I followed the flash into the cafeteria. I guess visitors weren't common here because everyone was staring at me And it doesn't help that I was in the infirmary either. I sit next to Flash with unrecognizable food on my plate."What this?"I ask."That's a hamburger , fries, and an apple. Why "you a vegetarian too?"
"No I'm just proactive about what I eat. Ever since an incident in the cafeteria "I answer taking a bite of the hamburger."What's your home planet like" He said trying to make conversation."I hate Tatooine" "Why?

" "Tatooine is nothing but desert. With nothing to do, its hellishly hot, And if you have to be on the lookout 24/7 if you don't want someone to slit you throat for your belongings" I look back at Flash who eyes looked to be bursting out.

"Oh sorry for boring in you there""It's ok you went boring me at all. So your friends with a princess?" "Yep I rescued her from the Death Star with Han, Chewie and Obi Wan."I said I focused on eating the rest of lunch.
"You wont believe what I'm about to tell you "said Flash "Luke's best friends are a princess a smuggler and he comes from a desert planet that he hates, And he rescued the princess from something called a Death Star" Flash said."Anything else "I say "Sorry batman Luke didn't say anything else"

"Where is he?" "Oh he's in the training room. I wonder what he's doing"
I head towards the training room with flash "Did you leave him alone?" "Um maybe" That means yes he is alone." I see him in classic mediation position legs crossed eyes closed."Hi Batman and Flash" "What are you doing" Flash asks."I'm meditating. It's a Jedi thing."He said casually."So how did you know we were here"."Pretty easy I felt your energies flash yours is very energetic and Batman I really couldn't read you."He gets up from where he was sitting.
Superman walks into the room "The rest of the JLA still wants to ask you some more questions oh and I'm superman" " K. The sooner that's over with the sooner I figure out how to get back to my friends"
"Friends?" Asked Superman " Han, the rouges, Leia, Chewbacca ,C3PO, they must be worried about me."
""You mean the princess. You must be good friends with her if you don't call her by her title" boy scout commented
"Yeah but she's actually my-smart and good with a blaster "He broke off his first sentence. Flash and the boy scout didn't notice He was about to say something he didn't mean to say. But I have more important questions to answer.
"So what do you do at home?"
"Well I'm a pilot and a Jedi. Jedi are about to use the force to do things that you saw me do in the video and then some. But more importantly they help promote peace in the galaxy"
"What's the Death Star?" Try getting out of answering that.

" I really don't want to explain this more than once so I'll tell you when we get back to the rest of the JLA"
We reentered the main room
I walk into the main room and I don't know what to say. I'm being interrogated by guys in tights. Their taste in fashion. Well lack of is not important now though.

I take a deep breath in before I get bombarded by the vast amount of questions they are bound to ask.
"So you have some questions"
"First what is The Death Star"" Batman asked
"Death star?" asked Wonder Woman
"The Death star is a technological terror that the Empire made a few years ago. It has the power to destroy planets."
"What!"Everyone shouted
"Why didn't you tell us im-" Batman started
"Let me finish you don't have to worry about that monstrosity bothering you because it was destroyed soon during the Battle of Yavin. And before you ask about that soon after i rescued Leia we went to the Alliance's base .Unfortunately the Empire put a tracker on the ship so the Death Star aim directly for Yavin 4." I saw the door behind superman opening. On it own.
A little blue droid rolled out towards me and hit my leg hard."Hey R2" said gritting me teeth together to avoid screaming from the large red mark that must be forming on my right leg.
"Who's this" Flash asks
"My Astromech droid R2-D2"
"I'm not sure what happened but i told you to not go through uncharted space. My danger sensors have been going off since we arrived" Artoo said with a more then healthy dose of anger.
"Artoo this is not the time for arguing about whose idea it was to go through uncharted space'"
"Which was yours" The droid retorted
""Let's just focus on getting back" I said wanting the battle to end soon. Artoo is a stubborn droid if i don't let him win this argument it could last forever."This pointless arguing has almost gotten us killed. More then I can count" I mutter. It's not my fault that if we went the safe way it would take forever

The JLA looked dumbfounded at me."Um like I was saying we had about 15 minute which definitely wasn't enough to evacuate a base, fortunately the technicians had found a weakness in the Death Star and they sent red squadron to shoot a proton torpedo into a exhaust pipe .I shot the proton torpedo and destroyed it.

"You?!"everyone exclaimed except Batman What's so surprising I did say that I was a pilot
"kid how old are you" Green Arrow asked
"First I'm15 and I'm not a kid" I asserted "Also my name's Luke i hate when someone calls me kid other then Han"I feel sd mentioning the exsmuggler.I miss him and leia
"Who's Han" Batman asked.
"Han he's a friend of mine we saved Leia and he saved my butt more time then I can count" I said smiling
"How long ago was Yavin?"
"3 years"
"But-but you was"
"Twelve? Yeah considering that the Alliance needed all the help they could get I'm not surprised. Besides what did we have to lose in 15 minutes the Death Star was about to blow Yavin and us to bits"
The rest of the JLA stared at me like I had grown eight legs.
"It's just how lightly you say it it's like you're not concerned about it. You think-" Flash started
"I wouldn't be so calm about it. Well I'm not. My friend died during the battle of Yavin. And every time I think about -Oh my god Brigs "I get a hold of myself."I avoid talking about the battle of Yavin for that reason" .I blink back tears.

