Chapter Six

"Jason, I told you that she wouldn't know." The door opened as Andrew came in. Who's Jason?

"I didn't give her the dream." Ryan replied.

"Then who did?"

"I'd love to find out, Michael."

"Is Michael and Jason your real names?" I asked.

"Yeah," Ryan, or well, Jason replied. "Only call us by the names you know us by." He sounded firm.


"Look, we have to take her to Belladonna." Andrew looked just as serious as he sounded.

"Yeah, we do, huh? Come on, let's go Lillian." He was sardonic. "What makes you think she'll put her life in danger?"

"You two are extremely close, and she's given herself to God. This will be doing his will."

"You mean, sacrificing her?"

"We'll stop them."

"I am not dying for some crazy demon stuff!" I yell out.

"Are you religious?" Andrew turned to me.

"I'm Catholic."

"Of course, it would be Catholic!" Ryan sounded, once again, sardonic.

"What's wrong with that?" I snarled.

"We don't have time to argue." Ryan walked towards me. "Sleep," His voice was demanding. I happened to listen and fall in his arms.

"Wake up sleep beauty," Ryan's voice disturbed my rest. I yawned and stretched.

"Where am I?" I turned to him.

"We're in Astoria."

"Where's Astoria?"


"We drove all the way to Oregon?"

"No, I own a jet." He sounded as if it should've been obvious.

"Oh, where's Andrew?"


"Why did I fall asleep?"

"I have powers, let's just say that…" He threw on a disarming smile.

"Jason, be nice." Andrew shouted.

"Screw you." Ryan yelled back. Andrew just sighed.

"Where are we going? Are we almost there yet?" I coughed.

"We're visiting Belladonna, the Great Witch who helped send Lilith to Hell." Ryan sounded spooky and, once more, sarcastic.

"Didn't you have a thing with Lilith?" Andrew questioned as I saw trees everywhere. We were driving through a forest.

"It was fun," Ryan replied.

"That's Lucifer's wife, be smarter." Andrew warned.

"Lilith wants to kill Belladonna and Satan won't let her do so. Lucifer wants me dead, I'm sure of it, and Lilith won't let him do so. So, it was smart." Ryan smirked.

"We'll have to walk from here." Drew stopped the car.

"How far do we have to walk?" I finally spoke, after all their rubbish.

"It'll be safer if we fly." Ryan finally sounded serious.

"I don't have wings," I glare.

"I can always hold you." Ryan winked.

"I'd rather go with Drew," I rolled my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me. Did you already forget, what happen last time you did that?"

"I'm going to get out." I attempted to walk out however, the door was child locked.

"I'll get you out. " Andrew turned to me. His hair was tousled and he gave me a tired, lazy, smile. Only Andrew can look good with that look. He is an angel. He opened his door and got out. Passing Ryan's door and walking around to mine.

Suddenly, he flew back. Ryan cursed and broke the car door opened, by kicking it.

"Stay inside," He yelled at me and looked around. He turned from where the rustlings of leaves were. My heart pumped faster, faster and faster. Andrew was on the opposite side of Ryan. It was as if they were protecting me. I turned back and forth; it felt like eons had passed. I witnessed Ryan raise his hand. A lady with red hair, green snake eyes, and freckled, held her heart.

"Belladonna; isn't it the Great Dark Witch who sent Lilith, down, down, to the abyss of Hell." He walked towards her and dropped his hand. She smiled at him and hugged him, a second passed as Andrew appeared there.

"Michael, Jason, it's so great to see you guys." She bear hugged them and kissed them on the cheek. "How have you two been?"

"Well, we've been well." Andrew smiled.

"Liar, we're here because we're in a mess." Ryan sounded, like the child he is.

"Oh, really; well, let's go have some herbal tea. Could've sworn I sensed someone else; a female." She raised her brows. Just then I noticed how she was dressed. Her dress was a green gown; it looked extremely old and royal, in a sense. It was sweetheart neckline. The threads to the embroideries were golden-orange. She wore a golden gypsy crown. That was the best way I could put it. Her nose was slightly hooked, she has a heart shaped face, and she was beautiful, thin and beautiful.

"That's our problem," Ryan tried to explain.

"Jason, I thought for a second, that you turned your life around. I mean, I did, I did it for you." She had an Australian and German accent put in one. Her voice wasn't soft or coarse, due to the mixture.

