Episode 6

"I'm gonna need to get some tools set up from my truck, and then I can finish the remodeling," Renekton said as he walked by the counter. The crocodile tipped his hat at the fox girl, and Ahri reciprocated with a sly wink. He then walked out to his truck parked outside, emblazoned with the lettering: RENEKTON'S TOP QUALITY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

Ahri turned back to the counter where an issue of the latest Famitsu Weekly lay open, and twirled a strand of her hair around her finger, staring past Veigar absentmindedly. "So why is he working in construction? He's a melee top bruiser, has a great early game, and doesn't need mana. Plus he's got a great body. I'd figure he'd be booked 24/7 for league matches."

Veigar looked over to make sure Renekton was out of hearing range, then scoffed loudly. "Renekton? That croc is a freakin' idiot. All he does is hog all the top lane experience, then when we're fighting he never protects the carries or the mages and just charges in like he's a tank. He has no idea how to teamfight, and teamfighting is what wins you matches."

"Oh really? I thought it was killing the enemy nexus."

"It is! But you can't get to their nexus if you can't win the teamfights."

Ahri frowned a bit, and closed the magazine she had been pretending to read. "Hmm, sorry Veigy, I think you're wrong about that. Haven't you read Master Yi's new book?"

"Yi? That idiot wrote another book? Really? Don't tell it's about yet another useless strategy that never works."

"Advanced Backdooring Theory: Alternative Strategies and Principles for the Sneaky League Aficionado. He released it only a week ago, and it's already #2 according to the Valoran Times best sellers list." Ahri reached into her bag and took out a flashy purple smartphone. "I actually bought the book - here, lemme show you." She tapped on the screen to bring up some text on the book, then showed it to Veigar.

Veigar stared at Ahri's phone, and narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "Is that a Darkplum XD-5 LeaguePhone?"

"Close, but nope," Ahri replied. "It's an XD-6. They just released it. It's totally amazing! Look at how shiny the text - "

"AHRI! You're using a Darkplum phone...why are you using a phone made by our rival?"

"Relax Veigy! It's not like I went out and bought one. A couple of Darkplum employees were standing outside the street this morning giving it out for free to everyone walking towards our store."

"...And you didn't do anything about it?" Veigar said. "You just decided to go and get a free phone?"

"Veigy, come on...it's not like I could have done anything about it. I wanted to tell them to leave, but I didn't want to start another fight, and they were actually pretty nice to me...and besides, I got you one too!" Ahri looked down and fumbled around her bag a bit, then took out a shiny neon pink XD-6. She beamed a big smile at Veigar and held the phone out to him.

"Oh, god. Like I would even be caught dead holding a Darkplum phone. And what's with the neon pink? Didn't they have another color? Like, darker and more evil?"

"It adds personality! Now when you meteor a litter of baby kittens, the last thing they'll notice before they die is that cool pink smartphone you were holding!"

Veigar sighed, closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. "Why can't I have just one day where nothing goes wrong?" He opened his eyes and took the phone from her hands, and examined it closely. "Well, at the very least, I can take this phone over to TF and have it analyzed by spec-ops. They already have stolen versions of the XD-7 in the lab, but this XD-6 seems to be a revised consumer edition... "

Ahri sat back and grinned at the Yordle holding the pink smartphone. She thought the color looked cute on him. "That's a great idea, Veigy. See? Isn't this better than if I had started another fight with Darkplum by myself and caused more damage to the store?"

Veigar grumbled a few inaudible words, then took the phone and started heading towards his office. Ahri rolled her eyes and turned back to the counter to pick out another magazine to read, but was interrupted by the sound of the double doors sliding open. A large, imposing dog-like creature stepped into the store, and confidently perused his surroundings. He gazed towards one of the aisles, then smoothly turned his head and fixed his unwavering gaze at the fox-girl behind the counter. "My bowels are as empty as the eternal desert land of Shurima. They cry out for a savior to sate their hunger. Does your store carry Kibbles n' Bits?"

Ahri stared at the awe-inspiring creature before her. She didn't know why, but she felt her heart flutter, and the room seemed warmer than before. She felt her throat constrict, but after a short struggle managed to squeak out a response.

"Umm, Kibbles? I think that's on aisle three. No wait - it's in aisle four."

"I thank you for your assistance. I shall one day repay the favor you have given me, so that the world may remain in balance. Now, for grace, I shall go."

Ahri watched the large creature turn to walk towards aisle four. She got up from her counter and started heading towards him. Kibbles were always stored in aisle eight! She just restocked them this morning - how could she have forgotten?

"Umm, sir?"

The creature stopped and turned to face the girl. "Yes?"

