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I woke up in a white room I couldn't remember where I was. I saw an IV in my arm so I must be at the infirmary. I took the tube out of my wrist and got to my feet. I was still thank the force wearing my black Jedi robes instead of a hospital gown. I took a glance at the room. White walls, sheets, a hospital cot and a window that shows space. It was too bright and clean in the small room for me to stay in much longer so I went to open the door. Locked I've been captured. Better get out of here

I opened the lock in seconds with the lock picking method that Han showed me awhile ago. After scanning the hall way I sneak out.


I was in a debriefing. "I had been alerted by robin that a boy had crashed in there city that's from another planet" I said

"Where is the boy" Asked superman it was clear he was concerned for the child because of there similary origin froma different planet.

"In the infirmary" I answered I flip to the footage of the boys sleeping peacefully.

"Will he be alight" asked wonder woman

"He'll be fine"I turn on the a video of the child.

We saw a boy maybe 14-15 piloting a ship with a thinking expression. He pulls a leaver and he's in front of earth. He took a minute to take in the beauty of the planet. "This is the most beautiful planet I've seen in my life" a blue droid beeped "A ship appeared out of hyperspace?"Asked the boy asked.

He can understand the droid?

The X wing shook with the force of a blast knoking it maniverd the ship and retaliated but his blats weren't working."What the .What's going on Artoo?" Apparently he could understand the boy glanced at the ship behind him and froze in recognition."What the Boba Fete how is he-"the boy calmed himself down and tried to fire again. The droid beeped eraticly and the ship shook from a shot at again.

I glanced at superman he looked at the boy in the infirmary and he so almost silently growled so that none but him and I could hear. He was mad. I could see the rest of the JLA getting the same thoughts.

The ship started to fall as the pilot tried to stabilize it. The boy was terrified but kept trying stop the ship." Artoo initiate emergency landing procedures" The ship was falling at a terribly steep incline with the pilot trying to slow the ship down enough so that It wont explode

Everyone was holding tightly onto their seats as the ship descended even though we knew that the piolet was o.k. tensed even more when we heard a shot coming from the boy's attacker. He had started skimming the of large shimmering buildings and it was clear that he needed to land soon .he saw a huge bay and piloted there. The x wing shook with the force of impact but the boy was ok. Everyone sighed in relief.

"Artoo are you alight" The copilot beeped in affirmative. the boy hopped out of his saw five people glaring at him. The teen titans .I thought I hoped they didn think he was a threat "Um hi" he said uncomfortable ."You could've destroyed our home" said the girl Starfire I believe."Yeah and you almost smashed in to a building in the city are you crazy"said cyborg.

The blonde was about ot say something but robin cut him off."Why are you here" he asked."Um my ship was shot down" "So you mean no harm" asked the orange girl."No I don't" The girl rushed him and went to hug the boy to death. Thankfully he had side stepped her and a tree got her attack."

"Nice reflexes" complimented green arrow

"Hello I am Starfire. Where do you come from how did you get here what is your favorite color and do you wish to be my friend" she said. Wow, Dick told me about Starfire before but I wasn't expecting that.

"Tatooine, flying my X wing, blue, and of course I would My names Luke Skywalker" he answers next to her she squeals. She didn't expect him to move out the way. "Were the teen titans I'm Cyborg but you call me Cy im the best cook in the house" Cyborg said with obvious pride. I'm Beast boy I'm really funny and I make the best tofu in the house said the green kid BB you're the only one who makes that tofu stuff" counterd cyborg .The boy seemed to be remembering something.

"I'm Raven and you both are idiots fighting like little children" Raven said." Who shot you down "Asked "Robin."Yes who woud harm friend Luke"

"That would be me" Said Boba flying on this jet pack toward the teens

Everyone in the room was terrified for the did the bounty hunter do to luke to make him bad enough to be in the infirmary. We had only saw him threw a video screen and we already felt protective of the boy.

"Boba what do you want" Luke with indiffrence."A member of Jabba the Hutt family put a bounty on your head and your friends Solo and princess Leia. Luke stiffend when the bounty hunter mentioned his obviously close friends.