"It's not like that." Ryan continued to reason.

"That's what you said last time." She smacked him upside the head.

"Miss Greene, come out." Ryan turned towards the car. I obeyed, slowly coming out. Belladonna walked towards me and smiled. She threw her arms around me and kissed me.

"You are so beautiful!" She smiled even bigger. Her smile faded, slowly into a frown. "You're the pure one." She changed her expression, this time, it was fear. She turned to the guys. "You, frivolous dolts, you," She yelled out and pointed at both of them. "Did you think, for some odd reason, I'd help you in the sacrifice? Are you all willing to d-d" Ryan covered her mouth before she could finish.

"Belle, we just want to protect her." Andrew's eyes were convincing and sad. She removed Ryan's hand.

"This is my life, our lives, I can't risk it." She looked just as sad as Andrew.

"Just because of Lilith, Lucy-Lucifer won't let her hurt you. He forced her to make herself look just like you. That's what I heard." Ryan tried to sympathetic.

"What about Miranda?" Andrew and Belladonna said at the same second.

"Jinx," Belladonna yelled. "I mean, yeah, what about her?"

"I don't know." Ryan sighed. "She may try to trap or kill, Miss Greene, over there." He pointed his head towards me.

"You did send her to Hell, with you." Andrew looked at him. Ryan went to Hell? I look down, Ryan is annoying but, I can't imagine him in Hell.

"You were the one who sent me in Hell." Ryan glared at Drew. Maybe, it was figurative.

"Wait, her last name is Greene?" Belladonna broke the tension. What did they mean, damn, we where almost there.

"Yes, why," I asked, quite scared to know the answer.

"Miranda was a Greene. Her father was an English man in the 1200's. Richard De La Greene." She closed her eyes.

"Yes," Jason looked shock.

"She married than, wow, she was quite the b." She tightened her closed eyes. "Then, a few years later, you came, Jason. You know, she was asking to get hit."

"Let's get to your evil lair." Ryan walked away.

"You still love her, don't you?" Belladonna grabbed Ryan's arm.

"No, I don't." He glared at her.

"You're lying, I sense it." Her brows furrow. "Just know Lillian is nothing like her. Don't you dare try to make it as if, Lillian was Miranda." She glared back.

"I don't love her, anymore." He kept his glare.

"Well, tomorrow will make year 6,989 and day 256 wouldn't it?" She sounded more concerned than anything else.

"No, it would be year, oh wait, I don't give a fuck! Let's go, they can sense her from a million miles." He released the hold Belladonna gave him and walked away.

"Come, pure one," Belladonna held out a hand.

"Am I supposed to take your hand?" I felt awkward tension.

"Well, unless you want to fall and die in my traps." She kept a smile on her face, while saying that. It was creepy…. I frowned.

"I'll take her." Andrew volunteered.

"No, I want to do it!" Belladonna put her hands on her hips. Andrew tried to convince her with his expressions, nothing sexual, just, as if he were point something out. "Oh," Belladonna finally realizing the answer. "You like her, oh, go ahead and take your love. I'm rooting for the two of you." She grinned.

"Um, you don't mind, do you?" Andrew blushed and gave the most adorable, shy smile.

"Not at all," I blushed. I walked towards him.

"Stop," Ryan looked at Drew.

"What," I turned to him.

"I'll take you," He kept a straight face.

"I don't really trust you." Belladonna hiccupped right after she finished. She blushed.

"I wasn't talking to you, Bella." He mien look sent chills.

"I think she should choose." Andrew made his point.

"Fine, choose Lillian." Ryan made it seem as if he were alone on this.

"Belladonna, you don't mind taking me, do you?" I asked.

"Yes, I do mind. Well, I do, now…" She gave a cat like smile.

"Andrew, may I go with you?" I tried to sound firm. I faltered a bit however; all that matter was that I made my point.

"It would be my honor to fly with you." He smiled. I walked towards him. "I'd back up if I were you, for now." He took a step back, as did I. He moved his chest up as suddenly, I felt a hold against me. The next thing I know, I'm in the air.

"What are you doing?" I screamed and turn to notice, it wasn't Andrew. It wasn't Belladonna. Nor was it, Ryan. I screamed louder. This person was jumping from tree to tree. No wings. I couldn't get a good look at their face. It felt helpless, at the moment. I grabbed onto a tree branch. It broke; I hit this mysterious thing with it. The branch broke. Finally, we landed.

