They were all unregistered.

This event revealed some alarming news. Some terrorist group now had the ability to produce I.S cores, and they could make unmanned I.S units that were replicas of [B.L.A.Z.E.]. Even after all this bad news, something good did happen. The United States now had six more I.S cores. So a new program started.

Seth was currently in the town gathering some supplies. While Seth was shopping he received a message. Seth opened the message and it was General Shepherd.

"Seth we got a operation for you."

"Sorry sir, but banned me from taking part in any operation."

"I know Seth, but she said during the school year and right now you're on summer vacation."

"True. So what's the mission." Shepherd smiled when Seth said this.

"Seth how do you feel about a trip to Britain?"

"I won't mind it if I don't have to eat their food." Shepherd let out a small chuckle at Seth's joke.

"Alright your mission is to investigate a possible terrorist attack. We're working with MI5 and MI6 on this operation. You'll meet up with several S.A.S commando when you reach Britain. They'll inform you once you meet up with them. Do you understand?"

"Loud and clear sir." Seth said as he activated [B.L.A.Z.E.]. And started to fly towards England. In truth Seth wanted to have a reason not to be stuck at I.S. academy. He was trying to avoid Chifuyu, Houki, and Rin. He felt like he betrayed them by forgetting about them, but Seth was able to mask his emotions.

England Airspace.

Seth had traveled from Japan to New York City. He landed at JFK international airport for a quick pit stop then took off towards England.

It was now around 5 P.M. Local time. As Seth entered the British airspace he was met by two [Fair Lady] I.S units. These were a British second generation I.S. They were a all rounder type I.S.

"Unknown unit please show some form of identification." A woman said to Seth. Seth send her his identification file. The women was shocked that it was the worlds most famous male. She began a background check to if he had permission to enter England, which he did.

"Alright Seth Fairs you've checked out, my name is Diana Wilson and this is Samantha Edwards. We'll guide you to the base." Diana said.

"Follow us." Samantha said and Seth began to follow the two of them.

After a while they landed at a base that wasn't too far away from London. As Seth deactivated his I.S he was confronted by a man. This man was wearing a hat and had a cigar In his mouth.

"You must be Seth Fairs." The man said to Seth. "My name is John Price, but you will address me as captain Price."

"I understand ."

"Good now followed me I'll explain everything on the way." Price said as he traveled into the base.

The two soon entered a room and inside were several men that were looking at a white board. The men quickly turned and started to stare at Seth.

"Alright I've already explained the plan, but I'll go over it one time. We've found what appears to be several containers of hazardous material. They are currently head towards the English Channel. When it get here we'll take them and eliminate anyone who gets in our way. As for our support we have several helos and four I.S units. Seth here will be providing close air support for us. Does everyone understand?"

"Sir yes Sir." The members from the S.A.S. said. Now the men started to move and get the correct gear. Seth had gotten something to eat before he activated [B.L.A.Z.E.] and flew into the sky.

"Seth Fairs, this is MI5. We'll be giving you live intel while you are active this mission."

"I copy command, what is your call sign."

"It's baseplate, Seth. Now remember we go by rules. You are not to engage the enemy unless a enemy I.S. is present. Do you understand?"

"Loud and clear."

"Good sunny." Baseplate said as began to instructed the other teams. Seth was now wondering who the other I.S. operative would be.

" I've got a question. You said there are three other I.S units. Who are they?" Seth asked.

"We'll you've already met them." Price said which confused Seth, but he decided not to press on. He soon would find out what Price meant.

Seth traveled with the strike group to a location just half a mile from the piers. There he saw several familiar faces. He saw Diana and Samantha, but he also saw a face he didn't expect.

"Cecilia?" Seth said as he got closer to [Blue Tears].

"Seth what on earth are you doing here?" Cecilia was shocked that Seth was in England.

"I've been sent by my government to help aid Britain."

"Oh I see. Seth we'll need to do some stuff after this is all over." Seth was about to say something, but a man with a heavy Scottish accent spoke.

