"What'a mean ya' ain't neva' kissed no one, Frost?"

E. Aster Bunnymund snorted.

It was the most absurd thing Bunny had heard all day. Hell, it was the most absurd thing he'd heard all bloody month, and here, standing in front of him was the very boy that insisted that such nonsense was true.

"And here I thought ya' went around nippin' on folks' noses and what not. Where'd that phrase come from anyway?"

Jack shifted his weight uncomfortably underneath his rival's penetrating gaze, his hands fidgeting with his fingernails, picking at dirt that never was. His blue eyes glanced to the side and lips pursed, though the youth kept his jaw clinched.

"Don' know..." he murmured, shrugging his bony shoulders lazily.

The rabbit shook his head, emitting another audible snort, arms crossing over his furry chest. "Ah' don' believe ya'." He taunted, lips cocking upwards in a sideways smirk.

This earned Bunny a tense glare from the frosted youth - a response the rabbit had hoped for. The child's nose scrunched in a slight pout, and Jack folded his arms in defense. What was so hard to believe? Surely he wasn't the only one. It wasn't as if kissing was an everyday occurrence for any of them; them being the Guardians, of course.

Jack squinted as Bunny continued to smirk, and he scoffed, exhaling through his nose like a bull being cornered in a ring. This was plum ridiculous.

"Why not?" Jack snipped, "I don't see you puckering up cotton tail. You don't have room to say a thing!" The teenager's testy mood was getting the best of him, and the Easter Bunny definitely noticed. Bunny was nearly about to jest about this being Jack's "time of the month," but the rabbit held his tongue, knowing that although he loved picking fun at his younger comrade, some remarks were best kept to one's self. He'd definitely use it some other time though. Jack did act like puberty pissed girl sometimes. Nevertheless, Bunny's left eyebrow cocked and he rolled one shoulder back.

"Who am I gonna kiss, hmmm? There ain't none of my kind around anymore kid, and I sure ain't smootchin' yer pasty ass." He chided, observing the boy with a smug expression. "Though, might I add that I have done enough kissin' and twitterpatin' ta' last me a lifetime."

"Twit-a-whata?" Jack mumbled, looking confused. Though, he wasn't quite sure he wanted to know. He had seen rabbits do "it" before, and even the idea of Bunny, his Bunny, doing anything remotely similar...yea no. That was an image he didn't want to think of. Jack shook his head at the thought, eyes peering up at the large rabbit from behind dark eyelashes hesitantly.

"Twiterpa...neva' mind kid." Bunny huffed and closed his eyes, "Ah ain't got time ner' the patience to explain it to ya."

The rabbit shifted his weight from one foot to the next, and tilted his head. "You serious though? Nobody? Ya' ain't kissed or been with a single soul?" It seemed unlikely. Even Sandy of all people had cozied up to another before.

Jack shook his head, white hair bouncing with the movement, confirming once more that he was indeed as innocent as they came.

"How come?"

The winter spirit paused, the simple question rolling across his brain over and over. Bunny could tell that Jack was deep in thought, but Jack sighed and shrugged again, the motion becoming one of habit now-a-days. "I just haven't, I guess." He replied.

"Even in ya' past? Ya' know, when ya' were human?"

Another shrug. "I don't remember."

And he didn't. Jack remembered his mother, his sister, and even his father on occasion, but girls and potential lovers? No. It was possible that he had been with another, after all, when he had died, he had been 17, or 18 years old. Boys now-a-days experienced their first kisses at ages much younger than that, so yes, it was possible that human Jack had kissed another. But Jack Frost? No, not that he could ever recall.

Jack hesitated. The fact that Bunny didn't reply with a snarky comeback made him uncomfortable. The silence itself was unnerving, but worse, Bunny's shoulders deflated slightly and he looked at Jack, a hint of pity glinting in his eyes. Jack didn't want that look. He hadn't told Bunny his secret in hopes of acquiring pity. He had told Bunny because he wanted advice. He wanted to know what it was like. The rabbit usually gave him a straight answer, something he could work with without feeling awkward, but today the numbers weren't adding up.


"Well what, kid?" Bunny replied, tilting his head to the side with a huff. He mentally kicked himself for bringing up Jack's past, but he honestly didn't know what the boy was comfortable with, and what he wasn't. It was always touch and go with the winter spirit. Nevertheless, the kid seemed to not put much thought into it.

"Is...is it so shocking?" Jack questioned, wetting his lips. "I mean, surely I'm not the only one, right? It's not just me..."

The Easter bringer shook his head and chuckled lowly, reaching out to ruffle Jack's mop top of a hair style.

" 'Fraid so."

Jack nearly deadpanned. His jaw loosened and hung slightly open while big baby blues regarded the Pooka with a wide eyed expression.

"WHAT? Seriously? No...I don't..." Jack stuttered, refusing to believe anything else. "Really?"

