"The wind definitely didn't see me to find you!" Arno sneered, crossing his arms and pouting. "It's actually going that way!" He pointed the way the wind was blowing, which was directly opposite from the strange fellow here.

"Maybe stop 'following' the wind for a minute and look at me!" Millisar shook Arno's shoulders, trying to bring the little boy into some kind of realization the wind wasn't animate. "Get real!"

"You are full of very negative energy, mister," the overly green male said with a snicker. Something about this darkly figure trying to consult Arno on his cultural beliefs made the kid very curious. He was nothing like the menacing villians he had to unwillingly fight alongside Aera, but it sure paid off in the end. The lil dude was a whole lot stronger and better off than he probably would have been without Aera by his side. This guy though was driven toward something more important it seemed, and didn't feel like the 'world-conquering' kind of guy.

For a moment Millisar couldn't think of anything to reply with but a grunt. "Are you trying to get back home, too?"

"No? I go where ever the wind takes m-!"

"Yeah, yeah, cut it with the wind crap! Aren't you a guardian beast, shouldn't you also despise the humans?" Millisar took a step back and crossed his arms with a tap of his foot. Strange for such a small guardian beast Arno was. Millisar was sensing tons of power coming from him.

"Hahaha nope!" He cooed, ears flapping from the slanted desert winds. "Aera took care of me and I took care of her! It was fun while it lasted! The wind is telling me to go thataway, so now if you don't mi-"

The technologically advanced beast grabbed Arno by the bell and pulled him near his face. "Either you join me or you fall right here and now, with no one to find you..."

"The wind's saying you've been through lots and lots of things! I'm sorry to hear that," Arno's green eyes gleamed in the sunlight. "Maybe instead of taking your anger out on the whole planet, you channel it into something else! Like.. Like..."

"Excuse me?! What in the w-"

"Weaving clothes! You need a new wardrobe, mister!" Arno yanked himself away and scurried off with the wind before it left him to stay with this fashionably uninvited teenaged boy. To his surprise, Millisar chased after him.

"Wait, can you just wait?! I wasn't actually going to hurt you!" He clutched the handle of his intricate broadsword to keep it from wiggling about.

Arno took this as a sign of hostility and turned abruptly, shooting the taller boy with a green tornado. "Cut it out you little.. You little.." He started sniffling and he tripped backwards into a crack in the ground.

Millisar sneezed at the small obstacle, stumbling after Arno angrily. "You little wind mutt, you join me or you'll never go back home to where you should be!"

Arno tried to get himself up, but Millisar caught up to him and laid a foot on his chest. "Where I should be is with the wind, friend! So step off of me before I get left behind!"

Millisar started to cry, and then he ate Arno and then his stomach burned too hard and cut through the mucus layer and melted the rest of his body because Arno was cute. The end.