How one punch and a different reaction can change the world.

When Finn saved Marceline from the cursed amulet her father gave her what if hunson abadear had thrown one punch at finn when Finn placed on the amulet and had reacted differently? See what happens when finn grows stronger and more connected with a certain vampire queen. Also I would like to say I am going to be rearranging some events in the show for the sake f the story. Nothing major just rearranging a few occurrences. PS i do not own Adventure time or any songs that i put in this fic.

Finn stood outside of the candy kingdom as he slowly walked towards the large tree fort he and his best friend slash adopted brother Jake lied in with there video game station BMO. Finn kicked at a small pebble. He couldn't think of much during the walk. He was lost in thought as he looked at the home he lived in and saw a very familiar long haired vampire sitting in the window seal.

"Hay Finn want to go strangle some pixies?" Marceline said as she floated down to greet him. Finn laughed and nodded at the vampire.


"Awesome." Finn slowly walked with her towards the field of evil pixies. Finn looked at the floating vampire queen and smiled. He had to admit Marceline looked good. She had a sort mischievious charm that Finn liked about her. Finn shook his head and threw the thoughts away. He didn't want to start to blush and have her find out about his secret crush. Finn smiled and began to strangle the evil black pixies flying in the field.

After Finn returned he saw Jake playing with the new camera phone Jake had gotten from choose goose the day before.

The next day.

Finn saw Jake playing with his new camera phone as he awoke.

"Hay Finn come say hay to my new camera phone." Jake said. Finn laughed and leapt next to him.

"What up camera phone." Finn yelled and waved his arms around. Just as Jake was about to speak to the phone again a small portal form in the wall next to the duo. Finn looked over and was forced to hide a blush as he saw the upper half of Marceline sticking out of a large portal.

"Hay Finn hay Jake. Wanna party in the night-o-sphere? My dad is making me visit and it is totes boring." Finn smiled but his grin turned into a look of worry.

"But Marceline last time I saw your dad I sliced his soul sack open. Isn't he miffed?" Marceline laughed.

"Nah he's all cool."

"Splamow." Finn screamed as he leapt through the portal.

Soon after Finn and Marceline had just dealt with Marcelines father and saw Marceline looking at the amulet her father had given her. Marceline sighed and put on the necklace. Suddenly a black suit appeared on her and her head was replaced with an odd blob. She slammed a large ink black tentacle into Finn and Jake.

"Ow my hippo-campus." Jake cried out.

Finn and Jake awoke with no memory and surrounded by a pile of bananas. A large red demon walked up to there cell and released them.

After hearing that they needed to speak to Marcelines dad to escape the night-o-sphere they left and began to walk towards the large line of demons that a man was rowing a boat on.

"So are you the teller?" Finn asked. The man just sighed.

"No this is the line to meet the teller." The man said.

"OH GLOB! THIS LINE MUST BE A MILE LONG! Jake stretch us to the front of the line." suddenly a demon reached out and pointed at him.

"HAY YOUS CANT CUT. YOUS GOTTA WAIT IN LINE LIKE THE REST OF YOUS...US." Finn and Jake sighed as they crawled into the line and were rowed over by the boat.

An hour later Finn and Jake were standing bored in the line.

Two hours after that the duo still stood in the line.

A day and a half later Finn was holding a very green looking Jake.

"Just say something." Finn yelled slapping Jake.

"I can't. I have nothing to say anymore."

"Than just make up words!"

"Blabbady bloo blaa blaa." Jake said and Finn sighed.

Two hour later Finn and Jake were at the front of the line. They climbed out of the deep river bed and took a number.

"awe man 42,000,000. What number is it?" Jake looked at a large counter mounted on top of the door.

"41,999,999. Were next." Jake smiled. The counter turned to there number and they walked in only to find that there was another line in front of him.

"Awe man!" Finn said. Jake just patted him on the shoulder.

"Its ok man."

"No man I don't think my little boy heart can take it." soon a large cloud of blood mist appeared in the sky.

"Dos anyone need to goo pee?" the cloud asked. A man raised his hand and ran off. Soon the cloud looked at the cloud.

