Chapter Three

He opened the door as I entered the car. A few seconds later, he entered the car. He turned his torso and head towards me. I gazed at him; he slowly moved his hand and placed it on my knee. Gracefully, he placed his other hand on my neck. He leaned forward with his eyes closed as soon as he was approximately three or four inches from my face. Suddenly, as if on cue or instinct, I slapped him. He pulled away and cursed to the wind.

"I'm sorry Lillian," He looked down, slightly ashamed.

"Its fine, is your face okay?" I asked awkwardly.

"Yeah, it's fine," He gave me a boyish smile as if he wanted it.

"I'm sorry, you had to hear me argue with my ex earlier."

"No, no I thought it was hot, personally." He winked and I flushed. We pulled up to the parking lot as the driver parked. Ryan nonchalantly got out of the car and opened my door as I got out.

"Thanks for lunch," I looked down.

"No problem," He slowly lifted my head with the simple gestures of his hand.

"I should get going, see you tomorrow at nine Mr. Anderson."

"Miss Greene, it looks as if it's about to rain, please stay. You can come home with me, I swear nothing will happen." He pleaded.

"Well, I have to go home or my roommate will be suspicious and worry."

"This roommate is female, correct?"


"I'll have someone take you home tomorrow, don't argue." He sounded a lot firmer.

"I'm sorry, I have things to do."

"Do them tomorrow,"

"I work tomorrow."

"Lillian," He attired a sad yet, adorable look. How can I say no to that face?

"I'm sorry, Ryan." I slowly walked away.

By the time I reached home, it was about eight. Damn, I really don't know my way around here do I? I unlocked the door and walked in to see Jessica on the phone. As soon as I walked in she hung up and ran to me.

"Elise," Jessica attacked me with a huge bear hug. Jessica is the tall, thin, confident, gorgeous, classic blonde. Marilyn Monroe doesn't have shit on her!

"Hey Jess," I push her away and grab the closet pillow I see, I scream into it.

"What's wrong?" Jessica furrowed her nicely arched brow.

"Look at you, then look at me!" She placed a curious look on her face. "Look!" I yelled out.

"Okay! Calm down, what's wrong?"

"You're a sexy blonde and I'm a short brunette, why does he have to do this to the short brunette?"

"What happened?"

"He happened!"

"Who, what tell me!"

"That idiot had to bump into me!"

"Wait; let me get us some beers." A few seconds later, she appeared handing me a cool beer.

"Cheers?" She looked at me, innocently.

"There's nothing to cheer about!" I pouted and drank the beer like no tomorrow. She sighed and then followed my lead.

"Explain," She demanded as I did…

"I think you like Mr. Anderson." She smiled.

"Gross, no… "I finally stopped crying.

"Why'd you protect him then?" She looked confused.

"I don't know I don't even know why I'm so affected by him."

"Gives you a lot to think about, well look, I have to go. See you later." She got up leave. "I hope you feel better," She left.

I walked to my room and face planted on my bed, setting my alarm to seven a.m. I lied down and replayed what happened. I closed my eyes as suddenly, my cell rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello, is this Lillian Greene?" A high pitched female voice rang my ears.

"Yes, this is."

"Well, I'm from ATMEL Development, you applied here correct?"

"Yes, I did, last week, I believe."

"Well, were ready with our answer, you're hired."

"Well, actually," Shit, what do I do? "I'll call you in a bit."

"Alright bye,"


I looked around, rampantly for Anderson Enterprises, their number. Ah, crap, what am I going to do? I grabbed it the second I had it and immediately dialed the number.

"Hello, I'm Karen of the front office, this is Anderson Enterprises how may I help you?" The lady sounded nervous.

"I need to speak with the CEO." I replied calmly.

"Who is this?"

"I'm Lillian Green." Wait, what am I going to tell him that I can't work with him? I wonder how he's going to take it. Oh, well.

"Please hold for a minute." Odd elevator music began to play. Beep. The thing went off.

"Hey, Lillian, did you need something?" His voice was tired; I bet he just got off in a meeting. I don't think he wants to hear this, now at least.

"Hello?" His voice was louder. Shit, what do I do? "Stop biting your lip and answer me, Lillian are you there?" I hung up.

What the Hell did I just do? What if he comes here? No, he won't, he wouldn't dare. It's late anyways, for a fact, it's nearly ten. What was he still doing in the office at this hour? I stretched out, hoping he wouldn't come. I got up, off the floor, and crashed in bed.

