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A sigh rolled off of full lips and eyes of greenest emeralds looked at the roof made out of thick routs. It's been almost 200 years since he came into this world. Almost 200 years since he last had any sort of contact with a human being.

He couldn't exactly call this living, but it was better than the battles and wars he constantly found himself plunged into every time he'd enter a new dimension or travel to another world.

With a sigh he rolled off of his comfortable little cot made out of tree-routs and furs and stood on long, lean legs as he stretched. His little hut in the Mirkwood forest was his little haven. His only living companions were the animals of the forest. He ran into an Elf or two occasionally, but kept his distance. He was sure they knew about him, but he guessed they respected his need for privacy and simply stayed away.

With an elegant wave of his long-fingered hand he conjured himself some hot water. Walking into his improvised kitchen he opened one of the clay pots, took out a few dried chamomile leafs and let them fall into the hot water. He walked out and inhaled the fresh scent of the forest. A gentle breeze caressed his face and he frowned. There was something off; a strange scent carried by the breeze.

It was weak, but his sense of smell was strong enough to pick it up.

It was the scent of decay; of rotten flesh and Death.

The cup vanished and a long, sleek, intricately carved staff appeared in his hand. On the top of the staff, between three pointed tips was a dark green gem the size of a grown man's fist. If one looked at it closely they would see a strange phenomenon in the gem. Inside it was a black nebulous cloud, constantly twisting and turning as though dancing to a song.

He looked around and listened closely.

Only now did he notice that the birds were surprisingly quiet for this time of the morning.

He let go of a short, high-pitched whistle and with a neigh a black stallion galloped out of the forest to stop in front of him.

"Qlúpho sorúm, gelirén?" (Have you seen anything, dear friend?) He asked as he scratched the stallion between his big brown eyes. The stallion neighed and hit the ground two times with his front right leg, and he frowned and looked into the forest. "Áili Istari hátu keár ceh do jalthi?" (The Brown Istari left his part of the forest?) The horse nudged his shoulder lightly and he placed his hand on the horse's neck. "Huram sic ker lith?" (Where did he go?) The stallion shook his head and he nodded. "Quípthe lah'ha kem." (Take me to him.) Without any prompting the stallion bent his front legs and he hurried to climb the stallion's back.

"Také, merén. Lam tun jin qáya lo fith." (Hurry, my friend. I have a bad feeling about this.) He murmured and the stallion reared back before he galloped through the forest as though the wind was carrying him. The scent of decay was getting increasingly stronger as they ventured deeper and deeper into the dark forest.

Looking around he found himself dreading what he would find at the end of the road. He spotted dead animals and rotten trees and plants. The smell of decay was getting increasingly stronger and it felt like the cold hand of Death gripped his heart.

His eyes widened when his memory was stirred.

He remembered smelling this at one point in his very long life; that same pungent stench.

His eyes widened when they came out of the forest and came upon an old, run-down fort.

Dol Guldúr.

He never thought he would come here.

Dark clouds hung above it threateningly and the only living things there were the dark crows in the sky that circled the fort.

His stallion stopped and he felt the horse's discomfort.

"Wistho." (Calm.) He whispered and patted the stallion's neck. "Wistho, Orion." (Calm, Orion.) He whispered and Orion calmed down. "Lam beth lithe férho. Dúruth tem lah to trw do jalthi." (I will go alone. Wait for me at the edge of the forest.) He mounted off of Orion's back, pulled his green coat tighter around his body, took a good hold of his staff and felt for the dagger he kept around his belt.

With quiet steps he walked into the ruin. His magic shifted around his body, feeling for any threats.

The air was thick with the darkest of magic and his guts turned. He felt like he would throw up. He caught sight of a wooden sleigh and a bunch of rabbits that were tied to it. He kneeled in front of them and the rabbits gathered around him almost immediately.

"Easy, my little friends. Where is your Master?" he asked and as one the rabbits turned towards what surely once was the entrance to the fort. He took a deep breath and stood up. The air reeked of death. He spotted an older man dressed in brown robes and a strange hat and his countenance was that of fear, disturbance and distraction.

That must be Master Radagast, he thought. He was about to call out to the Istari but his heart stopped when the air shifted. From behind a tall stone a horrid, disfigured, white wraith appeared and raised a dagger to strike at the Istari.

"Xaltra ul!" (Watch out!) even as he shouted the warning, he was already on the move. He pushed the Istari out of the way of the blade and a wave of pure evil passed down his slight frame when his staff met the sharp blade. "Béme at huram luth hefeth!" (Return to where you belong!) he closed his eyes as bright green light shone from the gem in his staff and the wraith disappeared with a loud, ear-splitting screech.

"What? Who-who are you?!" Radagast asked in panic. He would have answered him had the air not shifted again and the two looked down a torn down hallway.

"We should leave introductions for later. Run!" he grabbed Radagast by his arm as a dark shape started to materialize at the end of the hallway and pulled him along out of the fort. He whistled just as they reached the sleigh and let go of Radagast when Orion galloped over to them. He climbed the stallion effortlessly just as Radagast climbed his sleigh and they hurried out of Dol Guldúr as fast as their animals could carry them.

