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Luke skywalker had been on the watch tower for a he was finally getting the basics traveling is out of the question because batman said he had the be could tell he was lying though. What batman wanted was proof. Proof that Luke wasn't a psychopath like joker. He had found out about the madman a few days ago when he was looking for power tools. It didn't go very well

"Jokers on the loose again"

Luke was walking back to his room because unfortunately he was was in a catch 22 he needed the right power to work his tools but the only way to get the standard power he he had to use his broken tools to fix his systems. He heard them talking and stopped in front of the door.

"Luke we can see you" yelled flash from inside

Luke gaped like a fish for a second before thinking about what master yoda would do. First he wouldn't be acting so childish .Luke had to convince these people- well really batman that he was on their side. He calmed down and entered the room. He had to present jedi like composure.

Green Arrow explained that the room was capable of seeing what's outside without people outside seeing into the room. The room was also soundproofed.

"How-" Flash started but Batman interrupted

"Did you hear us?"


"How "batman demanded

"I -Look I know- Batman you said the jokers on the loose " He said proving he did hear the conversation by telling them what he heard

"What else did you hear?"

"Nothing else I just got is the joker and do you have power tools? "luke changed the topic because he was a little nervous. He had plenty of experience with people putting him down and fighting people bigger than him. Suddenly his fake hand flinched . Batman was still very intimidating.

Thank the force for false bravado.

"Joker is a psychotic madman that keeps on breaking out of Arkham. We don't know his exact whereabouts though he's somewhere in Gotham He's messy"


"He tortures his last one died of electrocution"

Luke went pale. He had only escaped that fate yesterday. If his father didn't turn surely his body would be floating in space. Not even having a proper funeral. Thrown out like trash once Sidious realized that luke wasn't a tool. And that he would ever serve him.

"Something wrong luke" Super Man asked

"Nothing where are the power tools"

" Uh Down the hall make a left on your first door he answered

He dashed out the room

While he was gone...

What wrong with him wonder woman asked

"He must be be scared of joker" Green Lantern answered .Though the kid might act tough he's probably very scared. He must using his confidence as a front.

"No he got scared after I mentioned the man dieing from electrocution" Martian Manhunter he couldn't feel his emotions. He could tell that Luke wasn't scared of fear crept onto his face after Batman talked about demise of the electrocuted man.

" He could've been electrocuted before " He suggested.

The league hoped that wasn't the case. Though he was strange who would do that to a child. Though he carried himself like a soldier to them he was a child.

Though from the first day they had treated him strangely. They left him alone. And didn't talk to him. Though luke wasn't too lonely he had Artoo. Also he was busy with fixing the x wing .It probably was because they were tracking the joker. They always left everyday fists clenched and filled with come back empty handed. Jokers crimes had left everyone stuck. First the plans worked which was a rarity from what he was told. And they were too elaborate and precise .Martian Manhunter tended to watch the tower while the others searched. So luke did have much to do but talk to him until the other heros came back. Luke was talking to him in a hallway.

"You think the joker- whoa batmans back and he isn't happy" Luke reported his feelings that was what he felt a dark cloud close..

"How did you" Martian ManHunter started

Sure enough the caped crusader entered the felt like vomiting. The pure hate that he felt was too familiar. It was overwhelming.

"As I said how did you sense him"

"I- after being with someone for a long time I figure out their energy signature and I can feel where they are" Luke hated that he stuttered when he was usually confident.

"You can sense people? To what extent?" Batman asked .luke wondered why he was interested

"Well leia was able to save me on cloud city. She could feel where I was and I'm able to feel my friends across the galaxy if I concentrate."

"Do you think you could help us find joker"

Soon the rest of the league reassembled for a meeting in the war room

"Luke can help us find joker" Batman stated

"But Martian Manhunter couldn't find him how could you" Green Lantern asked

Superman flinched in his chair. He was confident the kid could help find Joker. Because he was from another planet he knew what it was like to feel different. And he didn't like how lantern didn't have faith in luke.

Luke felt annoyed

"I'm not sure just how crazy is Joker"

"Nuts" batman said

"No not nuts super nuts" flash amended

"I'll be able to feel him if he's that crazy.I have a plan" luke started to draw on the whiteboard."Joker right now is somewhere in Gotham. My plan is to quarantine and evacuate Gotham and search the city. No stone is left unturned then you can take him back to teams one searches for joker the other tries to find his partner. Joker is mental -"

Flash started laughing until batman batglared him. Luke pressed on.

"Anyway he must have someone pulling the strings. We'll have two team to find joker and his partner"Luke demonstrated through illustrations he made often for directing rogue squadron. Finding Joker and he his partner was important so Luke reiterated his statement. He didn't want them to ignore the partner and go without a plan to find joker.

"What you think" Luke asked

"Its genius" flash yelled and jumping out his seat.

"I call searching for Joker " he shouted

"I think its good the time we have been chasing him he was already gone . If we trap he won't be able to run" Wonder Woman said punching her fist into her her hand to get the point across.

Everyone in the room said they liked his plan except batman he remained silent .even luke couldn't figure batman got up from the the computer and got in front luke. With every step luke felt he was getting dizzier. The number of strong emotions was over power composed of 75% of the hate in the room which was why luke couldn't breathe well. " Good job" he complimented then left the room presumably to look for joker batman worked alone despite being the founder of the JLA.

Luke went back to talking about his assigned teams were: Green Lantern , Wonder Woman , Flash and Luke to look for joker.

"But whos going to look try to find jokers partner" Flash asked

A nearby com- link rung startling luke.

"I've already asked Oracle if she would help us. She'll help us find jokers partner" Batmans raspy voice stateded. The com turned off. Luke picked it up.

The com sprang back to life

"Joker is mine look for his partner" Luke dropped the com on the white floor.

And just like that, Luke had to rework his plans. Batman was best hero they would probably slow him down. That was at least what the other heros said Luke on the other hand- he felt like the force itself would have to save him. Not Batman Luke.

With every step to his X wing the cramp in his stomach got worse.

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