Because my vehicle was extremely fast by Earth standards I was far ahead of everyone else .The trip took longer then expected and I was worried that my ship won't travel at hyperspeed after I repair it. Then I would be stuck with no way back. And because Artoo never got a signal from my friends I might never go home.

But my X wing was still special; the first machine I ever was there- when i blew up the Death was also there too on my late night trips flying through space when I couldn't sleep. I would wake up still hearing the same crowd.

"Murderer" They chanted. After the battle of Yavin I dreaded going to bed for a month. Each day they would devise a new torture method. My hands squeenzed the controls.I didn't want to remember what happened but when l'm alone somtimes I would still remember them. Yoda helped me get rid of the images by locking them up with my other negative emotions. Sometimes I regret learning to use the what life would be like if I had a normal ordinary life. Probably still be on the farm find a nice girl and turn into uncle Owen. Nothing else would matter but harvest and I probably would crush my own kid's dreams too. That dream never was very appealing. I just live knowing I can't change the past.

Soon my hands were shaking on the controls.I imagined the nightmares and my fear as a ball in my mind .I could see myself running from the imperials I killed as if I was a 3rd person I condenced the memories and feelings into a smaller and smaller ball until I couldn't see it anymore.

A blast from a missile made my X-wing swerve in the air . I quickly recovered and shot in the general direction of the blast. I heard glass shatter and saw the aircraft burning 50 meters away. I smirked then tensed up when I felt a warning though the force.I turn left and do a 360 to see my attacker. Then I saw that a big missile just missed my ship by less than 3 meters. The second ship was easy to destroy; It hadn't bothered with stealth and just kept firing at me.I backed my ship up wary of a getting hit.

Artoo screamed in pain..Too late! He kept screaming and then his screams died out. Without mercy I charged up to the ship from behind shot it out of the sky then I kept shooting at it until I couldn't see it anymore. The sky was darkened with smoke from the second aircraft's engine. I knew it was gone when I could hear a thunderclap from the explosion of the plane.

"Artoo are you ok I said to the dark cloud of smoke surounding him . I heard a few low beeps and sighed.

Glass from my window shattered and and ricocheted everwhere.I rayshielded my x wing for battle. The dogfight lasted longer then one I have ever had. Everything was guy I was fighting against didn't care for acrobatics and was focused on knocking out my thrusters. Everything he did made sense. When I would leave an opening on purpose he wouldn't take it but when I made the wrong move he always blasted me to pieces . How is this possible? Who is his guy? How is he destroying me so easily?

I'm not the best pilot in the fathers the only man worthy of that one guy comes out of nowhere and kicks my butt like I was an amature that worries me. The experience made me awed and because I never knew someone that could smoke me easily (except my father).But scared because he could kill me.

I took a dive straight down with him in pursuit. Then I turned off to the side, leveled my ships blasters and fired at the ship. I felt heat passing me as it burst into flames and fell to the ground. After that plane I never saw anymore enemies. But I still was quite paranoid. Soon I landed in Gothem. I parked my X-wing at the rendezvous point. Where I saw all of the JLA members waiting for me.

"Kid where have you been" Flash course being the first one to speak.

"I got fired upon by 3 planes"

''Are you ok'' Wonder Woman asked concerned.

"I'm fine But one was really good. Honestly I'm surprised to be around to tell you long have you been waiting for me?"

They looked at me with a mixture of worry and because I almost died and shock because I didn't feel scared about dieing.I was totaly calm when I mentioned my almost dimise. They didn't understand that being a Jedi changes you think and act. They didn't understand what war can do to somone. Well maybe Batman. He seems like he has some battle scars.

"Are you really ok" Asked Flash. Yeah nothings wrong with me- wait . I finaly got their silent message

"Because if you don't"

"I'm fine i don't need to sit this need to find joker"

"Don't you mean Jokers Batman said"

"Batmans stubborn. Its ok if he want to take Joker down himself fine, but if we see him fighting Joker. We are going to help him no matter what."

" Great" flash replied liking my atitude

Flash raced forward down the street at a supersonic speed. Until he was knocked back from a blast into the air. Reacting quickly I caught him in the air using the force.

"Thanks" he said

I dropped him unceremoniously on the floor.

"Hey" he yelled but no one listened

" New plan Superman ,Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern take to the air while Flash and I comb the insides of the buildings on the ground. The streets are covered in land mines so be careful" They nod and split in three directions.

"Luke I hate you" I smiled back at Flash before running to a large building leaving Flash no choice but to follow me.

Flash stopped in front of the building." luke why are we at the Mall?"

"Because I have a feeling . Plus its close. We have to be thorough in our search." I said walking in. Flash saw me going in and hurried in with me.

I heard a click come from the doors behind us. Worried I tried opening the doors back up. The doors were locked and no amount of turning the handle would make it open. I turned to my Ieft and saw Flash running into the glass doors screaming.

He's going to break the glass!

Then he bounced back groaning." My head"

Darn. It's my turn.

Readying myself I broke off two pieces of metal from the malls main statue and went to the door. I smiled in satisfaction when I broke the door's lock. I would've opened it if I didn't hear a voice behind me

"Don't waste your time they aren't going to open." I froze where I stood turned around and faced where the voice came from.

Wrong I just opened it. I would've said that if the guy wasn't so intimidating.

"Who are you" I did a double take. This dude had one eye! And he was covered in black and copper armour. But one eye! It dosen't get weirder than that! I may have robotic hand but atleast it looks real! His outfit alone says stay away.

He didn't get to answer because Flash raced to him amd knocked him down on the ground

"Deathstroke I knew you were alive, Luke get out of here!"

" But"


A hoard of robots was behind Flash and I knew I wasn't going to win in a straight fight. I fled out the door.

I ran dreading what could've happened to flash. I heard clanking behind me. Then I ducked into the bushes.

"Find him" Deathstroke said next to me hiding in a bush.

koryandrs: Hi this story isn't going to be mainly about the titans. It's mostly a Slade vs. luke fanfic. Plus I'm going with a back story where Deathstroke is Slade's old name and he created a new alias shortly before meeting the Titans. Flash knows Deathstroke but he doesn't know Slade. The JLA is here because the Titans may be powerful but they can't conceal a ship crash landing in the middle of Jump. That's my explanation on the odd things that are here. It's a good thing you pointed this out koryandrs you probably helped everyone reading this chapter understand it better! Thanks for the review.