The moment he felt the stench of decay grow weaker he made Orion stop, almost making Radagast's sleigh slam into them.

"Are you well?" he asked as he mounted off of Orion's back and looked at Radagast. The old, slightly confused man looked at him with wide eyes and quivering lips.

"I-I-I-I'm fine! T-thank you, whoever you are."

"I am Ruthímiel the Green." He bowed at the older Istari whose eyes widened even more if possible. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Master Radagast."

"Ruthímiel the Green, you say. I never heard that name. What does it mean?" Ruthímiel couldn't help but smile at the older man.

"Peace and protection, Master Radagast. You may call me Ruth if you so desire. I know my name is quite a mouthful."

"You are quite powerful, Master Ruth. I wonder why I never heard of you."

"I arrived into this world by the grace of the Valar a little over 200 years ago. I kept to myself ever since." Radagast nodded.

"I wondered how there could have been an Istari I didn't know about." He looked around as though he only just remembered what they faced not half a candle mark ago and Ruthímiel spared a glance to the path they traveled, making sure they weren't followed. "What do we do? What do we do?! Whatever that was, it was horrible!"

"Is there anyone we can talk to; anyone who would know where to go and what to do?" Radagast frowned. After a moment of inaudible muttering and grunting Radagast gasped and hit his fist against his palm.

"That's it! Gandalf! He will know what to do!" Ruth frowned and Radagast rolled his eyes. "Gandalf the Gray is the second most powerful wizard in Middle-Earth. He has been watching over this world ever since we came upon its shores."

"We must find him then!" Ruth urged and Radagast nodded, closed his eyes and after a little hum did a few circles around himself. Ruth raised an eyebrow at him and a small smile tugged on his lips despite their less than favorable situation.

"A-ha!" Radagast opened his eyes and pointed to the East.

"Have you found him?" Ruth asked in surprise.

"Of course, lad! Now come; we must hurry!"

"Lead the way."

Chapter one

The Darkness of Dol Guldúr

"They have Orcs following them!" Ruth called out over to Radagast. Both could smell their rotting flesh even if they were several miles away.

"We are getting close to Gandalf and his group!" Radagast shouted and Ruth focused on the path in front of them. They came upon a clearing and managed to scare the group led by a wizard dressed in bluish-gray, time worn robes.

"Radagast!" Gandalf the Gray cried out in shock at the sight of his long time friend and a fellow Istari. When his eyes met those of Ruth he frowned in confusion and looked at Radagast again. "Radagast, what made you come this far from Rhosgobel; and who is your young companion?" the Dwarves and the Hobbit behind Gandalf watched the exchange with confused frowns.

"This is Ruthímiel. We've only just met, but he is an Istari like us." Gandalf frowned and observed the raven-haired Istari as he climbed off of his horse and bowed to Gandalf respectfully.

"Master Gandalf, it is a pleasure to meet you although, I'm afraid, out meeting does not carry the blessing of the Valar for we have no good news to share with you." Gandalf looked at the Fellowship and then turned to look at Ruth and Radagast again.

"What news?" he asked darkly. Ruth looked at Radagast and the older Istari took a step forward.

"The forest is dying, Gandalf. I hadn't seen anything like that since the turn of the last Age. Spiders have appeared. Huge, dark, evil spiders! Animals are dying, the forest is rotting! Nothing is growing; nothing good at least." Gandalf frowned in worry.

"Do you know what could be the cause of this?" he asked and Radagast muttered something into his chin as he turned to Ruth for help.

"We met at Dol Guldúr." Ruth spoke up and Radagast nodded. "We found something there; something dark and dangerous."

"Have you any idea what it could have been?" Gandalf asked and Radagast cursed under his breath. Before he could say anything though, Ruth spoke up again and his words made a shiver of dread pass over everyone.

"I have met such darkness before." Gandalf looked at him with a frown. "A long, longtime ago."

"Excuse me." Ruth looked at the only Hobbit in the group of Dwarves behind Gandalf. "But I can't actually believe it was such a long time ago. You look very young." The Hobbit's eyebrows me the line of his hear when the beautiful face of the young Istari broke from its expressionless mask and full, cupid-bow lips tilted into a small smile.

"In your eyes I may look young, Master Hobbit. Even compared to Master Radagast and Master Gandalf I am young, but in reality I am a little over 700 winters old." Everyone, including Gandalf and Radagast gapped at that.

"700?" the leader of the Dwarves exclaimed in shock. "You do not look older than 20 winters." Ruth shrugged elegantly and pushed a single strand of raven black, waist long hair behind his only slightly, pointed ear.

"I shall take that as a compliment." He said and looked at Gandalf. "But we have bigger things to worry about than my age. What we found in that fort is something that shouldn't exist. It uses the darkest of magic; so dark that it made my stomach turn. The magic stinks of Death and Decay."

"You said you've encountered it before." Gandalf said and Ruth nodded.

