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Barry hurried across the city to his home as quickly as he could, but, considering the size of the city, that was not as quickly as he would have liked. When he told Toothy that he lived on "the other side of the city" he was, in fact, telling nothing more nor less than the truth. Dane, his legal guardian, lived in one of the highest points near the outer edge of the city opposite Toothy's headquarters. To get there you had to cross many kilometers, and a lot of levels. In fact, going from the one to the other you would have seen as good a cross-section of Metramegopolis as you could get.

Describing Metramegopolis to someone who has never been there is an almost impossible task. Simply calling it the greatest city Earth has ever known doesn't even begin to do justice to the place.

Take, for example, Mexico City, one of the largest cities (if not the largest) on Earth today. Now take another city of about the same size, population-wise, as Mexico City. Stack it on top of the first one to make a second level. Now take a third, a fourth, a fifth, and so on, until you have ten levels rising thousands of feet into the air. On each level roughly ten million people live. This will begin to give you some idea of how big Metramegopolis truly is.

Although the populations of humans, animals, and A.I.s freely mix, there are some community outlines. The A.I. community lives mostly on the lowest two levels of the city because the robots and computer beings are so intimately connected with the running of the city machinery which can found at its heart. The leader of the A.I. community has no name, and is simply called "Robot" to represent everyone equally. The current holder of the position of "Robot" is a humaniform robot who was appointed to his job during the last Marauder war. What his name was before he took on the position is not widely known.

Another loose community boundary concerns the animal population. Many of the animals live in a centralized community near the city's edge. Their community has only four levels, one for underground animals, one for ground animals, and one for tree and mountain animals, and a top level for flying animals (mostly birds). The animal community has never allowed extra levels to be built above their main communities.

The human population occupies communities in all parts of the city. All three communities mix daily,and are considered equal to each other. If you were take a walk on any level of the city you would see a pretty good selection of residents of all types. Somehow these communities manage to get along and have turned Metramegopolis into a thriving center in this world of the After Times. Not an easy feat what with the wandering bands of Marauders who constantly turn up to skirmish at the edge of the city. Sometimes, there are even larger attacks, and occasionally a full blown war will break out when an army of Marauders gets together and comes calling at the city gates.

This is the city that Barry has had to cross to reach his home, where, upon arriving, he found a very serious Dane waiting for him at his door.

(To Be Continued)