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Songs: Stars By The XX is sort of a good way to represent Carlisle and Bella's 'first date' give it a listen, I had it on replay alot with this chappie. Also Crystalised by the same artist.

Ophelia was a bride of god
A novice Carmelite
In sister cells the cloister bells
Tolled on her wedding night

Ophelia was a rebel girl
A blue stocking suffragette
Who remedied society
Between her cigarettes

Ophelia was a sweetheart
To the nation over night
Curvaceous thighs
Vivacious eyes
Love was at first sight...

Ophelia- Natalie Merchant


Amelia kept trying to lick Bella's face or ear, while we were driving home. It was simply to adorable watching Bella sqeek with delight, and gently tell her no to not stare. "Carlisle! Watch the road." I chuckled, and looked forward. Even though I really didn't need too, I knew the route in my head, and I could hear any cars approaching, people or animals. Instinct would take us home, but to make her feel safer I did as I was told.

I still couldn't understand fully why Bella was deciding to leave the hospital, perhaps if she got bored she could find a part time job at a clinic. She might like that, I would have to look around for her. It was sudden though, but she had been so tired as of late. She deserved a break from all the work she had done.

The knot of phantom nausea, and nerves returned to my stomach the closer we got home. It was strange feeling that way, after so long of not needing any substance, feeling as if I was going to wretch. Merely by the thought of her saying no.

"Carlisle? Is something wrong? You-"

"No. No nothing at all darling." I smiled at her gently. "We'll have to give Amelia a bath once we get home."

"Yes! She does smell like the pound huh? She'll have to use my shampoo until we can get stuff for her."

"I bought her food, and things, but I didn't think of that." I frowned. Maybe I wasn't so ready.

"That's okay, you'll like smelling like coconuts won't you Amelia?" Bella reached back, and petted her on the head, rubbing one of her ears. She responded by licking at her wrist, and forearm.

We were home soon, and we let Amelia roam on the leash, before bringing her around to the backyard letting her loose. She went completely crazy, running at all different angles in grass I managed to grow. She really was a beautiful dog, and I did like her. I never had a pet before, and I was shocking myself on how excited I was. She actually liked me, not even a moment of fear or anger towards me.

"She seems to like it here." I said smiling, and looking over to Bella.

"Who wouldn't? Oh I'm just so happy Carlisle. I haven't been this happy in such a long time. Everything is.. Just." She sighed happily, beaming, before she lifted up on her tip toes to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and lifted, so she wouldn't have to strain. She gasped slightly, wrapping her arms around my neck. Ruff.

"Oh!" We both said at the same time, pulling back, and looking down. Amelia was at our feet, tail wagging madly, and panting slightly making her look like she was smiling. We laughed, and I let Bella slide down me, and rest again on the ground.

"Come on girl, let's show you the house." I took Bella hand, kissing her cheek briskly, before we began to give Amelia the 'tour' of the house.

We made it all the way to the bathroom with Bella happily animating each room in her 'tour guide' voice. All while a phantom heart in my chest raced. Nervous and nearly sweaty, even though that was impossible, from the biggest question I was ever going to ask.

"Now, smelly girl. You get a bath." She said happily.

The dog seemed to frown as she sat by the bathtub. "Do you want me to help you, or to start dinner?" I asked her.

"You can-"

"Oh I'll just got put it on the stove, and run back up here to help you." I interrupted, a little rudely, and rushed downstairs. Getting the pot filled with water.

I needed to calm down. I had no idea why I was reacting this badly. I hated to compare, but it was never, ever like this was Esmé. And that was a wonderful thing, all this newness. I felt so young, and so so human. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. The water ran over my hands, and I jumped, shutting it off and pouring out a bit of it. I sat it on the burner, turning it on. I swiftly grabbed another pot, and pour the contents of jar of sauce into it. Once everything was prepared, and I was just about to head back upstairs, Bella screamed.

