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The hardest part was waiting. I could take on Sith lords, pirates, Leia when she's enraged but when it come to waiting I'm still an impatient Padawan. I feel the stomach muscles in my body cramp up as I wait for him to make a move.

My lucky stars! He's actually walking away. How the hell did he not see me? I'm right in front of him! Deathstroke turned around and pulled something out of his pocket.


My war senses screamed. I knew what it was. I didn't want it to be what I thought I was but-

Take cover!

I heard a bunch of booms and rolled to the left under the foliage. Dirt scraped at my body as I rolled. That didn't matter. If I remember one thing I was taught in training it would be how to survive, how to not give up when the odds are against you. The sounds got closer. I kept rolling soon I was out of cover. I could see the end of the landscaping. If I rolled any further I would be in out in the open, without a plan. I didn't have my blasters or lightsaber out. I was statistically was good as dead. I tensed under the cover waiting for the inevitable while searching for a weapon. Anything. Anything that would get me out of this.

There! I extended my blaster determined to go out with a bang. I shivered. For no reason. The booms did not return. I got my nerves together and peeked through the bushes. No one was there.

I sighed and funneled my eyebrow. The hell was that! Blasters don't sound like that! I noticed a silver cylinder on the side of me. I picked it up and examined it. It was smooth and metal. It was a bullet.

Whoa, no one uses these any more

Guns are prehistoric in my world. The difference between the guns and blasters is blasters shoot energy. Guns, fire metal bullets. It's been two thousand years since a civilized person carried one. Since then, no one made them.

Han told me about them before I left for this mission.

Flash- I'm wasting time!

Placed the bullet in my pocket and fled out the bushes. Running to the mall entry way.

Please don't be dead. Please Flash don't die.

I broke down the door using the force. I had no time for locks. Someone's life is on the line.

I searched the room and saw no signs of life. There was rubble everywhere. But there were no bodies in sight. I lifted the rubble in the room and searched the ground. Nothing. I couldn't tell what happened or who won or where they went.

I closed my eyes and focused. First, life signatures. Flash's life energy was a yellow and vibrant one. I could feel his signature on the all the walls and floors. Poor guy. I felt a lump in my throat. His signature was everywhere. There wasn't any path for me to follow. It would randomly jump from the wall to the floor then it would be on the wall again.

I don't know where to begin.

It didn't make sense; it really looked like random lines. He was everywhere but it was jumbled with no logic.

The worst part wasn't that though. The worst was that the energy I saw was old and fading. His signature was too faint for me to sense where he is. I could barely tell where he was.

I opened my eyes and closed them again.

I saw flash being carried by a black and copper robot. He was still and the first thing I thought was that had died.

No! I saw him breathe. He took another breath again but didn't resist. The robot eventually took him out of the mall. I breathe out and extend my view to outside. I didn't move.

I sighed again. And got back up. Extending the focus of my visions wasn't a skill I had. The mastery you needed to recreate a time and place at will was hard enough. I couldn't change my viewpoint after I created a vision. If only if I had stayed! And completed my training! Master Yoda said he was going to teach me this.

Disheartened I sighed again. There was no use in feeling sad about my lack of training. Flash was force knows where. I couldn't tell where he was, I left him here to get the beating of his life, and Jokers partner Deathstroke was still at large. But he was alive. Flash was alive. That was the bright spot. If he's alive we can heal him.

I heard a noise next to me. In a flash i had my blaster aimed at the enemy. Then it beeped.


"Yes it is me. Why did you leave me! You could have gotten into danger."

"Artoo I did, but I'm fine" I said

"Stupid Skywalkers running into danger leaving me..." And here comes the rant...

"I had my wires in a twist looking for you"

"Artoo we need to find Flash. Deathstroke has him. I'm afraid- Afraid that he might be dead"

The droid stopped ranting.

"Why didn't you tell me- get on me!"

I saddled myself onto his dome. He ignited his booster turrets and flew me out of the mall.

I was in the Millennium Falcon's armory watching Han. He gingerly took each blaster and wiped the dust off them with a rag. Then he would carefully place it back into position.

"Han, why do you keep weapons you don't use in the armory" I asked

"I'm a collector."

That explains why he never uses them. I don't know what's so special though. They seem like ordinary blasters.

"But this is nothing. I don't have what I really want"

"What do you want?" I asked curious

"A gun" I didn't answer. He saw my confusion and explained.

"it shoots like a blaster but it fires bullets instead of energy . No one makes them anymore!"

I nodded but was still confused

"Bullets are solid pieces of metal"


"If you see one let me know that I could steal it from the poor sap" He said with his usually devious smirk.