"I only want to help you." They yelled. Shit, it was Jessica.

"Jessica, oh my God, you're one of them." I hollered.

"No, I'm not a fallen angel or plain angel, I'm a vampire. They're a lot stronger than us."

"Please don't tell me that by us you mean you and me!"

"I mean me, you and Jake."

"He's a vampire too?" I look at her, shocked.

"No, I'm werewolf." I heard his voice.

"You never told me, I've know you for more than half my life! Both of you," I cry and turn to see him. "Does Natalie know?"

"No, she doesn't. And it was to protect you. We both never wanted anything but, to protect you." Jessica eyes soften.

"We need to go, Elise." Jake walked towards me as did Jessica.

"You wanted to protect me? What gives you the right to protect me?" I shout.

"The fact that we're family," Jessica put a hand on my shoulder. The trees all break in half and move, creating a path.

"Found them," Belladonna smiled and skipped over to us.

"You're that douche bag, Jake, isn't it. The werewolf and the Vampire, cute," Ryan yawned.

"Are you idiots, stupid enough to sacrifice yourselves. To, literally, break all Hell loose?" Jessica looked as if she was questioning the truth.

"I know it seems odd because, we have most, people here, to do the curse but, we want to protect her. That's all it is." Andrew walked towards us.

"Bullshit, how are you going to break the curse?" Jessica wouldn't back down.

"Well, first, we're going to go to Hell!" Ryan sounded like a lunatic.

"Wait, you know how to destroy the curse?" Jessica replied.

"Most of them, I can make vampires human and werewolves, too. I mean, I practically created them, Lilith just made it official." Ryan smirked.

"Did you guys come here to meet me? I mean, you're right by my lair." Belladonna randomly changed the subject.

"You're the Great Witch, Belladonna, aren't you a bad witch. The one who made this curse official, you can do this by you, alone, and free them yourself."

"I'm a good witch now. I only do things that'll please the Lord, and breaking that curse is one of them." Belladonna was sincere. A lot like Andrew, Andrew was probably a bit more genuine, however.

"How can we trust her?" Jake glared.

"You can't, that's the beauty of it." Ryan smirked.

"That doesn't help the case, Jason. If we have hope we'll truly be sincere and strong. That is the beauty he speaks of." Andrew's eyes were intense, as usual. That just proofed my point, of his sincerity.

"Andrew's right, we can work, together." I tried to sound positive.

"Do you guys even know where the portal is?" Jake interrogated,

"Yes, for a fact we do." Ryan smirked.

"Where is it?" Jessica snapped.

"Why should we tell you?" Ryan instantly replied.

"Because," Jessica paused. "Because, we're a team now,"

"You have to create the portal. You have to be in the exact location, to open it. There must be a good and bad witch, the pure one, a fallen angel, and we have all of that." He spoke a little too quickly.

"Where's your bad witch?" Belladonna sounded offended.

"She's in Portland, right now. You know Cassandra, right?" He raised a brow.

"No, you can't use her. She's," Belladonna faltered. "She's weird and freaky and obsessive and a pain in the rear end!" She pouted, like a child.

"That's exactly why we're using her!" Ryan kept his ludicrous smile.

"Ryan, we need to make our decisions as a whole, you can't decide all of this, by yourself." Andrew frowned.

"Hey, umm… I feel weird." I walked toward Andrew.

"What's wrong?" Ryan ran, faster than lightning, literally, towards me. "Where does it hurt?"

"It's, it's," I blacked out.

"Jason, stop worrying about her, she'll wake up. When is Cassandra getting here?" I heard Belladonna's voice.

"What happened to her?" Andrew's voice was faded.

"Umm, let me think, oh yeah, you idiots didn't feed her!" Belladonna's voice again.

"I think she's waking up." I think that was Ryan.

"Where am I?" My eyes open to see Ryan's intense stare turn to relief.

"In my home, darling," Belladonna smiled. Ryan got up in a hurry and attempted to leave.

"Where are you going?" I sat up and stopped Ryan in his tracks.

"I'm going to do more important things, than worry about you." His words stung.

"Who said you needed to worry about me?" I glared.

"I need to make sure you're alive to destroy that damn curse. I need to know you're strong enough to go to Hell." He returned the glare and left.