Knock-knock, knock-knock! Shit, did Jessica forget her keys? I sleepily got up; it was only 11:30. Shit, am I late to work? No, it was still dark; I am so stupid when I'm tired. I continued to walk and the Jessica continued to knock. I unlock the door and slowly opened it and turned.

I heard a cough, I didn't care, and I was too tired. I heard the cough again.

"Jessica, I'm tired, please don't. I promise I'll listen tomorrow." I turned around and, wow, it's Ryan.

"You needed something." He sounded firm.

"Oh wow, you came." I said, shocked.

"Well, clearly, what did you need?" He looked lost.

"Mr. Anderson, I'm choosing another company. I was hired at ATMEL Development." I said a bit too honest.

"You don't want to work there."

"Now, why wouldn't I?"

"Adept Outsources sued them recently, ATMEL is bound to lose. If you work there you'll get laid off in approximately one month. If you come back, I won't accept you."

"Why would they hire me, then?"

"Well, employment is higher; they'll get a high chance of not closing down."

"Okay, I'm sold." I yawned.

"Did you think they were better than Anderson Enterprises?" He yelled out, yeah, he's probably a bit drunk.

"No, it's just…"

"You don't like me?" He raised a sad brow.

"No, I just feel, ugh."

"Can I tell how I feel first?" He looked at me.

"Have you been drinking?"

"A little,"

"Tell me, how you feel." I demanded.

"Lillian, I should umm… Go," He looked away and attempted to leave. I took his hand and turned him around.

"Don't leave, not yet at least."

"You want me to stay?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Do you want me to, stay the night?" He asked innocently, my eyes widened as he smiled. "I'm joking, I'd love to stay."

"Well then, have a seat." I smiled as we both sat down.

"Tell me about yourself, Lillian." He crossed his legs and turned towards me, changing the subject, completely.

"Well, what do you want to know?" I looked at him.

"Anything, you seem interesting."

"And you seem interested."

"Who said I wasn't?" He winked. "Tell me Lillian."

"Give and get?" I asked as he nodded. "Well, I didn't learn how to ride an actual bike till' I was ten." I looked down as he laughed. "No laughing, I'm ashamed of it."

"More." He demanded.

"Give and get, we'll take turns."

"I use to be extremely claustrophobic when I was about four." He looked kind of embarrassed, I smiled.

"Well, I am an only child."

"I have an adopted brother and sister. I myself am adopted."

"Have you met your parents?"

"No, Lillian I haven't" He started to look uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry I asked." I put on the same face he did.

"Lillian, it's fine, it's late, go to sleep."

"Your drunk, I can't let you drive."

"I'll be fine." He tried to get up but, I tackled him. "Have you been drinking yourself?" I search for his keys. Luckily, I found them and shoved in my bra. He mouth opened as I stood up. "Lillian, give me my key."

"No," I half heartedly glared.



"Well, what do want? I'll pay you."

"No, if you want get it."

"My pleasure," He got up. I slowly walked towards me as I mirrored him.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting my keys," He came closer as I hit the wall. "You're trapped now, nowhere to run." He put his hands on my hips.

"Hey, you're going to get smacked again." I warned.



"Well, if you just give me my keys, this won't happen."

"No, I can take this." I clearly lied.

"Well, I can always use my mouth." He pushed his groin against me, pinning me against him.

"Go for it, you'll regret it."

"What are going to do, get pregnant?" He smirked as he came nose to nose with me. I closed my eyes. Isn't this weird, kissing my boss no, I can't do this. Suddenly, I felt the keys moving.

"Thanks babes, hey why did you close your eyes?" I opened to see him smiling. I stood speechless. "Well, I have to get my drunken self home, goodbye. See you at nine." He walked away. No, no, not like this. I threw a half emptied water bottle at him as I got him in the head. He turned.

"I'm going to assume you threw that." He walked towards me, faster than lightning. "Apologize."

"No," I said, firmly.

"Hey, apologize." He sounded firmer. Crap, faint Lillian. I closed my eyes and feel into his arms. Good job, Lillian! After a while of him questioning me, I slowly faded to sleep.

I slowly turned, the alarm went off. I pounded it with my fist. I began to stretch as a loud yawn escapes me. I felt hands tighten against my waist.

"Good morning," I felt a smiled form on my neck. I screamed and fell off my bed.

"I thought you left!" I yelled out.