The large Pooka nodded, chuckling again as he sat back on his haunches. Was it really that hard to believe? Obviously so. Jack acted as if he the mere idea of them, his family, being with another was impossible. Three hundred years of solitude did more damage than Bunny thought. Poor kid.

Bunny gulped down his brief twinge of guilt and eyed the boy square on, nodding again.

"Really really, Snowflake. All of us, Tooth, North, Sandy - we've all at least had a kiss befo'."

"With who?" Jack insisted, clambering up onto the nearest stool, his limbs trying to relax against the wooden frame in a gangly mess.

"Well," Bunny began, biting down on his lower lip, "it ain't really ma' place ta' tell ya' kid. BUT," he continued, noticing he obvious disappointment already masking the frost child's face, "I guess a few secrets between mates ain't gonna hurt, is it?"

Jack's face lit up. He leaned forward, gripping the edges of the stool to keep his balance, though both he and Bunny knew that if Jack could sit atop a stick, he could very well maintain his balance on a stool without any trouble at all. It was more of a reflex motion, his excitement getting the best of him.

"Who were they Bunny, who were they?"

Bunny openly smiled, allowing himself to gaze fondly down at the immortal child. Jack's child like inquisitive impulse made it nearly impossible to keep up the stern front, and Bunny found himself leaning closer to the white haired wonder, bending down to his level as he would when interacting with a child Sophie's age.

"You really wanna know that bad?"

Jack nodded feverishly, his head bobbing every which way, his enthusiasm getting the best of him.

The rabbit chuckled, his face only inches away from the child's. Bunny quickly glanced around the room they occupied, making it look as if what he was about to tell Jack was to remain between the two of them - a secret he was telling him in confidence. Jack caught the hint instantly, and his eyes quickly did the same. After a brief scan, Jack's gaze fell on the rabbit once more and he winked and nodded, letting Bunny know he understood. Guy code, and what not.

"Well," Bunny breathed, wrapping a single furry arm around the pale child's cold neck, "You eva' heard o' motha' nature?"

Jack nodded.

"I heard North shacked up with er' once, right afta' he became a Guardian. Befo' though, I am perdy sure North had a wife when he was human." Bunny figured that was where the rumors of a Ms. Clause came about, though North never mentioned her. "Etha' way, tha' point is dat North and Nature enjoyed each otha's company mo' than once."

Jack snickered, clasping a over his mouth to stifle the giggles. His maturity level was at an all time low. He was undoubtably taking the information as any kid half his age would, and Bunny had to once again remind himself that he was indeed dealing with just that, a kid. A kid that could very much seem like a hot headed teen in his prime at one moment, and a ten year old rascal the next.

"And Tooth," Bunny began, Jack immediately perking up in interest. "She done like ta' talk about it, but she fell for a mortal a long time ago. Sorta."

Jack regarded Bunny curiously.

"She had this one mortal man dat' continued to believe in her long afta' he was no longa' considered a child. He worshiped her really, and Toothy being the gal she is mistook curiousity fo' affection and flirted with tha' guy. Kissed em' too, I'm positive." Bunny ended it there, his nose twitching slightly.

Jack could tell that there was a great deal that Bunny wasn't telling him, but he figured it best not to pry. He didn't want to seem overly zealous.

"And Sandy?" Jack inquired, hoping the change in subject would help ease his thoughts away from Tooth's said lover.

Bunny smirked, his eyes glancing at the winter spirit mischeviously. There was a reason he had saved Sandy's tell for last, and Bunny nearly snickered at the thought of it.

"Mermaids mate."

Jack blinked. "Mer...wait, what?"

"You heard me Snowflake. Mermaids."

Jack eyed the Pooka sceptically, scanning the rabbit's face as if waiting for his compainion to burst out laughing with a gleeful shout of I got ya'! He didn't though, and staired back, a smug smirk ever present on his lips.

"Mermaids aren't real though, Bunny." He said mater-o-factly.

"Corse' they are," he replied without the slightest bit of hesitation. "They're all down south, ya' know, near tha' Caribbean and tha' Bahamas. I've even seen a few round' Australia."

The frosted youth blinked again, trying to piece the puzzle together, though, he supposed that his lack of knowing there exsistance was due to the fact that traveling south really wasn't a priority of his. He couldn't make it snow in the Bahamas, and he very well couldn't last long down there without getting sick. The last time he even dared to go below the equator he ended up with a fever that lasted an entire week. He wasn't interested in dealing with that again.

Pursing his lips, Jack crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head. "If they're real then, how did Sandy get mixed up with them?"