"Well, ahh...the kibbles are actually stored in aisle eight. I'm really sorry. It's been a long day...just follow me and I'll lead you to them."

Ahri led the creature down the store towards the pet foods aisle, then went into the hallway between the aisles. She looked around at the random assortment of chew toys and cat chow, then finally spotted the bags of Kibbles on the very top shelf.

"There it is! Kibbles and Bits Xtreme edition. It's on the very top shelf though. We don't get a lot of people coming in to buy pet food. I'll go get the grabber."

Ahri started searching around for the long grabbing stick usually placed at the end of every aisle, but the dog-creature stopped her.

"Lady, have you never seen Nasus, the Curator of the Sands, in an official League Match?"

"Umm, I'm sorry...I don't think I have. Are you really a League Champion? I work in the League also!" Ahri fanned out her nine tails and made sure to display them in a way so that Nasus could notice their full beauty. "The league calls me Ahri, the beautiful and amazing nine-tailed fox!"

"Yes, I have seen you before." Nasus looked at her and nodded slowly. He then looked up at the top shelf where the Kibbles n' Bits Xtreme were stored. "I shall now show you why we do not have need of a grabber."

Nasus let out a low but formidable growl, and Ahri could feel a slight draft of wind start to form inside the store, as well as a strong source of power emanating from within Nasus. As Ahri stared on, the dog creature suddenly grew to almost twice in size, with his head now reaching almost to the ceiling. Strange gusts of a mystical green sand started to swirl around Nasus, causing the aisles to shudder and the assortment of chew toys and lighter articles to scatter, with some crashing loudly onto the floor with a squeek. Nasus, now taller than the top shelf of the aisle, casually reached out and grabbed a package of Kibbles n' Bits. Then, as suddenly as everything had come about, the swirls of sand receded and disappeared, and Nasus shrank back down to his normal, but still formidable size.

Ahri stared at Nasus, her mouth half open in pure amazement. "That was crazy! I wish I could have powers like that!" Ahri remembered her special fox-fire ability, and wanted to show it to Nasus, but she stopped herself. It was just three little blue flames that circled around her and protected her. Nasus would probably laugh at such a stupid little ability.

"Ok well, umm," Ahri finally said. "Lets go back to the register so I can check you out. Err- check your item out, I mean." Ahri drew in her nine tails so that they clumped together to form one bushy tail, and they both walked back to the store lobby. Ahri went behind the front counter, then took up the scanner and scanned the package of Kibbles n' Bits Extreme. The register flashed the number 595.

"So your total today will be 595 ip. Would you like anything else, Nasus?"

"No, that will be it." Nasus handed Ahri his League Card.

Ahri took the card and swiped it on the register console, debiting 595 ip from his account. "So, well - I guess that's it then. Um..thank you for shopping at LoLmart number 77!"

Ahri handed the card back to Nasus, and he nodded in thanks. She watched quietly as he turned and headed towards the double doors. The doors slid open, and Nasus walked up to the doorway. He then stopped, and turned around to look at Ahri.

"You know, I forgot to mention this before, but when you spread out all nine of your tails, I thought it truly one of the most beautiful and amazing sights I had ever seen. I noticed that you tend to keep your tail clumped up so that no one can see it, so I feel truly grateful to be shown such an amazing sight. I travel the world to experience things such as this, and for that, I thank you."

"Oh..." Ahri could feel her face redden and get hotter. "Well, ah..."

"I hope to see you again in one of your League matches. Farewell, Ahri."

"Err..I hope to see you too in a League..." Ahri managed to mumble out her sentence to no one in particular. Nasus had already turned and left the store. The fox girl turned back into her chair, and took her tail in her hands. She stroked the soft furs slowly, and as she thought of her encounter with Nasus, she couldn't help but feel a bit of pride and happiness as she slowly spread her lovely nine tails out before her.

End Episode 6.


Renekton quickly got out from his truck parked behind the store, and started walking around to the front. He had felt it. Him. He knew that power and could smell and taste it from miles away whenever it appeared. He walked hastily through the front doors of the store, then slowly scanned theinterior. Nothing. He looked at Ahri, who had been intently staring at her tail and stroking the furs back and forth.

"Is there something you need, Renekton?" Ahri said, looking up from her little task.

Renekton shook his head. "Nah, It's nothing. I thought I had felt something, but its probably 'cause I'm tired from working all day. Oh - by the way, I'm gonna need to come back tomorrow to finish the job. There's some extra tools I need but they're at my store."

Ahri shrugged. "Alright then, I'll be sure to let Veigy know. See ya tomorrow!"

Renekton headed out and back around the store, then headed into his truck. He didn't start the vehicle. Instead, he sat back, and stared absentmindedly into the sky.

"Nasus..." Renekton said to himself, quietly.