"I was worried and drunk so, of course I stayed." Ryan gave me a lazy smile. "How'd you sleep?" I didn't answer. "Hey, are you okay?" No answer. "How's your back?" He winked as my jaw dropped. "So you hear me," He smiled. "Lillian, please talk." He kept his ludicrous smile.

"You asshole," I yell out and pointed at him.

"There we go," He got up, shirtless. Wow, I gave a little gasp and looked down. He was built. He stretched and yawned. He put his hand on my chin, lifting my face up; he freed my lips from the bit of my teeth. "I'm going to taste that one day."

"How much you want to bet?"

"Ah, preparing a challenge Miss Greene? I like that." He smirked. He let go and walked out. I stood for a few more seconds trying to get my head straight. I heard Jessica's voice then Ryan's. It's time to come out…

"Lillian, is this that guy you told me about yesterday?" Jessica had her show on for Ryan.

"I'm sorry; I should've put a shirt on, at least." Ryan looked a little smug. I randomly went back to my room, grabbed a towel and took a shower.

I walked out of the bathroom to notice Ryan in a towel.

"Hey," He smiled.

"What are doing?" I asked, puzzled.

"Oh, well, Jessica let me use her bathroom. She's washing my clothes."

"Well, I need to get dress so,"


"Get out."


"I'm getting dressed." I said annoyed.

"You're scary."

"Get out!" I almost yelled.

"Fine, I'm out, damn…" He left and shut the door.

A few minutes I was out in a nude blouse, black dress pants and a black blazer with four inch court shoes. I dried my hair and threw on a bit of mascara.

"I guess that's good enough." I heard Ryan's voice. He was still in his towel.

"I didn't ask." I replied.

"I'm your boss, my thoughts should matter Miss Greene."

"Fine, you buy me the clothes." I rolled my eyes. I walked pass him however, he grabbed my arm before I left the room.

"Don't roll your eyes at me Miss Greene." Keeping his hand gripped on my arm, he turned after he finished. My eyes widened as a response to his words and his facial expression. He pulled me back. "Sit." He kept a straight face.

I walked back and sat on my bed.

"Miss Greene, are you usually this rude?" He asked.

"I don't know," I pursed me lips then bit on them hard.

"You're biting that lip again."

"I can't help this time." I looked up at him.

"You didn't answer my question, you see Miss Greene I need you to apologize."


"Do it Miss Greene,"

"No," Suddenly his towel fell. He looked down as I followed on random instinct. My jaw dropped wow, wait no stop! I grabbed my pillow and covered my face.

"Sorry about that," He said as I looked back up, still no towel I covered my face again. "Are you peeking at me?"

"I thought you had your pants on."

"Not until you apologize."


"Miss Greene, don't be stubborn."

"I will if want to be."

"Then I'll stay like this."


"I'll wait."

"No need to wait." I uncovered my face with closed eyes, randomly reaching out my hand, for the door. Instead, my hand touches, what I believe to be, Mr. Anderson's hard chest. My fingers trickle his neck and then it leads to his face. His hand reaches my chin; slowly his frees my bottom lip of the bite. I start to breathe a bit harder. I softly pry an eye open, to see his towel is on.

"Don't roll your eyes at me again or I'll bite your lips." He warns as he massages my bottom lips with his thumb. Jessica opens the door and hit Ryan on the back of his head. Karma!

"Shit," He cursed as the door hit him.

"I'm so sorry, umm, here are your clothes." She handed it to him and left.

"Are you going to watch?" He turned to me.

"No, I'll leave, sorry." I furrow my brows. I leave the room and shut the door. The image of him "there" runs through my mind. I'm forced to shut my eyes and shake the image away. It couldn't be that big, silly me.

"What's wrong?" Jessica asked, quite nervous.

"Nothing," I lied.

"No, something's wrong, just tell me. It's fine."

"I saw his penis." I tried to stay quiet."

"Really," She sounded interested. "How big was it?"

"I am not saying anything."

"Tell me," She smiled a little.


"Hurry up and tell me!" She demanded. I frowned.

"Normal," I told another lie.

"Seriously, normal, I didn't expect that." She paused. "Tell me the truth."

"Fine," I said, knowing I got caught. I swallowed, "Huge," My voice was small.

"I'm glad you think I'm huge, Miss Greene." I turned as I heard Ryan. I flushed the reddest red of all. My mouth dropped, quick, hide. I saw a million places yet, I couldn't move.