Small giddy scream, followed by a strew of giggles. I smiled contentedly. It was like she had been turned into a child. It was a shame she never had a pet when she was younger. I jogged at human pace upstairs, and peered into the bathroom. Bella was completely soaked, on her knees, and leaning over the tub. Amelia had white bubbles all of her fur, and looked rather proud of herself. "How are my women doing in here?"

"We're doing great. Apparently Amelia thought I might join her." I chuckled as she looked back at me, her cheek even having a bit of soap on it.

"Well. I do like you wet."

She sucked in her breath dramatically. "Carlisle!" Then was a quickness I didn't think she had in her, she tossed a small bucket of water into my face before jumping up and hugging me. Effectively soaking me as well. I laughed, and play wrestled her, kissing her cheek, her neck, and running my hands over as much of her as I could. Bella screamed with delight making Amelia jump out the tub, jump on the both of us.

Bella giggled, and tried to catch her breath. "Come on, help me rinse her." When managed to get into one more water fight before we dried her down, Bella spraying my face with the shower head, and me tackling her to the floor, with Amelia licking my face in protest. We then made a bed of blankets for her in the living room by the couch, and went up stairs to get changed.

I couldn't stop myself, I kissed her again. Her hair was such in a wonderful mess, and her wet clothes clung to her body. The hell with the food. I pulled at her shirt as she kissed me back, hands tugging at my hair. She pulled the shirt off quickly, and moved her hands to my black shirt. The ring is in my pants pocket. For a moment I froze in panic, before quickly pulling my shirt off, and moving her backwards to the bed. Now. I can do it now, she's so happy, and so lovely. This is it.

She sat on the bed, pulled at my shoulders as I kissed her harder, my tongue making way into her mouth.

I moved to my knees, and her legs instantly opened letting me settle between them, pulling her close to my chest. I broke away from her, letting her breathe, moving to her neck. I kissed just below her ear, and all the way to the tops of each of her breasts. Light gentle kisses. I placed my ear over her heart, listening to the quickened pace, the steady beat.. I felt the phantom feeling times five then, her heart running through me. She was my heart. She pushed her fingers through my hair and I sighed.

"Isabella, do you love me?" I asked softly.

"Carlisle, you know I do." She breathed.

"I just want to hear it." I could hear her lick her lips in thought.

"I love you Carlisle, I love you more than I ever thought I would or could, meaning not you. But more about the capacity I am physically able to love one person. One man, so much. I thought I was so broken, so unable to love or to be loved. When you came along, alone, and lonely into my life I took a huge risk. A final jump. It was the single best decision I have ever made. So yes, Carlisle, I love you." She kissed my forehead softly, and I leaned back to look at her in the eyes.

"For weeks, months, I've been planning a way to do this. Planning a way to tell you how much I love you, how much I need you. Then you, just phrase it together so perfectly.. " I laughed a little shakily. " Isabella... You are my life. I didn't think I could burn this brightly, that I could feel so human, so happy, and alive. Not ever again. I didn't even feel this good when I was a human, so I have simply no means to compare you with. Your like every single classic love song, and every single rock song you've made me listen too, and love. Your youth, and wisdom, your... Everything. You are so new to me, and I want to keep you forever. I want to discover things with you for years, centuries. I want to show you the world the way I see it. Let you read all the books I know you want to read, show you the culture of different countries, of different vampires." I took a deep breath, looking down. My next words coming out a little desperate, and needful.

"I'm never letting you go, and Isabella, I want you so badly to marry me. I want to see you in white, and walking towards me. I want your father to place your hand in mine, I want you to wear my ring so that every man knows your taken. I want your last name to forever be Cullen, but most of all I want you to say yes." I moved up to one knee, pulling the small black box from my pocket. Her heart was racing even more, and she was flushed from her chest to high in her cheeks. Tears welling in her big brown eyes.