"Alright you two love bird, cut the chatter." This caused both Cecilia and Seth to turn red.

"Oh let the kids enjoy themselves Soap." Price said.

"Yeah, yeah. Team two are you in position." Soap said.

"Affirmative. Charges are ready, on your go." A person said over the radio.

"On your cue Price." Soap said.

"Wait for it." Price wanted the ship to reach the docks so he could use the cranes to rope in.

As the team was waiting for Price's order, Seth began to hear heavy breathing. He turned to Cecilia and saw that she was almost hyperventilating.

"Oi, Cecilia. You alright?"

"Yeah. I'm just a little nervous."

"Cecilia is this your first mission?" Cecilia nodded her head. Seth remembered how it felt when he had his first mission.

"Cecilia I got your back. So you don't need to worry."


"Cecilia don't forget that we're here too." Diana said.

"Thanks. I feel-"

"Do it." Price said, and Soap detonated the charges. Several small explosions were heard and the ship came to a halt.

"GO GO GO!" Price yelled as the S.A.S commandos began to rope in. Armed personnel now bursted out of the ship. They were armed with all sort of weaponry ranging from assault rifles to rocket launchers. They began to open fire on the S.A.S. Seth was about to join in the fighting, but he remembered that he wasn't allowed to engage.

"Nighthawk 2-1, we're getting lit up over here. Can you provide assistants?" Price said over the radio.

"Captain Price, this is Nighthawk 2-1. We're inbound with guns blazing." One of the little bird helicopters came closer to the ship and began to unload a volley of bullets and missiles.

Just as the little birds gun run was over, a blue energy beam hit the back propeller. The helicopter was unable to maintain its altitude and began to fall. The others turned to the source of the energy beam and they saw a [S.T.A.R.S.] unit.

"Enemy I.S. Unit confirmed. All I.S. on standby; you have permission to engage." Baseplate said over the com-link.

"That's our cue." Diana said as she now charged at the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit.

"Wait!" Seth said as he now followed her. Samantha and Cecilia followed after him.

Diana wasted no time in assaulting the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit. She summoned the [Fair Lady]'s melee weapon it was like a large version of an Sir William Marshall knightly sword.

Diana slashed at the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit, but as her blade clashed with the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit's energy blade; her blade was cut in half.

"What?!" Diana said as she put her arms up to block the [S.T.A.R.S.] attack. Something was able to stop its attack.

Seth was able to counter the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit's energy blade with his own. Seth cut off the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit's right arm with his free hand.

The drone kicked Seth away and brought out its remaining left energy blade. It charged at Seth, but before it could deliver a deadly blow, it was shot by several blue shot of energy. Cecilia and Samantha began firing a barrage of energy shots from their sniper rifles.

Seth saw his chance and stabbed the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit with both of his blades. Then he ripped the unmanned I.S in half.

"Alright the enemy I.S is down. How is it on your end ." Samantha said as she reported to Price.

"We've found nothing. Soap how is it on your end." Soap and Price spilt into two teams when the mission began.

"Price we've got nothing. Wallcroft, Griffen, you two log into that terminal over there and send the data to baseplate." Soap ordered.

"Roger sir. We'll begin the data transfer at once." Wallcroft said as he and Griffen began the data transfer. As MI5 received the data something happen.

On the screen a virus warning came up. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but they couldn't purge the virus. It began to hack into the defence systems of the government. Soon the group heard the sound of sirens ringing.

"Baseplate what's the current situation?" Price didn't like how any of this was sounding.

"Dammit Price, the data you guys sent had several virus in it. It avoided all all temps to purge it, Oh shite It just took over our drones and missile defense system. The threat level has been raised to Critical."

"The what?" Seth had no clue on what they were talking.

"The UK Threat levels are the equivalent of the Defcon system in America. Critical is the same as Defcon 1." Samantha explained to Seth.

"To all teams. We've detected several ships off the coast. They appear to be old destroyers and one aircraft carrier. Shit! They've open fire and several I.S. units have been launched." A person over the radio said. The team looked up and saw several missiles, most likely from the destroyers. The shots were headed towards London.

