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Chapter One: You're a long way from home!

The sun was beating down relentlessly on Jade Beckett and her teenage brother Samuel. This was the type of weather that these two had not been accustom to since they were both from Canada. Samuel and Jade had been on a last minute vacation when the end of civilization decided it wanted to strike and the two witnessed things they never could have imagined in their lifetimes.

Samuel carried a large hunting knife in front of him, ready to strike down any biters that may come their way as they walked down the long dirt road. 78 days. It had been 78 days since they last saw their parents and they began to wonder if they were even alive anymore or if they had turned into the monsters that seem to be lurking around every corner. His sister, Jade, was equipped with a small pistol she had taken from a dead man they came across in the woods and an ancient looking bow and arrow. The bow and arrow was not her specialty which is why she tried to make the best use of the pistol and her brothers hunting knife.

"We should find somewhere to rest Jade." Samuel stopped and stretched his legs and arms, resting underneath a shaded tree. Jade swept her brown hair into a loose bun and glanced back at her brother then viewed the surroundings, "Where do you suggest we go Sammy? We're in the middle of no where with 6 bullets and 2 arrows…" She walked into the shade and looked into her brothers blue eyes and let out a tiny laugh when she examined his hair.


"You…" she laughed again, "you have bird shit in your hair…" she grinned and bursted out laughing again. "WHAT!?" Samuel shouted, running his fingers through his curly blonde hair. Upon pulling his hand out of his mop he had bird poop on his hand. "SICK!" He shouted, "GROSS! FUCKING DISGUSTING!"

Jade shushed him and took a small scrap of fabric out of her backpack and handed it to her brother, "Here, just stay quiet, those damn biters might be around." Her hazel eyes scanned the surroundings again. Jade looked towards Sam again and saw some rustling in the tree line behind him. "Sam!" She whispered harshly and motioned for him to come to her. He looked over his shoulder and could see a couple of stray biters in the tree line heading towards them on the road, he then ran to his sisters side and drew his blade.

"What should we do?" He whispered, "If we shoot it may draw more but I don't think I can get close enough without being bit. These ones look strong and fast…"

In the distance came a loud series of gunfire which startled the two and changed the direction of the biters. Jade and Samuel both looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief then turned in the direction of the gunfire themselves. "C'mon." Jade motioned and began walking, making sure she kept a distance between them and the biters. Sam grabbed her arm, "Jade, don't you remember the biters going that way? Don't you figure that more will go in that direction?" he explained.

"Let me explain something to you mister. Gunfire means that someone or maybe even people are alive, hence why a gun was fired… unless these things now know how to shoot, I would like to find this person or people and hope they're still alive." She took her arm out of her brothers grip and continued walking.

"DARYL!" Andrea shouted as she ran towards him and the men carrying him back to the farm. "Oh god. Is he dead?" She panicked, looking over him as they continued hurrying back to the farm.

"No he's just passed out." Rick assured her. "It's okay Andrea, go get Hershel and tell him what happened and get a bed ready for him." Andrea nodded and ran to the farm house and explained to Hershel the accident.

"This is why I didn't want your guns on my land. You see the trouble you's got into again?" Hershel grabbed a first aid kit and got a bed ready for Daryl. Carol rushed out of the house to help them bring Daryl in. "What happened?" She questioned.

"Andrea thought he was a walker. She got him. Just grazed him though, he has a larger wound on his side though, not sure how it happened." Shane explained to her. They laid him down in the bed and removed his shirt exposing a small arrow wound on his left side. Hershel examined the wound, "Look like he was shot with an arrow…" he determined.

Daryl groaned, "Nah. I fell into a ravine and landed on my own damn arrow." He coughed and winced at the pain.

"Just relax boy. No talking, just rest." Hershel worked at the wounds slowly and carefully.

Dale walked into the room, "We have some walkers coming our way. Just thought I should let the gun nuts know." He looked to Shane and Rick. The two nodded at each other and headed outside to see for themselves.

In the distance they saw six walkers coming towards the farm, they had to take them out quietly. Andrea brought each of them an axe and sighed, "I think the gunfire from our shooting practice might have brought them this way."

"Or when you shot Daryl…" Shane mumbled.