"Yes. A long time ago, in a world different than this one. The creature, for I dare not call it human, used this sort of magic. It left a bitter taste in the air and made my skin crawl."

"I felt like that back there." Radagast stuttered out and Ruth nodded.

"What is it?"

"A Necromancer." Ruth said and Gandalf's eyes widened. "You know what I speak of, Master Gandalf." Gandalf paled at that and Radagast shivered with a small whine.

"A Necromancer?" the leader of the Dwarves asked and Ruth looked at him.

"Yes, Master Dwarf. I fear that the darkest of all evils settled in Dol Guldúr." Ruth spoke in a grave tone and Gandalf patted his long beard.

"Have you any proof of that?" he murmured and Radagast tugged on his hat in annoyance.

"Curse it all!" Radagast whimpered. "If only I remembered to take the sword!"

"You mean this?" Ruth asked and pulled a short sword from under his cloak. Radagast gapped and Gandalf tensed.

"When did you manage to grab it? And why? You couldn't have known-..."

"I felt its evil." Ruth said. "My first thought was to try and find out where it came from so I decided to take this with me."

"But after you deflected the attack you grabbed me and we ran! When did you manage-..."

"I am a Wizard, Master Radagast. You know we do not share our secrets." Ruth drawled teasingly and Radagast rolled his eyes while Gandalf hummed.

"May I see it?" he asked and Ruth offered the weapon to him.

"I can feel nothing but darkness in it." When Gandalf got a closer look at the blade his eyes widened and fear gripped his heart.

"That- that is-..."

"The Morgul blade that once belonged to the Witch-King of Angmar." Gandalf interrupted Radagast. Ruth took a cloth from inside of his cloak and wrapped the sword in it.

"This should be taken to someone who can determine what exactly is going on." Ruth said and Gandalf nodded. He took the sword and stored it under his cloak.

"Do you have any knowledge about this?" Gandalf asked Ruth and he nodded.

"I know enough."

"Master Gandalf, I'm sorry to interrupt this important matter, but our quest-..."

"I know, Master Balin, but this matter-..."

"You are going for Erebor, aren't you?" Radagast asked and the leader of the Dwarves nodded.


"Gandalf?" both Gandalf and Radagast looked at Ruth when he spoke up. "You should continue on your way."

"The young lad is right." Radagast said. "You and your companions should make your way forward. Young Ruth and I shall research this matter." Ruth nodded.

"I can go anywhere undetected. I shall go and look for answers. I believe it would be best if Master Radagast remained at Rhosgobel and kept watch over Dol Guldúr. That way we would immediately know if anything was going on." Radagast nodded in understanding and Gandalf smiled knowingly at Ruth. The Green Istari tilted his head to the side, his eyes filled with wonder, while Gandalf's gray orbs glimmered.

All of a sudden loud howling and barking made the whole group tense up.

"Those are Wargs!" Gandalf shouted and the Dwarves grabbed their axes and swords.

"You should go! I'll distract them!" Radagast cried out and Gandalf looked at him strictly.

"Those are Gundabad Wargs! They'll catch you and eat you whole!"

"These are Rhosgobel Rabbits!" Radagast looked at Gandalf defiantly. "I'd like to see them try." The Istari stood head to head when Ruth cleared his throat, making them look at him.

"I shall distract them." He said and everyone raised an eyebrow at that.

"Did you not hear-..." Ruth interrupted Gandalf with a click of his tongue and Orion approached him.

"Orion is one of the Mearas." He said and patted the stallion's head when he leaned it over Ruth's shoulder. "Nothing is faster than him." Gandalf nodded while Radagast grinned.

They heard the Wargs approach and Ruth mounted Orion quickly.

"Go! And may the grace of the Valar be with you!" Gandalf said and Ruth nodded at him.

"Také, Orion. Také!" quicker than an eye can see he galloped in the direction of the Wargs.

"We must move quickly." Gandalf said and Radagast climbed his sleigh.

"Good luck, old friend. I shall stay in contact."

"Good luck." Gandalf said and they parted ways. Exiting the forest to run onto an open expanse of land the Fellowship caught sight of the green dressed Istari on a black stallion, with his long black hair snapping in the wind, followed by a group of Wargs and Orcs.

They hid behind a rock and Thorin approached Gandalf.

"Is this really alright?" he asked and Gandalf grunted lowly.

"I cannot say exactly why I feel this way, but I know that lad can be trusted. And I have a feeling this isn't the last time our paths will cross." He said. The Dwarves exchanged glances at that and Bilbo looked at the old Istari.

"Have you any idea what is going on, Gandalf?" he asked and Gandalf grunted and mumbled something into his chin.

"I don't know at this moment and you shouldn't concern yourselves with that." He tensed when a few Wargs separated from the group chasing Ruth.

"Quickly! We must run!" he said and they broke into a run.

The tides were changing. Middle-Earth stood on the brink of another Dark Age.

But that was yet to come.

They had their own quest to complete.

Neither one of them knew that this same quest will birth a much bigger one.

A quest that will bring a new Age into Middle-Earth.

The Age of Men.