For Liza

The Marauders Kiss List

~ Padfoot, Prongs, Moony and Wormtail ~

March – 5th Year

Day One

Number 1: Kissing Alice Smith

Contender: Wormtail

Thoughts: I've never been more embarrassed in my life. She thought I like liked her!

Peter figured the quicker he got this over with, the better. Why he let himself get dragged into James and Sirius' mad schemes, god only knew. Behind him the two dark haired boys were grinning whilst Remus looked on with interest from the corner of the Gryffindor common room where Peter had been sat just seconds ago.

He took a shaky, deep breath and shuffled across to where Alice was sitting with Lily Evans and Aurora Dunbar. The three girls looked up at him as he approached them.

"Erm, Alice, could you – I mean – could I talk to you a second?"

She frowned slightly before she smiled and nodded. Alice stood up and Peter moved back away from the girls so he was in clear view of the other Marauders. He paused for a moment, unsure of how to proceed in his current predicament.

"What's up, Peter?" Alice smiled softly. Oh gosh, Frank was going to kill him. Quickly he leant forward and placed a small kiss on her cheek before blushing deeply with embarrassment.

"Erm. Er." Peter tried to mumble out an excuse and Alice matched his blush.

"Peter, I'm dating Frank, I'm sorry."

Alice looked awkwardly down at her feet and Peter looked briefly to his friends, who were all quivering with laughter. Embarrassed, Peter turned and hurried back over to the other Marauders, sitting as far away from the girls as he could. Sirius nudged him lightly.

"They're all staring at you, Wormy," he smirked. James was barely breathing, he was laughing so hard and Remus was desperately trying to stop himself from smiling let alone laugh.

"Shut up."