"Dammit. Cecilia, Seth you two heads toward London and help the civilian. Diana, Samantha you're with me." Price said and Seth immediately protested.

"Price, [B.L.A.Z.E.] is armed with far more weaponry than the [Fair Lady] and [Blue Tears]. If anything I should go with you."

"No Kid, You and Cecilia will return to London. Do I make myself clear." Seth knew why he was sending him to London. He thought he was nothing more than a kid.

"Fine, but Diana, Samantha take these." Seth materialised what appeared to be two beam sabers. He tossed the blades to Diana, and Samantha.

"If you see anymore I.S. units, like the one I took down then use these."

"Got it, now go Seth." Diana said as the group split ways.


Chaos could not describe what was happening in the streets of London. Many people were panicking in the streets trying to stay alive from the onslaught caused by the hacked drones.

The CO19, London's' verison of a S.W.A.T. and members of the S.A.S. were trying to fight against these drones, but because of the I.S. and the drone race, many nations no longer had as many skilled troops.

"Dammit I'm running out of ammo." One of the men said as he switched to his sidearm.

"Keep it together. We have to protect the civilians at all cost." Another man said. Suddenly all the drones around the group people were hit by missiles.

The people looked up and saw [B.L.A.Z.E.] and [Blue Tears]. Seth and Cecilia flew to the group of people.

"I was wondering when you would show up. I'm and I'm requesting that you would cover us as we get these civies into the closest bunker."

"Sure, but the closest bunker is-." Seth ordered his bits to form a hexagonal formation above the group and create a shield. A missile from a predator drone came in and hit the shield. Seth created a blue sphere and fired a laser beam at the drone. The drone was instantly destroyed.

"Cecilia you cover them, while I'll deal with the drones."

"Alright Seth, but don't do anything rash." Cecilia said as Seth left.

Seth now saw a group of people running from a several hacked A.G.R and U.G.V. Seth launched several noise missiles and destroyed several of the drones. The remaining drones were unable to move from the noise effect of Seth's missiles. Seth unloaded a volley of bullets from his miniguns on the remaining drones.

"All of you move if you want to live!" Seth yelled at the group and they fled.

Seth noticed another predator drone that was about to launch a AGM at the civilians. Seth brought out his sniper rifle and shot it down. He began to shoot other drones down that were in the sky. One by one the drones fell. Seth began to notice something to his side. He saw several armor trucks and tanks entering the city.

"Baseplate I have visual of several enemy armor entering the city."

"Seth destroy all armor units at once. They can't be allowed to enter the city."

As Seth got closer to the covey, the enemy troops opened fire. Seth launched several missiles destroying the smaller less armored vehicles, but the tanks were still moving. Seth created a blue sphere in his hand and unleashed a blue energy beam on the tanks. The tanks instantly exploded and were destroyed, but as Seth was about to move, he noticed a emblem on one of the tank parts.

"Baseplate, can you I.D. this emblem?" Seth said as he sent a image to MI5.

"Dammit we should have known the I.R.A. would have a hand in this. Seth be cautious of any strange activity. The I.R.A. is notorious for using I.E.D.'s."

"I'll keep an eye open, Cecilia how's it on your end?"

"We've just reached the bunker Seth. We found a couple of more people on the way here-" Cecilia saw something passed by her. Soon Seth saw what it was.

30 Minutes Earlier

and his team were near the shore. He was waiting for MI5 to let him know if they had any support from the Royal Navy.

"Baseplate what's the status of our support?"

"You're in luck sunny. The HMS Iron Duke has volunteer to aid you, but before it can give you support you'll need to disable the enemy destroyer missile defenses." Baseplate told Price.

"Copy baseplate, we'll inform you when we've taken out the defenses. Diana, Samantha take out of the main guns." Price ordered over the radio.

"Understood. Lets do this Diana." Samantha said as she and Diana headed towards the destroyers. As they got closer to the ships, three [S.T.A.R.S.] units appear.