Bunny raised his eyebrows and gestured nonchalantly, acting as if it really shouldn't be all that difficult for Jack to understand. "Mermaids are seductive little sirens, Jackie boy. A simple song and a bat of their eyelashes send mortals into a mindless frenzy. Even though Sandy is immune to their seduction, he still finds em' pretty mate. Hell, if ya' wanna know the truth, Sandy still visits em' every now and then."

To Jack, Sandy really didn't seem like the kind that would be interested in such creatures, but then again, he figured that even a man made of sand would have urges every now and then. Once again, Jack found himself trying to rid his brain of images he didn't quite want, but smirked regardlessly.

Men were men, mortal or immortal.

"You sure mermaids don't migrate north every now and then, kangaroo?" Jack asked, a hint of playfulness making his voice rise with the question. His eyes matched his tone, and the winter spirit rested his chin in his hand as he he focused on Bunny, throwing him another wink. The rabbit's ears twitched at the question, and even more so in response to Jack's ever annoying nick name, and Bunny cocked an eyebrow, pulling back from the child.

"Don' think so mate. Sorry. Though, call me kangaroo one more time and I'll be sure to have one of em' swallow ya' whole."

Jack loved it, getting up Bunny's skin...or fur. Whatever. He released a bright laugh, tossing his head back, though his giggle fest was cut short when a furry paw took hold of his chin, making the boy look at the Pooka once more.

"There may not be no mermaids around dis place Frostbite, but I'm sure Tooth would happily pucker up fo' ya."

Jack's eyes widdened.

Bunny look satisfied, knowing he had the upper hand once more. "Want me ta' go find er' fo' ya? I'm sure she's boppin' round here somewhere..."

"NO!" Jack exclaimed, jumping up on the stool, holding his hands up as if shushing the rabbit.

"Why not?" Bunny replied, eating this up. "I know she finds ya' plum adorable. Why, it'd be cute, don't ya think? Eh, TOOTH!" The Pooka grinned, shouting the fairy's name. "TOOTH! Come ermmph...!" A pale hand plastered itself firmly to Bunny's mouth before he could finish, it's owner jumping and clinging to Bunny's fur as he tried to stifle the rabbit's call.

"Shut it Bunny!" Jack chided, eyes wide and alert as he looked and listened for the humming of wings or a rainbow of colors, hoping Tooth hadn't heard.

Bunny jerked his head away, trying to free his mouth from Jack's fingers, his paws grabbing the boy's blue hoodie and pushing him back. Although his eyes contorted in annoyance, any time his mouth found an opening, Bunny laughed. This was priceless.

"But...mmph...Jack! It'll be...great!" The rabbit managed to get out, breathing between pauses. Finally, after quite a bit of wrestling, Bunny felt Jack's grip on him loosen, and Bunny took hold of the wrist against his cheek, forcing the boy's hand away. The Pooka quickly snatched the frosted youth up by the back of his hoodie before he succeeded in clinging to him again, and he lifted him up, their faces inches apart. Jack didn't fight back and simply hung their limply, his bottom lip sticking out in a pout.

"Now now Frosty, why ya' actin' this way? Yer the one dat brought this whole conversation up, so let Tooth do it if she wants ta' mate. Let me ask er'."

"Ask me what?" A third party had entered the room, and both Guardians quickly shifted their attention to her. Tooth had heard. They hadn't even noticed Tooth come in, and usually Bunny with his "sonar" ears as Jack called them, would have heard her coming from a mile away. Bunny immediately greeted the pixie with a smile, while a warm blush crept up the winter spirit's naturally cold face, turning his cheeks a dark purple. He had no exit - no way of avoiding this, and Jack looked down, eluding eye contact.

"Oh, hey Toothy," Bunny mused, lowering Jack to the floor. He kept his paw firmly on the child's back, keeping him from darting out of the room. "Frostbite here has a dilemma."

The fluttering fairy eyed them curiously, immediately darting to Jack's side, invading his personal space as usual. Tooth seemingly took a face to face conversation literally.

"Whats wrong Jack? Everything okay?" She asked, bawling her fists together in front of her as she fluttered back and forth.

The winter sprite refused to look at her, his cheeks still purple.

"Bunny?" Tooth glanced up at the Rabbit.

Grinning, the Pooka ruffled Jack's hair.

"Well Tooth, Snowflake..." He paused, feeling the kid flinch under his hold, "he ain't neva' been kissed. Not that he can remember at least."

"Bunny, shut up." Jack murmured lowly, practically warning the rabbit to not say another word.

Tooth didn't get it. Why did this concern her? She creased her brow as her tail feathers flicked. Nevertheless, her face lit up and she smiled, practically cooing as she flitted closer to Jack.

"Awe Sweet Tooth, it's okay! A little darling like yourself should easily find a sweet little..."

"Why don' you kiss em' Toothy." Bunny interrupted, earning a wide eyed look from both the fairy and the boy.

Right to the point.


"Yea, you. Betta' then em' going down ta' visit the mermaids with Sandy, right? He'll melt."