"Isabella Marie Swan, will you do me the immense honor of becoming my wife?" I opened the box, gently placing it in her small hand. Her head began to shake yes so violently, and her free hand moved to my cheek as her tears spilled over.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes Carlisle, I'll marry you." She kissed me, and it felt like the first time all over again. The intense feeling of nerves disappeared, and it was all Bella. Her smell, her touch, her everything. I groaned, painfully breaking away from her. I picked the ring from the box, and she held a steady hand out. I gently pushed the ring gently on her left hands ring finger, a perfect fit.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"It's so beautiful Carlisle. I love it." She stroked the ring gently before pulling it to her chest. "This.. This is the best day of my life Carlisle." I kissed her hard, pushing her fully onto the bed. She moaned, her back arching into me, and her hips grinding against mine making me groan. My hands snaked around her back, pulling at the black bra she wore. The back to the future theme song started to play. I whined loudly, and so did Bella. I pulled my phone from my pocket, still on top of Bella, and resting on her chest again.

"What do you want Alice?" I growled into the phone.

"The stove! In five minutes the sauce will burn, then in ten minutes the fire alarm will go off making your doggie go insane. Don't think I enjoy this, it's very disturbing actuall- " I ended the call, groaning in despair.

"The food." I said. And all most instantly Bella's stomach growled, and she flushed a dark red. I laughed, and leaned back placing a gentle kiss to her lips. "Come on honey." I pulled her, up, and she wrapped her arms around me, kissing my chest just where my heart should of been.

We walked downstairs, I rushed to turn off the stove top for the sauce. I put the noodles in the bowling water as Bella sat on the counter in just her bra and still damp jeans.

"Whats the date today?" She asked, swinging her legs.

"June 28." I answered promptly, as I pulled out the tomatoes, and began to dice them next to her.


"June 28th, darling." I repeated.

"What?" I turned to look at her face, staring in the distance, and counting on her fingers.

"Bella what's wrong honey?"

"Did I have my period this month?" She asked, I thought back before biting my lip.

"No. You didn't."

"Well I was going to say that it's a special day for our engagement and Amelia, but I took my pill this morning, and I had two extra. Meaning I missed two days this month, and I haven't had my period, and.. And.. I got sick this morning, and the last, and the one before that." I stopped chopping completely.

"Bell- Bella that's.. That's impossible, we can't, I can't-" Her hand was on her stomach, and her breathing was getting quicker.

"Vampires are frozen in time, meaning women can no longer have a cycle, but men are almost always fertile Carlisle. Especially twenty four year old men. Carlisle, what if. What if I am? We do it every day, surely we did it on the days I didn't take the damned thing. What do we do?" She looked at me desperately, and for the first time I noticed my own rapid breathing. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breathe. Everything she was saying was illogical to my entire life's knowledge. But never had there been a vampire man, that fell in love with a human girl, and made love to them while they were still human. Sure there where incubus, and succubus, but that never produced.. Children. But then, at the same time, all she was saying was so plausible. But so remarkably remarkable. A miracle if it was true. I could be... My eyes snapped open.

"Lean back honey." She moved her hands, and leaned back a little as I moved my head down to her stomach, pressing my ear against her. I listened, there was.. something but nothing could have been heard this soon anyway. "We need to get tests.. I'll-"

"We will." She said.

"We will go to the store.. Let me fix this first. I know you'll be hungry either way." I quickly pulled the cooked noodles off the stove, and strained them, mixing them in the sauce, then putting it in the over on warm in record time.

I looked up to Bella to find her smiling, looking rather amused. "Let's go." She nodded, and took my hand, and we made it to the door before realizing Bella was still shirtless.

"Oh my god. I've lost it." I laughed loudly, and leaned against the door frame as she went opened the closet and pulled out a hoodie. She zipped it up, shooting me a glare. "Your supposed to tell me things like that, vampire."

"I'm a little distracted." She looked down, at her stomach, placing a hand over it softly.

"If.. If.. I want-" I want the baby, but I don't want to curse it by saying it outloud.

"I know." I said softly, and she looked up at me, the question in her eyes. You do too? I looked back at her smiling as brightly as I could. "Of course."