Andrea shot him a glare. "It was an accident." she said behind bared teeth.

"Yeah well maybe if you weren't so trigger happy you wouldn't have friendly fired on him." Shane began to approach the walkers, closely followed by Rick and Andrea. As they got closer they could hear the moans of the walkers and shuffling of their feet through the tall grass.

Andrea ran at the first one and dug the axe into the side of its head, she tore the axe out and dodged out of the way of another walker. Rick axed the head off of one then turned around to split the head of another in two. Shane took care of the rest as he drove his axe with extreme anger into the skulls of the last three.

Rick looked to the fences and saw two figures emerging. "Shit, more?" Shane exhaled and readied his axe.

"No...wait...those aren't walkers…." Andrea looked through her binoculars, "These two are alive!" She exclaimed. Rick grabbed her arm, "Andrea wait. They could be bitten." She broke free of his grip, "We won't know until we ask." She ran towards the two.

"Jade...those people just killed all of those biters." Sam said cheerfully. "C'mon!" He pulled his sisters arm and brought them into plain view of the three.

"Please don't kill us." Jade whispered to herself as she saw the blonde woman running towards them.

Sam waved his arms in the air to signal they were not biters and began yelling to them.

"Shut up!" Jade punched her brother in the arm, "You want more biters coming here?"

"What does it matter, we have help now!" He grinned. Samuel was walking closer to the woman when his foot slipped into an animal hole and twisted in the wrong direction. He cried out in pain causing Jade to run to his side.

Andrea reached for her axe fearing that a walker had grabbed him. She approached Samuel and Jade and was relieved to find his ankle was severely swollen and starting to turn in colour.

"Looks like it's broken…" She looked to Jade, "Name is Andrea, where are you two from?" She asked.

"Canada." Jade helped her brother up and slipped under his arm over her shoulders to support his weight.

"You two are a long way from home." She laughed and helped with Samuels other arm to help carry the weight as well. Rick and Shane caught up and looked the two over.

"Have you two been bit?" Shane raised his axe.

Jade rolled her eyes, "Easy soldier. We haven't been bit or scratched. Closest combat we've had was our car hitting those biters. We've mostly just hidden or ran from them." She let out a sigh of relief as Rick relieved her of helping carry her brother. "Thanks. I'm Jade Beckett, this is my brother Samuel."

"I'm Rick and this is Shane." He pointed towards Shane.

"It's nice to meet you Shane. You can lower your axe now." Jade raised her eyebrow waiting for him to drop his weapon. After a minute he dropped it to his side and hand his hand over his shaved head.

"Hershel is busy today." Andrea laughed. "How did you know to come in this direction anyways?" She asked Jade.

"We followed the gunfire and the biters. Figured they were heading towards their next meal." She shrugged.

"What kind of firepower are you packing?" Shane asked, eyeing the gun in the holster on her belt.

"Uh...I don't know...a pistol?"

"What kind of pistol?" He pestered.

"An old one?"

Shane laughed, "I like you girl. Lemme see it." He extended his hand out.

"Are you going to point it in my face?" She sarcastically remarked.

"Promise I won't darlin'"

Jade handed her pistol over to Shane and he smiled, "Sweetheart, this ain't no pistol. This is a revolver. Does it even work? This thing looks like its from the 1800's…" He chuckled to himself as they stepped onto the porch.

"I found it on a dead guy. Figured some protection other than a bow and arrow I can't shoot to save my life would be better." She opened the door for Andrea and Rick.

Hershel motioned them to a bedroom when he saw Sam's ankle, "You'll have to keep him on the couch in the room that Daryl is in. I have no more rooms."

"Sir you could put us in the barn and we would be happy." Jade smiled. Hershel froze, "That won't be necessary." He continued.

Shane was still examining the gun, "Girl you got yourself a Colt Single Action Army gun. It's basically an old school Colt 45. It's fully loaded, but I'd love to see if it fires, mind if I take it for a run?"

Jade shrugged, "Go for it."

They sat Samuel down on the couch and propped his leg up on a stool. Hershel began to examine the ankle then sighed, "Alright, I'm going to plaster this the best I can but once it's better you need to slowly exercise it." Hershel explained to the young man. He could see that he was in pain so he began to make small talk as he tried to realign the bone before wrapping the ankle.