"Wait," I try stop him again, fail, and get up to chase after him. I finally catch up to him. He's out of the underground lair, the first view I get is of a waterfall. Its night and the stars are out, shining furiously. It's a crescent moon and it's me and Ryan, alone.

"Ryan, what's wrong with you?" I turn him around as he stays still. "Ryan, don't be ridiculous, talk to me!" I yell. He turns and in one swift movement and looks me in the eye. I feel sadness in his look. He took a step closer as I looked up at him. He leaned down as I stood still. I moved back, he grabbed my arms and forced me closer to him. He leaned down.

"Ah, fuck," He pulls me away and puts his hands on his head.

"Ryan, are you okay?" my brows furrow.

"I'm fine," He looks away again, as if, ashamed. He faces the waterfall. "I'm sorry," He turns after a few seconds.

"Don't be," My eyes were still very wide.

"Elise, I," He doesn't finish.

"Told you I'd find you," I hear Cassandra's voice. She's dressed up in a black gown, a lot like Belladonna's; however, it's black and silver. Her hair is nicely done and curled. Her eyes are complimented with her dark eye shadow. He walked up to her and pulled out his elbow.

"Shall we?" His soft look now masked with seduction, leaving me all alone. I refuse to go inside and wait by the water. It always calmed me, water. I strip down into my bra and underwear and jump in. The water calms as I swim about. I begin to sink, forgetting all of this, wanting to die. I wouldn't be putting people in this position if I just died.

Abruptly, I feel hands around my waist. I get dragged to the surface. It's Andrew, of course.

"What are you doing?" He scolds.

"I don't know," I begin to freeze, as he finds his shirt, puts in on me, with his coat. His eyes look soft and intense, all at once. He has a good heart. I didn't want to really answer him, I was embarrassed. We both were sitting, I tried to not cry. I cried anyways. He scooted closer and held me. I moved back just to look this man. He had a small smile on, just to make me feel better. Softly, he wiped my tears with his hand.

"Let me take you somewhere." He looked concerned as I nodded. He threw on his jeans then, carried me, as his wings came out. They were white, unlike Ryan's. He kept his passionate stare on me. He was very different than Ryan. He was sincere, passionate, trustworthy, and most of all, he made me feel safe. He made me feel happy, sincere, free, and loved.

"Ready," He smiled.

"Ready," I nodded and smiled back. We flew, high and we glided and it was amazing. The feeling of being high up it was the feeling of freedom. He flew as we saw the forest of Astoria. The lights, it was astounding. I threw my arms around his neck as he looked at me and only me. Not the forest, the landmarks, not the lights but at me.

"Andrew it's beautiful," My eyes lightened up.

"Yeah, you are," He looked at me as I turned to him, noticing his words. He leaned down and kissed me softly. He moved back. I pulled his face closer and kissed him as we went on. I noticed after a few seconds we were dropping. I screamed out as he just smiled. We stopped after we were a few feet from the ground I smiled and laughed, still in his arms. We continued to kiss as his tongue entered my mouth. Everything he did, was so, consuming. This was weird, it was so, surreal. He gives me freedom yet, consumes me. I feel like he's carrying me because I'm weak, vulnerable.

"Elise, where are you?" Ryan came out to witness Andrew holding me. "Oh, we were just about to look for you," The others came after him.

"Wow, you're packed, Drew!" Belladonna blurted. "Sorry," she muttered.

"Um, let's go inside, Elise." Andrew gently helped me, plant my two feet on the ground.

I grabbed my clothes as everyone but, Drew, left. I awkwardly gave back his clothing. He took them and put them back on. He made me feel like a little girl, butterflies in my stomach, giggly and then some. He moved his wings back, he had scars, and they were like knife wounds. Knowing he's an angel maybe they were sword wounds. Belladonna was right, he was packed. My eyes look goes up and I stare at is face, and catches my eyes. I blinked and looked away as he had a small laugh.

"Are you peeking at me?" He grinned.

"No, just, gazing." I giggled and blushed. Slowly, putting my shirt over my, now dried, bra. He held his jacket and waited for me.

"Are you peeking at me?" I bit my lips.

"No, just, gazing," He had a shy smile. I looked down and threw my pants and shoes on. He throws his jacket over me then, we go inside. The lair wasn't as evil as I pictured. There were grimoires everywhere. There were tea pots and tea cups everywhere, and crucifixes here and there. There was a cute wooden table and three cute wooden sofas with plush pillows.