The two women wasted no time in pulling out the beam sabers that Seth gave them. As one of [S.T.A.R.S.] units approached, the two I.S pilots slashed at it with the beam sabers. To their surprise, the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit was cut in half as if the shield did nothing to protect it.

"Damn. This is one hell of a toy." Samantha yelled in excitement.

"Don't lose focus Samantha." Diana said as she defeated a second [S.T.A.R.S.] unit.

"Diana I'll deal with the destroyers. You handle the last one." Samantha said as she flew towards the destroyers.

Diana now engaged the last [S.T.A.R.S.] unit, but this one unlike the other units was moving much faster. Diana was barely able to keep up with the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit. Given the the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit had two energy blades while she only had one beam saber.

"Dammit this thing's fast." She cursed as she was beginning to lose her energy points.

Samantha reached the first of the four destroyers. The ship began to open fire with the large guns on it, but the I.S unit's shield was able to deflect all the shots.

"You'll have to do better than that." Samantha brought out a beam saber. She launched herself at the main guns and sliced them off.

"Okay that's one down, three to go." Samantha said as she headed to the next ship and soon the other ships met the same fate.

"Baseplate all destroyer cannons neutralized. Send the ship." Price yelled over the radio as he and his team inside several little bird helicopters now head towards the aircraft carrier.

Soon the HMS Iron Duke entered the combat zone. It began to open fire with its missiles on the other ships except the aircraft carrier. The other ships were now beginning to sink.

As the team of little birds got closer to the aircraft carrier, the anti-air guns on the ship turned on, but before it could fire, the little birds locked on to the AA with its AGMs. The missiles were unleashed on the AA defense system, destroying them.

The little birds now landed briefly so that the S.A.S commandos could get off. They flew up back into the air and provided overwatch for the troops.

Samantha was rushing towards Diana and the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit that was giving her trouble. Diana just had her beam saber knocked out of her hands and prepare herself for the [S.T.A.R.S.] to attack her. Luckily for her, Samantha had came behind the [S.T.A.R.S.] unit and cut it in half with her beam saber.

"Thanks I owe you one."

"Don't mention i-" Samantha stopped speaking as they heard a large explosion. They saw the HMS Iron Duke sinking.

"What the hell?"

"Captain Price, look there!" One of the S.A.S commandos said as a submarine burst out of the water. They suddenly saw the submarine opening its missile silos.

"Shit Diana, Samantha you two-" Price's voice was drowned out by the submarine launching all 154 tomahawk missiles it had.

Diana and Samantha wasted no time in chasing after the missiles.

"Baseplate we got a situation on our hands. The Iron Duke is sunk and a lot of missile are headed to the coastline."

"Price we'll direct all available team to destroy the missile. Continue with the mission."

"Copy baseplate." Price now joined his men as they still has a fight on their hands.

Back with Seth.

Seth saw the missiles headed towards him. He also saw that Diana and Samantha were working furiously to destroy the missiles. Seth knew even if he unleashed all the remaining missiles he had at them, there would still be 70+ missile left.

"Dammit I don't want anyone to die." Seth yelled in his mind. He was playing several different scenarios in his mind, all of which failed to stop the missiles.

"I will carry this weight for you my master."

Seth heard a voice speak in his mind. "Blaze?"

[B.L.A.Z.E.] began to move on her own. She forced Seth's arm up and created a black sphere in his hands. The black sphere launched from Seth's hands and flew high up into the sky. The other I.S. user witnessed all the missiles suddenly change direction and now headed towards the expanding black sphere in the sky.

"What on earth?" Cecilia said as she stood in awe of [B.L.A.Z.E]'s power.

Soon all of the missile were absorbed into the black sphere. The black sphere then began to shrink and Seth brought out a red energy blade.

"Black End Galaxy." Seth yelled as he slashed the sphere and destroyed all the missiles.

"Blaze how the hell did you do that? The limiters are still on."