"How old are you and your sister?"

"I'm 16 and my sister is 24." He said through gritted teeth.

"Where ya from?" Hershel continued his work.

"Small rural town in Canada."

Hershel laughed, "You two are -" He was cut off.

"A long way from home. Yeah…" Jade sighed. "Sorry, we just have heard it before...a lot actually. Even before this whole mess it seemed to be a running joke where ever we travelled."


Daryl stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes to see Jade sitting at the edge of the bed, "Is it my birthday?" He smiled to himself.

Jade turned her attention towards the rugged southerner. "Sorry?" Jade was confused, what the hell did he mean by that?

He pulled his sheet up to cover himself, he was slightly nervous with all the people in the room. Jade turned her head back to her brother and Hershel.

"What did you and your sister do back in Canada?"

"I worked at a grocery store as a bag boy. And my sister worked as a yoga instructor at the gym while she went to University."

"You must be pretty flexible then eh?" Daryl joked.

Jade let a small smile play on her lips, "Like you wouldn't imagine…" She joked.

Hershel stood up and patted Samuel on the shoulder, "All patched up boy. You did good. I'll leave you and your sister here to rest. You two must be real tired walking around all by yourselves with no protection." He gave a warm smile to the two then continued, "I'll have Maggie bring you two some blankets and pillows and just through that door is a shower, we have hot water so enjoy yourselves." With that he left the room.

Jade look to her brother, "Aww sucks your ankle is broken guess I get to shower first then." She laughed.

Samuel groaned, "No fair! I can't even fucking race you either. This sucks! Bullshit!" He cursed.

"Watch your language mister." Jade scolded as she grabbed a towel off the chair and turned the water on for a shower.

"So you're from Canada?" Daryl asked, wincing and holding his side as he sat up in bed, exposing his bare torso.

Jade gulped at the man sitting before her. "Yeah...born and raised."

"That must mean…" Daryl trailed off.

"Don't say it!" Jade shouted, already feeling irritated.

"'re a long way from home!" He finished and started to laugh. Samuel joined in on Daryl laughter as Jade stomped into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

"C'mon sis! That was funny!" Samuel hollered at her.

"NO IT'S NOT!" She shouted over the pouring water. "IT'S TACKY AND ANNOYING!"

"Your sister doesn't have a sense of humour?" Daryl asked Samuel.

"She does. Just not since, well the end of the world." Sam wiggled in the couch to get more comfortable. "I feel awful she's going to have to sleep on the floor in here." He frowned.

"Well if she don't move 'round a lot or kick she can have the other half of this bed. No offense but I don't like sharing a bed with another man."

Samuel held up his hands and chuckled, "No offense taken, I'm the same way. Just don't get any ideas. She may look tiny but she played soccer for 15 years and has a hell of a kick." he warned.

The two sat and chatted while Jade continued showering. They talked about their lives before the end and how Sam and Jade managed to survive the last few months on their own without ever firing any weapons at the walkers. It was growing darker when Jade finally came out of the bathroom, she was relaxed and refreshed as ever.

"Hello floor…" She moaned as she threw her sheet on the ground.

"You can sleep beside me girl." Daryl patted the spot next to him.

Jade laughed, "No thanks. I'll take my chances in the woods before sleeping beside you."

"Ouch…well, suit yourself. I'll just settle into this large comfy bed all by myself then…" He was trying extra hard to change her mind.

"You do that." She said as she laid down on the cold hardwoods.

"If you change your mind just climb on in." He offered.

"Not happening."

"You say that now."

"NOT happening. Goodnight."

Daryl let out a soft laugh to himself and settled into the bed, he could hear how uncomfortable she was shifting around on the hardwoods. "Oh well," he thought, "She wants to stay down there, let her." He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

Jade laid on her back on the floor staring up at the ceiling. A part of her telling her to just climb in the bed the other warning her not too. She shook her thought out of her head and closed her eyes. "We're safe now…" She whispered to herself, "…" she whispered again before falling asleep.

Authors note:

So yeah, I will stray from the plot of the second and third season and introduce some ships of my own and what not. I hope I wasn't too OOC for Daryl? I will hopefully have a new chapter for tomorrow but I can't promise it will be longer than this one.