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Chapter 8: Autumn Winds

A week had passed and Jade and Daryl remained only civil towards each other. As far as they knew it was almost as if it never happened. Jade had grown closer to Carol since the death of her brother and Carol's daughter Sophia.

Randall was being held prisoner still and they had taken several days to figure out the best way of getting rid of him. Either death or banishment in a herd of walkers were the only viable options at this point. The group decided to take a break for the night and come back to it in the morning.

Every day Jade would check over Lori and make sure she was keeping up with her nutrition the best she could in this scarce world. Her and Daryl had made a trip out to a pharmacy to pick up supplies and while he rooted around for daily needs, Jade went straight to finding maternity vitamins for Lori. At least if Lori wasn't able to find food the pills would provide some nutrients to the baby.

The Fall was beginning to settle on the farm, it got darker earlier, the wind had a certain chill to it and the leaves all were beginning to turn and fall to the ground. Hershel had extended his welcome to the group to all live in the house and after Dale's pointless death the group was more than happy to stay safe within the farmhouse.

Daryl was helping Jade bring her belongings she acquired over the last week into her room. He couldn't help remembering that this was the room he had first met her in. "This all of it?" He mumbled. Jade threw her bag down on the bed and reached for the dufflebag in his hands, "Yup." She responded. After their kiss situation Jade had become a bit cold towards Daryl in one on one situations.

"Whose staying with you in here?" He looked around at the familiar bags on the ground. His gut wrenched when her heard her speak, "Unfortunately, Shane." Jade frowned and ran her hands through her hair. "Is that a problem?" She looked to Daryl and rested her hands on her hip. He stared at her for a minute before shaking his head, "Just call me if you need me…" He offered quietly as he headed to the bedroom door.

"Why?" She questioned, causing him to turn around. He facial expression was a mixture of embarrassment, confusion and irritation. "What business of it is yours?" She pressed. Daryl moved to close the door when she spoke again, "No. Keep it open." She demanded, "I'm tired of hiding this bullshit from everyone." Jade snapped. Daryl scoffed, "An' you said Carol was drama…" He grumbled.

"Shut up," She groaned, "This is not what were talking about." Jade noticed Daryl staring back at the door more and he shifted uncomfortably once again. She rolled her eyes and charged to the door and slammed it shut, "Better?" She asked and he shrugged his shoulders. She sat down on the bed and looked up at him, "Sorry I am being such a bitch about this." She sighed.

"About what?" Daryl took a seat beside her on the bed. She looked to him with her best 'are you serious?' face then buried her face in her hands. "The kiss Daryl." She mumbled into her palms. His eyes widened as he shifted on the bed, "Oh…" was all he managed to breathe out.

"What was it all about?" She urged. He sat their silent and dumb founded. "Was it just because my brother died? Or because you're jealous Shane got to?" She searched his facial expressions for the answer, when the word 'Shane' escaped her mouth she witnessed his face twist in disgust.

"So it's Shane?" She asked and Daryl balled his fists, "He's an idiot!" He shouted, "Asshole doesn't deserve bein' with a woman like…" He grunted and kicked the hope chest in the corner. "A woman like what?" She egged.

"Like you…" He mumbled under his breath. Jade crossed her arms and slowly sighed, "So where do we go from here?" He shrugged his shoulders and looked to the door, wanting an escape. Jade sensed his lack of comfort and walked over to the door and opened it, "Go…" She whispered, keeping her gaze down at the floor.

"Jade," He started then Shane walked into the room, "I'll see you later." He mumbled as he walked past Jade. He stopped and leaned in close to her, "Remember what I told you." He whispered into her ear causing a shock to run up her spine. He placed his hand on the small of her back for a quick second before heading to a sleeping bag in the living room. Jade shut the door behind him and took in a deep breath before turning to face Shane.