"I can not be confined by mere human means." Seth knew that the way she operated would be beyond his understanding, so he just went with it.

"Blaseplate all missile destroyed." Seth said over the radio to report their success, but all he got was static.

"Hey any of you guys getting through with command? I'm only getting static." Seth asked the other I.S users. They all responded with a 'no'.

"I don't like this." Seth said as he began to fly away from the group.

"Seth where are you headed?" Diana asked.

"I'm headed towards MI5 HQ. There's something I want to check out."

"Then I'm coming with you." Cecilia spoke up.

"No it ju-"

"Seth take her with you. It'll be better if we split into two group of two. Good luck."

"Fine, Cecilia lets go." Seth said as he and Cecilia left for MI5 HQ.

Five minutes later.

When they arrived at Thames House, the place was a war zone. The building was ablaze, and bodies were everywhere. Gunfire could be heard. It was during this time when Seth decided something.

"Cecilia I want you to stay here and provide me with sniper support."

"What Seth I'm coming with you."

"No you're not Cecilia for two good reasons. One, your unit is a support type, and secondly you've never killed someone." Cecilia felt a her heart drop.

"Seth have you killed another person?" Cecilia asked in a shaky voice.

"Cecilia It's either them or me. I don't have a choice. If I don't do this the people I care about will die. Like you." Seth turned red when he realized he said.


"Look you're a dear friend, and I won't let anything happen to you. Will you trust me."

"Alright Seth, I'll trust you." Cecilia told Seth as he now headed towards the building.

Seth saw at least three enemy I.S. unit outside and there was sure to be more inside.

"Seth, I would suggest using the element of surprise. They haven't notice you yet."

"That's what I was just thinking." Seth decided to follow Blaze's idea and snuck behind the three women.

The three women were currently in stolen [Raphael-Revive] units. They were unable to detect Seth and [B.L.A.Z.E.].

"Man why were we stuck with guard duty?" One of the women said as she was bored out of her mind.

"Hey Autumn-sama said it wouldn't take less then 20 minutes."

"Enough chatter you two, we still have a job to do."

"Oh come on who is gonna be coming for us here. The rest of the city is on fire, no on-" The women suddenly stopped talking which grabbed the other's attention.

"What the!" The two of them saw Seth with a energy blade through the woman's chest. She had a small amount of blood on her face that she coughed up. She was already dead.

"YOU BA-" The other woman was hell bent on avenging her comrade, but before she could even finish cursing, Seth used his other energy blade then extended it's length. The extended blade penetrated the second woman's chest and then slashed outward, tearing open most of the woman's chest.

The last woman raised up a [Vent] assault rifle, but she was suddenly hit by several blue energy shots. The shots destroyed the assault rifle which stunned the last woman, but she was even more stunned when she opened her eyes and saw Seth holding one of his energy blades in her throat.

"You move, you're dead." Seth said in a very dark tone. The woman kept quiet. Seth was about to say something, but the woman received a call.

"Answer it." Seth said and the woman did. When she answer, a video was open and Seth saw Autumn. His blood began to boil.

"Emma how is it on your." Autumn said.

"Fine no problems at all Ma'am."

"Good, me and 'M' have almost captured the prototype, be ready to leave in five minutes."

"Yes Ma'am." Emma said as she ended the call.

"Alright you captured me now what?" She asked Seth.

"Deactivate your I.S. now." Seth ordered Emma.

Emma did just as she was told to do. Seth then placed a white bracelet on her arm.

"What the hell is this for?"

"It's to keep you from activating your I.S. don't even think of removing it. It will explode unless it's removed correctly." Seth grabbed Emma and brought her to Cecilia.

"Seth why did you bring her?" Cecilia didn't like where this was going.

"Cecilia take her and get someone to interrogate her." Seth said as he turned around, but before he left Cecilia grabbed his hand.

"Seth what about you?"

"Cecilia please trust me." Cecilia saw the look in Seth's eyes. It was filled with sadness. She couldn't understand why he had this look. With Cecilia confused, Seth headed towards the building.

