: on the twelfth day of sixth paths!

It was always a lonely Holiday for our poor snake mistress, the former pupil of a traitor sannin. Not too many people cared for Anko to actually do anything with her on the day of the shinobi who saved the world, Sixth Paths Day. And the twelve days he did it, year after year, Anko would just sit alone in these cold nights. But not this year, for ten days strait, she received a box of sweet Dango at her step. Ironically, the more days, the more dango, on the tenth day, there was a box of sweet yummy dango's of ten.

Anko didn't complain, she loved the stuff to no end. Chowing down on her sofa happily, sucking on her fingers to get the last of the flavor, this mystery ninja sure knew how to get through her guard. But sadly, she really wanted to share whoever did this. 99% of the village hated her, was scared of her, or even repulsed by her. So figuring out who did this for her really made her smile on these cold days. Sweet coffee eyes gazed into the dancing fire in the chimney as her body was wrapped in a dango printed blanket.

She was a fairly decent looking woman, she worked hard for her shape, and she wore skanky clothing to lure the men in to show she really was just another girl. But it only seemed to not want the 'Snake whore' to disease themselves with her plague. And it hurt to know this; she would even go as far as to say she would die a virgin.

It was the last day of the twelve days, and yesterday was no different, there, was a box of sweet dango, more than the last one. Even going as far as having a letter on wishing her a happy eve. But she was cold, alone, wanting to know who showed they cared for her on these cold days, she had one last shot and damn kami himself if she missed the chance. Anko leaned on the door all night to wait for him, or her. Desperate to know. Being alone dose these kind of things.


Opening the door just in time to see him walk away, but not too far, and thanking her chakra senses, she slammed the door open, ignoring the big box full of sweets, ignoring her sandal-less feet that now pound on the ground, crushing the pure snow. She got on her knees to hold him tight afraid he would run from her, wrapping her arms around him like a snake to a prey. Her finger clutching the jumpsuit, head loving the fur like locks that refuse to be tamed. The warmth he displayed that was no match for the pure snow.

She found him, the one who, for as long as she could remember, been her secret role model, the same role model that gave her a very sweet twelve days. But he was leaving, never intended to stay, she wanted him to stay, needed him to stay. She nuzzled to his ear, her messy purple locks covering her coffee eyes, as she whispered.

"I...have h-hot cocoa..w-with marshmallow's…if you want to stay a bit." a small smile formed on his lips.