"Do you want the couch or the bed?" She asked, her body closed off and guarded from him. Shane smirked, "I'll take the couch sweetheart." He removed his shirt as if purposely showing off his abs and sprawled out on the couch. Jade turned and removed her shirt and reached for another tank, keeping her back facing him.

"Mmm," Shane moaned, "You have such a nice body Jade. I'd love it if ya turned 'round." She could hear is ego inflating by the second. She moved the covered back and he spoke again, "Ain't gunna take off those pants?" He questioned.

"That's enough Shane." She warned. "Is it?" He stood and grabbed her, turning her around to face him. "What, you don't talk with me anymore because you want that damn redneck don't cha?" He pressed her against the wall, his body pinned against hers. "Wish he was in this room wit cha…" His hand moved under her shirt, "Wish it was him touchin' ya." He leaned his head down and nipped at her neck. "Wish he was fuckin' ya…." He whispered. She struggled against his force and jerked her knee up to hit him in the gut and ran for the door.

Shane grabbed her and pulled her back and the two crashed onto the bed. "I ain't a bad guy Jade…" His lips eagerly attacking her stomach, his hands moving down to unbutton her jeans. "But if you scream...I will kill you." He threatened. Jade felt tears welling behind her eyes, she began kicking at the end table in hopes someone would hear and walk in.

Shane's hand slipped into her pants and she bit her tongue to keep her from crying out for help. "See Jade...don't this feel better than some dumb redneck touchin' you?" He groaned. Jade kicked again and the oil lamp crashed onto the floor. Suddenly Carol whipped open the door, "What hap-" She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Shane on top of her, "GET OFF OF HER!" She screamed and rushed towards them.

Daryl heard Carol's protest and ran down the hall to Jade's room, followed by Rick. Daryl pushed past Carol and tore Shane off of Jade, his fist colliding with his face, "What the fuck is yer problem asshole!?" Daryl shouted as the two wrestled with each other on the floor.

"Guys, enough!" Rick ordered, attempting the break the two up.

"What's a matter Dixon? Don't like me touchin' yer girl? She's so soft and sweet, shame you haven't gotten a piece." He grinned deviously and wiped some blood from his lip. Daryl pounced at him again and the two threw fists at each other until Rick and Glenn separated the two. Andrea and Carol moved to Jade's side to bring her out of the room.

"Tell 'em you wanted it Jade." Shane leered at her, "C'mon now, tell 'em."

Jade hung her head, "I never wanted you." She whispered. She stood and grabbed her brother's oversized sweater and slipped it on, walking onto the front porch. Daryl pulled away from Rick and spat at Shane, "Stay the fuck away if you know what's best." He threatened and went to find Jade.

He saw her sitting on the fence, staring up at the setting sun. The cold autumn winds was blowing through her hair. He walked up behind her, "I shouldn't have left you alone." He sighed and leaned on the fence beside her. "He didn't…" He trailed off.

"Didn't what? Touch me?" She kept her eyes focused on the sky and paid little attention to Daryl. "Did he?" He asked again, every muscle in his body tensed while he awaited her response.

"A little." She answered. His body jerked, he wanted to run back into the house and put a bullet in Shane's head. "Will you look at me?" Daryl pleaded. She looked down to him, her eyes red from crying. "I ain't never been one for carin' for people but I hate seein' you cry." He uttered out, as if he had no control over his mouth. She shifted her body to face the other way and he moved to stand in front of her, "I've really only known you a week but hell, somethin' 'bout you reminds me of better times." He explained. She slid off the fence and looked up at him, "We should put this whole thing behind us." She offered.

"Nah," He laughed lightly and moved closer to her, "I got a better idea." He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, she responded by wrapping her arms around his neck. "This is a much better idea." She pressed her forehead to his and smiled.

Back on the porch Andrea and Carol stood watching them, "About time." Andrea laughed, "The day she came here Daryl has had nothing but eyes for her." Carol nodded, "They're a good match." She smiled faintly.

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