"I' sorry about asking you about it and for your friend" Batman said
"Thanks "I take a deep breath.

The room is quiet for a suffocating moment that felt like it wouldn't end.
"Ok so anymore questions"
"What's a sith?"

"A Sith is person that has the same abilities as a Jedi but they use those abilities for their own gain. Example Sidious used his powers to hide his abilities so that none could guess that he was the sith lord. The major problem was he was the freakin' chancellor of the republic. So he played everyone and destroyed a democracy. Though were planning on picking up the pieces. Especially thanks to Endor"

"Which is what this war is about?"
"hey I didn't-nice your really perceptive. Yeah that's what the war is about"

"And your stand in the war?"

"I'm a supporter of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. And I'm the leader of Rouge squadron"

"Why cant I read your mind?" asked a guy in green
"I shielded my brain so that no one can read my thoughts because i know some people who can and they aren't nice"
"The siths "Batman volunteered
"Yep plus my teacher emphasized shielding do it all the time. We done here because I have some questions too""
"You have questions" Asked Superman
"Yeah first what are the coordinates of this place"
Batman handed a paper with numbers to me.I frown the coordinates aren't in Galactic standard so I'll will need the covert it.
"Oh and I you guys have a names because besides bats flash and superman I don't know anyone else"
"Green Arrow"
"Wonder Woman"
"Martian Man hunter
The rest of the Justice league introduced themselves to me

"Artoo can you calibrate theses coordinates to standard galactic coordinates"
"No because I'll just mess up like before. It was your fault"He says still angry
"Ok I'll do it myself. Do you have any pens? Artoo try to get a signal I need to talk to Han and Leia ASAP" I take a erasable marker from flash and start to calculate on the white board.
Ok the standard equation for flight is H^6*4 carry the one-And divide by atmospheric pressure...

We watched Luke work out the equation in amazement
"Luke what are you doing "Asked Green lantern
"H^6*4 carry the one-And divide by atmospheric pressure" he said obvious to us.
We continue to watch as the boy took up half the whiteboard with his calculations. The math must be at least post college level. I couldn't recognize the symbols on board.

"Ok we are 10^100 parsecs away"
"Good in your ship 10 par_"
"I said 10^100 parsecs "He interrupted then stopped for a moment.
"Which is extremely far from home but I can mange "he closes his marker cap.

"How are you able to do that?"
"What the calculations Han taught me how. Because he said I get into trouble too much to not know how to not know how to calculate where I am in unknown territory. Actually you guys giving me the coordinates made it way too easy. To check my work"
"Check your work?"
"Yeah, I then did the calculations in my head turns out .I was completely accurate so i wasted marker."
"You can do all that in your head!"Flash blurted
"Yeah well, you don't exactly bring a white board with you 24/7 to do the calculations with? Do you?... So in the event you're stuck without a whiteboard on a deserted planet, you would be screwed" He said in a serious that clashed with his wide smile.

"Why wouldn't I. It's not that hard just basic flight math. If you really want to see advanced math you should see some of the technicians at base. I can't keep up."He says with a small benevolent smile dancing on his lips.
"Are you still in school?" I ask
"No way was I done with school since Yavin."

"Hey do you know whe-"
"Your ship is in the hanger"
"Great I'm so glad you guy brought it here too"
'Why wasn't it damaged? I ask. Why would he work so hard to keep a damaged ship?
"No way! I spent way too long upgrading it. There's no way I'll get another one if I can help it because it won't be even half as good as mine now"

I yawned asked if anyone else had questions and walked out the room though the halls. I stopped for a minute to stare out at space before I head back to my ship whistling a Tatooine folk song.


I had watched the JLA for awhile however it was frustrating when the Bat found my spy bots. Of course. I stopped using that and settled for placing a bug on the printer .From there I had total control of the security systems until the damn flying rodent found that too. He hasn't
been able to trace it back to me yet though but it is amusing to watch him try to trace me.

I was reviewing the footage when I saw a boy with dark blond hair wheeled in, I had never seen him in the station before..I was surprised when I saw that he had hacked into the Justice League security systems. I smiled when the child had surprised Wayne and the rest of the league. I watch the rest of the feed. It appears the boy has telekinesis along with sword wielding skills. Interesting

What can the boy do?


"Yes slade"

"Ready the sladebots"

New chapter yeah. This one is even longer then the last! And most of you know who the mystery guy is .See you next time!

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