"Have a seat, everyone," Belladonna smiled. Everyone obeyed and sat. "Everyone, this is Lillian, the pure one." She waved her hands toward me.

"Hello," I murmured. Ryan caught my eyes, he looked at me sadly. I looked away, regretting yet, not at the same time, my experience with Andrew.

"We know who she is, how are we going to get to Hell?" Ryan looked away and spoke out.

"No, first we must introduce ourselves." Everyone got up to leave. "Sit," A force seated them. "I'm Belladonna, yes, I am the Great Witch! Call me Bella, Donna and or Belle, vampire, you're next."

"I'm Jessica; you can call me Jess or Jessie. I'm a vampire." She stood up and spoke with an apathetic tone of voice.

"Werewolf, your turn," Bella smiled.

"I'm Jake, I'm a werewolf." Jake stood up and sat back down.

"Cassandra," Bella turned to her.

"I'm Cassandra, the dark witch." She sounded firm.

"Michael, your turn," She smiled.

"Hello, I'm Andrew. Feel free to call me Drew. I am an angel." He sat.

"You didn't use your real name." Bella frowned.

"I am aware of that," Drew smiled.

"Fine," She pouted. "Jason, your turn,"

"Hello, I'm Ryan. I am the fallen angel." He pursed his lips and sat down.

"Last but not least, Lillian." She smiled.

"Hello," I stood up. "I'm Lillian, you can call me Elise. I guess I'm the pure one." I sat down.

"Yay, now we can start." Bella smiled.

"How can we get in and out of Hell and still be alive?" Ryan sounded annoyed and angrier than usual.

"We need a spell." Cassandra said with all seriousness in her voice.

"Where can we get the spell?" Jake questioned.

"A witch, his name was, Leo." Bella spoke out. "He might be dead but, he might've written the spell in a grimoire."

"Where does he live?" Ryan asked.

"Last I heard he lives in the Windy City." Cassandra kept her seductive gaze.

"And if he's dead?" Jessica raised her brows.

"He's not; I spoke with him last month. And he never dies, even if he's older than me." Cassandra looked annoyed.

"Well, what if he got in an accident?" Ryan questioned.

"He did, 2,000 years ago, and survived. It was as if he were untouched, how do I know? I ran him over. He's indestructible, like me." Cassandra smiled at Ryan.

"Wait, you're 2,000?" Jessica spoke out again.

"Yes, unlike Belladonna, which is as old as time, literally." She glared at her.

"In other words, I'm a lot stronger than her and I'm indestructible." Belladonna smirked.

"You think?" Cassandra raised a devious brow.

"Stop," Andrew was firm as they held their heads with their hands, in pain. Was Andrew doing this to stop them? "How do we find him?" If he was, he stopped and they glared at each other.

"If anyone can find him it's you, Andrew." Ryan looked at him.

"Why can't you do it?" Cassandra turned to Ryan.

"Because, it's Michael: the great Michael." He looked angry and sounded sarcastic.

"What's his real name?" Michael questioned.

"Leonard," I whispered, well, I thought I whispered however, I didn't.

"You're right, the Goat of Mendes." Bella said, after a while.

"What do I need to do?" Andrew said right after Bella.

"What about a locater spells?" Cassandra volunteered.

"No, he's a witch, it's probably blocked off." Bella sighed. "Wait," She yelled as everyone turned. "Road trip!" She yells.

"No," Everyone yells, but me.

"That's too dangerous," Ryan reasons.

"Well, nothing else will work…Unless, Lillian just dies." Cassandra considers.

"She can't, the curse protects her unless she kills herself. She'll go straight to Hell and since she is the pure one, she'll still be useable." Ryan sounds as if he wrote it himself.

"What if I just, lose my virginity?" I sound awkward as Drew, Jake and Ryan's heads whip to me. Ryan can't help but smile.

"We might die if we have sex with you or attempt to. Well, unless you get married but, you'd still be pure due to, you got married first." Andrew raises a questioning brow.

"Anyways, we can use my plane." Ryan shifts in his seat.

"Now that's too dangerous, why do you think you never see a witch on a plane?" Cassandra snaps.

"Fine, we'll road trip, then." Ryan makes it official. "Pack up, Belle." He winks at her then, leaves.