"Dos anyone have a question for ?" Finn clenched his eyes shut and raised his hand along with the rest of the demons. Long rays of green energy flowed from it and began to fry the inhabitants of the long line. Jake leapt onto Finn and the duo hid behind a rock. Finn drew his demon blood blade and leapt on top of the rock and was about to fight but found himself alone.

"Well I guess we need to go talk to marcies dad." Finn nodded and they walked down the pathway. As they reach the castle they see Marcelines father.

" Let us go home!" Suddenly hunson abadear began to freak out and charged them. As Finn began to fight the king of demons Jake searched for the portal. Soon Jake entered a locked door by shrinking through the lock. As hunson approached Jake threw the door open slamming it into his face.

"Finn! I found the portal!" Finn ran into the room with Jake and the duo leapt into the portal fallowed by marcelines father.

As the two fell fallowed by the leader of the night-o-sphere they were soon forced to fight. As Jake wrapped his elongated arms around the king two large tentacles latched onto him and threw the dog. Finn leapt forward and sliced downward with his blade. A large gash appeared in the large orb that was the mans head. Suddenly Marcelines head protruded from the orbs and Finn gasped.

"MARCIE!" Finn screamed. Marceline looked at them.

"I'm going to close the portal!" Marceline said as her arms reached out and grabbed the edge of the portal.

"But Marceline.,,"

"You guys are banned from the night-o-sphere. FOREVER!" soon the portal closed. And Finn laid next to his loyal friend. Shocked.

A few hours later Finn and Jake had just finished watching the video of there exploits before there memory loss. Soon after Finn growled and ran into his room. He returned wearing a set of black chainmail with his blade strapped to his back and his hat removed.

"What are you doing man?" Finn looked back at Jake as he heard his question.

"I'm going to save her."

"But dude she said we were banned remember? Besides she is safe in the night-o-sphere and we aren't." Finn turned to Jake with a look of determination on his face.

"I don't care." Finn said as he grabbed a bottle of bloodmilk from the fridge.

"Why are you so hung up on this?" Jake asked. Finn stopped and sighed.

"She saved me. I won't abandon her." Jake was perplexed by this statement but shrugged. Finn dawned a large paperplate mask and Jake turned into a demon. Finn drew a large face on the ground and poured the blood milk on it speaking the incantation. Soon a portal appeared and Finn leapt through fallowed by Jake.

As they appeared in the chamber where Marceline sat in the front magicly placing a set of abbs on the face of a demon. As the two 'demons' approached the front another demon cut them off. As they began to wait Finn began to free style a political rap and even though the lyrics made no sense he had rallied the crowd. As they charged Finn was able to remove the amulet and have Jake lift them.

"JAKE GET HER OUT OF HERE!" Finn screamed.

"I can't man. These demons are biting my legs." Jake screamed as he looked at the large crew of demons attacking him. Finn growled and began to stand.

"Get her out of here Jake." Finn said as he leapt down and began to place the necklace on his neck.

"NO FINN IT WILL FILL YOU WITH CHAOTIC EVIL!" Jake yelled. Soon Finn had dawned the amulet and had morphed into a large suited man who appeared to have a demonic octopus on his head. Soon the suited Finn threw Jake and Marceline out of the portal he had made to the night-o-sphere. But Jake dropped Marceline. Soon the crowd surrounded her and began to attack her.

'I won't fail you marcie. You saved me. I have to save you.' Finn thought as he ripped Marceline from the demons grasp and threw her through the portal. Suddenly Marcelines' father hunson abadeer appeared on finns back. He tried to remove the necklace but found himself unable to do it. Hunsun growled and crawled to Finns front. Hunson smashed his fist into the amulet and felt it shatter against the bones of his knuckles. Finn screamed and felt himself being thrown.

Soon he landed and saw the battered bruised and bitten form of Marceline and ran up to her. He lifter her head off of the ground and looked at her. He knew she neaded blood if she wanted to survive the gashes and other wounds decorating her from head to toe. Finn looked at his wrist and sighed.

"Forgive me for breaking my word. It's to save you." Finn said as he reached into his backpack and pulled out a small silver dagger. Finn pulled up the sleave of his chainmail to reveal his wrist.F