Part 7: In which Sherlock takes drastic measures.

"He knew where to look! He knew!"

Sherlock paced around 221b. He swiveled to look at John, who was reading. "I should go back to talking to my skull for all the help you are," the detective murmured sulkily.

John laid the book down. "So he solved the case before you did, Sherlock. It was only once, it won't happen again."

"No one working with the facts I had could have worked it out more quickly than me. Therefore, Moriarty had more information. In fact, I hypothesize he planned the whole thing beforehand!"

John frowned. "I suppose he'd be good at the planning thing, being a consulting criminal and all that."

Sherlock went on, caught up in his train of thought. "Mere intellect will not enable me to triumph if he already knows the answer. If I want to win, I'll have to set up a crime of my own . . ."

"Sherlock! You can't - that's wrong, now, just wait a second! Hey! No, don't leave, - wait, wait, I'm getting my coat!"