Tooth licked her lips, eyelashes fluttering in rhythm with her wings. The thought of Jack, her little Sweet Tooth stealing kisses from mermaids made the feathers around her neck ruffle in distaste, and Tooth visibly bristled. No. She wouldn't have it. Jack was theres. He was theres to protect, love, nurture, and she'd be damned if she let him around those...winches.

"No no..." She murmured under her breath, mostly to herself, "we can't have that."

Then, as if something clicked, Tooth beamed, smiling from ear to ear. She darted around Bunny before settling in front of Jack again, her feathers perked and her eyes alert. Her movements were always fast, always random.

"Of course!" She blurted, nodding. "Of course I'll kiss him!"

Jack's head shot up, shocked.

"What...? Really?" He said, honestly taken aback.

"Well, I'll be." Bunny snickered.

Tooth nodded frantically, resting a tiny hand on the boy's shoulder. "Only if you are okay with it Jack. Kisses are special after all, especially your first one."

The winter spirit regarded her with a hesitant expression. It wasn't as if he didn't want Tooth to kiss him, on the contrary, he was more than okay with it. This was just all so sudden and unexpected. He hadn't fathomed this happening when he brought the topic up to Bunny, though he wasn't at all disappointed with the outcome. He'd never let Bunny know that though. God only knows what shit the Rabbit would try to pull with him if he knew.

But a kiss, a kiss was special.

In observing humans, Jack had come to note that they had many different kisses. Kisses when greeting friends, kisses for family members, kisses when saying goodbye, and of course, kisses when in love. He didn't want to give Tooth the wrong kiss. She deserved the right one, whatever that may be. He wasn't sure. Still, Jack didn't want to mess up. He didn't want to regret his first kiss.

Peering up at the fairy from behind white bangs, Jack slowly nodded, offering her a soft yet bashful smile. "Okay."

The tooth fairy relaxed into a gentle smile, and the hand on Jack's shoulder gently moved upwards to rest on the curve if his cheek, just above his jawline. Tooth noticed that despite him always being cold to the touch, she could feel a tad bit of warmth emitting from his purple blush, teasing her fingers.

"What...what do I need to do? Sit, stand? I...I don't know," he stuttered, shoving his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, not quite sure what to do with himself.

"Just relax sweetie," Tooth reassured, her thumb stroking over the pale cheek. "Just relax."

Jack's mouth twitched into a crooked smile, and before he could utter another word, Tooth leaned forward, gently pressing her lips to his. The sprite sucked in a breath through his nose, his eyes wide although hers had closed. Within a moment though, his body relaxed, and his baby blues hid behind lids, his shoulders going slack.

Tooth's kiss was feathery and soft to the touch. It hadn't been passionate, overly zealous, or long. It had been right. Long enough whereas Jack grew comfortable, frost spreading out from his blue lips, tickling her chin, but short enough as to not make it awkward. Bunny sat quietly, holding his breath as this all took place in front if him. He almost wondered if it was his business to be there at all, but as quickly as it had happened, Tooth was pulling away leaving Jack with a dazed yet content expression.

Jack blinked slowly, his fingers lightly touching his bottom lip where the warmth still lingered.

"Well?" Bunny broke the silence, ears erect. "How was it Snowflake?"

The winter spirit smacked his lips and looked up, eyes blank and face unreadable. This left Tooth with an uneasy feeling, her fingers fidgeting as she hovered only a foot away from the youth. Bunny just figured the boy was speechless. Although long ago, the Pooka remembered how he was when he encountered his first female. He was a blubbering mess. Jack seemed to be no different. Jack, although he hadn't said a word looked relaxed, and that in itself hinted enough.

Then, it happened.

A slow, albeit big smile spread across the white haired wonder's face, revealing pearly whites that nearly made Tooth shove her hands in his mouth on sight. First, the boy looked at Bunny, his smile making the anthropomorphic rabbit slightly uncomfortable. Then, his neck craned to focus his attention on Tooth.

"Hey..." he slurred, his grin expanding.

Yep, the boy liked it.

Bunny nearly caved in on himself laughing, his paws clinching his stomach as his muscles flexed with the boom of each chuckle. He swatted at tears forming in the crease of his eyes as he paused, trying desperately to hold it in. He couldn't though, no matter how hard he tried.

"Oh Sheila!" Bunny hiccuped, having to hold in another onslaught of giggles due to the fact that Jack's expression hadn't changed. "Good luck with that!"

He had a feeling that Tooth would have a permanent shadow for the rest of the evening, and funny enough, he really didn't think she'd mind. Either way, Bunny had a new something against Jack now, and the kid definitely wasn't ever going to live this moment down.

Nope, Bunny had dirt on the kid; some serious dirt.

And vwala! Just the first of MANY one-shots to come. :D

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