"Whats a kid doing with a bounty on his head" blurted flash."Shut up" I said

"Why else would I be here." Boba takes out his blaster and start firing at the kid. Instead of running, Luke deflect the blasts back with a green saber. I became suppose that the boy is more trained than I thought.

He crashes on the shore as he got up I saw the titans getting ready to attack they didn't know what they we.

"I can handle it" he said the boy batted away the rest of the rapid blasts and chucked 3 large rocks at him.

We were collectively surprised at that. This boy has powers. It was quite obious we thought the same thing. Flash even dropped the giant burger he was eating onto the ground."C'mon" He pouted

The bounty hunter barely dodged the rock and shot a red syringe at the blonde. The syringe hit Lukes arm he took the syrnge out of him arm.I notice that he dropping his weapon in the process. The blond trys to levitate another bolder but it didn't move.

That liquid took away his powers, How? Now we were really worried how would this kid defete this bounty hunter without any powers.

the bounty hunter aims another blast Luke was about to deflect another one but he found that Boba taken his weapon when he dropped it after I got hit with red stuff. Luke rolled to the side took out two blasters and shot at the bounty hunter. He hit his blaster and when Boba tried to use it again it didn't work anymore.

Then Boba ran off

"Are you ok Friend Luke" "Who was he" Luke looked unfocused and he fell out.

"What happened? A second ago he was about kick bounty hunter butt?" Asked Flash

"It must be that liquid. Hope the kids ok" added Superman."

The rest of the league expressed their best wishes for the boy. I however think this boy is a reasonable threat."I need to question the kid" I say" What the. This kid just was infected with god knows what and you want to interrogate him? What is wrong with you? I I know your you but this is extreme" Said Flash

"Flash's right his call of attion is a bit extreme" Said Green Lantern

"You know. I'ts rude to talk about someone behind there back" We heard from a was Luke."H-how" sputtered Flash."Wasn't that hard.I just made the live feed go to the point before I woke up then I rewinded backwards. See I'm breathing backwards " Said the child as he pointed to the feed.

It was hard to tell but instead of breathing in and out he was breath out in."You weren't watching at he time so I could play around with the recording"

"Are you here on a mission"

"Nope. Well I didn't meant to go here "Luke hastily changed his statement.This kid is getting more suspicious by the minute.

"A mission?"

"Diplomatic stuff nothing important" this kid dosent wants to why would he have a diplomatc mission?

"Are you fine "Asked wonder woman a bit worried

"Sure I am." The boy smiled

"What about the stuff that got onto your system whatwas it?"Asked flash

"I have no idea"

I had enough of this kid."What is it? I asked firmly."Like. . .Know. Whatthat stuff was!"Luke raised his voice an octave."Besides it dosent matter the instant I figure out what the heck that stuff was and where it came from, I'm destroying it" He put emphasis on instant. The boy recalms himself

"What about the bounty" Luke sighs."Your gonna ask until you get answers huh. Whatever it's not like Wedge hasn't told the rest of galaxy. What happened was my friend Han managed to tick off Jabba the Hutt. Before you ask he's a crime lord on Tatooine. So then he's captured and frozen in carbonight."the boy stopps calming himself.

"Leia, Chewie ,Lando and I worked tirelessly to find Lando found out Han was at Jabbas palace.I make up a plan to rescu him. But Jabba saw threw it and Leia Chewie and I ended up getting got out before we ended up sarlacc food. But I guess there pretty peaved about it"Luke says lighly.

Wonder woman looked to have suppressed a gasp."Just what have you been dealing with young one""allot um pirates, crime lords, siths, Madine , the empire, err lots of stuff."

Sith what a sith? "I call for recess "said flash trhe speedster dashed out the room."Wow now that's fast" Luke comments before walking out the room.

"This one has many questions about him" Said Wonder Woman."Still this kid doesn't seem to be threat" commented Superman

Luke If you're dangerous or hiding any evil intentions I will find out.

"Seem is the main word" I add

"I have been wondering something since he came in the room" Martian Manhunter said

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