Seth saw that the intruders entered through the front door, he decided to follow the path of destruction. As he traveled down the halls of the destroyed building, he saw blooded painted on the walls and bodies littered everywhere.

He soon found a broken elevator shaft. Seth flew down it slowly inncase if anything jumped out at him. As he descended, he started to hear the sound of gunfire and people screaming.

"That doesn't sound good." Seth now hurried to the source of the sounds. Seth, saw that there was a group of people who were trying to fight off an I.S., but conventional firearms do next to nothing against the I.S's shields. Seth opened a volley of bullets on the enemy I.S which stunned her. This allowed Seth to rush next to her and stab his energy blade right in her skull.

"You alright?" Seth as the members of MI5 who were not in too bad of shape, but he could see several blood stains on their clothing.

"We'll live." One of the men said.

"Go back up, I'll handle it from here."

"Thanks." The same person said as he grabbed one of his comrades who was too weak to walk on his own.

Seth once again followed the path of destruction. He could tell that more firepower was used in this areas. The amount of destruction on the walls would support his claim.

"Stupid males. Do you really think that you can beat us." A women said. Seth recognized that voice.

The said woman was now a few inches away from killing the male she had in her I.S's grip. Autumn was about to crush the man when she sensed that her life was in danger. She released her captive and jumped back, avoided Seth's energy blade.

"Oh, so we meet again boy." Autumn said.

"Yeah and this will be last." Seth brought out both of his energy blades and entered a fighting stance. Autumn and her [Arachne] also entered a fighting stance.

"Let's see how much you've improve."

Autumn and the [Arachne] opened fire on Seth. He was unable to move, because of the people behind him. If he moved they would be hit. Seth used his noise missiles and hit the [Arachne]. [B.L.A.Z.E.] then changed colors from black to light blue. Seth now charged at Autumn with a energy blade that had vapor leaking from it.

Autumn saw Seth begin his assault. She used the [Arachne] eight legs to jump away and the area she was standing in was now covered in ice. She was now constantly moving. She never expected Seth to improve so much. Autumn lost focus for just a fraction of a second, but that was all Seth needed. He now was in front of Autumn and was about of stab her in the chest when a red energy blast hit his energy blade, causing the blade to miss its target, but then several more red energy blast hit Seth and knocked him away from Autumn.

Seth turned his head to his would be attacker and saw a new I.S. unit. It appeared to be a more advance version of [Blue Tears]. Seth couldn't see the pilots' face, something was blocking it.

"Good 'M' you've captured the prototype." Autumn said

"Prototype?" Seth didn't like this one bit.

"Oh no. They were able to activate the [Silent Zephyrs]. Seth you need to retake it." One of the MI5 agents said.

The girl in didn't respond to Autumn, instead she charged at Seth with a CQC dagger. Seth took off his blades abilities so he wouldn't damage the [Silent Zephyrs]. The two of their blades clashed. Autumn saw an opening. While Seth was busy dealing with 'M', Autumn came up behind him. She had a dagger out as well and slashed at Seth, but Seth bits grew energy blades and caught the attack before it could make contact.

"Elemental Shift." [B.L.A.Z.E.] changed to yellow in color. Both of the women started to hear what sounded like electricity zapping. They suddenly felt electricity circulating in their bodies. Both of them released their daggers from their hands. They no longer felt the electricity and moved away from Seth. The two women looked at each other, then they moved towards the elevator shaft.

"Get back here!" Seth was now in hot pursuit. He chased them outside. As the two kept flying they saw that Seth was hell bent on capturing them.

"'M' we'll need to separate." The women only nodded as she and Autumn split up.

Seth was now faced with a choice. Go after Autumn and kill her, most likely saving several life in the future. Or he can go after the prototype and retrieve it before it can be used against them.

Seth decided that the threat from the prototype was greater. He followed 'M'.

Several Minutes Later.

Cecilia was started to get worry. Seth had promised her, that he would call once he took care of the problem. That call would never come.

End of chapter

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