"Han! What is this about stealing" Said Leia outside the armory

"Nothing" he smiled at me.

Force I miss them. I can't concentrate without thinking of them.

I snapped back into reality, and stared down at the landscape below. Gotham's streets were empty. It was an eerie emptiness. I could see that Gotham had many people. There were signs of a sudden evacuation. The same signs I had saw before in my galaxy. A lost doll in the street, a bicycle left chained to a hitch near a school. At least, that what I think it is because of all the young signatures. I can't read the signs here.

I pulled out my communicator.

I saw a yellow flash and heard metal crunch. I felt myself freefalling. My stomach dropped and for a terrifying 5 seconds I was in the air.

Rough tree branches plunged into my back as a tree broke my fall. Quickly I recovered and jumped out the tree. Then scanned the area. It was a big, trash laden, empty parking lot adjacent to a warehouse. There was something wrong here.

I don't know what is though.

Maybe I'm just paranoid. But the whole place's feeling made me want leave. It probably was the emptiness and hint of despair I felt here. This, was compounded by the enormous, nasty, rusty warehouse. The building felt abandoned. Not long ago it had workers and it was productive. But now it sings the sad song of abandonment and broken windows.

I took my attention back to the problem. I was stuck here. But we still needed to find flash.

Where's Artoo?

"Artoo" My eyes darted from side to side. I didn't see him. I insanely thought if I yelled louder he would appear.

"Artoo!" I tried again.

"Artoo!" This time with a little more force

"Artoo!" I I use force to take my voice past its maximum. And it broke in several places.

"I wouldn't worry about him now" I saw Deathstroke suddenly appeared in front of me.

Oh. I'm screwed. Wait no I'm not. I can do this I can win.

A moment after I thought that, I got punched into a wall. I groaned.

Wishful thinking.

"I thought I was going to get a challenge Luke. I was wrong your just as weak as Will said. I'm sad" This guy. This sun of a Wampa kidnaps my friend, collaborates no controls this worlds craziest villain and I'm supposed care when he's sad?

"Don't care. Where's Flash" I croaked my voice was bent out of shape from the screaming. I saw a touch of amusement in his eye when he heard me speak. Bastard.

"He's busy" Oh hell no. He better not had...

No he isn't. I saw it he wasn't dead. He wasn't dead. Therefore, he isn't dead.-

Deathstroke was staring at me. That creeper. Wait how does he know my name? Great he's a stalker too.

Let's go.

I unexpectedly launch myself at him. Igniting,my lightsaber in the air. I take a strike towards his torso and he blocks it. What!? He blocked with a metal stick.

"I'm never unprepared for the unexpected"

Damit. If it was Palpatine he would be dead now. Too bad this guy not dumb enough to not bring a weapon to a fight.

Then he sideswipes my legs. I saw it coming and jumped backward 3 feet. I started thinking.

How do I get this guy?

Idea! He got a pole out because I had a saber so if I switch he might switch weapons too. Then I can throw things at him without him being able to block it.

That is stupid. My brain said.

What other plans do I have? He was getting closer. I don't have another plan, and my fight or flight response was taking over. Last time I chose flight but this time I fight.

I waited till he was only a foot away before I took out my blaster and started firing. And it hit!

The first shot anyway the other ones he dodged at inhuman speed.


Bang! my head is throbbing with pain but it's not over yet. He didn't even change his weapon. He give me another hit to my legs with the rod then my legs give.

The criminal saw that was down and walked to my crumpled body. That alarmed me. But I couldn't move. He reached down and grabbed both of my weapons to the right of me.

I felt the same wave of nausea I felt when Palpatine examined my weapon. To see him, fingering with my blaster, that I have had since I joined the alliance that I customized in his hand was disturbing Opening and closing my blasters energy cases as he wished.

Part of my heart died when I saw him going for my saber. First turning it on and waving it then shutting it off. Then he got out a screwdriver and started deconstructing it! My lightsaber. The lightsaber I went through hell making. Found with crystals I found after I fell into a cave to avoid a herd of berzerk banthas! Hurting my friend, and tampering with my equipment!


With strength I didn't know I had I scrambled back up. I can't remember what happened next . Next thing I remember I'm holding Deathstroke 15 feet in the air crushing his windpipe while throwing him around like a rag doll. Even though I couldn't see that he was in pain .His force signature betrayed him. The spirit was screaming. But his body said nothing. Well then- If he want to play tough I'll just have to be tougher. He will suffer for his wrongs and I will find Flash

No one can stop me.

FireanIce48 out.